One of the big problems with the BBC is the bias by omission that singularly characterises much of the daily output. Consider this analysis put together by B-BBC contributor Alan; 

“Whilst the BBC isconcerned about the deleterious effects on the democratic process that is beingTrumped by wads of Yankee greenbacks corrupting the smooth progress andundoubtedly fair Scottish government’s imposition of windfarms upon theScottish people it is less concerned about economies being destroyed byenvironmental policies that raise massive green taxes and make energy a costthat is ruinous to industry….as the Germans are finding out but which seemsto have escaped the BBC’s notice…and it surely is a big story, one of greatimportance for every country….consider Britain has targets to reduce CO2 by80% by 2050…..more than any other country in the world…..

‘Government pledges to cut carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. New climate change secretary Ed Miliband sets new goal.’ Thursday 16 October2008

Miliband told MPs that the tough economic conditions were not an excuse to”row back” on the commitment to tackle global warming.’ “To meet it will require determined action from Gordon Brown and every one ofhis successors for the next four decades. Hard choices will be made that willtouch every Briton, but it can and must be done.”

Four decades of green austerity then….on top of years of austerity to battlerecession. Of course if you think perhaps the Tories are against this think again:

‘Greg Clark, the shadow climate change secretary, also welcomed theannouncements. He said: “The choice between aggressive and ambitiousaction on carbon reduction and a successful, powerful economy is, in fact, nota choice at all – they are one and the same.” He welcomed the acceptance of the 80% target, saying: “We have always saidthat we should be guided by the science on that matter.” ‘

So all round delusions.And this is what a Biased BBC commenter has drawn attention to:

‘….a Cabinet Minister indicated – in effect, and with scarcely-concealedregret – that the party line set by David Cameron in response to variousopinion polls, focus groups and other such artifices for identifying andfollowing a consensus rather than setting a lead, and not the objectivescientific and economic truth, was likely to remain the basis of UK climatepolicy.’

So UK policy has nothing to do with either science or economics…..Cameron hasjust decided that is the consensus of opinion amongst fellow politicians andthe bien pensant and so has made his decision regardless of the harm to thenational economy. 

Here is what the reality is away from the cosy political clubs(except oneswhere Labour MP’s start a drunken punch up) and agreeable likemindedness of thepoliticians. Shouldn’t hold your breath for Black to report this…and it is surely a bigstory with implications not just for Germany….not even on his Twitter feedthat has infinite space for such links and which he uses in a highly selectiveway to control what you do and do not get to read and therefore think.

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13 Responses to CASTLES IN THE AIR…

  1. LJ says:

    Brilliant to hear the the EU is operating as planned – Germany, the ‘economic powerhouse of Europe’ suffering with high energy prices, caused only by themselves, and their own muddle-headed thoughts on energy! Talk about killing the goose that lays the golden egg, wonder how they will build BMW’s without any lights?
    This whole Global warming thing is so insiduous, yet so damaging, that there is no way to turn the ship, we have to run the damn thing right up on the rocks and start again, after a few months of living by candlelight. That is the only way!


  2. Natsman says:

    Funny how the current (and previous) government seem to be totally oblivious to the requirements and demands of the public they “serve” – they just blunder ahead with their own glorious itineries and pay lip service to Europe, whilst the public are screaming “For God’s sake STOP” from the sidelines, and being totally ignored.

    If the commenters in the newspaper blogs are anything to go by, and any sort of reflection of the general feeling amongst the paper-reading public, the vast majority of people decry the AGW scam, the political correctness, the greenie movement, the giving away of their money to countries who don’t need it, the inexplicable costs of their energy and the general kowtowing to Europe.  It’s shameful.  What’s even more shameful is the way the BBC and the press in general sweep aside our concerns, refuse to make headlines of the sceptical science (and point of view) in the interest of pushing their own meme for their own nefarious reasons.  And all this despite hard evidential and scientific proof that all their postulations are downright wrong, if not faked.

    Why do we let them get away with it?  We are sleepwalking into a nasty, sociliast dictatorship masquerading as “democracy”, and like sheep we ignore the signs.  It’s the second world war all over again, but using a different method of subjugation.  The Fourth Reich is gathering pace…

    It’s hard to believe that those middle eastern countries currently in foment and enduring their respective “Springs”, think that they want to acquire the same sort of “democracy”.  I suspect that their democracy will be an Islamic one, though, and they’ll all be the worse for it – which is bound to make the BBC happy.


  3. Derek Buxton says:

    I believe that Germany bought electricity from France (nuclear) during a recent very cold spell when what is left of the generating capacity could not cope.  But don’t laugh, we will soon be in the same boat, as under orders from the EU 40% of our capacty is to be shut down. 


  4. London Calling says:

    Cameron, Milliband and Huhne need to set an example and go 100% renewable right now. Cut off the mains electricity to their home  and power everything from a wind turbine on their roofs. 


    • grangebank says:

      Cameron had a little wind turbine on his private residence roof didn`t he ?
      I hoped he would go up there to check it and a propeller blade would chop his head off .


  5. Umbongo says:

    I hope none of the commenters here consider that at some point reality will break in and that there will be a wholesale resiling by the political class (and its spokesmen at the BBC) from this load of CAGW and “alternative” low-carbon crapola.  We have already seen the reaction of our rulers to the euro debacle.  Their reaction, when the lights begin to flicker, will be much the same I’m afraid.

