As you know, the BBC meme is that the economy can only recover if we bring back Labour, despite the fact it wrecked the economy in the first place; Biased BBC contributor Alan notes..

“Last Wednesday the latest GDP figures were released revealing we were in recession again.

During the morning before the figures were released the BBC had been telling us that all the experts and business organisations were expecting some minor good news….but the BBC hurriedly brushed that aside and went on in every report to then paint a doomsday scenario ‘what if’ the figures were negative?.

The figures were then released and the floodgates opened at the BBC. However not all went to plan when they opened the phone lines. Just about every caller suggested they were doing OK, some said business was booming….and most recognised that far from only ‘just’ going into recession we have actually been in recession since at least 2008.

The BBC then found to their delight a fellow doom monger by the name of Raymond Moan (really) a building supplies businessman from Northern Ireland. Mr Moan was used on every news broadcast from then on with the BBC ignoring all the ‘good news’ merchants.

Damien Lewis on HIGNFY ( http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01gxn3w/Have_I_Got_News_for_You_Series_43_Episode_3/ ) 14 mins in or so…. pointed out this…. ‘The BBC weren’t trying to influence our feelings at all either way when they interviewed a NI businessman Raymond Moan who said ‘If this goes on we will all be on our knees’.

What the BBC news didn’t bother to keep reporting was another construction company…Sporn Construction in Bicester, who said (on Vic Derbyshire    http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/b01gjy6t    44 mins in) they were doing so well that they were expanding…and taking on 30% more staff….look on their website and there are some jobs there for builders now.

Incredible how the BBC just manipulate the news…they lie to us….in order to damage the present government and no doubt try to help Labour out in the coming local elections.”

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31 Responses to HALF THE NEWS, ALL THE TIME!

  1. Reconstruct says:

    It will be interesting to see how they report (indeed, if they report) the extremely likely upward revision which shows that er . . . we’re not in recession after all.


  2. Fred Bloggs says:

    The bBC like to quote Bryant at almost every possible event. However when Bryant gets caught ‘bang to rights’ leaking confidential Leverson information; not a word. (EX: Bryant signed a privileged confidentiality agreement with Leverson so that he could see witness deposition before hand. He went to Parliament and wanted an inquiry as Murdock’s and Cameron’s list of meetings did not match. Murdoch admitted he’s were wrong. This should never have see the light of day as Bryant should have kept silent until formal publication.)


  3. AndrewS says:

    BC news seems to be the labour party’s press office. I know that messes Balls and Million are experts on economic failure having been responsible for creating many of the problems we now face but that does not give them and their policies credibility.


  4. uncle bup says:

    Of course with an indexed income of £3.2 billion a year in perpetuity the droids have no exposure to the economy, so what do they care if/when Labour wrecks it. The dystopia that a Labour government would bring about would see only three groups surviving; the Cabinet, cockroaches, and 22,000 droids.

    James Cameron, I know you read this board, there’s gotta be a film in that.


  5. Nick says:

    Labour wrecked the economy in the 70s and wrecked it again in the noughties. They shouldn’t be allowed near a burger franchise, let alone a country’s economy. This simple fact seems to be beyond the ken of the average beeboid. Do you want relish with that?


  6. Wayne X says:

    The local elections.

    There was a very interesting comment made by a young man in a Derby street this morning when asked “what party controlled the council there at the moment”. The interviewer was trying to establish that people didn’t know much about local politics. The young man’s reply was very enlightening;” well it ought to be the Labour Party”.

    It struck me immediately that this is the very thought process which is at work in the BBC. There is no debate, there is no thought process, it doesn’t matter if they are no good, blatantly corrupt, wave their knickers about on the internet, start wars on a sexed up lie, haven’t got a clue about how to run the economy or as my learned friend Nick above put it, “They shouldn’t be allowed near a burger franchise”.

    The fact is that the BBC zombies are programmed to think;” well it ought to be the Labour Party”.

    And you cannot debate anything with zombies.


