I’m no football fan but I think the BBC are off-side with their treatments of these two stories. First off, John Terry “racist”  But earlier today, Luis Suarez “misunderstood”.Wonder could Terry claim he is of Uruguayan heritage?

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  1. Demon1001 says:

    Simple answer – BBC football commentaters are always highly biased towards Liverpool (except Gary Neville who tries to sound neytral).  Alan Green on the radio is the worst, and he has spent the last nearly 20 years spitting venom against Manchester United.  It’s due to him and others in the football media that the fashionable hatred for United has been so prevalent.  It started before the present period of success (1993 to date) so it cannot be put down to jealousy.


    • Span Ows says:

      The Alan green thing is becasue Fergueson said all he wanted was to knock liverpool off their perch (80s success)


  2. Geyza says:

    Did you not know that only white Englishmen and English women can be racist?  For everyone else, it is accpetable cultural diversity… apparently.

    This is why left wingers hate white Christians and brand them sexist and homophobic, but are completely at ease with Islamic mysoginy and hatred of homosexuals.

    It’s not any old hypocrisy…… It is self-defeating illogical left wing hypocrisy.


  3. Will says:

    Quite! I assume that the colourblind BBC have Evra as a Frenchman & therefore lower ranking in the victim stakes than the Uruguayan. Or it is realising that, like the Sun, they could be shunned on Merseyside if they find fault with someone connected to Liverpool FC.


  4. Peter Parker says:

    I’m frankly amazed that a silly insult shouted during a football match should be a matter for the police. Surely unsportsmanlike behaviour should be a matter for the FA – but a criminal Police investigation? And what about freedom of speech? Surely if a black muslim want’s to refer to a white person as a “cracker Kuffur” or some such insult – he’s entitled to do so – so long as there is no defamation nor threat of violence. What bunch of retards passed this law making free speech illegal?


    • Millie Tant says:

      I think you probably can shout all the silly insults you like and yell You ——-  —— ——— so and so with all sorts of obscenities so long as you do not include the word black. Then the Beeboid Corporation and the rest will get into a frightful state of indignation and the might of the police and the law will come down upon you.


      • Demon1001 says:

        Amusingly I remember on a football site I’m a member of someone once called Thierry Henry an “arrogant French tw*t”.  People objected strongly to the “racist” use of the word “French” but no-one batted an eyelid to the really insulting words.

        I’m sure that M. Henry would have no objection to being called French but would have not liked the other two words.  Stupid really – thought police are everywhere.


  5. RGH says:

    Some might recall the ‘Harbhajan Singh’ incident in Australia in 2008. Tempers flared and Singh was reported as having described Symonds as a monkey’. Symonds is ‘black’ (a very wide definition).

    India responded that the monkey was special to Hindus (Hanuman) and a ‘god’. Symonds and the Australian PC establishment should see that it should not be construed as racist.

    Cynical BS, of course, but had Singh been less than Singh, and more  Smith, one wonders.


  6. ian says:

    Once again the beeb shows its true colours. Trying to destroy the English is all part of the plan to replace all the EU member states with one big regionalised superstate. And replacing us all with cheap imported labour is also on the political/broadcasting agenda. Attempted demoralisation of a once-proud ethnic group, under the banner of “equality”,  is one way of helping to achieve these twin aims. 


  7. dave s says:

    That the media and no doubt soon what passes for our politicians will become obseessed by this trivial incident is indicitative that this is no longer a serious country..
    Well on the way to failed state status I’m afraid.


  8. Grant says:

    dave s,
    Well , couldn’t agree more. Just back from 5 wonderful  weeks in West Africa and no contact with the BBC.  Problems there, but optimism and some good things happening. 
    The Presidential elections in Gambia on 24 Nov. went without any violence this time.  It was so laid back, when I went to an ATM, the next day, 8 riot police were sitting on the pavement chatting and had piled their helmets and batons  ( “sticks” as they call them )  underneath the ATM. I asked them if they could let me in and they removed them with apologies. The scum British police would probably beat me and arrest me just for asking.    
     Within one day of being back in UK, I am depressed and it is not about the weather. You are right, the UK is a failed state and not serious.


  9. Jeff Waters says:

    Alan Hansen and Lee Dixon have just been discussing the Suarez issue on MOTD.  Was it my imagination, or did they look very defensive and uncomfortable?  It was like they were frightened of saying anything remotely off message, rather than just relaxing and speaking their minds!  
    I bet Hansen gets some bad press for referring to black players as ‘coloured’! LOL!  Just after he used that word, I noticed Dixon giving Gary Linekar a look that said ‘He really shouldn’t have said that!’.  



  10. Jeremy Clarke says:

    As a long-time cricketer and rugby player, I am familiar with some of the abuse that is dished out in the course of a game.

    It seems it’s perfectly okay to call someone’s mother or wife a whore or even question his sexuality, but if you make any mention of an opponent’s skin-colour you can expect a visit from Inspector Knacker.

    Cricket is, of course, notorious for such ‘banter’.


    • RGH says:

      Australian captain:

      ‘Right, which one of you b*stards, called this b*stard, a b*stard?’

      Apocryphal, perhaps. But rings true.


  11. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Obviously both of these incidents are far worse than murder, rape etc. etc. but what we really need is a chart on the BBC website, showing us how their ‘progressive stack’ sits on that particular day.
    Obviously the filthy white English scum would always be at the bottom, but we need to know which group of people have most recently managed to attain the highest level of victim status.
    It would help BBC employees too, as they need to know who they should patronise the most. 


  12. davejan says:

    sorry but isn’t white a colour so were all coloured so whats the problem?
    This country stinks need more judges like judge judy,she stands no nonsense and has a way of cutting through the bullshit..
    AS someone from DAD’S ARMY said we’re all doomed.
    pity we cant have a english spring…..