I always like it when light is cast into darkness. Biased BBC’s Alan picks up on this interesting detail not mentioned by the BBC;

“Enver Solomon fromthe ‘Children’s Society’ has been all over the BBC today. It might be nice to know that the Children’s Society’ full name is the ‘Churchof England Children’s Society’ and that it is essentially controlled by thevery same Bishops who are opposing the government’s welfare policy.

‘Church of England Children’s Society(A company limited by guarantee). Also known as The Children’s Society.PresidentsThe Most Reverend and Right Hon the Lord Archbishop of Canterbury Dr RowanWilliamsThe Most Reverend and Right Hon the Lord Archbishop of York Dr John SentamuVice-PresidentsBishops of the Church of EnglandTrustee BoardChairThe Rt Rev’d Tim Thornton, Bishop of Truro (appointed September 2010)’

Whilst the charity does a vast amount of good for children across Britain itscurrent theme that families must have £30,000 net income in benefits is clearlyat odds not only with reality but its own actions. The charity has 728 employees… they all get, regardless of whether theyare full time or part time, at least £30,000 net income? If not are their children now living in poverty as Enver Solomon tells us theyshould be below that income level?

It’s interesting that the Charity is not above making its own cost savings tosuit the economic climate….

‘Efficiencies within the charity have helped to create a stable financialfoundation.’

It would seem that whilst it seeks to protect children pensioners are not solucky:

Pension Fund
The Children’s Society operates a defined benefit
scheme that closed to new staff in 2003.
New staff enter a defined contribution scheme.

To maintain this focus, expenditure across our other areas of charitable activity was reduced by £0.2m from last year’s level.

The charity also paid out over £1 million to cover redundancies….sopresumably the children of those ex employees aren’t quite that important.

The total staff pay costs are £27 million…presumably the many charity shopworkers do not get any where near £30,000…..(37,000 x 728 = 27million)… somebody must be getting some very high wages at the top of thecharity.

It would be nice firstly if the BBC would give us the full information aboutwhat are clearly charity pressure groups lobbying for their own favouredpolicies…and second that such charities put their money where their mouthsare….when the pay their lowliest staff member £30,000 net per annum I mightlisten.

Sort of connected is the BBC’s insistence on telling us of the ‘respected’or ‘leading’ think tank IPPR… ‘warning’ that it is a left wing,essentially Labour affiliated, pressure group…..and Nicky Campbell’scontinued categorising of government cuts as ‘Tory cuts’.

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  1. Wayne Xenocrates says:

    A very good piece which once again highlights the illogical thinking of the hippies in the Church of England and of the smug hypocrites in comfortable residence at our national broadcaster’s bloated castle in the sky.  Not for them the need to show common sense and financial competence but just the usual ‘spend as I say, not spend as I do’.


    This charity, the ‘Church of England Children’s Society’ like many others, serves its executives first and foremost and what else would we expect when The Charity Commission itself, which is of course a Quango, is run by a part time left winger paid well over £100,000 a year. 


    How can there be efficient controls, over the many hundreds of individual charities when the overseer of all of them is run by a professional Quango hopper working just three days a week?   The fair treatment of ordinary employees in these organisations will therefore come way, way down the list of priorities.   Yet these same people will, without a shred of shame, pontificate to the nation on the evils of this government trying to balance the books, when it is trying so desperately to be fair.


    However, we must remember that the biggest Quango of them all is guess who?  The Anti-British Biased and Broken (pay us or we will send you to prison) BBC.  They are therefore not very likely to look too deeply at the morals or finances of other quasi-autonomous non-governmental organizations are they?


  2. John Horne Tooke says:

    Its seems OK for the church to give away other peoples money. Perhaps the ArcDruid should take a message from this film:


  3. Span Ows says:

    Great detail in this post David, especially re staff costs etc. 


  4. As I See It says:

    Talk about the Wisdom of Solomon…

    Labour/BBC have played an ablsolute blinder fighting their lefty corner in wanting to block the very popular Coalition policy of the benefits cap.

    The Beeb did all the heavy lifting and took the flack while gaffe-prone Nosey, Blinky, Hattie, Fatty and Super-Boy hid behind a screne of Auntie’s lavender bloomers, Paddy’s grey Y-fronts and…..what do Bishops wear under their frocks?

    Surely not a pair of Alex Salmond’s discarded Union Jack shorts?


  5. RGH says:

    The Church of England Childrens Society Accounts show that they have been awarding themselves 4.9% salary increases for the past four years according to their accounts as submitted to the Charity Commissioners….seems that the salary bill is included in the amount devoted to children as at 28 million pounds per annum plus pensions and redundancy for a number of staff at 70k plus despite increasing staff numbers suggests that helping children is quite rewarding.