How interesting. I happened to be listening to the BBC Today programme this morning and around 6.55am there was an item on the French Presidential election. Those of you will follow these things will know that the BBC is cheer leading for the Socialist candidate, Hollande. He has said that if elected he sees “finance as the enemy”, he will raise taxes and he will employ tens of thousands of extra public sector workers. You can see why he appeals to the BBC. Anyway, the BBC item concerned itself with Sarkozy’s declared intention to run. Naturally his chances were given as being low (despite the latest poll showing the significant narrowing of Hollande’s lead). Then came the moment. Whilst discussing which candidates would get through to the second round of the Presidential election contest the BBC journalist (Hugh Sykes, I think) said “We wouldn’t want to see the National Front through to the second round” He quickly corrected himself to say “France wouldn’t want to see the National Front through to the second round.”   Now I carry no torch for Le Pen and his wretched Party BUT I was disgusted at this clear insertion of BBC prejudice against that Party. Surely ALL parties should be treated fairly and with impartiality? I went looking the link for you but guess what? It is not there yet items before it and after it are available to link. Looks like a black hole has swallowed up this blatant instance of bias. The “We” is the term the BBC are most sensitive about using since it reveals the groupthink and they much prefer to hide behind euphemisms. In this instance, it was blurted out but it is now covered up!

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27 Responses to THROUGH A BLACK HOLE…

  1. Nick says:

    Another example of bias is unemployment. It was up. However employment was up too. 

    Which does the BBC lead with? More people in work, or more people on benefits?


    • stevefb says:

      Just a quick note for clarity. I’m pretty sure it was Hugh Schofield and not Hugh Sykes that used the bbc/naughtie ‘we’ this morning. The bbc ‘we’ is a bit like the royal ‘we’, only infinitely smugger.


  2. cjhartnett says:

    The BBC are skewered either way as usual.
    Sarkozy is vaguely of the right as they`d see it…that he`s useless is neither here nor there….that he is “right-wing” means that they could never support him.
    Ah but…he doesn`t like Cameron any more than the BBC does…and so he`s a cheeky Gallic monkey at other times isn`t he?
    And crap though Sarkozy is-the BBCs fawning over Segolene Royale last election did for her, much as the Guardian did for John Kerry.
    Safe to say that if the BBC back Hollande, he`ll lose….even though he`s posing as the only alternative to Merckel.He`s unsound on the Euro too, which pains the BBC-but he`s against banks too….oh, the confusion.
    A BBC nightmare here…they lose either way.
    And so far we`ve not mentioned the lovely Marine…and again, if we allow the BBC to be as useless, as biased and as downright stupid as Sykes was here…then we`ll be seeing lots more of her and her kind.

    Time to have a proper Right, that will dump the BNP and BBC in the same recycling bin, and not worry too much about separating them out…it`s all fiction and art in a journalist collage of impressionistic musings these days!


  3. Span Ows says:

    “(despite the latest poll showing the significant narrowing of Allende’s lead)”


    Re “we”, impartiality is in our genes…


    • David Vance says:

      Thanks for that..typing on the run has a downside! 


      • Kevin Hughes says:

        By the way “Now I carry no torch for Le Pen and his wretched Party”. Has Marine Le Pen changed sex?


        • London Calling says:

          Sorry, beg to differ, there is nothing “wretched” about the Front Nationale. It is a truly patriotic party and Le Pen senior is a genuine war hero who fought the Nazis, and is not a Nazi. They stand up to the muslimification of France – wish we had a mainstream party that would do the same. FN has a large following – not to be confused with the “wretched” British National Front. Sounds like a lot of tainted sources at work.


      • john in cheshire says:

        Hollande, Allende, what’s the difference?


  4. Cassandra King says:

    I hope Marine Le Pen wins, I truly deeply wish she does. I wnat to see her appear at the EU get togethers, to see euroslime like Cameroid gringe as she grasses him up for the treacherous collaborator he is, I want to hear her rip the guts out of the EU as she exposes the lies and deceptions of the EU.

    Please please please let Marine Le Pen win is my prayer before bed time.


    • hippiepooter says:

      A lot of Muslims voted for her father because of his anti-Semitism.  I doubt the inheritance has changed this.

      I have to say Cassandra, I dont see fascism as a solution to our problems any more than I do communism.


