So Miliband’s PR puts out some nonsense about the fact that Red Ed can complete a Rubik Cube puzzle in one and a half minutes. The BBC instantly laps this up, runs an item on it here, with the presenter (Evan Davies) quietly expressing his admiration for the puzzle solving skills of the Labour leader even when the guest expressed a view that 10-20 seconds is more like the speed of a fast Rubik cube solver. It seems that in the absence of Miliband making any impact on the British public, the BBC chooses to try and create the impression he is some sort of genius. That’s the real puzzle!

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  1. DJ says:

    Given Milliband’s background he was probably using the special BBC-Guardian Rubik’s Cube, where it only has one side and it’s all red.


    • Reed says:

      …but surely, as an avowed multi-culturalist, Ed would prefer to leave all the colours mixed up.


  2. Keith Newman says:

    Didn’t North Korean state TV claim Kim Jong Il was one of the worlds greatest golfers who always got at least a hole in one in every game??

    The BBC, like all communist entities do love their Dear Leaders!


  3. davejan says:

    takes him that long to peel off the stickers and to put them back on,or does he just put stickers on them with his face on.
    Me thinks it was a brick with pictures on takes him that long to turn it round.


  4. Span Ows says:

    20 seconds, impossible unless previously “set – up” or poorly randomised i.e. in a few twists it’s done. 


  5. cjhartnett says:

    I had the Guardians Rubik Cube down as being all pastel shades…and labels would be discouraged for fear of stigmatising colours not invited to be showcased on the thing.
    Labels if used could be peeled off as long as they were not used to limit the rainbow shades available.
    Ed Miliband is swivel-eyed-for good reason-and is therefore to be voted in as a disability champion…


  6. Geyza says:

    There is nothing genius about being able to complete a rubiks cube.  It is a matter of blindly following a few simple rules. 

    When I was at school in the 1980s, the school secretary worked out how to complete the rubiks cube and wrote a simple flowchart diagram for completing each bit.  How to get the top layer; the middle layer; two of the bottom corners; then the last two bottom corners. 

    It was simply a matter of repeating a pre-defined set of moves to complete each section, then moving on to the next section.

    Once we kids had memorised the sets of moves required, we could all complete it easily.  My fastest time was 42 seconds.


    • Reed says:

      How things have changed, Geyza. I expect your school secretary would make a better teacher than most of todays ‘education facilitators’ ! =-O


  7. Jeremy Clarke says:


    Have I just woken up in 1985?


  8. Natsman says:

    Well Miliband’s good at twisting and rotating, isn’t he.  And hand-wringing too, in a robotic kind of way…


  9. Millie Tant says:

    It’s so long ago since the Rubik cube was about, how can anyone even remember how long it took them to do it? I certainly can’t. Is that fellow a nerd or what? A ned, even? (an Ed, heh).


  10. David Mosque says:

    My record was about 1 minute 14 in 1982!


  11. Frederick Bloggs says:

    I bought a book on how to do it and got my time down to about a minute. There are about 6 sequences of moves to remember. The real experts are the ones who do it blindfolded after being shown just the initial configuration.


  12. Reed says:

    Before Ed and the BBC get too cocky about the Great Leader’s achievement, here’s a little three year old Chinese girl solving it quickly. She’s even in her little high chair, bless…


    • My Site (click to edit) says:


      No obvious negative back history.

      As yet unprone to gaffes.

      Even fewer facial gurning twitches.

      Good communist history.

      Zero responsibility for actions.

      Would sell her granny on the unaccountable promise of a Snickers bar.

      Probably not yet tweeting even when alll she’s done is a number two.

      Yet still, or maybe as a consquence, believes in the power of wind.

      Maybe even with a sibling she doesn’t loathe yet.

      Lucky she’s not a UK passport holder (though these days that may not be a real barrier), else the party machine (Labour too, as well as the unions and Aunty) would have her installed by New Year!