Another day of Leveson,  and the BBC continues to delight in the pursuit of the Hunt! Jeremy Hunt.  This daily witch hunt has one aim – to get Cameron to remove Hunt from his current Ministerial position and in this regard the BBC is proving very helpful to the Labour Party which happily shares the same aim . Hunt’s unspeakable crime was to support Murdoch’s BSkyB bid before he was appointed to the position of Culture Secretary and the BBC is out to bring him down. The fact the BBC gives this story such daily prominence when I suspect it has less than zero interest to normal people demonstrates the BBC is peddling this for its own selfish purposes – namely damaging the Coalition, helping Labour, and of course dragging Murdoch’s reputation through the mud.

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4 Responses to THE HUNT IS ON…

  1. The General says:

    Remit of the Leveson Inquiry:-

    David Cameron appointed Lord Justice Leveson as Chairman of the inquiry, with a remit to look into the specific claims about phone hacking at the News of the World, the initial police inquiry and allegations of illicit payments to police by the press, and a second inquiry to review the general culture and ethics of the British media.

    So why is the line of questioning by Jay and indeed Leveson himself, centred on trying to discredit the Conservative Party ? The fact that Jeremy Hunt saw no problem with the BSKYB deal is hardly worthy of the implications. Surely everyone will have and is entitled to an opinion and if advised by his Civil Servants that the proposed take over would be good for the industry, why should he not be free to articulate this? Why is Leveson so concerned about who supported the Conservatives and why was it perfectly reasonable for Blair and Brown to have close association with Murdoc but not any Tory ? Why is it only the Murdoc press that is scrutinised regarding phone hacking when all the media including the BBC were involved ?

    Answer : Murdoc changed allegiance from Labour to Tory although there was no problem when he ditched the Tories for Labour.

    Someone has to challenge Leveson on the direction of the Inquiry.


  2. More Upset than they were ment to be... says:

    If memory serves me right, all this came about because of the aligations in the Guardian and by the BBC in reguard to the hacking of Milly Dowlers phone and wether or not messages were delibretly deleted off her phone.

    Because of the horrendous nature of that suggestion and the fact that Camoron was on the back foot over the discussion about what his press secretary’s knollege of / involvement with hacking amounted to.

    That gave labour the ability to bounce him into setting up the inquiry, and therefore stopping anyone in government being able to question the direction of it or wether its now looking at things outside its remit or if it is being used as a political tool to bring down a fairly elected government by an unelected left wing elite that must see anything none left wing eradicated.


  3. john in cheshire says:

    According to the Guido Fawkes blog, the socialist slime from the guardian, bbc, mirror, labour party were celebrating last night and giving each other accolades for their righteous fight against normality. If I read GF correctly, the mirror is saying it’s sheer good fortune that they aren’t also being vilified for their underhand dealings.
    Where’s the justice in that? And does anyone seriously believe that the bbc and the guardian are without blemish in all of this. Regardless of their persecution of their enemies.
    I just hope that Mr Murdoch is biding his time and eventually destroys these vermin.


  4. lojolondon says:

    Contrast the deep interest and focus on this enquiry, with every interview making headline news for months now, against the disinterest when Tony Bliar faced the enquiry about lying to parliament start a war thus killing hundreds of British soldiers, and the other enquiry where an eminent scientist passed away and the ‘cash for honours’ enquiry.