      • Demon1001 says:

        Although I agree with what you say Hippie, there’s one small bit of me that also would like to see the BBC’s and the EU’s noses rubbed in the dirt, which a Le Pen victory would bring.  The price for a Le Pen victory would still be too great though.


      • Cassandra King says:

        Marine Le Pen is not a fascist Hippie, do you see her in a black shirt and doing the Nazi salute?

        She is a modern NATIONALIST, if you knew anything about her, her politics, her party you would not be repeating the leftists smear attack. Anyone they dont like is a Nazi, its a smear that works.

        Being a nationalist doesnt mean we are itching to fire up the gas chambers, start wearing black uniforms and invade Poland, Jews can be nationalists, its not about skin colour its not about race, its about making our nation into a home we can all live in safely.


    • Natsman says:

      Sarkozy is certainly not popular in this neck of the woods, Cassandra, and I think the betting is on Hollande.  I have no axe to grind either way, but personally I don’t have much time for the Goblin..


  5. magiclantern1 says:

    Good spot Mr Vance.

    They really are beneath contempt.


  6. hippiepooter says:

    DV, I dont have a problem with the BBC being biased against extremists when justified, but they shouldn’t be gauch about it.

    That gauchness I would argue is due to the fact that it isn’t a democratic bias they’re expressing against Le Pen but a left wing one.

    The whole purpose of the BBC’s duty to impartiality is to serve democratic debate, ergo, in my view, this gives them a democratic duty of bias against fascists of the left or right who would foreclose it.  Unfortunately, far too many left fascists are in the BBC doing all they can do stymie truly free and open democratic debate.


  7. Millie Tant says:

    I’ve just had a listen on i Player and it is there. You will find it at about 56mins 20 – 25 secs in.  Easy to miss at normal replay speed.


  8. George R says:

    The views of Marine Le Pen, which BBC-NUJ is inclined to censor or misrepresent, can be found on this site, ‘Galliawatch’ -scroll down for coverage over the past week.


  9. Little Black Sambo says:

    “…Sarkozy’s declared intention to run…”
    I thought he was going to stand and fight.


  10. cjhartnett says:

    Will the French actually be given an election then?…or are they to be hamstrung re potential unpleasant voting implication like  Greece.

    Not a peep from the BBC about years of democracy somehow being turned into a sunset clause for an unelected bunch of Nazis who favour tie-dye and denim over leather trenchcoats…which makes them even more sinister in their way?
    This creepy collectivisation of the EuroSoviets is evil and dangerous, but the BBC are intensely relaxed about it…Pattens pension may well depend on that!


  11. Merlin says:

    the Today programme is unbearable. But as an avid listener of BBC bias I have to endure it.  What I find incredible is how the interviewers always seem to be more interested in their own questions and the sound of their voices as opposed to actually listening carefully to the guests’ answers. The BBC seem to have predetermined what they deem to be an acceptable response and the slightest devaition from this accepted criteria is pounced upon immediately through constant interjections and interruptions. 


  12. anon anon says:

    After reading about the BBC’s preferences for OUR presidential elections I’m seriously considering travelling north to France to collect my ballot papers & vote. It’s quite sunny down here in Spain & bloody cold in Lille but it’d be nice to get back & do some shopping. Cheese here is disgusting. How will I vote? Well I do know a couple of our local NF people & they seem to be decent enough guys so it looks like Marine will earn my vote.
    Wonder if that was the effect the BBC was wanting?


  13. cjhartnett says:

    Suppose that there`s no chance of the BBC actually sticking to the news-what they actaully are seeing and hearing ,rather than what trouble they can create, is there?
    This lunchtime we had Ian Watson in Paris, talking about Camerons visit.
    Much was made of the “tactile” nature of the two leaders meeting again( remember that handshake girls…miaow pussycats!) and the fact that there was much to agree on between the French and British should have been all that mattered…defence, nuclear power etc!

    But the BBC seemed happiest to talk up some imagined rift between the French and the British about the Indian fighter planes deal, which the French got at the expense of the “Brits”.

    So even when what they see in front of them is “amicale”-the BBC would rather stir the pot and hope for a spat over trade and international development etc…although it formed no part of what Cameron or Sarkozy actually were talking about.

    The BBC seem to think that they are a rival nation now-libleftLooney-and we`re just to trust their diplomatic corps for news analysis and opinions.

    No chance of these useless Tories turfing the BBC out to competitive tender is there?
    Truly biased pinkoes and fantasists.