On this morning’s edition of BBC Radio Five Live’s Weekend Breakfast presenter Colin Paterson was stunned to hear that prosecutors in the Guantanamo trial of the chief 9/11 suspects are actually calling for the death penalty. What sort of bubble must one inhabit to find that surprising? (Click through for audio.)

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24 Responses to GOSH!

  1. wayne X says:

    The BBC evidently thinks we should do away with justice.

    Our enemies are our friends and our friends are now enemies.
    Spending what we haven’t got is the right thing to do.
    Free speech is an inprisonable offence because it says so on Twitter and U-Tube.
    And not paying for the Anti-British Propaganda Corporation will ensure the Gestapo knock on your door demanding money with menaces.
    Patriotism is evil and only undertaken by the right wing and shaven headed white people of Luton.
    Success is to be sneered at, it can only produce nasty pompous boys who go to Eton and Harrow.
    Positive discrimination is allowed but only for people from somewhere else.

    This is the country of idiots run by corrupt fools cheered on by the immaculate elite and celebrity media millionaires.

    The BBC tax exempt all expenses paid inhabitants are so completely insulated and out of touch with the real world that the rest of us inhabit that I now firmly believe they are aliens from another planet. They have now taken over most human brain cells and will soon, like the Pied Piper of Hamlin, lead us down the final path of oblivion, or at least to the place of a 1,000 virgins and a £million a day benefit entitlements.

    If you can’t beat them, join them. I shall be auditioning for X-factor, Britain’s got Talent and Strictly Come Dancing next week. I can’t do anything but that should be a huge advantage.


  2. Span Ows says:

    LOL! how pathetic. You are wrong to put the exclamation mark…it was not GOSH: it was goooorrsh. Almost a whimper!


  3. Mice Height says:

    Surely 12 hours community service would suffice for these freedom fighters that are so loved by the left.
    The deaths of a few thousand people are far outweighed by the benefits of ‘diversity’, don’t you know.


  4. Will Jones says:

    What a dick!


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I can’t decide if this dopey Beeboid is simply shocked that prosecutors are going to ask for the death penalty (in which case he obviously he doesn’t read the BBC News website), or if he’s actually shocked at the possibility of that outcome for these poor men who are clearly not going to get justice from this show trial.

    Either way, it’s a clear value judgment on the laws and culture of another country. Have we heard a similar gasp when a Beeboid is told about the latest round of executions in some non-white country?


  6. noggin says:

    totally ignoring, not aknowledging the court, being unco-operative, reading books,( i wonder if its their Manual of ahem “peace”).
    mind you if you, or they listen to knobama s bullshine
    “9/11 nothing to do with islam” drone just like el bbc, does they ll tell ya their innocent don t you know….
    sorry dude no surprise, at all


  7. As I See It says:

    Oh, Gosh! Do get on message guys, the reason every war in history has been won is due to the victor’s better human rights record!


  8. john in cheshire says:

    The bbc might also be surprised that there are people like me in our country who would vote to restore capital punishment, and lobby for it to be exacted against the deserving. Not just the killers in our midst.


  9. PhilLaw says:

    Liking the football I listen to Five Live, and, if memory serves, this CP chap is normally the showbiz reporter interviewing “stars” at film premiers. And he is clearly a fuckwit.


  10. Pounce says:

    Yet another example of how the so called impartial bBC gives succour to those who not only subscribe to a way of life which is at odds with everything to do with Liberalism but are more than happy to carry out the worse crimes going in which to have their way.
    So the bBC expresses shock that the men presumed to be behind the single act which precipitated into the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq stand to receive the death penalty if found guilty . In fact the whole premise of the bBC article on the subject paints a picture of innocence, torture and frayed nerves from the men in the dock. The stand alone statement for all and sundry to read quotes:
    These men have endured years of inhumane treatment and torture
    In fact I am just counting down the hours until one of them claims to be a British citizen due to the fact that some bBC reporter left a deposit up his rectum after he was found work by the Taliban as the reporters man servant prior to 2001.
    Meanwhile the bBC reports on how writing is enshrined in Islam. I quote:
    “As Hisham al-Madhloum, co-ordinator for the biennial explains, the refined script that is used for religious texts is part of the Gulf’s Islamic heritage.”
    Islamic heritage?
    Is this the same bBC which hates anything about British Heritage, you know ‘Empire’, Slavery, being on the winning side in WW2, Yet the British Empire as we know didn’t last that long 200 years at the most. But oh how the left hate those 200 years. But when it comes to Islam, Wow they ran their empires with only kindness and respect for everybody. Islam ruled over Christian Spain for over 700 years, you know that Spain where the Muslims treated even the Jews with kindness. But the Brits, and their 200 year Empire is a stain that has to be removed from History. Yeah Right.
    Which is why the bBC waxes lyrical about how the culture which actively discriminates against the fairer sex is a world beater (Quite literally) when it comes to female police in the West Bank I quote:
    “The job in the police force is the same for men and women. There is no difference,” she says.”
    Really? I wonder how the bbC will report the fact, when a religious mullah decided to preach to the faithful to attack women who leave home without their make kin present. No doubt they will blame the jew.

