The BBC coverage of the murder of a youth in Oxford Street has already proven less than complete, leaving out the pesky detail that Seydou Diarrassouba was himself a member of the notorious London street gang ABM, which stands for ‘All ’Bout Money’and was facing charges of robbery and assault, Notwithstanding that, the BBC carries on with the meme that jail doesn’t work. They wallow in a slough of liberal cluelessness, never once confronting the fact that black gang crime is a major problem in the UK, and in London in particular.

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  1. ian says:

    In Jamaica the police have a habit of shooting black gangsters. 


  2. JohnofEnfield says:

    …and even more particularly gangs are a problem in Oxford Street – which is why most people in Enfield avoid it like the plague.


  3. cjhartnett says:

    Trainers to die for then!
    No doubt the Foot Locker will be able to use it for publicity once the blood has been mopped up.
    Maybe this is the first time the “victim” was not going on to become a top lawyer or footballer/actor…hence we were able to infer that he was “known to the authorities”.


  4. Jonathan S says:

    i’d like to hear what Seydou’s parents say about their son


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Butter wouldn’t melt, everyone liked him, always smiling, not a bad bone in his body, renound gangster who was awaiting sentencing for mugging someone and taking their Blackberry . . . 


    • RCE says:

      Surely he’s dishonoured his family?

      Hopefully so much so that they piss off back to Somalia in disgrace.


  5. jarwill101 says:

      Beeboid race-hustlers, like Bonnie Greer, instead of droning on about whitey’s sins of the past, to the applause of self-loathing leftards, should be owning up to the pathological sickness, the plague of violent criminality, rampaging through the warped minds of so many young black men in, especially, London. Let’s see some black guilt. But that would take courage, & besides, there’s no money in that though, is there? Greer/BBC needs to keep the old racial pot simmering. We must never forget the white slavers of 200 years ago, who are really behind all the burnin’ & alootin’, gun crime, knife crime, drug-trafficking, rape & home invasion that the gangbangers feel is theirs by right to perpetrate.
      Thugs like Diarrassouba are the nightmare figures that give many black parents sleepless nights. The law-abiding, working, responsible parents that strive to bring up their children to be mature adults. They want the gang scum washed off the streets as much as white people do, not only for the prospects of their kids, but also for the reputation of all black people, which is plummeting to the point of no return.
      From the BBC comes little but handwringing, neo-liberal piffle, totally irrelevant to our current situation. Please, let’s understand them – bollocks. Stop & search must continue. In hotspots, it should be ramped up. Knife possession – 5 years: no parole. Gang leaders to be busted for every possible offence; let’s face it, they are terrorists & deserve to be removed from our streets – permanently. Forget rehabilitation: just keep them away from decent people. Scatter them in prisons all over the UK. Outsource their incarceration to hard nicks in Poland, Turkey. That should be any responsible Home Secretary’s priority, even if it does upset the sanctimonious wankers, the smug little bores, the well-heeled nihilists pretending to care, who are doing easy time in the ivory towers of Beeboid-Guardianista. A failed state, if ever there was one.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      “The left generally – tend to take a much dimmer view of uppity negroes than conservatives do. In the Democrat rule book, the proper place for a black man is down, aggrieved, oppressed – and therefore ripe to be patronised by white liberals and offered special benefits in return for his vote.” – James `Dellingpole


    • London Calling says:

      Not to overlook the damage done to the younger generation by the left contaminating their though-processes. Our 25-year old responded to our comments about the Oxford St black gangsters with accusations of “Racism!” The poor young things have been taught that even mentioning some point of difference in culture or crime is the same as manning the ovens of Auswchitz. Forcefed Blair’s big lie “multicultural = good, any argument = racism” it is now a stick to beat people with.


  6. As I See It says:

    The difference in the way that the Beeb reports this kind of incident to the way that they would relay it if those involved were white can only be described as reporting apartheid.

    News reports across the BBC yesterday focused on several other crime stories but glossed over this one which with dozens of youths involved ane a central London location surely has wider social implications? The Beeb don’t want to go there.

