Biased BBC contributor Alan notes….

“Wednesday was fascinating…if you had flicked between the various BBC radio channels you would have heard a consistent drumbeat….S&P, Standard and Poor the rating agency, is wrong, not only wrong but incompetent and unqualified with no special insider knowledge of the markets…or no more than say a well read layman.

Why did I enjoy that? Because every time the BBC ‘expert’ piped up with his opinion (presumably also no better than a well read layman’s? ) he was shot down by the real experts who do work in the industry….and if you read the papers these conclusions were convincingly backed up.

S&P were just spelling out the blindingly obvious when they said Europe’s AAA rating may be downgraded. The ‘Merkozy’ backroom deal solved nothing. So is it incompetence, ideology or a mix of both that so blinds numerous BBC economics and business presenters?

It is odd really that they believe that no one will notice…the people who listen to these programmes are not uninterested nor unknowledgeable…the BBC fools no one but themselves.”

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2 Responses to NONE SO BLIND….

  1. ian says:

    The BBC’s suspicions about the rating agencies’ intentions are written for them by Merkozy and co, who want legislation stopping the agencies from reporting the truth. “We’re all doing very well”, as young Mr Grace mght have said.


  2. Alan Harper says:

    The BBC is just as biased with respect to AGW and, following Julia Bradbury’s “Weird” comment in That’s Britain prog.2 that wind turbines appeared to be the second most hated thing in the UK, and suddenly, in prog.3 WIND TURBINES are the most HATED thing in UK, up pops Nick Knowles unannounced to say that since last week he has studied wind turbines and now thinks they are OK.
    What a technically illiterate man to voice an UNSOLICITED opinion with the hope that it will keep justification for the BBC stance on AGW (Sorry, now moved to perennial historical climate change) alive with the public.
    I suspect he could be reliant on a BBC pension, £8 billion funds of which are invested by Peter Dunscombe through IIGCC of which PD was Chairman. Coincidence or am I thick and untrusting?
    Did you know that Stephanie Flanders was a member of the Bliar, DeMiliprats, Purnell, Claude Balls, Struth Kelly and Yvette Trooper nexus?
    Article 10 of the Human Rights Act allows public Freedom of Expression which the self-righteous and supercilious “Entitlement mind-set” of the BBC denies to those with a different opinion by excluding their presence from public broadcasting debate.