We’ve been getting many reports this week of blog readers not being able to use this site from overseas. The biggest problem is that Comments show up as 0.

The problem started a few weeks ago in Spain. Readers from there had a .es extension forced on their blog browsing by Google. This is a strategy by them to localise blogging in order to make country-specific content censorship possible.

Google are rolling out this ‘upgrade’ country by country and it now appears to have hit our readers in France.

There is a workaround which is to add /ncr to the end of the web address. The main problem with this workaround is that it doesn’t work.

Your site admins are working hard this week to solve this and other problems with a server and platform move. Please expect some disruption and downtime. We will give as much notice as possible of any breaks in transmission! There will probably be a radical redesign at the same time…no point in doing things by halves, is there?

Please bear with us whilst Google/Blogger do their best to destroy the blogging community and the B-BBC team try to save our corner of it.


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