    Three crime stories that did make it onto the BBC in some detail yesterday. They were:

    1. The shooting of the Indian student in Manchester. This one seemed to grab the Beeb’s attention from the outset and the possible ‘racial motivation’ (white on black) was explored right from the start.

    2. The Stephen Lawrence murder trial. This of course has been the major ‘racial crime’ cause celebre of the past couple of decades and Beeb news reporters and commentators are palpably poised on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the verdict so as to release a veritable avalanche of one kind of opinion.

    3. The Boxing Day baby sitter murder. This unfortunate youngster was black. So I sense the Beeb may either drop it like a stone or be all over it …..depending on…..well you know what it will depend on.


    • Scoobywho says:

      Has anyone challenged, or is anyone aware of anyone challenging the BBC, by letter, e-mail or during an interview on their two tier reporting system ? 
      It would be hard to argue that there aren’t two standards at play here, have they openly declared their official stance on this or do they claim that they are entirely impartial when it comes to reporting crime ?


  7. My Site (click to edit) says:

    If the racist police didn’t insist on keep stopping and searching these poor vulnerable coloured folk, and if the Nazi government hadn’t taken their EMA away, then this never would have happened!


  8. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    “The threat of jail was not deterring young people from carrying weapons”

    From the BBC link in the OP.

    Should of course have read, “the 1 in 5 threat of jail…”

    In the dying days of the last government the weepers were even arguing special treatment for young people who carried knives because of ‘genuine fear’.  Gawd ‘elp us.

    It was a sorry indictment of the last excuse for a government that you could face a bigger penalty for displaying your car park ticket upside down than if you were carrying an 8 inch hunting knife.

    That’s your lefties for you.

    Sumthin’ ain’t they.


  9. My Site (click to edit) says:

    The BBC syndrome:


  10. cjhartnett says:

    good point above Scoobydoo!
    You do wonder about the “tiered” reporting of news.
    Its as if there`s a basic service…then service plus…then service with full blown bells and whistles analysis.
    So it is you get the Fogels(basic)…then Bin Laden/Alternative Vote…then Murdoch(bells and whistles plus plus!).
    I would see this is as well worthy of our Craigs and the like…an MA in Media Studies surely!


  11. FrankFisher says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but if a trial has entered the stage of jury deliberation, and the *motive* of a crime is a key are afor consideration, then doesnt the BBC’s flat statement here – – that “Mr Lawrence, 18, was stabbed in a racist gang attack in Eltham, south east London in 1993″ constitute a clear breach fo sub judice?

    They’re going to go bananas if that jury actually *does* consider the case on the evidence in front of them, and acquits.


    • ltwf1964 says:

      in the world of the beeboid,why the need for an actual trial at all?

      they were clearly racist and clearly guilty

      btw welcome aboard Frank

      hope to see more of you and also the site lurkers beginning to comment on here in 2012

      please join in…….new blood always welcome


  12. George R says:

    Talking about GANGS in LONDON: 
    -BBC-NUJ-Patten (and all three MAIN UK politicaL parties) support entry of 80 million Muslim Turks (and Kurds) into the E.U. 
    Apart from the effect of speeded up Islamisation,  imagine the impact on LONDON of a massive influx of Turkish/Kurdish drug gangsters. 
    “Turkish / Kurdish Organised Crime  

    London’s Mafia 



  13. Framer says:

    I was baffled when the BBC showed the aftermath of the stabbing at Foot Locker the police had cordoned off an area on Oxford Street for the medics yet were being assailed by numbers of black teenagers for no apparent reason. No explanation was given but I presume now these were antagonistic gang members (or friendly ones!). We are once agian left in ther dark by the BBC journalists who cannot report properly until getting the line from above. Most being on extended ‘holiday’ leave I reckon none has yet come.


    • As I See It says:

      Since this was Oxford Street there were a lot cops around quite quickly. I get the impression from the footage that the black teenagers involved if given the advantage of numbers would have been up for a bit of August-style extreme shopping.


