The suggestion that Motorways and other major roads in England could be run by private companies under plans being considered by the government has caused outrage amongst the Statist mentality of the BBC hive. On Today this morning at 8.10, John Humphrys led the Jihad against the idea. Whether one agrees with the concept or otherwise (As it happen, I do agree with it!) the point is that Humphrys was far from the impartial facilitator of the interview and was decidedly hostile to Conservative MP Matthew Hancock. One of the default positions of many BBC presenters is that the State must be in control of every aspect of our lives. I wonder where they get the notion?

As I write this, I am about to go on the BBC Nolan Show where I will be arguing in favour of Chancellor Osborne’s plan to regionalise pay. Here in Northern Ireland, State workers earn some 28% more than their private sector equivalents. To my way of thinking this is an outrage and I will say so. Those who work for the State cannot reasonably expect to earn more than those who fund them. You can bet that I will face not just one but two opponents and again the default position lies in supporting the State, those who work for it, at whatever expense. 
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