    I’m still waiting for someone in office or someone in the shadow cabinet or a BBC-employed financial/economic commentator to admit that the introduction of the euro is – and always was – economically ridiculous (except, in principle, for Germany which succeeded in locking in its export markets in Southern Europe) and, more to the point, a convenient point on the way to a complete bureaucratic dictatorship over the EU.

    To give Hague, at least, his due he did say that entry into the euro was analogous to – and as dangerous as – entering a house with all the exits blocked.  However, notwithstanding that brief moment of common sense, Hague is still happy to be part of a government which is pouring billions (through the IMF) to “save” the euro and, on the energy front, still chanting the CAGW “wind energy will save us all and preserve the income of the PM’s father-in-law” mantra.


  6. cjhartnett says:

    Any chance of the left liberal elite and their covert sympathisers in the Tory party-and of course the BBC-all committing themselves to only
    1. Use of electric vehicles for their parties and TV detector vans etc only beginning in Jan 2015…give `em time to get it right.
    2. No pointless flights to the USA starting from September this year-so they`ll still get their Cape Cod jollies this summer.
    3. A paperless commitment to things like election stuff  starting in 2015.
    In this way, we can see them forgo Obamas coronation plans this year-and we`ll not get any kind of wasteful stupid vainglorious election crap in 2015.
    Bet there`ll be henhouse fights over the use of the recharging facility at Scratchwood…they`ll not be going any further than that in their f***in battlebuses!
    Be great to see Huhne on his paraglider won`t it?…if he`s out by then..and if not, he`ll be needing to use it even more PG!


  7. DJ says:

    All of this would be bad enough if we didn’t have to put up with the BBC’s constant pretence that it represents some kind of plucky outsider speaking truth to power. In reality, when it comes to the central tenets of the liberal concensus, like ecomentalism, open borders and the like, the BBC eats it up with a shovel.

    Ignore the naughty words and rebel posturing and its obvious all the BBC is doing is speaking truth *from* power.


    • cjhartnett says:

      Pithy and concise summary DJ.
      Sucking power from the life of the nation via the marrow, it seems to me.
      And in this managerial,globalised world without borders…if the EU/UN get their way..the BBC will be well placed to beef up its Eurovision output…English being the lingua franca ,as it were.
      There`ll be no putting up with a Wogan either to mock it….all we`ll be expected to do is get the new Goebbels name pronounced correctly…Alsace or Lorraine versions to show “respect for diversity”.
      I would get on with defenestrating the BBCs influence now, whilst we all know the joke that they are-we may not be able to laugh at them if they carry on as they`re doing…


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Well said, Alan. And the BBC is right there to support the Warmist agenda, regardless of facts as well.  For example, in their latest installment of White House propaganda, they offer support for the President’s statement that there are no “silver bullets” for gasoline prices.

    Not a single mention of how His Warmist policies have caused fuel prices to stay at unaffordably high levels. Sure, they mention that He’s been criticized by His enemies for blocking the Keystone pipeline, but we’re then told that – surprise! – it’s really outside factors causing fuel prices to rise. Foreign demand, strife in the Middle East are responsible. It’s not His fault, you see.

    No mention at all of His attempts to bankrupt the coal industry, or the strangling regulation that keeps the US from producing cheaper fuel. Also total silence about how Energy Secretary and crony venture capitalist Stephen Chu actually said he hoped gasoline prices would double, reaching the prices in Europe. No wonder he eagerly poured billions down the Green toilet.

    To back both this up and Alan’s charge, the BBC even tries to educate you all about why fuel prices are so high: Competition.  Yes, seriously. You can bet that the Left-wing young sub-editor who came up with that enjoyed pushing the idea that competition is actually bad.

    In their other report about how the cost of oil and petrol breaks down, the Government policies which Alan brings up are censored out. So the reader has no idea that there are other factors involved.

    Yet another issue on which you cannot trust the BBC.


  9. Dogstar060763 says:

    Meanwhile, in America there is this…

    It seems the US shale gas bonanza is not only providing an excess of cheap, secure fuel, but is also measurably reducing the US’s carbon emissions as the power industries there move from coal to gas. Funny, but I don’t recall having read or heard about it on the BBC. Odd, that.

    As the MSM and spineless, uninformed governments, along with bottom-feeding, rent-seeking NGOs ready themselves for the next serious attempt at global wealth transferance at The Earth Summit in June of this year in Rio (all in the name of AGW, of course – and all paid for the taxpayer, naturally enough), we should really wonder why it is that proven sources of abundant, cheap, secure energy identified here in the UK – our vast shale gas reserves – are being wilfully ignored by ministers and broadcasters alike in favour of expensive, ineffective, unreliable ‘renewables’.

    I urge my fellow climate sceptics to keep a keen eye on the build-up to the Rio Summit – expect to see the BBC falling over itself to propagandize and roll out the red carpet to every dangerous pro-AGW appratchik it can wheel before the cameras to rehearse the tired Party Line on ‘climate catastrophe’.

    It’s not easy, after all, to attempt a global heist in plain sight – as both Durban and Copenhagen have shown. You have scare people silly enough to convince them to allow their pockets to emptied.


  10. grangebank says:

    Meanwhile in the world of commerce and jobs …

    fuel companies are suffering , people are not heating their homes as they would like because they need to cutback and keeping warm is very expensive .
    The 15% added on to everyones bill is ok for the subsidised “green ” energy companies though , they`re not suffering .