Recession? What recession?

The expenses of senior BBC bosses have soared by 20 per cent in a year largely as a result of the costly move to Salford. Executives face fresh accusations of profligacy after spending on rail fares shot up by 57 per cent, while its hotel bill surged by 70 per cent. Figures, which cover the opening months of the new Media City, show the financial impact of the BBC’s plans to become less ‘London-centric’ In the latest numbers covering a three-month period from April to June 2011, the combined expenses bill of the top 102 senior managers grew to £183,276. This is a rise of a fifth on the same period of 2010 when the total was £152,257 – and came as the rest of the UK faced an austerity drive.

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8 Responses to BBC AUSTERITY

  1. George R says:


    “BBC wants to charge for iPlayer by extending archive and availability of programmes”

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    • My Site (click to edit) says: repetez.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The BBC is a greedy Capitalist organization, always grasping for evil profits. I wonder how many of the junior Socialists there who complain about the greed of corporations get it.


    • Scrappydoo says:

      The BBC can charge as much as it likes, I wont be paying !!!!    A charge for iplayer will be a dangerous precedent for the BBC if it wants to keep the TV tax.


  2. LJ says:

    Yeah, Salford is going to cost way over the £1Billion that was budgeted – every year – until they privatise the BBC, and then it will be shut down the same day, along with much gnashing of teeth and complaints about the “Tory cuts”!


  3. Span Ows says:

    The amount that she is spending on taxis makes me think she gets one to work EVERY DAY. God forbid she have to use her 300 grand salary to pay for it.


  4. Teddy Bear says:

    Programme repeats shown by the BBC have almost doubled in the last 2 years. Up from about a third to 61% across its channels.
    These are programmes that have already been paid for out of the licence fee.
    So the BBC is justifying making only 39% of new programmes now, while its license fee freeze only means a 3% drop in purchasing power per year over the next 6 years relative to the likely rise in inflation.

    Now they justify charging the license fee payer more to watch the repeats that they have already paid for.

    What disgusting evil scum they are


  5. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    SNP Leader Alex Salmond has today called for Scotland to join northern Europe’s arc of prosperity, with Ireland to the west, Iceland to the north and Norway to the east all small independent countries in the top six richest nations in the world