Well then, EU-phoria rules at the BBC this morning as they celebrate the “decisive” victory by their poster garcon Hollande in France last evening. Hard to know where to start but Evan Davis was in Paris and seemed almost giddy with excitement as the new red France era dawns. Did you hear him?

The funniest moment for me was when they wheeled on Peter Mandelson who was  suggesting that the UK should now join the Eurozone (Well, Peter does have to work so hard  for his generous pension provision from Brussels, you know) and that the markets would not over-react to Comrade Hollande’s victory. The BBC then reported, stony-faced, that the Euro has fallen to a three and a half year low against the British Pound. Vive le difference!

Another key line the BBC have been parroting is that Hollande represents hope for Europe and a new policy of “growth”. When they try to analyse this “growth” strategy it comes down to more State spending – the reason WHY we have a crisis in the Eurozone in the first instance but since the BBC is fervently pro the EU it glosses over this crucial fact as if it were a detail, instead of a massive elephant in the room!

A final cracking moment came in an interview with a French financial executive. Davis jokily introduced the item by asking her if she and her colleagues were thinking of moving to London as a consequence of Hollande’s tax plans. She responded that they had already all moved to London and she was the last one in Paris! Not what our Evan was looking for!

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  1. Kronos says:

    From the market comments today –
    At the open of Asian markets, the Euro has been dumped against main peers as political uncertainty has investors running to the exits. The US Dollar and the Japanese Yen have been so far the main beneficiaries.

    next stop the Beeb winging that the margin of his win although a ‘massive and decisive’ 4% will mean that Hollande will need to temper his spend spend spend plans and its all the fault of Sarkozy. Oh and in other news – not yet report , Greece has gone tits up and done a Belgium.


  2. Nick says:

    John Pienaar was gushing about the victory last night, it was truly vomit inducing. However, this was surpassed by some BBC automaton likening Hollande to a pop star: what a vacuous and juvenile observation. Big babies.


  3. alan says:

    Shame the ‘growth’ over ‘austerity’ fanatics don’t read the socialist rag ‘New Statesman’…even it has to admit debt is bad:

    “The number one threat facing America is its rising debt burden,” said the briefing officer. “Our number one goal should be to restore American prosperity.”
    In 2000, the US had 31 per cent of world income, according to the IMF. That is now down to 23 per cent, heading towards 17 per cent in the next decade. Yet even Barack Obama, whom Mitt Romney likes to portray as the declinist-in-chief, says, “anyone who says America is in decline doesn’t know what they’re talking about”.

    To tackle a problem you must first recognise that it exists.

    That is what they are taught in officer school. For the most part, the US’s problems are not obscure. But the will to confront them appears to be missing in action.



    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Some of us are trying to confront it, alan. The BBC portrays us as extremists and racist for criticizing the economic policies of a black President.


  4. smell the glove says:

    Turkey’s voting for christmas!


    • James says:

      Or Lambs voting for Eid.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Well, Father Christmas was born in Turkey not France. So the Euro will now collapse before Turkey joins the EU.


    • JAG says:

      i thought the election was in Greece – oh, is that my taxi, I’ll get my coat…..


  5. zemplar says:

    I love the bullsh*t framing of public spending as somehow equalling “growth”. Genius. For “60,000 more teachers”, read “60,000 more Gramscian Marxists to brainwash the next generation with economically and socially suicidal ideology”.


  6. zemplar says:

    Hollande said to the crowd last night “I am the president of the youth of France. You are a movement that is rising up throughout Europe.”

    We all know what “youth” is the French code-word for…


    • uncle bup says:

      “We all know what “youth” is the French code-word for…”

      Yes – in the same way that in Britain we all know what ‘men’ is the BBC code-word for particularly when it appears in the same headline as ‘arrested for grooming’ and/or ‘an un-named northern metropolitan city’


  7. chrisH says:

    You won`t fool the Children of the Revolution eh?…
    To hear John Simpson being asked about Hollande by Stourton last night was stomach-churning.
    Will this be the fulcrum so we can have another Mitterand, said Ed?…as if we need another string of mistresses and a Vichy track record with Tippex still wet?
    Thes Beeb poseurs will have to be pulled away from Jim Morrisons grave or Oscars…and they really think that this cellophane man Hollande will enable us all to have that Socialist Europe that keeps Cameron out of the wind tunnel of lovely frangrances that is the EUs chosen means of communicating with we xenophobes.
    How many Beeboids are swarming over Paris as we speak…hope the Border buggers detain these traitors for a few weeks, so they can file reports about EU citizens not being favoured in the queues at Heathrow.
    Hollande makes Segolene Royale look competent…the Beebs former pin up of pulchritude from 2007.


