May I commend this most excellent article concerning how the BBC deals with Jewish people;

“American Presidents have long been criticized for being too in thrall to the Jewish lobby. The American Jews influence US foreign policy and that explains Washington’s unwavering support for Israel.”

Who made this statement this past week?

(a) A disgruntled fringe neo-Nazi
(b) Some poor soul ranting on their Facebook page
(c) The BBC

Sadly, as you can see in the clip above, the answer is C. This ugly assertion is the host’s opening line in an episode of this past week’s BBC HARDtalk program. This vicious garbage isn’t “sort of” or “almost” anti-Semitic; it is the real thing: vivid, unapologetic, odious and wrong.

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30 Responses to THE BBC AND THE JEWS

  1. Daphne Anson says:

    Brilliant find! Thanks.
    I tried looking at the video last week but Finkelstein’s irritating voice ensured a quick exit…


    • Geoff says:

      Another thing – why does the BBC TV Channel 80, continue to show in the preamble to the news, a shot of that dreadful Orla Guerin, standing in front of a pile of rubble? It can only be because it wants to perpetuate the record of the fighting in Lebanon, about five years ago. What they never show, of course, are the shots when the camera swings away from Guerin, to reveal perfectly intact streets. Israel does not randomly target civilians, as do Hamas and Hezbollah, but specific targets which they have seen are launching pads for missiles. They also refrain from firing at targets which their attackers place behind human shields. I have to say that the BBC is so biased against Israel that, in the same way that a camel cannot see its own hump, it cannot appreciate the extent of its bias and distortion of news.


  2. Pounce_Uk says:

    I really do like, how to the bBC an anti-Semitic jew ‘Finklestein’ can somehow speak for all American Jews.


  3. Pounce_Uk says:

    Oh I forgot to mention, last friday the bBC World service were playing that above interview on a loop. Add the anti-American stance (also on a loop) about one class where in a fictional scenario Mecca was bombed (I wish) and how the Rochdale 9 had nothing to do with Islam (again on a loop) and you understand why I feel that:
    The bBC are the Traitors in our Midst.


  4. Auntie BS says:

    BBC have been ramping up anti-Semitism for years.

    It’s become the trendy thing for latte sipping faux liberals. My university campus was rife with it- the “Palestine Society” always organising all sorts of boycotts of Israeli goods, anti-Semitic talks and sit ins of the lecture halls everytime the BBC reported something negative about Israel.


    • The Highland Rebel says:

      The call to boycott goods from Israel has been called for also by the SNP in Scotland.

      Not content with with giving hundreds of thousand of pounds to proxies of the Muslim Brotherhood, the organisation that calls for the streets of this country to be turned into rivers of Christian blood, they also support Hamas, Hizbollah and anyone else who calls for the destruction of Israel.

      It’s funny that their election manifestos never mention that they want to destroy our Judeo Christian heritage, the heritage that gave us the enlightenment, and and turn it into the darkness of a violent, barbaric, pagan, Godless, Moon God worshiping society.


      • john in cheshire says:

        Isn’t the Co-op also now boycotting goods from Israel? I’m sure I read that somewhere recently. If it’s true then the Co-op should be boycotted, including such companies as the Britannia Building Society, which the Co-op has acquired.


        • George R says:



        • chrisH says:

          You and Yours seems to think so, and some transatlantic phoney was brought into the studio to commend it.
          The BBC seem keen on these little agitprop whip-ups…like cyclists in bus lanes and taxis etc…and this kow towing to the hideously corrupt and venal Co-op is yet another one.
          Like “Barnardos” or the “RSPCA”…the Beebers reckon its forever 1935 with these hollowed-out Labour saving pedalos pretending to be virtuous…as much past their sell by date as their mushroom stir.fries.
          Which incidentally, they charge full price on by sneaking into the full prcie ones next to the “fresh” ones.
          This is a classic Co-op tactic…so BOYCOTT THEM in return.
          Any chance of being furnished with a few hundred Israeli flags as stickers to put in their chill cabinets I wonder?…


        • DavidLamb says:

          Yes the coop have extended their boycott to firms that trade with organizations operating from what are called the ‘occuppied territories’ . The details and names escape me but it is covered on an Israeli blog. –


        • JAG says:

          So presumably the Co- op isn’t selling mobile phones (lots of Israeli technology, not using EPOS terminals for processing cards (Israeli technology), not selling medicines (loads of Israeli research and development for the Pharmaceutical Industry), don’t use any Windows computer systems (loads of Israeli input there), I could go on….

          Its just vacuous left wing bollocks really isn’t it.


          • ltwf 1964 says:

            they’re full of it,aren’t they?

            some boycott……is they were serious,they’d have to dump most of what they have in their homes

            left wing wankers


  5. Louis Robinson says:

    David, from the Walter Russell Mead article you quoted: “Apparently in educated British circles you can now voice the most virulent and stupid ideas as if they were simple common sense. ”
    Wasn’t it ever thus?


  6. The Highland Rebel says:

    The BBC / SNP’s etc obsessional squealing about ‘occupied territories’ ‘illegal occupation’ etc when it comes to Israelis living in their own homeland is nothing but anti semitic lies as shown in this link.

    The land is legally Israels under the UN mandate so it’s time for these organisations to stop lying through their teeth to the British public and maybe, perish the thought, start telling the truth once in a while.


    • Geoff says:

      Highland Rebel is right, but did not mention that the Jews/Israelis legally bought land from former Arab owners who were only too happy to charge inflated prices for their arid semi-desert. Israel has the sale documents, so no more talk, please from any Jew?Israel haters of Israel appropriating arab lands.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        And when an Arab sells property to a Jew these days, they’re likely to be killed for it. Ah, progress.


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Mead is right, but just the one video isn’t going to convince anyone of the BBC’s bias, especially since he then says it was a balanced and fair interview. However, the fact that he cogently outlines the problem of demonizing Israel and the Jewish Lobby contributing to anti-Semitism only highlights the fact that the BBC refuses to do so, even while no effort is spared to stifle even the tiniest negative thought about Islam or Muslims.


  8. Teddy Bear says:

    Honest Reporting picked up on the same programme

    BBC or Norman Finkelstein: Who is More Despicable?


  9. Harry says:

    That video is absolutely unbelievable. She is almost reciting, word for word, anti-Semitic propoganda originating from Ahmedinejad and Hamas. Then they Finkelstein of all people to discuss it. My god, the BBC are utterly, utterly disgraceful (it did warrant two utterly’s).


    • Harry says:

      Excuse the poor spelling and grammar I am near apoplectic at that clip.


  10. George R says:


    This is what Islam Not BBC (INBBC) supports:
    “Moderate Palestinian Authority TV: All of Israel is ‘occupied’ land”

    (inc video, March 2012)


    “Thousands of Palestinians mark ‘Nakba Day'”

    -Not an Islamic jihadist in INBBC’s vision; only ‘militants’.


  11. George R says:

    INBBC won’t report on these examples of the Islamisation of colleges of London University:

    ‘The Commentator’ –

    “‘Secretive’ campus meetings undermine the cause of peace and constructive debate”

    -by Richard MILLETT.


  12. Teddy Bear says:

    Melanie Phillips has a striking article on the subject.

    Into the darkness


  13. Karen says:

    I came across this story which I think sums up just how stupid anti semitic people can sometimes be. This story makes for some very disturbing reading