  14. Invicta1066 says:

    BBC Midlands managed a whole in depth news item, on Monday complete with Trading Standards and Customs Excise staff rummaging around the shelves of a corner supermarket, interviewing the ’innocent’ owner and confiscating illegal and potentially lethal alcohol that he had acquired.
    Cut to medical person explaining the dangers of this illegal hooch and explaining this was a widespread crime, followed by pictures of the nine criminals caught and convicted in this particular case.
    Not one name was mentioned, which just might have given away the fact that they are all eastern Europeans! Clearly hard at work!


  15. DJ says:

    By way of contrast, the same broadcaster that provided almost no useful information about a murder in Britain’s most famous shopping street managed to run a seven hour – well, it felt like that – interview with Mary-Ellen Field on yesterday’s PM program.

    Who she? A Former adviser to Elle Macpherson who claims the fallout from the phone hacking scandal wrecked her career.

    Yes, indeed, it was another attemot by the BBC to break their own world record for most mentions of the words ‘phone-hacking’ in a ten minute segment. We heard about her disabled child, allegations of alcoholism and the like, all without ever hearing anything that could be considered ‘news’ by any conventional definition.


  16. Invicta1066 says:

    George R

    ‘’Apart from the effect of speeded up Islamisation, imagine the impact on LONDON of a massive influx of Turkish/Kurdish drug gangsters.’’
    Well George, back in 1995/6 Portcullis the in-house magazine for the then Customs & Excise Department published statistics about heroin importation into the UK.
    It stated that there were some 300,000 Turks living in north London and they (not all of them) were responsible for 85% of the heroin brought into the UK!
    Customs even had the bright idea of recruiting a Turkish gangster from Belgium as an insider. With this immunity he became the leader of a crime syndicate that not only imported drugs but ran protection rackets, and was suspected of being involved, with his brother of murders.
    He was eventfully brought to trial by the police. A police Inspector commented that ’’we have enough criminals of our own without Customs bringing in some of their own’
    Strangely Portcullis or Portcluess never published that story! But you might still find it in the Observer and Guardian archives under Baybasin in 2006 and 2009, where activities such as using private planes to fly in relatives and the police resorting to the use of machine guns to confront the Baybasin gangs.


  17. hippiepooter says:

    DV, to this I can only repost what I put in the OT.  The ‘bred’ element seems tellingly aggravated by the Muslim element:-

    “A devout muslim drug dealer … ”

    Fascinating phrase from this Daily Mail story on the gang culture surrounding the Oxford Street murder.

    When criminals convert to Christianity they give up crime. When criminals convert to Islam for some reason they see nothing incompatible in continuing a life of crime.

    I’m sure the BBC will conduct a fearless investigation into this telling dichotomoy in criminal religious conversion.

    I’m sure Hitler had his reasons for being a deep admirer of Islam.


  18. RCE says:

    Funny how the Beeboid fetish for examining the root causes of things never includes Lord Macpherson’s role in the now commonplace slaughter on London’s streets.


    • Span Ows says:

      Lord Scarman before Lord Macpherson. Both have been proved entirely and utterly wrong. They have given an inch and balck criminals have taken a mile. This was when the Police force morphed into the Police Service. None of the stupid idiots ever asked WHY stop and searches were “disproportionately” against black people beyond he accusation that it must be rasist, they still don’t ask but the answer has never changed. 


  19. RCE says:

    As for prison ‘working’, Theodore Dalrymple explains the concept in typically lucid fashion.

    He tells of the various lags who told him over the years that “Prison doesn’t work for me.”

    “It’s not supposed to work for you” Dr Dalrymple would reply, “it’s supposed to work for me”.  When quizzed on this, he would go on to explain that if a criminal was locked up in prison then he wasn’t committing crime in Dalrymple’s town, street or home; hence prison self-evidently and very definitely does work.

    A deduction so simple that only the most complacent, decadent and hell-bound society could even question it.


  20. jeff says:

    The last I heard was that 10 suspects in this Oxford Street murder had been let out on bail. And yet the foul mouthed woman on the Croydon tram was going to be denied bail. It’s bonkers!


  21. dave s says:

    In a society terminally affected by liberalism the greater sin is to assert your prejudices publically( the Croydon Tram lady) rather than commit extreme violence against someone.
    AS you say it is bonkers.