  8. Harry says:

    Socialists across Europe don’t seem to understand that just saying you want growth, and that you plan is about growth, does not mean that you will get growth, nor does it mean that you will resolve the debt crisis. Wishful thinking is all.


  9. George R says:

    ‘FRANCE 24’ TV, the state broadcaster, broadcasts in not only the French and English languages, but also in Arabic.

    ‘France 24’ has a similar political editorial line as BBC-NUJ, i.e., ‘leftist’. And it propagandises similar stuff to BBC-NUJ on its website:


    So there was no reason for BBC-NUJ to indulge in weekend breaks to Paris at licencepayers’ expense: BBC-NUJ was merely replicating ‘France 24’.


  10. Jez Clarke says:

    Hollande may have been making all the right noises about taxing the rich, bashing the bankers and increasing tractor-production but he’ll undoubtedly turn out to be another centrist Euro-bot.

    All this guff about resisting ‘austerity’ (the word du jour, clearly) may well have won him a domestic election but the bond markets and Frau Merkel will soon put him back in his box.

    Maybe cynicism was blinding my judgment, but there did seem to be plenty of euphoria on the airwaves this morning. My reaction was more along the lines of ‘European omnishambles’, especially given the results in Greece.

    Incidentally, if you Google ‘Hollande’, eight of the top ten results come from The Guardian and the BBC. More measured, more cautious news and analysis coverage be found on page 2 onwards (der Spiegel, the FT, etc.).


    • James says:

      Here is the problems about taxing the rich. We had it all before back in the 60s and 70s a 90% top rate. The Beatles even wrote a song about it.


      • Sid Deeky says:

        Not forgetting the Kinks “Sunny Afternoon” on the same theme.


  11. chrisH says:

    So the election of Socialists in France spooks the Euro markets.
    The BBC seem to think that this is no bad thing…sticking it to big Pharma being the general tone of their reports thus far…certainly, no implication that Hollande will bring the Euro into disrepute and his intemperance could put Europes stability at risk…irresponsible posturing and threats to that nice Angela Merckel and the like.
    Now go back five months, when Camerons temporary demurring at the Euro bailout for Greece etc seemed to spook the BBC…isolated, irresponsible and putting European stability at risk….
    You`d have thought that the BBC would have wanted Sarko, given that he pointedly refused to shake Camerons hand would you not?
    Tell us what to think Auntie…we`re getting eaten alive out here, and dreadfully confused!


  12. George R says:

    All the Tories in the Coalition government are doing is trying to clear up some of the massive debts incurred under the Labour government.

    Of course, any austerity measures over a period of 4 or 5 years will simply make the Tories more unpopular and will make it easy for the Labour government of 2015 to increase public spending massively again, after a few years of Tory restraint on public spending.

    What’s the political point?

    “As the battered Tories put aside Lords reform and gay marriage to focus on the economy, here’s the Queen’s Speech Cameron SHOULD have written.”

    By Simon Heffer

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2140504/Queens-Speech-David-Cameron-SHOULD-written-Tories-focus-economy.html#ixzz1uBUY99L6


  13. George R says:



    Hideous Celebrations.”



    “Domination by the Left.”



  14. George R says:

    ‘New English Rerview’:-

    “The BBC, Timothy Garton Ash and Eurabia”

    [Opening excerpt]:-

    “The BBC never ceases to have Timothy Garton Ash, Professor of European Studies in the University of Oxford, commenting on a wide variety of issues.

    “On BBC Radio 4 News at One today he was dispensing his wisdom in regard to the elections in Greece and France.

    “What a tragedy for the hapless people of Britain that they are being fed information from an organisation, the BBC, which seems to operate like a kind of Islamic Lord Haw Haw, and that the people are not issued with a health (and wealth) warning that the views of such luminaries as professor Timothy Garton Ash include a Europe which should accept gracefully that it becomes Eurabia.”



  15. George R says:

    ‘The Commentator’ points out the obvious, while BBC-NUJ avoids it:

    “French socialist victory is a disaster for Europe, but typical of our times”


    “The entitlement state – the bribe made by every Left-populist politician, which means ‘vote for me and I give you cash’ – is so deeply entrenched that it is hard to see how we can get out of the hole, whichever European country we live in.”



  16. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I guess they’ve all forgotten where all that money came from they spent on “growth” last time. Where will it come from this time, I wonder?


