Here’s a Friday morning round up from Biased BBC’s Alan….

“Hunt…..Was it the BBC’s own DG who signed a letter demanding the BSkyB bid didn’t go through and who made numerous speeches to that effect….as well as having his journalists smear news International….including the Panorama programme on ITV Digital’s failure?

Scottish independence……listened to the news….only voice I heard was the SNP given a long snippet to themselves.

And then there is this classic of the Dark Art talking about the new Dark Age of Right wing climate scepticism……

If you were looking for an example of the BBC’s pure outright prejudice towards climate change sceptics you could do no better than to have listened to the Today programmes ‘report’ on what is the ‘new age of unreason’ in which the denigration of science…‘in particular climate change science’….is leading us into a new anti-rationalist Dark Age.

Fewer people believe in climate change each year…..the interviewee claimed…‘What a tragedy…..I am scared to death.’

This is apparently a militant rejection of the best available science….and it is naturally identified with the rise of the ‘Right’, the Republicans in America.
In the UK people just do not appreciate the vital role science plays in evidence based policy making…..we need a mission to win over the sceptics…..they just don’t understand the science.

This ‘report’ had three interviewees who were ‘for’ this ‘mission’ and who all agreed the ignorant and prejudiced Right needed to be silenced….and then there was Evan Davis and the reporter himself, Tom Feilden…..all agreeing with the premise.

No counter argument at all. The science is settled even if you don’t understand it you muttering idiots of the Right!

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14 Responses to FORCES OF DARKNESS…

  1. Fred Bloggs says:

    Also Harman has been doing the rounds on the bBC ‘shrieking’ for Hunts dismissal. More a cry of desperation as Adam Smith seems to be doing a good job and showing that Smith/Hunt were effectively resisting NI approaches.

    Well the woman is desperate at the best of times, burst a blood vessel, we can only hope!


  2. johnyork says:

    Well that’s us banged to rights then isn’t it ?

    The only redemption for me is that some of these eco-nutters are scared to death.
    Mind you if I crept up behind them and said Boo ! it would have the same effect.


  3. Beeboidal says:

    Today programmes ‘report’ on what is the ‘new age of unreason’ in which the denigration of science…‘in particular climate change science’….is leading us into a new anti-rationalist Dark Age.

    I must listen to that later on, but what I did hear today was a GM opponent called Theo Simon given rather a long time on 5 Live’s Victoria Derbyshire programme to expound his GM scepticism to the nation during a debate with a GM scientist. Clearly, 5 LIve disagree the BBC’s own report:

    An at times “over-rigid” (as Professor Jones describes it) application of the Editorial Guidelines on impartiality in relation to science coverage, which fails to take into account what he regards as the “non-contentious” nature of some stories and the need to avoid giving “undue attention to marginal opinion”. Professor Jones cites
    past coverage of claims about the safety of the MMR vaccine and more recent coverage of claims about the safety of GM crops and the existence of man made
    climate change as examples on this point.

    Anyway, Theo and his group, “Claim Back the Flower”, will be attempting to rip up a GM trial crop in Hertfordshire this weekend. 5 Live will be there, and no doubt BBC TV cameras too. Do try catch Theo, his group and the BBC leading us back to a Dark Age.


    • Beeboidal says:

      5 Live are now giving space to Theo and his group’s activities in their news bulletins, which is how I know I got Theo’s group name wrong – it is actually “Take Back the Flower”.


      • alan says:

        Yeah, haven’t listened to that….but can pretty much plot out how it went….Derbyshire invites in someone ‘controversial’….but only so that they can be shredded….usually she starts off polite but soon has the ‘Derbyshire meltdown’ and starts shrieking at the guest….and more often than not it is Derbyshire who has got the facts wrong….as in the case of the OFSTED boss Sir Michael Wilshaw, who was harangued throughout a programme for allegedly saying something that in fact Derbyshire had made up.

        When you hear a climate sceptic being given serious air time let me know.


  4. Idiotboy says:

    “Today programmes ‘report’ on what is the ‘new age of unreason’ in which the denigration of science…‘in particular climate change science’….is leading us into a new anti-rationalist Dark Age.”

    The majority of this denegration comes directly from the activities of Michael Mann, Phil Jones, Keith Briffa and James Hansen, who seem to have spent the past 20 years relentlessly perverting scientific principles in support of an overtly political cause, to the point where any observer with the capability for logical thought inevitably comes to the conclusion that true science is a thing of the past. where the climate and other environmental issues are concerned.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Well said. When was the last time you heard a scientist from the sceptics’ side interviewed on the BBC? Their stance on ‘climate change’ is nothing to do with science and everything to do with the age-old leftie causes it underpins: re-distribution of wealth, mass immigration, and any loonie eco-fascist cause you can shake a stick at. Their non-coverage of Climategate was an absolute disgrace yet the evidence demonstrating how the ‘science’ has been fraudulently conducted by leading warmists like the ones you mention is there for all to see in e-mails and falsified data, not to mention the alarming revelations regarding the WWF’s domination of the IPCC (Donna Framboise’s book is dynamite – conveniently overlooked by b-BBC) . They make the Ministry of Truth look like amateurs.


    • Derek Buxton says:

      This is just another idiotic mess up by pseudo scientists, but not new! When I hear all the scare stories about what is causing which illness, I marvel at the fact that I lived through the war and have almost reached the age of 79, and never had a serious illness. We had atmospheric pollution unlike anything our politicans have ever seen, the water delivered through lead pipes, did chemistry experiments without safety glasses, we weren’t half good though!


