The BBC’s quest to find climate change hype knows no bounds. Here, in alleged news about the collapse of Mayan civilisation, the BBC reporter has constructed his story so that its focus is a warning that the cause was drought. He adds:

The reconstructed droughts are similar in extent to some predictions for the near future of the same region as a result of climate change.

“There are differences too, but the warning is clear – what seems like a minor reduction in water availability may lead to important, long-lasting problems,” Professor Martin Medina-Elizalde said.

Thus, the BBC foists its ruthless and relentless climate change beliefs on the reinterpretation of history and in the construction of warped futurology. This was a tactic pursued with equal fanaticism by Stalinist Russia. Many years ago, I read archaeology at one of our oldest universities, and I saw at first hand the back somersaults which were performed by the country’s Marxist antiquarians in order to meld its past into dialectical materialistic orthodoxy. The BBC’s copy tasters are performing exactly the same task, looking out like hawks in search of their prey any smidgeon of academic garbage that will support their crusade.

You don’t have to search far to find where their heroes in this quest are. Here the BBC warmist priest Mike Amos lauds without qualification the work of the EU’s European Research Council, which is in charge of frittering away billions of pounds worth of Politburo-style research effort. Mr Amos picks out from the Council for special attention Dr Nicole Boivin(speciality – ‘the relationship between human activity and environmental change’), and says:

She is investigating the initial steps to globalisation, with particular reference to the Indian Ocean where some of the first major cross-cultural interactions took place thousands of years ago. Her project employs some innovative approaches, pulling together expertise from a range of disciplines – not just standard archaeology, but fields such as historical linguistics, molecular biology and palaeo-environmental studies.

In other words, the fragrant Dr Boivin, one of the tens of thousands of publicly-funded climate change activists and leeches, is being paid to reinforce the EU – and BBC – globalisation agenda and to re-write history in that pursuit. And the BBC worships at her altar.

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  1. John Anderson says:

    It is all lunacy,  sheer lunacy.

    In the last few days I have seen references to “climate research” receiving so much taxpayer- funding that many orther fields of study are being crowded out.


  2. chris.e.martin says:

    It is true that there are different opinions on the impact of climate change(s) on civilisations, although some do argue that significant natural change in the world’s climate around the 12th-13th Centuries had adverse impacts on civilsations in various locations –  from the Anasazi/Pueblo ‘indians’ in the SW USA and also the civilisation at Tihuanaco in Bolivia, the Vikings in Greenland and possibly the Maya in Yucatan.  Various documents refer to significantly more extreme weather in NW Europe at this time – and major storms probably led to the flodding of large areas of the Netherlands.  It is thought that much of the Zuider Zee (now Ijssel Meer) was formed from the impact of big storms in 1282 and 1287 and further storms in 1421

    However, the real point is that for the man-made-climate-change industry to use these examples defies belief – because it argues AGAINST their case.  Significant natural change has and will continue to take place and is most likely the reason for any change in weather patterns that we have seen in recent decades.


  3. john in cheshire says:

    Robin, I’m in the process or reading Chrisopher Booker’s book 2The Real Global Warming Disaster”, and this afternoon I watched (again, after all these years) the Channel 4 programme “The Great Global Warming Swindle”, which is still on Youtube. After absorbing the information presented in these two bodies of work and reading information on such blogs as BishopHill and Wattsupwiththat, and Greeniewatch and Autonomousmind and Climaterealists, and EUReferendum, I think I have a good idea of what the normal people are up against in countering the dissembling, lies, distortions and utter nastiness of the climate warming howlers. What puzzles me is why we, the normal people, who are in the majority, can’t tell these persons to shut up, and go away (polite language). They never stop and until someone or something puts the fear of God into them, they never will.


    • Span Ows says:

      Fear of God…that would be “awe” but we need more shock…


    • Richard Pinder says:

      One strange thing that family and colleagues notice about the BBC, is that none of the people that have presented Climate Change on the BBC have had any qualifications relevant to Climate Science. On the BBC you need qualifications such as Art, Drama, Genetics, Geology and the Environment to be allowed to present a documentary on the Atmospheric Physics of Climate. It shows that the BBC are finding it imposible to get anyone from Climate Science to be the face of the BBCs Climate agenda. They need useful idiots such as the geneticist Paul Nurse. I find that people do notice that it is these useful idiots that are most convinced about the AGW theory, not the few Climate Scientists that they have come across in newspaper articles and the Great Global Warming Scandal documentary, which was stuffed full of Climate scientists. But unlike these Climate scientists, Nurse has been rewarded for fighting the enemies of science such as Americas most prominent Atmospheric Physicist, by being made President of the Royal Society. Nurse has also been rewarded by disgracing tomorrows Dumbleby Lecture.
      Complain to the BBC. You will not win, but the experience of members of the Space Special interest group of Mensa in complaining to the BBC last year gained the notice of the few people in the BBC who are not morons. During the complaint we where contacted by a fellow of the Royal Society. He told us that the hierarchy was so fearful of a mass rebellion that even the BBC would not be able to ignore, that they where refusing to provide the addresses of fellow fellows to the fellows.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        Very interesting, Richard. It would be nice to see more actual scientists and people with science qualifications complaining making their voices heard. David Gregory won’t be able to throw Dunning-Kruger around there.