  17. George R says:

    Politcal left, TURKEY and Islamising E.U.

    E.U’s political class from Brussels bureaucracy to all main parties in E.U, including the two main U.K parties, T.U.C, BBC-EU, ‘Guardian’,etc will all line up with Hollande, and 80 million Muslim Turks on this.

    The political pressure from Islamic TURKEY:

    “New president for France; new opportunity for Turkey?”



    ‘Stop Turkey’:-

    “Brussels Tries to Extend Welfare Rights for Turks in EU Countries”



    • johnnythefish says:

      Proof (if proof were needed) that the EU is one giant, unelected, socialist dictatorship hellbent on Islamising Europe. Lie back, close your eyes, and hum ‘Lark Ascending’ quietly to yourself whilst you get violently shafted by the Islam/EU axis.


  18. chrisH says:

    Daniel Hannan puts it well in the Telegraph today…or is it the Mail?
    He says that Britain is shackled to a socialist corpse-and more fool us if we do not uncouple…we`re not Muslim after all.
    Got me thinking about dear old De Gaulle-he was trying to save us from ourselves wasn`t he?…he knew that it would all end in tears because we`re a different model of nation than Europe…but that fool Heath and that quisling Jenkins waited until the Grand Old Man died, before sticking the stiletto into the nations back.
    Exhume these two buggers and put them on trial.
    Time to break free as Freddie said…or else we`ll have no-one to blame but ourselves!


    • George R says:

      Yes, but HANNAN, to his utter discredit, actively campaign for the entry of Turkey’s 80 million |Turks into the E.U.


        • chrisH says:

          Yeah, I know George!
          A hideous glitch in his thinking that has no internal consistency at all.
          The silence over Islam condemns him-this I know.
          But he is still as good as I can expect in many other areas, and such is the mediocrity of so many politicos, I have to stay pathetically grateful.
          The blog you post comprehensively stuffs him alright…but he`s a relatively good bloke.
          Imagine Boris would be pro-Turkish entry too…now if we left,then that wouldn`t bother us maybe?


  19. Leftie-Loather says:

    Now that there’s a new Promised Land just across the English Channel all the ferries and airliners to Froggyland will hopefully be getting booked full of all our leftie turds wanting to emigrate there.
    (Just don’t forget to throw your passports in the Seine when you get there, chaps….Accommodation will be no problem, there’ll soon be plenty of abandoned big homes for you to squat in.)


  20. London Calling says:

    Typical of French Socialists, who believe they can vote for prosperity, when they are not striking for prosperity. Down with Austerity, lets create growth by borrowing and spending, if we can find anyone stupid enough to lend us anything. Oh merde, the French banks are stuffed full of Greek debt. They got the same idea first.

    Francois Hollande repeals law of gravity. “Gravity is no longer the only option” It’s the next Milliband script isn’t it?


  21. Leftie-Loather says:

    Have faith. Hollande failure for stupid Froggyland will secure Miliband and Ballsup failure here in 2015. Always a silver lining!


  22. bodo says:

    The BBC reporting has had an air of celebration about it over the French election results, it reminds me of Obama.

    The lunchtime report was appallingly biased; “Yesterday there was uncertainty and doubt, now there is only hope and optimism”. Yes he used the word “only”. What survey was this based on? How come all those who voted against Hollande had suddenly changed their mind? A classic example of the BBC mindset at work, their left-wing opinion being reported as fact.

    I presume they must have had complaints and realised that even they had gone too far, this evening they had qualified it to “broadly speaking there is optimism”.

    Maybe they were still groggy from last nights champagne fuelled partying in Broadcasting House and their bias just slipped out.



  23. London Calling says:

    4% points final gap between Hollande and Sarkozy. Naieve youth in Paris enough to swing it. Reminds me of Blair’s election – the white southern under age 35 ex-student vote full to the gunnels with Guardian Media Group smears about “Tory Sleaze” as I recall it. Look on the brighter side. No one else is fooled. Hollande brings the collapse of the Eurozone and disappearance of a European Socialist Superstate closer.


    • Leftie-Loather says:

      Too right! Any sensible person with their eyes wide open can see that EU HQ is now mostly just full of headless chickens whos sickeningly leftist experiment inflicted on us all – just like Al-Beeb – is slowly but surely falling apart. They just don’t get and completely ignoramusly can’t accept why right wing support is now very understandably seriously on the rise all over Europe, with the general message really just being that if you’re gonna do democracy then do it fuckin properly!! The constant brainwashing’s failed, your game’s up!