A Biased BBC reader notes;

“Here’s religious affairs correspondent Robert Pigott this morning in sunny Jamaica:

But wait: the patois bible isn’t news:

And much the same story from Pigott in 2008:

How many times does this need reporting, and what is the repetition from Jamaica costing us?

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  1. Frederick Bloggs says:

    Maybe this is where he spends his winterval every two years.


  2. Dazed-and-Confused says:

    Is’nt the term “winterval” offensive to Antipodeans?


  3. My Site (click to edit) says:

    I’ve heard white kids in rural Surrey speaking like that . . . pathetic twats!


  4. cjhartnett says:

    True recycling from our eco-green BBC.
    Yet I imagine there was no sparing on the airmiles.
    It`s what Jesus did for though I`m sure…


  5. John Anderson says:

    The English language is probably our greatest heritage and national asset.

    And the King James Bible together with the works of Shakespeare (OK,  and Robert Burns ?) use the language to its full richness.   Not just the individual words – the thousands of phrases that are still in common use.

    It is bad enough having the bible reduced to “common English” – often losing much of the glorious sounds.   It is far worse having our language bastardised by patois.   By rap.  By “innit” and suchlike.  By ignorant people,  young and old.

    So how dare highly-paid and well-educated idiots like BBC presenters and reporters suggest that patois is a real language ?    All part of the sneering at “traditionalists”.  Who cares if our national language is adulterated ?

    The Rev Stewart seems to be on a cushy number,  spending year after year “translating” the Bible to patois – he doesn’t seem to have got very far.

    And that Pigott man is always a total pain.


  6. Span Ows says:

    clearly in response to the Cameron “Christian” speech the BBC feel the need to belittle it all with what they find acceptable Christianity.


    • Span Ows says:

      a thought, do the previous outings of this story coincide with Blair becoming a Catholic or soemthing similar?


      • Millie Tant says:

        Why, did he suddenly start speaking patois? 😀  
        Mind you, he did a lot of that glottal stopping. I noticed MillipEd at it at PMQs the other day too. I felt like telling him to shape up and speak properly!


        • Idiotboy says:

          The glottal stop is a nu-labour’s oral equivalent of the Mason’s handshake.

          It is used as a discrete means of mutual recognition, and its use also serves to reinforce tribal bonding among its followers.

          Milliband also often employs an enhanced verbal technique known as “talking utter bollocks” which is popular among those occupying higher positions in the nu-labour tribal hierarchy.


  7. Millie Tant says:

    Well spotted by that reader. When the Beeboids originally introduced the subject, they brought Scottish Gaelic and Welsh versions of the Bible into the discussion. I think they must have been trying to tell us something.

    I notice in the latest foray, the Beeboid caption attributes to Bishop Alvin Bailey, who opposes the patois bible, this statement:

     “Patwa isn’t a language in its own right but a corrupted form of English”.

    Considering the Bishop uses English and not Creole, he would be using the word “Patois” there, Beeboids. But it seems he is not given that choice by Beebs (Know) Best Corporation. Because he is Jamaican, he is co-opted into the Jamaican Creole lingo whether he likes it or not.  

    Anyway, it rather contradicts the Beeboid Corporation’s intention of doing its ritual cultural obeisance to the black folks. Did you notice how they got two mentions to slavery in that latest clip? Yes, we were told that the woman translating the Bible was in a house formerly owned by a slave manager. Must keep up the quota, you know.

    I did like the reading by the Rev Courtney Stewart at 1min 54 secs to 2 12. He has an attractive voice and the Jamaican accent and speech I find beguiling.


  8. ian says:

    BBC creed

    I believe in the truth of global warming
    the communism of Rowan Williams
    no life after death
    and the fellowship of black one-legged single parents……..


  9. Cassandra King says:

    Patois like ebonics is a fixation with the BBC, the supposed evolution of English to include and be inclusive when in fact this perversion of English is a huge handicap for those who engage in it.

