Gone To The Dogs

Well, well, well. After ten days, reality has at last forced the BBC to acknowledge the big joke about the President being fed dog as a child. How many of us here have noted that they’ve refused to touch this story? BBC US President editor Mark Mardell finally decided to address it.

Nobody is really taking it too seriously as a negative on the President, but it has been an effective counter against Democrat attacks on Romney for that one story about the dog on the car roof.

Two obvious examples of bias in Mardell’s post:

1. When acknowledging that the dog-eating story plays into the “larger Narrative” (a Beeboid knows a Narrative when he sees one, eh?) that the President is too foreign, he either doesn’t understand or refused to admit that this was the whole point of putting that anecdote in His autobiography. The intent was to make Him seem in tune with the whole world and not just a parochial, isolationist American. In fact, even the BBC told us that His world experience was a selling point. Mardell has either forgotten that, or just doesn’t want you to remember.

2. So it’s pathetic and biased for Mardell to then say, “But I fear more politicians may try to make dogs a touchstone of the American way.”  He admits bias right there in the open. If you sell yourself as being Post-American, don’t blame someone else for pointing it out. Instead, Mardell tries to defend his beloved Obamessiah.

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15 Responses to Gone To The Dogs

  1. DJ says:

    People don’t think the Obamamessiah is just too tolerant…. they just think there’s something wierd about a guy so divorced from American life that he thinks talking about eating Fido makes a cute anecdote for his autobiography.


  2. George R says:

    “Obama’s timidity risks the world’s security”

    by John Bolton



  3. DB says:

    Mardell: Those who want to mock Romney relish the story, suggesting it is a prime example of a supposedly clear-eyed problem solver who’s just a bit too cold-blooded and more odd than imaginative.”

    What, like the BBC’s Paul Adams on R4’s World Tonight a month ago?


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Which is exactly why Treacher and others started this gag about the President: to counter this kind of mockery. The fact that the BBC suppressed it and only jumped to defend Him after reality forced them to is proof of a successful pushback. And the astute, seasoned political analyst either doesn’t get it, or doesn’t want to admit it.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘What, like the BBC’s Paul Adams on R4′s World Tonight a month ago?’
      Careful, Dude, more of that gosh-darned factual gotcha stuff and there’ll be more than a blocking a-comin’ your way. This is the Chicago crowd, after all, and I am sure they have UK sneaks in various august bodies here.
      They’d have got away with it, but for those blog kids and… that dog:)


  4. DavidLamb says:

    According to his biography he ate grasshoppers as well.
    One amusing response to the Romney business of tying the dog to the car roof was that Obama would describe this as ‘fast food’.


  5. Louis Robinson says:

    As a former (bad) tennis player, I always valued the return of serve.
    The-Obama-Eating-Dog story is a brilliant example of the return of serve. A joke which arrives out of the air can be seen as mean-spirited. But here the Obama-Eating-Dog story is seen as a retaliation (the return of serve) to the Axelrod Romney’s-Dog-on-the-roof-of-the-car story.
    One other thing: the Obama-Eating-Dog jokes as actually funny!
    Example: Obama’s Favorite Breakfast? Eggs Rover Easy
    One good joke can define a person better than a long earnest speech.
    What does Barack Obama intend to do about the Washington, D.C. earthquake? Blame it on George Bush.
    Now every time a Democrat raises the name of George W Bush eyes rolls to heaven. The visual equivalent of “yeah, yeah, give it a rest”.
    But a witty retorted offered by friend is still my favorite. When asked what he thought of Obama, he replied, “Well, lets put it this way – he’s no Jimmy Carter”.
    Even lefties laughed. They know O’s a busted flush. Someone tell Mardell.


  6. DB says:

    I notice Mardell’s post about this topic doesn’t allow comments. I guess a stream of Obama dog jokes was too horrifying for BBC online editors to contemplate.


  7. DP111 says:

    Michelle, ” Barak honey, dinner is under the table”.


  8. Reed says:

    Woof! :O


  9. Demon says:

    A variation on a song sung by Manchester United fans (to the tune of Lord of the Dance)

    Obama, whatever you may be,
    You ate dogs in your old country
    It then got worse, you ate a little mouse
    Now you eat cats in the old White House