  5. Fred Bloggs says:

    News24: 6.00pm – This must be the most biassed presentation of the BskyB bid ever. As an example, Hunt given the bid from Cable, no mention of cable being caught out. Or that the bBC are campaigning behind the scenes against the bid. Goebbels would be proud of the bBC.


  6. Richard Pinder says:

    The left wing political bias at the BBC is confirmed by the stupid ill informed opinion that right wing people do not think that the Climate Changes. But for me the science is more interesting than the politics of Climate Change on the BBC or Biased BBC.

    This is an article that is doing the rounds in Mensa.

    At least fifty prominent NASA astronauts and scientists including at least three of the nine remaining moonwalkers Buzz Aldrin, Charles Duke and Harrison Schmitt have come out as Enemies of Science.
    Another Geneticist who is fighting against the Enemies of Science is Professor Steve Jones who said that he would take the points made in my complaint to the BBC Trust into account when writing his report to the BBC. My complaint seems to have made BBC journalists reply to my emails. One hoped that the review and a look at different weather forecasters would help the BBC answer critics claims that it was biased on the issue of Climate Change, but the report was a shock, a BBC Journalist said “we where expecting an escape hatch from the madhouse not a straight jacket”. The BBC is frozen in the Headlights, for instance the documentary “Secret life of Ice” has repeated the misleading use of Ice Core data by leaving out the 800 year lag in CO2 levels rising, caused by deep ocean thermal inertia, even after the Royal Society had removed misleading mentions of this due to the insistence of the fellows more than a year ago.
    This is a fatal piece of information for the AGW Theory which never was more than a crude assumption with a patchy correlation (a 0.76 Kelvin increase in temperature with a 100 millibar increase in CO2 in the Earths atmosphere) which ended 15 years ago. A Climategate email from an IPCC lead author said “The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t.” It is even worse than that for these third rate scientists because most of the increase in the CO2 was caused by the Medieval warm period which peaked about 800 years ago, this is proved by Carbon-14 levels that show that only 4 percent of the CO2 in the Atmosphere is from Volcanic or Man-made sources, which means a maximum of 15 percent of the 100 millibar increase in CO2 was from man-made sources.
    After reading the IPCC expose book “The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World’s Top Climate Expert” by Donna Laframboise. It seems that the IPCC has decided that the consensus is that assumptions prove facts wrong and computer models prove observations wrong. In the scientific method, once you make an assumption, you then try to prove whether that assumption is right or wrong. But it is reasonable to call Climate science perverted because it does not allow its basic assumptions to be challenged.


  7. LondonCalling says:

    Tiresome, the warmist cranks. We know the climate is always changing. “Climate change” has a different special meaning – “one way, due to man”. Well we don’t believe you, and calling us names won’t convince us.

    If Climate Change is code for “global redistribution of wealth” they are probably correct in describing sceptics as of the Right. Opponents of forced redistribution of our wealth. Proud to be a sceptic on that call. Taking money from poor people in rich countries to give to rich people in poor countries.

    And all they want to do is save the planet? Munchausens by proxy.


    • johnnythefish says:

      It was the crafty re-branding of ‘man-made global warming’ done partly in desperation, partly to lay an obvious trap for the sceptics. So, whilst everyone knows the terms are one and the same, by accusing sceptics of being ‘climate change deniers’ they can spin the message that they don’t believe the climate is changing at all, so are a right old bunch of flat-earthers. Superb example of doublespeak, if not doublethink. The lefties are sticking nicely to Orwell’s script: the question is – by accident or design?


  8. Kanburi says:

    “Many hypotheses proposed by scientists as well as non-scientists turn out to be wrong. But science is a self-correcting process. To be accepted, all new ideas must survive rigorous standards of evidence….Science is generated by and devoted to free inquiry: the idea that any hypothesis, no matter how strange, deserves to be considered on its merits. The suppression of uncomfortable ideas may be common in religion and politics, but it is not the path to knowledge; it has no place in the endevour of science. We do not know in advance who will discover fundamental new insights.”
    Carl Sagan, Cosmos, Chapter 4.

    And that’s why “the science” is never “settled”. But how can we lever this into the closed minds of BBC science journalists?


  9. Beeboidal says:

    Why did 5 Live allow Theo a long time to air his anti-GM views? I’m sure being made from the ‘right stuff’ helped a great deal. From Theo’s “Seize The Day” website:

    When I was 13 I started reading revolutionary books and joined the Schools Action Union, which tried to resist the oppression of young people in schools. Alongside my Marxism I started to do meditation. Later on I took psychedelic drugs in Somerset meadows as well. This was all great education for a rounded revolutionary, but not much good for getting a career path. Luckily I discovered I could act, and I went to Dartington college in Devon to study theatre.

    After college, like most actors, I worked as a hospital porter. I was active in the health workers union and in the Plymouth labour party, where I sold The Militant newspaper and campaigned for an end to capitalism, just at the time that Maggie Thatcher decided to bring about the end of socialism. She had a few more resources at her disposal than me, and, though the Miners put up a brilliant fight, the labour party moved right, and I left.

    At this point I really should make a third attempt to get the name of Theo’s group right. But I won’t. Eff him, his group and the BBC.