Well, it’s been an interesting year here on Biased BBC. I wonder have you an outstanding moment of bias that still outrages you from the past year? If so, let’s be hearing from you!

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  1. Martin says:

    It has to be the whole hacking nonsense in my view (especially the Andy Coulson stuff) followed by the same old Greeny crap followed by the collapse of the Euro.


    • matthew rowe says:

      Well for me the really best bit of bias was  B-BBC coverage from 12.00 am on the 31/12/10 to  12.00am 31/12/11!    
      Now to be fair [unlike them !] there is still time for the B-BBC to redeem it’s self !!    


  2. North Mill Avoncliff says:

    Anything by Richard Black or Roger Harrabin =  streets ahead  , in a whole class of their own.


  3. James M. Gowland says:

    Phone hacking? Riots? Euro?


  4. London Calling says:

    Clarkson speaks.
    The look of absolute horror on the faces of the two clean-cut wholesome drones on the presenters sofa when Clarkson opined that civil service strikers “should be taken out and shot “- (for good measure turning up the hyperbole) “in front of their families”.
    I will treasure the look on their faces for a long long time. The script may have been cleared with BBC managers, but they clearly didn’t know, and those two faces tell everything you need to know about the  culture of the bBC and the fear and horror of dissent.  


  5. Stuart says:

    For me it has to be David Cameron’s EU veto.

    Not because it was anymore biased than the normal BBC reporting, but because right across the spectrum, the public saw right through it. The BBC comments pages were bursting with cries of biased and disgraceful reporting, not just from the UK but from other countries around the world. Of course many papers reported it also…

    It was a watershed moment because it is now completely out in the open. This is openly being talked about in society – what a deeply biased and prejudicial organisation the BBC really is.

    Regarding news and current affairs it is way behind the standards people are expecting.


  6. ian says:

    EDL reportage. Trying to defend their communities during the riots is right-wing extremism, apparently. Demonstrating against moslem nonces is also right-wing extremism. Or islamophobic. Or just something the despised native working class get up to…….Ethnic cleansing now…..get the (apparently mongrel) English out of England………they don’t even exist….


  7. james1070 says:

    Yep the Riots. Looters, arsonists and murderers described by the BBC as protesters.  
    And when the Turks defended their homes they were described as heroes but when white people defended their homes they were described as wacist.


    • Daniel Smith says:

      Yes the coverage of this was a new low. We could all see with our own eyes the disproportionality of the colour of the looters. The BBC then invite a large number of black ‘experts’ to ‘discuss the issues’ without at any point mentioning race. Astonishing.


  8. caroline stanley says:

    The Fogel Family.


    • dave s says:

      Agreed it was quite the vilest example of institutional anti -Semitism and a refusal to face the reality of the most horrific of crimes.


    • Biodegradable says:

      Indeed. First bias by omission then hiding the story away in the midst of a report on “settlers”.


      • JOHN GUEST says:

        Yes. many other examples of bias make me want to shout at the radio, but the BBCs reporting (or lack therof) of this foul crime left me with a cold fury which has not gone away.


  9. cjhartnett says:

    Probably the BBCs perpetual sniping and vicious bile in any story involving Sarah Palin.
    She had Obama figured out ahead of many of us…and her speech in Iowa was wonderful and still aptly describes what the liberal elites project is all about.
    Her reward?…to be the victim of all manner of trashing from the Gender Studies/Feministas at Womans Hour and the like.
    So much for sisterhood support!

    Runner up?
    Usual perennial of slamming the Catholics-their Youth Gathering in Madrid last September was despised by the BBC.
    The BBC far preferred their version of a youth gathering like those ones they seemed to enjoy filming in Croydon, Manchester and Birmingham…much more photogenic


    • james1070 says:

      Funny you should say that. The BBC boast and brag about sending their correspondents to report in danger zones such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Burma etc etc. But when it came to sending reporters to cover the riots in Croydon there were none! Considering only the Chinese state only has more journalists and the BBC can rustle up a couple of 100 journos to cover Glanstonbury. Couldn’t they have have found a few to cover the Croydon riots. Or was Croydon more dangerous than Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Burma put together!


