Well, Adrian Beecroft has committed at least two unforgivable sins. First he has donor money to the Conservative Party and…worse again, he has called Saint Vince Cable “a socialist” who has “done nothing for business.” I’ve listened to several BBC interviews on the Beecroft recommendations and the BBC line is to keep repeating the mantra  that he is a donor to the Conservative Party and ..gasp…a pal of Cameron and Osborne’s. On the BBC Nolan Show, Beecroft was demonised as just another Tory donor and his proposals were caricatured as being about wanting to just “sack workers”.

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  1. fredblog says:

    The beeb can moan about it as they don’t sack anyone do they, Just pay them more (jo Bland), but if your a tory then they get rid (carol thatcher).
    The BBC are nasty and vile and we still pay for them……


  2. alan says:

    The BBC always mention that the Unions donate millions to Labour every time they have something to say about government policies….doesn’t it?

    And the BBC forgot to mention that Danny Blanchflower is a Labour stooge when they had him on to trash the OBR claiming that it was not independent…..because it relies on figures from government departments.

    Wonder where the BBC gets its figures.

    Blanchflower suggests having a group instead that has a different world view on how economies should be run…a different economic doctrine….but that is not the point of the OBR…they are there to say what is and to give an estimate of what might be the future economic prospects using present data….not what might be if we adopted Communism as our guiding ideology.

    In other words Blanchflower was a complete waste of time as a commentator on the OBR’s performance ….all he was doing was arguing about the concept and structure rather than effectiveness.

    Looked like a BBC attempt to make people have doubts about OBR’s independence and judgements….just asking the question will of course raise doubts however unfounded.

    And as the OBR is reasonably optimistic about the future we can’t have that as it undermines Labour’s position.


  3. chrisH says:

    But Vince IS a Socialist who has indeed “done nothing for the business community”.
    Doesn`t matter what Beecroft is-factually he is entirely correct, so what`s the problem?
    “Facts are sacred” are they not?