  7. Guest Who says:

    I found this interesting, and not just for the terms it was couched in…


  8. pounce_uk says:

    The bBC, its hatred of the current people in power and a party political broadcast for the Labour party. (Vote Ken)
    Vote 2012: Why do so few Muslims vote?
    At the 2010 UK general election, 53% of Muslims did not vote, according to a study by research company Ipsos Mori for the Electoral Commission. This was a higher percentage than any other religious group in the country.
    Oh dear the bBC runs an article about how Muslims don’t vote in the UK . Err clue bBC Islam is a faith which limits the interactions of the fairer sex. I think you will find that, the above 53% figure of non voters is accounted for by Islamic women. But it gets better:
    With elections being held in 128 local authorities in England on 3 May, Mr Ahmad has been working with the MCB to encourage Muslims to buck this trend. The data, based on 3,586 adults aged 18 and older across the United Kingdom, also found that 15% of Church of England Christians did not vote, along with 28% who were neither Christian nor Muslim and 23% who said they did not belong to a religion.
    So the bBC uses a sample size of 3586 in which to proclaim from the Bush House minaret that not only is there one god and his name is ‘Allah’ but that around 1 million muslims don’t vote based on a tiny sample of the UK population . But now the bBC Mullah really gets going and in the double speak of the radical traitors the bBC are they push out the following message:
    She said she would be voting “because I believe it is vital to take part in society in order to make a difference”.
    Mr Ahmad highlighted the recent success of the Respect Party in Bradford West as an illustration of what can happen when Muslims “feel strongly” about politics.
    So in the surreptitious way of the backstabbing (in more ways than one) the traitors at the bBC are informing the faithful that they want them to vote for Ken just like they did for George Galloway.
    The bBC, the traitors in our Midst.


  9. Charles says:

    Half the news? Just look at the “rolling blog” at the side of the report into hacking currently on the BBC news site. It quotes tweets from a variety of sources such as Peston and then a few others. The comments seem 100% critical of the Murdochs and indeed the Conservatives. If you click onto the folk commenting you will see the sort of people they follow themselves, all Left far left or Guardian type folk. Yes I know its in the BBC DNA to quote their own, but it needs pointing out again and again to get the message across


    • Leha says:

      news24 beeboids could hardly contain their glee at this report. I despair…..


  10. John Anderson says:

    BBC is trumpeting the Committee report saying Rupert Murdoch is “not a fit and proper person” – which implies stripping Sky of its licence or forcing Murdoch to sell.

    Is the BBC also reporting EVERY TIME that the Committee split on party lines – the 4 Tory MPs were outvoted by the witchhunters led by Tom Watson – 5 Labour and 1 LibDem MP. You betcha they aren’t !


    The Report is bound to be debated in the House. Will the Labour leadership back Tom Watson’s vendetta against Rupert Murdoch ?

    What is Miliband saying ? Why hasn’t the BBC asked ? Miliband must have known what the report wpould say, normallly the BBC gets instaquotes from Labour leaders.


    • geyza says:

      And why did Cameron ever allow any commons committee have a majority of labour members? Labour got fewer votes in 2010, than John Major in 1997!!!

      The tories deserve all they get so long as they leave that disastrous traitor in power. Cameron was on the Marr show on Sunday gushing with praise for the BBC. I felt violently sick watching it.

      I half expected to see Marr get out a gimp mask for Cameron and get him to repeat, “Oh yes MASTER BBC, I am your bitch BBC” over and over.

      Sorry to be so crude, but the BBC and Cameron and all the other politically correct, climate changey, over-tax and piss it awayers really piss me off!


      • Fred Bloggs says:

        Cameron does select the committee, plus the turncoat was Adrian Sanders the LibDem member.


  11. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The HIFGNY joke was about the guy’s name, surely.


  12. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Why is that Beeboids who think The Obamessiah is not responsible for the weak US economy because He inherited a mess from Bush, do think that Cameron is responsible for a weak British economy when he inherited a mess from Brown, and has had less time to deal with it?


    • Guest Who says:

      Just a wild guess, but there appears to be a difference; one that may be deemed, oh, I don’t know… ‘unique’?


  13. zemplar says:

    The definition of whether or not we have entered a recession is total bollo*ks. It was made-up in the 60s by Johnson’s economic advisor to ‘prove’ to the media that Johnson wasn’t presiding over a recession. It has nothing to do with economics whatsoever, and was plucked from the air to fit the GDP figures of the moment, solely to get the press off their backs. But now it has been repeated so much, it has become ‘economic law.’


