Well yesterday was a busy day for me and I thought I would share my experience with you. You see I was in the BBC studio and also on the BBC phoneline. The experiences contrasted vividly.

Firstly, I was on BBC NI “Sunday Sequence” discussing the local economy. My opponent was a hard left Marxist called Eamonn McCann and I thought the host was very even handed in how he treated us. You can listen to it here at 54mins in or so. I was happy enough with my treatment and doff the hat to the team concerned. The BBC can be fair when it chooses.

I was then on BBC5Live last night around 10.30pm. The topic for discussion was William Hague’s “Work harder” article here in the Telegraph. My opponent was a socialist of some hue who I have never heard of.  I got about 45seconds before the host, Stephen Nolan, interrupted me. From there on in it was obvious that Nolan was playing to the gallery about the “nasty” Hague making hard working people work even harder. I was talked over, I was interrupted and the only bit of satisfaction I got was when Nolan mentioned the “British work ethic” and I gently enquired why it was that if this was as intact as he suggested we needed to import hundreds of thousands of foreign workers to do the jobs Brits just won’t do. There was a bit of a silence to that. I got bored with the bias and told Nolan that he was misrepresenting what Hague had said. Nolan then read out his selected quotes, and turned the conversation to the Socialist who was advocating..yes, banks needing to lent more money and the State needing to provide economic growth through the public sector. That was the meme Nolan was pushing and I reckon that this was just a little ritual Tory bashing with me brought on as a bit player to try and defend Hague but not given the chance. As it happened, I disagree with much of what Hague said but never got the chance to clarify that either. (I believe in tax cuts, corporation  cuts for SMALL business and real Welfare cuts) Not a satisfying experience but I suppose one out of two ain’t bad, to update Meatloaf’s maths.



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  1. As I See It says:

    Nolan’s default setting – like all Beeboids – is the familiar left-wing argument of public good/private bad. This narrative is state-funded BBC corporate self-interest and so it is inevitable that leftism also runs through the DNA of the staff like Kiss Me Quick runs through a stick of Brighton rock.
    Listening to the BBC talk about economics and business is too often like witnessing a lazy fish trying to tackle a bicycle.
    In a similar vein yesterday Declan Curry on the BBC’s show On The Money was inviting business people to pass judgement on Haig’s comments. One of Curry’s guests made the reasonable comment that the British population were unlikely to work harder until the Welfare State stopped mollycoddling the work shy. Declan Curry was taken aback. He was quite obviously non-plussed. Clearly these were not attitudes this Beeboid was used to hearing.


  2. chrisH says:

    Leave `im alone David…he`s not worth it!
    Really is about time that good people refused the BBCs taxi and latte, simply because the BBC is off in its own orbit now.
    If they don`t bring down this Government, then they`ll have failed-and every tax-funded dollar is being used to that end.
    Wall to wall effluent thrown at an (admittedly-crap) Government….so unlike the massage oils and candles left out whenever Labour were asked to “explain their greatness and compassion” those last twelve years.
    Hope that you, Mel, Hitch and the like choose to stay away and build trhe revolution from well outside the BBCs Balls pool.
    Boris has `em banged to rights this morning in the Telegraph-let HIM speak for the rest of us!


  3. Framer says:

    Well you got Eamonn McCann (unswerving member of the SWP for four decades) rattled so much that his voice was raised and he lost a little of his cool. Normally he grinds on in a monotone.
    Could have made more of the fact that taxes, particularly on employment like national insurance levied to pay for public sector largesse, depress the economy and by definition prevent heightened employment.


  4. The Highland Rebel says:

    Love him or loathe him David, Stephen Nolan still has a lot of fans.


  5. Sarah says:

    @As I See It.

    I take exception to being called “work shy” or scournger or any of the other little monikers people like to give the unemployed; especially those having difficulty getting back to work.

    Do I lay the blame for this at being mollycoddled? No. Because I am most certainly not mollycoddled nor is everything handed to me on a silver platter. I, like a great many people claiming JSA in this country, fight for it and continue to have to fight for it. I’d like to see the response people in places like this have when a car is parked outside video taping you, when you have people coming to your home and insinuating to your face that you are a liar, a thief, a cheat and you are having sexual relations with minors. Yes, I have had civil servants outright accuse me of being a paedophile in my own home, simply because that would mean I had a ‘partner’ and thus could be denied something I’ve paid long, hard and thanks to the perpetual fuck up that is the tax office well over the odds for (you try spending ten years emergency tax and THEN you can begin complaining).

    I am sick and tired of retarded Daily Fail readers, the BBC and cunts like YOU blaming people like me for the ills of this country after it’s been through 2 quick fire recessions (mid-90’s and 00’s with the tech bubble) and now a depression that rivals that of the early 1900’s. I represent the complete mess this country is in, from the broken education system to the complete and utter lack of careers advice and education options available to adults through to the end result of outsourcing everything.

    Of course, nobody and I doubt you’ll be able to do it either, can explain to me how in a country of 62 million people 5 million (at most) are causing all our woes. Don’t bother.

    But please, keep bleating about mollycoddling and how we need to be tough on dole dossers. I’ll laugh in your face when YOU end up explaining to some snide box ticker that, actually, the “person” they are repeatedly insinuating you’re having a sexual relationship is busy licking his balls and purring. Also, enjoy the tosser paid from the tax money you’ve paid in to the system, sat outside recording the front of your house for 8 hours a day.

    Because when that day happens to you and the way this country is going it WILL HAPPEN TO YOU, then the rest of the people who parrot the same crap you do will suddenly be blaming YOU for everything wrong in this country.


    • Gladiatrix says:


      I am sorry that you have been so badly treated by members of the Civil Service. Can I suggest that you take this up as a matter of urgency with your MP, and demand via him/her that an immediate apology be provided to you and that the people responsible be disciplined? You might also consider making a complaint to your local police force about threatening behaviour.