  10. matthew rowe says:

    Oh no I have one it would be the awful Top gear special which allowed the PM in on one of the jokes ! I mean he wasn’t attacked ,there was no Grundy /labour rebuttal no tw*tter outrage ??
    How can the B-BBC be allowed to get away with this right wing stuff ? we need another year  of wall to wall left wing purges to balance this one off event !


  11. john says:

    It’s a difficult one this BIASED MOMENT OF THE YEAR, so much to choose from.
    Well apart from the day they went on strike.


  12. As I See It says:

    BBC News 24 observing the initial rioting in Tottenham High Street. Young black men are throwing anything they can find at police and burning first buses and cars then shops and homes. The camera pans around some bystanders behind the police lines and a female Beeboid says ‘….look… there seem to be some orthodox Jews standing there….’


  13. Natsman says:

    The BBC military two-step – :

    “LEFT right, LEFT right, LEFT left, LEFT WHEEL, LEFT, left, left….
    About… wait for it… TURN!


  14. grangebank says:

    Dale Farm `travellers “.
    Even the other day the BBC reported it with their usual meme
    That the `travellers `are hard done by a callous counci and anyway it cost a lot of money to uphold the law .
    No asking the `travellers` where they came from , why they came to the UK  , why they dont go to another country, why they think they are outside the law ?
    No asking if they buy TV licences ?
    Interveiwing Dale Farm folk in he tea and sympathy way . This one`s old , this one`s ill , she`ll miss her family , the children willl have to move schools ,,  nice and settled here, their land bought legally , upheaval , stress , illness , threatened lifesyle , no where to go (did they come from no where ?) , human rights , UN concern .
    Their opponents ; mean,callous , spending millions , only concerned about votes/ house prices , insular , xenophobic , bigoted , trouble .
    Then the BBC liberal /left viewpoint that anyone should be able to come to the UK ,occupy land and buildings , keep ( or make) up a lifestyle from a another country or culture , have special laws for it or suspend established ones , subsidise it if neccesary or crow about how the new incomers `benefit  ` us ( seemingly by having to face up to strangers in the country ) .
    The BBC , worth every EUro soft loaned to it .


  15. My Site (click to edit) says:

    It’s a tough one, but the Anders Breivik episode had them wetting themselves for weeks.
    Their low-point was using the Communist propaganda outfit ‘Searchlight’ and the Marxist think-tank ‘Demos’ to provide Newshite with a load of fabricated tosh which was passed off as ‘reasearch’. My complaint is still ongoing, six months later.


  16. Meggoman says:

    For me the BBC’s bias was shown in all it’s glory by their failure to report a single word in relation to the racist attack on a white girl by 4 drunken immigrant Somalian Muslim teenage  girls.  What reason could there be for not reporting it?


  17. Chuffer says:

    It has to be this gem:

    What d’you mean, “it doesn’t qualify because it was back in 2005”??? It was so huge, it qualifies EVERY year!


  18. noggin says:

    el beeb – on any item … love islam – hate jews,
    whether its the ahorrence of protecting pak/muslim paedo gangs etc etc here,  or the wilfull ignorance of the FACTS, on Israel, or anywhere m east, enough there to fill any crime sheet.
    Thats gulity Guilty GUILTY!


  19. cjhartnett says:

    Think we`ve got a genuine survey here-wonder if we could do the stats and send it to the BBC and other MSM for their replies?
    I`ll get working on the maths soon I think!


  20. Bupendra Bhakta says:

    Didn’t outrage me as it fell right in the better-to-mock-them-than-to pity-them category but Victoria Dreadfulshire in Guantanamo prison (our one not Castro’s several) had to be the lowlight of the year. This was a combination of a front-of-plane-5-star junket for Thicky and a testing-the-water for (what she hopes is) her move to television.  

    Never heard it first time round – part of BBC’s 9/11 remembrance FFS – but it appeared on what Radio 5 Hopeless laughingly call ‘Best Bits’.

    I didn’t nay couldn’t listen to the full horror of it but

    Thick Vic: Why is it OK for us to be watching them and they don’t know about it?  Is it a little voyeuristic?  Is it appropriate.

    Hey, Vicky, IT IS A PRISON.  Hope this helps.