    But then again the English language is perhaps the most verstatile spoken language the planet has ever known, it has become not a world language but the worlds common communication medium and rightly so. Of course this shared medium will evolve that is beyond doubt, but patois is not the path, it is a degenerate perversion and perhaps that is why the degenerate BBC is drawn to it again and again and again.


    • ian says:

      Couldn’t agree more, Cassandra. But given well-researched IQ disparities, perhaps patois has a future, as a medium of communication in special schools.


      • Cassandra King says:

        Patois will evolve, or should I say de evolve into chimp like grunts and screams.


  10. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I can tell that the BBC’s excuse will be that they’re merely updating an interesting story. Complaints may also be met with a rolling of eyes and a retort along the lines of, “I thought you guys wanted the BBC to do more on Christianity. Yet when we do cover a Christian story, you still find something to gripe about.”

    However, while I can see that the second story about this version of the Bible hitting the UK might be worth a moment, The only things really different about the first and latest reports are the “traditionalist” voice complaining and the Today darling introducing the segment. Otherwise, it does seem like a waste of time, as nothing new is really gained.

    Piggott’s angle, though, is pretty much that the patois version is on the side of the angels as it’s the non-white vernacular, which always trumps stuffy old dead white people tradition. Their use of Ann Widdicombe is like a dog whistle to the right-on crowd. Are there that many conservatives who are seriously energized by her advocacy on an issue any more?

    I do hope the BBC is forking over some carbon credits to atone for Piggott’s massive carbon footprint.


  11. Millie Tant says:

    Oh, yes, that reminds me I meant to say in addition to the two mentions of slavery, they got one in about the white English. This was when one of the patois promoters complained about English being the language of the white Englishman. I mean, how terrible. Maybe they should just speak and write whatever they please and leave us alone with our white English. And the Beeboid (Knows) Best Corporation, do the same please. If you want to be the broadcaster of Jamaica and promoter of patois and anti-English prejudice, off you go then.  The exit is that way —–>


  12. London Calling says:

    He doesn’t need to fly all the way to Jamaica. Nearly a quarter of the entire population of Jamaica  live in England (800,000  here against 3.x million there) and most of those here in sarfLunnon. Come down to sunny catford and a lot of the local population already speak with a Jamaican patois. That includes the white kids who come home from school asking their parents why they aren’t black like most of their classmates. This Piggot is just a freeloader. Nice sunny junket every year, stick to the license payers, indistinguishable from the rest of the parasites at the BBC.


  13. 1327 says:

    The Beebiods must feel great about themselves encouraging this aspect of ethnic life and feeling all multicultural. The trouble is any “kids” who speak this way in England are destined for a life of unemployment.

    My brother recently had a work experience youth (who was white) at his company who insisted on speaking as though he was a rapper from New York , he didn’t say “thing” to “ting” etc etc. Amazingly he even spoke to the visiting teacher like this and wasn’t pulled up on it or just told how stupid he sounded.


    • Millie Tant says:

      The head teacher from the school in Jamaica in that latest clip made that very point that the children when they go out into the world will need to be able to speak standard English if they want to get on. And I notice that the Rev Stewart himself speaks impeccable, polished, educated English.
      Jamaica is a place where English has been spoken for several hundred years and where the official language is English; assuming there has been universal education in English, I would be very surprised if there is anyone in the country who would find an English version of the Bible alien or inaccessible.  But of course it’s entirely up to them if they want to translate it.


  14. cjhartnett says:

    I only wish these denuders and mocking parrots of “yoof culcha” would turn their gangsta translations to their own bibles…and keep well clear of ours.
    BBC Diversity handbooks and Trust documents/Quality First type crap. Kyoto agreements and EU directives? and safety legislation?…and Im`m sure that their chums at Regents Park Mosque would be more than happy to help make the Koran more…”inclusive”!
    Das Kapital?…Anarchists Cookbook?…High Times?…and the beat goes on…
    “Imagine no tin`g..s`a ease if y`all try`n all”


    • cjhartnett says:

      Any further help with the patios version of Lennons “Imagine” and other secular hymns appreciated and t`ing,
      Peace n luv..peace n` luv!


  15. London Calling says:

    Peace, Bro’