  14. Andy S. says:

    As I’ve suggested on the Open Thread. Enough is enough! Let’s start a war on the BBC a la Gordon Brown’s/Tom Watson’s war on Rupert Murdoch.

    Any suggestion how it could be done (legally!) would be welcome.


    • ROBERT BROWN says:

      I have just posted on another forum that i urge ‘Uncle Rupert’ to go all out on ALL the parties and flag up the idiocy and uselessness of their policies and treachery to the electorate. And to pursue the BBC in particular, along the lines that this forum does, really stir things up, create a shit-storm.


    • Span Ows says:

      Can I recommend Clr Ralph Baldwin’s comments here:


      “I don’t think we need take very seriously any comments from Labour Mps on who is fit or unfit to run a commercial or other enterprise.

      Louise Mensch is bang on and I wrote on this matter in a similar vein warning of this a few days ago to a number of national papers (probably did not get printed but that’s fine).
      This is no longer a process. It is no longer an objective professional assessment of what has occurred.

      it is a bordering on sadistic, self-indulgent power trip of revenge by Tom Watson MP. As soon as money was offered by Max Moseley for actions by any MPs (not members of the public note) Labour MPs were no doubt falling all over themselves to get involved, i suspect Tom Watson was “administering this. I can’t help but compare Watson to Eric Cartman of South Park, except perhaps Cartman has creativity and skill in his pursuit of petty revenges and Power lust and greed.

      Not for one moment am i making excuses for News of the World and I have criticized Murdoch a heck of a lot over the years. But in this country we must not permit bullying Labour Politicians to overcome the process of Law in an attempt, a sordid attempt by them to exact revenge upon a successful and ruthless businessman who showed them for the unmitigated opportunistic cowards they truly were and still are.

      There was a serious element to this regarding innocent people who needed the help of the media and were let down, but now Labour in it’s eternal Question for control over what we are permitted to say is trying to use this to gain leverage over our Freedom of Speech by trying to be greater than the system. Their egos and greed and have no limit or placation and the moment this became an issue about self-indulgent Mps who have no sense of service or accountability to the public it stopped being in the public interest or the National interest. I applaud Louise and her colleagues for retaining a sense of objectivity, professionalism and respecting British Institutions. This is not a witch hunt it’s about justice.

      Something Tom Watson Mp would and could never understand and the full extent of Labour’s failings are truly exposed as a close-knit, selfish group of people obsessed with themselves and no longer having any respect for the Country, democracy and accountability but most especially the people especially the most vulnerable whom they have betrayed”


      • Demon says:

        Well put Cllr Baldwin. I can’t believe I have now become a fan of the Murdochs – if the BBC/Labour Party/Guardian are against them they must be doiing something right.

        Tom Watson should be ashamed, at least he would be if any of these narcissist Lefties had any true sense of self-awareness.


        • Guest Who says:

          I am no fan of the Murdochs, but I am a fan of choice and professional, objective journalism, and while NI output is also low on the totem in that they are not unique and I can opt out.
          I have a complaint in to the BBC on Robert Peston’s risible journalistic effort, where he creeps in a classic late ‘addendum’ (amazed it was not a stealth update) to a story that failed to mention that when he inferred that all MP’s were unanimous in their views when in fact the whole thing has been a shambles split down tribal lines thanks to Tom Watson’s naked hatemongering supported by a media estate that wouldn’t know objectivity if it fell over it.
          I await the latest feeble effort from BBC complaints showing how ‘the others are doing it’…again.. rather missing that they are all Murdoch title competitors commercially. Plus the BBC… in some less than impartial incarnation… too the twittercades bruvvers!
          And ignoring that the trash job by Peston was by a BBC Editor who also wrote the biography of the ex-PM currently in a massive actual row with Mr. Murdoch personally which, for some reason, the most trusted national broadcaster has popped on the back burner as one of their own top anchors, Andrew Neil, has backed the account that does not suit the BBC narrative.
          It’s a £4Bpa propaganda monopoly that the public is forced to pay for, and that is what should be addressed as free speech and democracy is twisted by such a huge skewed influence on public perception.