    Always a joy to hear a useless droid on a mission and pursuing their own agenda interviewing an American who straight bats all the questions.

    Thick Vic: (in full horrified-wimmin mode).  You have a bed inside a cage?

    Interviewee: Yes, it saves dangerous and ill prisoners from being shackled to their bed and allows them to get up and walk around.

    Thick Vic: When they go on hunger strike you force feed them.  Just so we get this straight you use a funnel and put three feet of tubing down their throats.  Thick Vic’s agenda – oooh how inhumane.

    Ok, Vicky, got any better ideas of how to feed someone that doesn’t want to be fed.  Or should they be left to die?

    If I was Mark Thompson, before I resigned and let someone more talented do the job, I would make Dreadfulshire stand at the door of BBC Salford Media Palace facing outwards, make her bend over, slap a P45 on her arse, take a 40 yard run-up and boot her out the door and into the North Bay.


  21. Demon1001 says:

    We ought to have an awards system, some of my suggestions are below:

    Greatest contribution to Climate Alarmism – Richard Black
    Greatest contribution to the Enhancement of Anti-Semitism – Jeremy Bowen
    Greatest contribution to the Suppression of Truth about the dearly beloved previous government – Too many candidates
    Greatest contribution to Lack of Economic Understanding – Stephanie “Hippo” Flanders
    Greatest contribution to the suppression of truth about BBC Bias – Helen Boaden
    Greatest Contribution to the eventual Cannonisation of Barrack Obama – Mark Mardell
    Greatest Contribution to Offensiveness – Richard Bacon
    Greatest Propagandising for the EU – the whole BBC 
    Greatest Organised attacks on selected guests in a Debating Programme – David Dimbleby

    If someone else could reorganise this or come out with more appropriate award titles or come up with new ones, we could have a vote on them. 


  22. fred bloggs says:

    Keep the entry small, so it should have been ‘Unbiased balanced fair presentations and discussions’.  The entry lists from the bBC would be very small.


  23. As I See It says:

    Just me or do others sense the BBC gearing up for an absolute onslaught of bias in 2012?

    For example at Radio 5 – that awkward mix of sport and left-wing opinion – they are positively gagging for the Olympics.

    The Beeboids are greeting 2012 with a spring in their step like a steel worker with a full order book – and who knew? Olympics + BBC its all at the taxpayer’s expense (and all without our say so).

    Something for the Salford mob to like about London – lovely jubbly!


  24. Umbongo says:

    Where do you start?  As others have noted, the examples are so numerous that picking out one is almost impossible.

    For me the most predictable example was this which is Susan Watts’ stream of dismissive drivel on Newsnight concerning Climategate 2 (one of many money quotes “these emails have no context”).  Watts’ item included a single 30 second interview with – of all people – Michael Mann, a so-called “climate scientist”.  Outside the world of “climate change studies” Mann would be considered a “scientist” in the same way that Obama could be thought of as a potential Grand Wizard of the KKK.  As a potent symbol of BBC impartiality, Mann was shown speaking against a background of a melting glacier.


  25. RCE says:

    The sustained, deliberate, orchestrated and ongoing cover-up of Pakistani paedophile gangs.


  26. David Preiser (USA) says:

    There are so many biased moments regarding certain topics that I have to cite collective acts as well as individual ones. So, in no particular order:

    Katty Kay’s gushing report from Occupy Wall Street, in which she enthused over their sense of civic duty and love for humanity.

    Every report about the Occupiers by Laura Trevelyan.

    The BBC getting Warmist Jones to do a report on whether or not they’re biased about Warmism.

    Mark Mardell declaring his and your superiority over United Statesians because we want “justice at the point of a gun” and the US to be unapologetically “storming ahead”, and sneering at us for being “obsessed with the notion of America’s decline”.

    The censoring of the Fogel family tragedy.

    Anything by Black and Harrabin.

    The praise for St. Julian.

    All those openly biased tweets from so many Beeboids.

    Stage Performer Maitlis laughing openly at someone telling her that Al Qaeda was at war with us.

    The relentless Keynesian blathering of Stephanie “Two Eds” Flanders in the face of reality.

    The way Beeboids always make all government spending seem absolutely vital.

