Vince Cable
Whoops. B-BBC contributor Alan detects a rather fishy smell about a BBC claim leading their news today,,, 
“BBC are claiming that their hero Vince Cable’s letter was leaked to them:

‘Vince Cable has called for Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) to be split up, in a letter leaked to the BBC.’ 

But according to this comment in the Telegraph the letter was published in full by the FT over 3 weeks ago.

‘This was published in full in the FT three weeks ago, so pray tell me how and why is this now ‘news’.
You’d expect it from the comerstose BBC but the DT really!’ 

The FT: (behind paywall)
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16 Responses to BBC BEHIND THE TIMES..

  1. Martin says:

    Is it true the BBC are now going after Sky News over phone hacking or something? I’ve seen some report somewhere about the BBC digging up some 12 year old story.


  2. Merlin says:

    This is Disgusting, frightening and appalling.  The left wing media cover up is disgusting.


  3. Span Ows says:

    It was Peston’s scoop…he’s done it again! …NOT!


  4. Dez says:

    Another outstanding post from David Dunce and his pet rabbit.

    “…a rather fishy smell…according to this comment…”

    The FT published some quotes; it didn’t have the letter in full.

    That would of taken you all of 30 seconds to find out


  5. Umbongo says:

    Why don’t they just rename Today as Today with Vince and broadcast ad infinitum all Vince’s stale lefty suggestions direct without having to recycle stories from the FT?  Meanwhile the celebrations on Today continued from yesterday when Vince’s recommendation concerning a mansion tax were applauded by Evan.    
    I notice our resident troll implies that, since the original leak via the FT got such little traction, Vince re-leaked the letter to the BBC.  Now, why would he do that?  Is it because he would be assured that any crap from the left – and particularly from the BBC’s favourite failed economist and useless business secretary – is grist for the BBC mill?  Well, if this was Vince’s intention, for once, he got it right.  However, typically for Vince, he got it hopelessly wrong the first time round by thinking the FT would make a silk purse out of this sow’s ear.


    • TheGeneral says:

      Maybe it was something to do with the news yesterday that Carmaker Nissan is to build a new model at its Sunderland factory, with investment of £125m, which it says will create 2000 jobs.
      Or reports that Britain’s economy is to grow stronger than the rest of Europe.
      This will just not do. Miliband and Balls are constantly telling us, mainly through the platform of the BBC, that the Government is cutting too fast and too deep at the expense of growth, jobs and foreign investment. Got to try to surpress any good news, so lets re-release an old story to occupy the headlines.


      • Umbongo says:

        The General

        But that’s not bias, it’s the BBC’s famous “balance”.  I’m sure, if you complained, the Today editor would claim that he “got it about right”.


  6. TheGeneral says:

    It wasn’t just the ‘Today’ program, it was all over every BBC station yesterday afternoon within hours of the Nissan good news.


  7. David Preiser (USA) says:

    This is all seriously over-egged, isn’t it? A cantankerous cabinet member with a history of flip-flopping and who has previous with criticizing the leadership does it again. Yawn.  His first attempt at making noise didn’t get much action, so Peston got an FT buddy to send him the full letter. Again, yawn.

    It’s only news because a Tory is PM.


    • Umbongo says:

      “It’s only news because a Tory is PM”

      If only 😉 .  If a genuine Tory, rather than a CINO, were PM s/he would have had Cable out sharpish, coalition or no coalition.  Cameron knows – as does Clegg – that the LibDems exhausted any traction within the coalition when they were humiliated by the outcome of the AV referendum.  Despite this I keep reading in the MSM and on the occasional blog that Cameron is playing some kind of deep game by giving the Libdems enough rope to hang themselves.

      The reality is that the LibDems have already hanged themselves but Cameron refuses to cut down the corpse from the scaffold.  Instead, Cameron rules the country in the spirit of the bien pensant left on the basis of the Big Lie that, if he acted as a Conservative, the LibDems would miraculously rise from the dead and vote the government out of office (thereby committing themselves to oblivion for another 80 years).

      Of course, the BBC would prefer it if a “real” lefty (eg Cable or Miliband) was in charge but I really don’t understand their schtick.
      The BBC is getting everything it wants from this government (except on the outer fringes of secondary education): we’re still heavily committed to the EU, immigration is increasing, the borders are more or less open, the bonfire of the quangos was never lit, there are no cuts in aggregate spending, the wholesale filleting of the benefits system has dropped off the agenda, Moslems are still the favoured minority (both nationally and internationally), the CAGW nutters are still in control of energy policy: you name it and (except a lefty in name – rather than just in policy – at No 10) the BBC has what it wants.


      • London Calling says:

        Not a bad summary of the Tory Party that never was, Umbongo. 
        I don’t know why The Boy bothered to appoint Chris Patten Chair of the bBC. He might just as well have appointed Karl Marx for all the difference that Patten has made. Cut out the middle man.


  8. TheGeneral says:

    I have no doubts that many Lib-Dems are itching to vote against the government despite the conseqences. At heart they are socialists who cannot admit it to themselves.


    • Umbongo says:

      I don’t think that even LibDems when faced with the possibility of a general election – where they’d basically disappear from the electoral map – would force the issue.  However, I wouldn’t put it past the LibDems to “cross the floor” and create a new coalition with Labour.  This would avoid the messy business of an election, such avoidance being, after all, political nirvana for all three parties.  At that point they could – as you imply – shed the pretence of “liberal” politics and come out as the socialists they really are.  Even so, come 2015 or sooner, they’d still be toast at a general election.

      Personally it’s my great regret that Brown didn’t win the May 2010 election.  That way, Cameron would have gone, Cleggie – and Vince – would have remained the nonentities they are fated to be and Labour would have had to deal with the consequences of 13 years of misrule.  Nasty but, in the end, a win-win for the UK.