    Then there’s the article about the woman who had her fingers cut off by her husband for going to a school to learn. For some strange reason the bBC leave out where the man was taught to disrespect women. (A clue it’s found in a book which the packies go stupid about if a non packy touches it)
    But that’s just it about packys and their unholy tome. In instils into them the mindset, that non wogs have to be killed, that women are second class citizens and that only the man taking it up the arse , is gay and he should be killed. (Allah Ackba and all that jizz)
    Yup Allah’s liitle helpers demand that we show them respect and the tossers at the bBC are more than happy to swallow what their ideological masters unzip in front of them five times a day. But when it comes to showing respect themselves , they refuse. Be it respecting our laws, their laws ,wogs don’t.Citing their religious codex as a get out of jail card each and everytime. Which is why the bBC paint a picture of how these Islamic terrorists in the dock in the US can only be victims.

    The leftwing Guardian in contrast paints a different picture of these men and informs its readers of how these so called victims buoyed by the support of the left are going out of their way in which to waste time. I quote:
    Family members of those killed in the 9/11 attacks have expressed anger over displays of defiance shown by the alleged plotters during an arraignment hearing at Guantánamo Bay. The hearing, which was expected to last two hours, stretched to 13 hours as Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his four co-defendants refused to accept the start of trial proceedings in a controversial “military commission” inside the US naval base in Cuba.The hearing was marked by near-farcical scenes in which the defendants prayed, read the Economist, talked among each other and ignored the judicial events around them.
    Now I wonder , how these so called so called victims would have been treated in any Islamic court. I mean how would the Taliban treat anybody who disrespected their court proceedings?
    The bBC, the traitors in our Midst.


  11. DB says:

    CIA guy unapologetic over interrogation of KSM. Good for him. Lives saved.


  12. DB says:

    Colin Paterson wasn’t shocked, he was “seeking clarification”. Gosh.


    • Pounce says:



    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Liar and a fool.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘he was “seeking clarification”
      Like watertight oversight is not really ‘selective censorship’ when required?
      Like a good BBC hole digger, he really hasn’t quite grasped that such silly responses don’t really help his case, especially when the audio is now beyond FoI-excluded archive.
      All in all a neat example of the many ways any aspect of ‘news’ can be set up and shaped in the edit suite… if, as in this case, backfiring.


  13. Leftie-Loather says:

    “I wasn’t meaning to sound shocked. Just seeking clarification”. – Huh? ..lol.. What utter gargantuan bollocks!!
    Lucky the bullshitting cunt didn’t say golly gosh! Doubt white honky language like that would’ve been as acceptable to his bosses.
    But anyway, the mass murdering evil turds themselves hope for the death penalty and their martydom, don’t they? – Which is just as fuckin well!


  14. Reed says:

    This is well worth a listen – Adam Carolla taking apart a 60 Minutes interviewer who is similarly ‘shocked’ by the real world. They’re terrorists dear, not nice people. Sending in counsellors to ‘be nice’ just won’t cut it.



  15. Will Jones says:

    Seeking clarification? At the end of the day, I’d like to think I can forgive them for living in a paralell universe, but I hate them for thinking we are stupid enough to believe that nonsense. Could he have listened to the playback before giving that explanation? Damn them all!


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      What clarification was he looking for? The exact method? I still think he was more expressing concern because he views the trial as unfair, and possibly even that these men are innocent victims of an illegal US war.


  16. TrueToo says:

    He expects people to believe that a drawn out, emotional “Gosh” is “seeking clarification?”

    What a fraud.

    Reminds me of when the ubiquitous “John Reith” said, on this very blog, “The BBC doesn’t do outrage,” as part of his drive to convince us of the BBC’s “impartiality.”

    Well, of course it does do outrage, in synch with all the PeeCee causes, but it muffles the outrage in order to pretend to be impartial. And evidently it does sympathy for terrorists, unmuffled, as the current example shows.


  17. jimbola says:

    They have the death penalty in America? Gosh.

    And they are pushing for that penalty for the murders of over 3000 people? Golly gosh and **** me sideways with a gavel.


  18. lojolondon says:

    Strange, Bin Liner and his colleagues sentenced 3,000 people to death and carried out the sentence, why don’t we be really lenient on them, to show how British justice works?