American Thinker neatly nails here the Nazi roots that underpin the insidious moonshine about sustainable development. There’s been a seamless evolution pioneered by actual Nazis who escaped the Nurmeberg gallows in the ideas that say we need to get back to nature and stop doing nasty things with fossil fuels. The heirs of these lunatics are now enthroned in the fascist kleptocracy that calls itself the UN. As their latest assault on the enterprise and economic development that has improved the lives of billions who live on the planet, the sinisterly-named High Level Panel on Sustainability has published today a report which, if adopted by the Rio Summit this year, could lead to the systematic dismantling of civilized living, including the ending of all subsidies on fossil fuel. Richard Black, of course, does not see a problem. He sings the report’s praises with unmoderated enthusiasm, rounding it all off with an ecstatic quote from the Stakeholder Forum, a bunch of eco-crazed nutters who are led by one Felix Dodds, who claims his many credentials include “writing for the BBC website”. How very apt.

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  1. My Site (click to edit) says:

    “writing for the BBC website”

    A level of association that is used too often, by a too powerful but unrepresentative few in an upward spiral of mutual reference to and fro to spin up a minority view into something it too often is not.

    A bozo ‘writes’ something. It gets tweeted (Does Mr. Dodds get an honorary ‘BBC writer’ credit on his bio with the blessing of those ‘whose views he does not necessarily represent’). The Graun picks it up. The BBC quotes it. The Graun says ‘as quoted by the BBC’. The then BBC says back ‘as quoted on the Graun’. The author is now a BBC Green room ‘expert’ alumnus based on no more than saying what the BBC likes, when often it is what they want to say but cannot directly, either because it is not a view easy to justify, or often downright tribally skewed.

    I think I may add that appellation to my CV too, as a few of my pearls have made it to ‘the BBC website’ in the form of blog comments 🙂


  2. cjhartnett says:

    Excellent Robin!
    The roots of the current lime green nazi tendency are indeed to be found in the National Socialism Mark 1…Mark 2 is with us, but just a little more clever( so it thinks!).
    The New Age is really just the Nazi Party at prayer….animal rights? vegetarianism…one Europe and a Middle east settlement that favoured the Mufti?…same old song.
    Read Rachel Corrie or Carson for the Horst Wessel song, and you`ve got your anthem too!
    These people hate other people-less progressive, fatter, smokers and not as “enlightened” as they are. They are gay or have no kids because they hate commitment, unselfish love-and don`t want the human race to continue anyway-the world and its problems will end with them only.
    No surprise then that it is these kinds or sour misanthropes that infested the Labour , Liberal and green Parties…and are now all over the national institutions and in high places.
    Their green tinged policies are gangrenous, but we let them play with the marsh gas throught the airwaves…indeed we buy it!
    Time to get them out, before they get Iran to do  for us!


  3. Natsman says:

    It won’t be long,will it, before they have their wicked way, and take over everything – they’re halfway there already.  As I’ve said so many times before, it’ss the stealthy mycelium of common purpose which is infiltrating every government, every organisation, and even the man in the street (but he’s probably not aware of it).  Those of us who can see it happening, and kick against it will be rounded up and spirited away.  The world is changing, is it unstoppable?


  4. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Dodds contributes copy to the BBC website? How cozy, and how unsurprising.


  5. Margo Ryor says:

    ‘Sustainable’ Liberal-speak for poverty, at least for the masses. Leftists look fondly back to the ‘good old days’ when a tiny elite was supported by the back breaking labor of dependent and docile masses. Granted such an arrangment is ‘unsustainable’ as history proves but they’ll enjoy it while they have it!


  6. wild says:

    Middle Class Leftists are keen to return back to a feudal system, because they see themselves as extracting money from the peasantry and telling them what to do.


  7. ian says:

    The only difference between the nazis and modern beeboids/socialists/greenies is that the nazis wanted to exterminate a minority.  This lot have got it in for the majority population, instead.