  4. Phil says:

    It’s good to see the BBC’s staff becoming ever more desperate in their search for more support for the AGW theory.

    It makes them and the theory seem ever more ludicrous.

    Not that I blame the BBC’s staff too much. If you work for a state funded broadcaster that has its funding controlled totally by the state then its best to toe the state’s line on money grabbing measures like AGW.

    Many of us have to make moral compromises in order to earn a living. In a way BBC staff are no different from poor buggers in banks and shops who have to ask every customer if they want a loan or credit.


  5. The Filthy Engineer says:

    “Her project employs some innovative approaches,”

    I more of the opinion these days that the word “Innovative” is now fast becoming another word meaning “Fudge”.


    • Span Ows says:

      Where you read fudge I read a well known saying that slips my mind for a minute…something along the lines of ‘a rasping action against the base of the rotund liquid container’.


  6. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I remember back when it was the White Man who wiped out the Mayan civilization, until we eventually discovered that they had already mostly wiped themselves out. That history is going to be re-written again, it seems.

    And then we get the usual fearmongering about “some predictions”, but are not told they’re based on faulty models and fudged data. If it’s really that bad, I fully expect Beeboids to cease all non work-related air travel, including air travel to climate summits. If they don’t act like it’s a real problem, I don’t take them seriously.


  7. Chuffer says:

    The rewriting of history is actually happening on a remarkably short time-scale too. You can’t move these days for warnings about drought brought on by climate change.

    But ten seconds on Google – type in ‘climate change wetter winters’ – shows how dramatically the warnings have changed!

    Why, here are our old chums, the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia!!!!



  8. London Calling says:

    They are all carousing inside the bubble in their green-funded circle-jerk, oblivious to the fact we outside the bubble can see all their ridiculous posturing in all its disgusting glory. Time was they could have got away with it, but this is no longer that time.
    However the last to admit they were wrong will be the Government. Not because they are stupid, but because they CAN’T admit to misleading Parliament without resigning. Cameron and Osborne will lie until the bitter end, because the “no man-made climate catastrophy” truth will be their demise. Turkeys, Christmas. Personally I’m looking forward to them begging on the streets for what they have done to us.


    • jazznick says:

      Alas, they are all legally obliged to follow the UN IPCC/EU line on Global Governance dressed up as Climate Change.

      Until we rid ourselves of EU influence this country and repeal many of their laws we are doomed to self destruction and undemocratic rule by the faceless ones.


  9. Cassandra King says:

    CAGW is a mechanism and vehicle to effect a social and cultural revolution, that is its purpose, its sole purpose. And when the vehicle is no longer needed it will be ditched.

    Its not about science its anti science, its a political science designed to provide a cover and excuse to enact changes that would be unnaceptable to most people, its Lysenkoism reborn, the art of deceiving the public.

    Its ugly and its evil and its been tried before many times and its failed again and again but that doesnt stop the same kind of people trying the same strategy with minor modifications and it almost certainly would have worked had it not been for the new free media. The CAGW fraud was designed before the rise of the internet and the free media.

    The BBC a major partner in the CAGW fraud, the degenerate fraudsters flogging their lies ever more desperate and ever more dishonest. An ugly ideology for ugly people spread by an ugly BBC.


  10. OWEN MORGAN says:

    Even without the desperate attempt to hang the story on the MMGW peg, that BBC article is pretty hopeless.   I remember the BBC broadcast a programme about the supposed Maya collapse as part of a series about lost civilisations (also covering the Minoans and, from what I recall, the Hittites).   The Maya programme was based entirely on the work of an author named Richardson Gill, who argued that a major drought destroyed the civilisation.

    Unfortunately, this thesis was soon afterwards taken apart by the archaeologist David Webster, who pointed out various inconvenient details:  there are and have always been dramatic differences in rainfall within the Maya region, but the Maya succeeded in occupying the whole area;   the time of the supposed drought was also the very time when the Maya presence in the parched northern part of Yucatan was expanding;  there are plenty of rivers in the Maya regiion and the canoe was one of the favoured ways of getting around, in a culture with no pack animals;  most tellingly of all, Webster demonstrated that it was plain wrong to think in terms of single “collapse” engulfing the whole civilisation.   Cities declined for a range of reasons and over a long period of time.

    This very politely delivered torpedo completely discredited the Richardson Gill thesis, to the extent that, when the BBC inevitably re-ran the series, the episode about the Maya was not shown again.

    The “new” theory seems to be based on the old one and to include all of the old flaws.   We are told that there are no rivers in Yucatan, for instance;  well, there are – they’re just underground.  As with Richardson Gill, the BBC item treats Yucatan as being representative of the Maya region as a whole, but this is ridiculously misleading, since Yucatan is nothing like Chiapas, Belize, or Peten.

    Webster quotes a telling example of Mayan indefatigability in the face of drought, described by the American John Stephens and illustrated by his English friend, Frederick Catherwood.   In the village of Bolon Chen (I think), they saw the incredible subterranean journey made by the local nineteenth century Maya to acquire every drop of water which they used.

    Needless to say, any water shortages in Yucatan today have nothing to do with global warming, everythiung to do with excessive construction and extraction of water from the cenotes.    Still, if the “scientist” who concocted this garbage and the beeboid hack who faithfully regurgitated it keep hammering away at the story, they’ll probably wangle a trip to Cancun for “further research”.