Biased BBC contributor Alan notes;

“You can only wonderwhere all the Muslims have gone from the BBC airwaves……they havevanished….the government starts talking of allowing gay marriage and there isnot a single Muslim voice that I have heard on the BBC. Today we had a Sikh, a Quaker and Christians but no Muslim. 
Curious that the normally so vocal Muslims are staying so quiet….can it bethe BBC has decided not to draw attention to another of the Islamic beliefsthat may be contentious whilst happily castigating Christians particularly fortheir anti-gay stance?

And listening to the radio news during the day it was hard to tell who had beenshot outside the school in Toulouse today…..’A gunman has shot dead a teacherand three children at a Jewish school in the French city of Toulouse.’ That doesn’t necessarily mean they were Jewish.

The BBC told us it was people outside a Jewish school….not Jews. But theywere quick to tell us that the soldiers that were shot last week were NorthAfrican or Muslims….’All three – of North African and Caribbean origin – wereshot by a man on a scooter.’ A reporter from the BBC started saying ‘shooting of Jewish children’ butchanged it to a ‘shooting outside a jewish school’. Editorial line to edit out the ‘jewishness’ of the victims? It’s a minor detail but odd not to say Jewish children were killed.”

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