    The totally one-sided and dishonest reporting about the US economy and the politics surrounding it.

    Katie Connolly’s bold lie that The Obamessiah is a centrist.

    Katty Kay telling Nanny Bloomberg that she’s astonsihed that not everyone in the US has totally bought into Warmism. “What is it with the American people….”

    The continued dishonesty about Israel and Hezbollah.

    The continued dishonesty about Israel invading Palestinian territory in 1967.

    The constant defending of the US President about His dithering over Libya.

    Mardell sputtering with rage on air that the President was forced away from His plan to keep printing and spending money during the budget crisis this past summer.

    The “Isolated Britain” Narrative and the “Save the Euro” agenda.

    Honorable mention (only because it’s not official on-air bias): Mark Mardell’s declaration at the BBC College of Journalism that, while he saw no evidence of racism informing the Tea Party movement, he knew it was really driven by crypto-racism anyway.


  27. Jeremy Clarke says:

    For me, there was no stand-out event, as such, because I think that a good proportion of its radio news (excluding man-made climate change, Israel and The Cuts) is pretty decent.

    I do despair at the BBC’s tendency to politicise everything it touches – even Dr. Who and its drama spectaculars seem to be immune to its liberal posturing. If they could cut down on the didacticism (no, global warming is not a central theme of The Day of the Triffids, Beebsters) and concentrated on entertaining, I might consider paying for a TV licence.

    But there was one thing that provided a window into the souls of BBC employees; one thing that revealed the mindless, unquestioning, monotone group-think that pervades our State Broadcaster; one single thing that exposes the smug, metropolitan, moralistic, circle-jerking clique that provides our news and entertainment. That thing is Twitter.

    Yet they are either so impervious to what is going on outside their windows – either that or they are too stupid or too arrogant to care. If teachers, doctors, army officers and soldiers, bank employees and would-be rioters were as free in offering their opinions to the world, they would be disciplined or slung in jail. But congenitally impartial BBC hacks are exempt, it seems.

    One more thing: maybe Stephanie Flanders and Gideon should have a conciliatory drink early in the New Year? I am convinced she really has something personal against him.


    • Jeremy Clarke says:

      Oops. Missing word.

      “[E]ven Dr. Who and its drama spectaculars seem to be immune to its liberal posturing” should read,  “[E]ven Dr. Who and its drama spectaculars seem not to be immune to its liberal posturing”.



  28. Martin says:

    One heads up for 2012 will be the BBC’s attempts to get Red Ken re-elected as Mayor, so expect a FULL onslaught of BBC bias. We will get lots of ‘Bullingdon club’ crap about Boris along with the slightest ‘gaff’ from him as well.

    Meanwhile turd sniffer Livingstone (who has done nothing for the last 4 years) will have any of his Jew hating comments erased from the memory of the BBC.


  29. Louis Robinson says:

    Biased BBC Person of the Year?

    1. RICHARD BACON – The Sarah Palin moment and his subsequent weasley “apology”.
    2. Mark Mardell – simply a man in love.
    3. The Climate Change Mafia. 

    I wish them all a Happy New Career! 


  30. grangebank says:

    BBC bias starts with the weather forecast and flatlines (as there is no more downhill for them ) from thereon.
    Always in Celsius , never in Fahrenheit . Social engineering in its basic form .


  31. George R says:

    Beeboid ears burning?:-  
    Brendan O’Neill:-

     “How protest became a prisoner of the media. 
    Once, radicals used the media to try to spread their ideas.

    In 2011, the media class used radicals to spread its ideas.”  


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Anybody who witnessed the BBC and their fellow travellers in the US media stating the Occupiers’ dreams and goals on their behalf (much of which was false representation) will know that O’Neill has it right.


  32. TooTrue says:

    My choice is Rupert Wingfield-Hayes, though it’s from September 2010. His shot of Israeli women lolling on the beach was part of his insulting portrayal of the Israelis as indolent and wealthy and quite happy to let the status quo continue while the Palestinians were portrayed as earnest young revolutionaries, striding along purposefully towards their goal.

    “Tel Aviv is like a new Miami, but does it help talks?”

    It was virulently anti-Israel, and bordering on anti-Semitism.