18 Responses to BBC FLATULENCE

  1. Leha says:

    wasting time/money – Its What We Do


  2. ltwf 1964 says:

    giant sized shit

    much like 99% of all other bbc output


  3. cmdocker says:

    Hey, everybody, there’s a shit cloud coming! Run for your lives.


  4. chrisH says:

    Thanks David.
    None of us need hear it…you can piece it together from the comments above.


  5. JAG says:

    I thought it was quite funny, and provided an amusing change to the barely subdued long running broadcast orgasm over the election of a socialist as President of France!


  6. alf stone says:

    If it’s the dinosaurs what done it shouldn’t we start a cull of the ones that are left such as Skinner, Prescott, Patten and many more?


  7. john in cheshire says:

    In France, would bbc employees fall into the rich category? And if so, would they therefore suffer under M. Hollande’s tax proposals? Just a thought. Nice to be sitting safely in a country where your enormous paycheck is not to be raided by you socialist mates.


  8. TigerOC says:

    These guys are winging it knowing full well that these clowns will fall for this theory hook line and sinker. More academic chicanery like their warmist friends.
    We know from geological surveys that there was a massive cloud formation that obliterated sunlight leading to the death of vegetation and the subsequent death of most life. Whether this was due to volcanic activity or the asteroid theory is unknown. A similar thing happened in the 1400’s (?) when a string of volcanoes erupted causing ash clouds to obliterate the sunlight and there was a massive famine recorded in the Northern hemisphere.
    But farting animals, well I never would have thought. Try the other leg


    • John Anderson says:

      The BBC output is basically one never-ending fart.

      Flatulent PC rubbish


  9. Pounce_uk says:

    Black propaganda from the bBC

    Climate ship plots course through the battering waves
    The bBC’s so called expert on ‘climate change’ ushers the faithful to prayer by calling from the bEEBs highest minaret:
    “Allah, Ackba, there is one god and his name is ‘Climate change’ (Err, what ever happened to Global warming yer Black twat?)

    Anyway as dick spash waxes lyrical about how poor countries (And so called experts like himself) have cottoned onto the fact that there’s money to be made by preaching doom and gloom to the masses. The bBC publishes a photo showing a pole in some Hot exotic land which highlights the threat that low lying areas face from rising Water levels Have a look at the year which has the highest water level and then have a look at the year which expresses the lowest.

    The bBC, the traitors in our Midst


  10. Merlin says:

    Cuts? What cuts!?


    I’d say the BBC are guilty of excreting their fare share of ass seepage wouldn’t you?


  11. deegee says:

    I found the implicit if unintended admission that the Earth could heat up (the Earth was up to 10C (18F) warmer in the Mesozoic Era) and the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse wouldn’t ride in, a surprising slip-up in the BBC Global Warming narrative.


  12. Guest Who says:

    ‘could’ and ‘researchers’, in that first para rather sets the scene.
    I am a little intrigued at the message though, because the toots from a Terrasaur (even a few million) surely could hardly equate to what was belching out of volanoes at the time, and it’s not like a Chinese factory was cranking out these using coal-fired ‘leccy too…
    So are they saying that, in the absence of much common sense, if some scientists somewhere have faxed in a story that ticks the climate change box in some daft, 1/2-arsed way it ‘could’ be ‘news’ (especially the variety when conjecture gets to be ‘fact’ in ‘quotes’) no matter what?
    Questions are being answered, rhetorically.
    Speaking of ‘could’, I wonder when they’ll pick up on this being yet more fears are being raised, just how they like it:


  13. Allan D says:

    Stories you will never hear on the BBC (1):

    I like the first comment!


  14. johnnythefish says:

    Funny how they choose this desperate piece of global warming cum vegan piece of propaganda – sorry, research – over the countless serious scientific papers which have been published over the past 20 years contesting the man-made warming hypothesis. But, as we all know, in Beebworld the ‘science’ is settled, innit?