Interesting approach the BBC takes the release of material from the National Archives concerning Northern Ireland. It COULD have used this headline “IRA leaders outside Maze controlled Hunger Strikers”. But it didn’t. It COULD have used this headline “IRA rejected Hunger Striker Deal”, But it didn’t. No, instead it spins it this way “Margaret Thatcher “negotiated with IRA”. If you read the detail, you discover she didn’t do any such thing but that is beside the point, THIS is all about creating an impression.The BBC have been sympathetic towards the IRA for decades and continues to present the British Government as the bad guys whilst IRA scum who enabled their own to starve to death are the noble freedom fighters. All that history teaches is that you CANNOT trust the BBC.

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6 Responses to SELECTIVITY

  1. Span Ows says:

    Those are disgrasceful “quote marks” that will probably be stealth edited, no doubt, soi I have a screen shot to prove the BBC continues to lie in its online headlines.


  2. ian says:

    Everybody not on license fee strike in Northern Ireland should come out now.


  3. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    BBC were first to use the jolly wheeze of having actors voice the words of the IRA leadership when Maggie banned their broadcasts.

    All in the interests of upholding the highest principles of journalism of course.

    Nothing to do with sucking up to the boyos.

    No, sir.


  4. cjhartnett says:

    I`m not sure how it was that the BBC got permission to peek at these thirty year old documents ahead of the opposition.
    Is that insider trading or permissive hacking then?

    Do those papers mention the delightful and democratic Deggsy Hatton, Mulhearn, Heffer as being somehow responsible for gerrymandering, colossal corruption ,entryism or whatever Kinnock accused them of?…”Thatcher saves Liverpool from itself” seems to be a more honest headline(hence no chance of it being that of the BBC)


    • Andrew says:

      I picked up on that with their “That Bitch Thatcher” narrative over Liverpool.  Maggie was in the headline about letting Liverpool go to the dogs, but on further reading, she went against virtually all advice and decided to invest some money in the place.

      But obviously we can’t have any of that being known to those who only take the headline for their news can we?


  5. LJ says:

    Absolutely! – The other main headline for the last 2 days was 
    Thatcher told “Abandon Liverpool”. The artcile makes it clear that she doesn’t listen, so the headline should have read “Thatcher refused to abandon Liverpool” – but that would not support the view, would it??