Life In These United States – No. 4

It’s time for another one of these. This one clocks in at 16:45. Sorry, but it’s hard to trim this down to 15 minutes each time. Sources listed below.

Life In These United States – No. 4

(Audio hosted by EyeTube)

Note to defenders of the indefensible: This is meant as a rebuttal to BBC reporting on US issues. I don’t pretend I’m making some lofty, impartial report, but I am presenting facts and information about these issues you don’t get from the BBC. My opinions may be clear, but I’m also not playing games about it. Everyone can decide for themselves what to think about all of it, and call me out on stuff I get wrong.


JPMorgan loss and swaps

Dodd-Frank rules on swaps delayed six months by CFTC

 CFTC Chairman

Dodd-Frank rules on swaps delayed again

Dodd-Frank rules on CEO pay delayed again

Romney wants common sense regulations, not bans

White House list of President’s Executive Orders

President says He needs to use executive orders to bypass Congress

President refuses to sign executive order banning discrimination based on sexual orientation

ObamaCare and States’ Rights

Biden really did make the President “come out” too early

California asking President to respect States’ Rights on medical marijuana

Arizona law allowing religion-affiliated companies to opt out of ObamaCare making them pay for birth control

One of the BBC articles about Rush Limbaugh and the student/activist regarding ObamaCare making religion-affiliated organizations pay for birth control

Facebook co-founder renounces US citizenship

US Federal Register list of people giving up citizenship

National Taxpayer Advocate report to Congress (PDF file)

National Taxpayer Advocate blog

Richard Black tweet about House of Reps cutting climate change website funding

Republicans eliminate International Climate Aid Funding

1000 Days and Counting…And Still No Budget

BBC report on West Virginia primary

Senator Obama saying He wants to bankrupt the coal industry

BBC has the video of Manchin shooting cap-and-trade bill

3 West Virginia coal-fired power plants close due to EPA regulations

2 Chicago coal-fired plants close

Closings will cause higher electric rates in Ohio

Analysts say it might even double

West Virginia facing employment and budget trouble

Coal mining jobs in the US

US Coal and West Virginia

West Virginia Primary voting racist?

McCain won West Virginia, 55.6% – 42.51%.

West Virginia has more Democrats than Republicans

Obama campaign adds ‘clean coal’ to website after Republican outcry

Elizabeth Warren not really Cherokee, but Genealogical Assoc. and US media backed her up

Politcio reporting on Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren actually had an ancestor who rounded up the Cherokee for the Trail of Tears

Trail of Tears info

George Zimmerman compare/contrast to Elizabeth Warren

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10 Responses to Life In These United States – No. 4

  1. john in cheshire says:

    Wow, David, these reports just keep getting better. It’s great. As good as Alistair Cook was; and I used to listen to him every week (and still miss his reports).


    • Backwoodsman says:

      OT , David, just a heads up on interesting Boris Torygraph article panning the bbc !!!!
      Our views are now being articulated in the main stream political debate, well done everyone !!!


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Thanks, john, much appreciated considering our recent disagreement over the Mohammedan rape gang issue. More proof that this blog isn’t the single-minded echo chamber defenders of the indefensible claim it is.


  2. Demon says:

    I agree with John, better each week.


  3. Harry says:

    Very interesting report. I have heard zilch about the federalist vs. statist dialogue from the BBC, nor have I heard anything of Obama’s stance on it. Funny how such a massive deal was make out of diddly-squat, and how this issue was used as a “righteous baton” to strike the ultra-conservative evangelical homophobe, Romney (I kid).


    • max says:

      I doubt you will hear much about federalism from the BBC, it parallels the UK v. EU directorate issue which the BBC would not report if they could avoid it. Since federalism happens in the US the BBC can avoid reporting it so they do. With the EU the BBC is limited to mild sneering as yokels directed at those ratepayers who are under the misapprehension that Brussels is not the capital of Britain.


  4. Millie Tant says:

    That was a very enjoyable talk. And didn’t seem like 15 minutes!


  5. chrisH says:

    Anything further re “Fast and Furious”? over there David?
    Reason I ask is that the BBC told me last night that 49…yes 49… mutilated bodies were found dumped outside Monterrey, Mexico.
    Decapitated and with hands cut off by all accounts.
    Managed to slip it in between the football and some puff piece about the Olympic torch arriving here on Friday.
    Maybe if we enable Brand and Macca to light their spliffs from it, the BBC might bother their arses with what the drugs lobbys approach to legalisation ends up as.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The latest news on F&F, besides the new book out that DB mentioned, is that Rep. Issa (nasty Republican), chairman of the House Oversight Committee has drafted a resolution to hold Atty. Gen. Eric Holder in contempt of Congress (has the same legal implications as contempt of court, more or less) for his, shall we say, less than forthcoming testimony regarding this scandal.

      The BBC is going to continue to censor all news of this until their fellow travelers in the US media start making it a top story. I posted the link to Politico to show that it’s not just something the shrill extremists at Fox News have up their ass, but that in fact the Beeboids definitely know about it, and it’s a deliberate editorial decision to censor this story.


  6. DB says:

    Interesting stuff once again, DP.