Have you been following the BBC’s coverage this morning of the the National Centre for Social Research’s 28th annual British Social Attitudes report? They appear outraged that…

“Britons are less willing than ever to pay higher taxes to support the National Health Service, schools or the environment, a new survey suggests. The National Centre for Social Research’s 28th annual British Social Attitudes report also found increasing numbers blaming poverty on “laziness”. The BBC’s Home Editor Mark Easton said it was a move towards “more emphasis on individual responsibility”. He said Britons were becoming increasingly..ahem… “judgmental”.

How dreadful for the BBC – it seems that the winds of recession are making people more self reliant or – as the BBC like to portray it – “selfish.” Now, if only there was a Government that reflected these values, the BBC would have a REAL reason to be afraid…. 
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  1. pounce_uk says:

    “The BBC’s Home Editor Mark Easton said it was a move towards “more emphasis on individual responsibility”. He said Britons were becoming increasingly..ahem… “judgmental”.”

    Would this be about how in the past year judgmental people have lead to an 47% increase in honour crimes in the UK alone.


  2. grangebank says:

    I dont pay the telly tax .The BBC is judgemental on that .


  3. Martin says:

    Yes I commented on this on the general thread as the vile fat Vikki Pollard was unimpressed with this this smorning. 

    It was almost like she was telling us off.

    Clearly more propaganda is required from the BBC.


  4. Carti says:

    Asked on (a repeat showing) of BBC’s ‘Pointless’ to identify countries by their famous leaders at the turn of the 90s, a contestant plumped for Fidel Castro – Cuba. 92% of those asked agreed. Francois Mitterand – France. Easy! 96% got it correct. George W.Bush? 99% went for the USA. Surely they won’t pick Margaret Thatcher?? Oh, apparently only 79% have heard of this little-known and now forgotten historical figure. You have to wonder just who the hell the BBC is using as a control panel! Or maybe they just wanted to get in a nasty little dig.


  5. Chris says:

    Take a look at the editor’s picks from the comments.  The first 7 or so are all supportive of the survey.  The most recent two (at time of writing) are more castigating.  I was surprised when I read the comments this morning, only 8 of which were up.


  6. Chris says:

    Forgot to say that you don’t link to the original article, only to the survey.  Here’s the link to the BBC page:


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Closed for comments already

      Take a look at the editor’s picks from the comments.  The first 7 or so are all supportive of the survey. ‘

      Look is all the rest of the country can do now the Editors have decided what ‘we’ are thinking.


  7. DJ says:

    All this coverage and not a word about how this new-found scepticism about social engineering may not be unconnected to Nu Labour letting their inner Frankenstein out for 13 crazed years.

    (Plus isn’t the BBC being a little judgemental about our judgemantalism? Maybe we were born that way, it’s our traditional culture and Big Corporations made us do it?)


    • TheGeneral says:

      Maybe so but aren’t you being judgemental about the BBC being a little judgemental about our judgemantalism?


      • grangebank says:

        I quite agree . We should stop being judgmental about judgmental people being judgmental of judgmental people  who are judgmental of judgmental people being judgmental of ….Hey , that means everyones alright , even judgmental people


  8. Louis Robinson says:

    “Mr Easton told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “The proportion who think we should pay (more) taxes to improve health and education and social benefits is only 30% in England, 40% in Scotland. A decade ago it was 60% in both nations.”

    Perhaps this is because the link between more taxes and improved health and education is now no longer obvious. If it was true that more money was the answer to all our problems, increasingly higher licence fees would produce more and better programmes. They don’t and it hasn’t. However BBC executive salaries have increased. “Stars” are paid more. Building projects continue. The BBC is organised and re-organised. Accountability is absent. No-one is listening. Conclusion in the real world – as well as in the mediaocracy – more money is not the answer. Money, as anyone working in the health service and education (and the Beeb) knows – is wasted.

    In the same report (link above) Penny Young, chief executive of the National Centre for Social Research adds : “An emerging sense of self-reliance may take the government some way toward its vision of a more responsible society, but an emphasis on individualism, not Big Society collectivism, may present as much of a challenge as it does an opportunity.

    I’ll take the challenge! Self-reliance is the enemy of the tyrant. To the big government BBC, the self-reliant listener and viewer, someone who says, “Your news is biased, your views are not neutral, (should you have views at all?), your comedy is not funny and your entertainment is subversive” is the most dangerous listener of all. I believe the BBC should exist and everything it says and does should be said and done – BUT NOT ON MY DIME.


  9. cjhartnett says:

    Maybe the BBC should go into voluntary liquidation and so allow that nice caring Uncle Rupert and his worthy family the chance to tell us what is REALLY going on in the country.
    Rather the Murdochs than assorted Dimbles, Snows and the like…
    Worth a go! if the BBC would only “care less”, then I might begin to care myself…as for the BBCs screwy surveys?…I couldn`t care less!
    Wonder if I could push Maggie round to the BBC just to annoy them for a while!


  10. pounce_uk says:

    The bbC, Pearl harbour and how the real victims were Japanese people.

    Following the attack, Japanese-Americans suffered a severe backlash. Senator Daniel Inouye, a Democrat from Hawaii, helped treat Pearl Harbor’s wounded. Once the ban on Japanese-Americans in the US military was lifted he went on to serve with distinction and is now the longest-sitting member of the United States Senate.

    In another 60 years time the bBC will rewrite 9/11 as how Muslims were the real victims of that day. Hang on they already have.


    • novasteve says:

      The left already does that when they say the worst part of terrorism is the “risk of islamophobia”


  11. novasteve says:

    Off topic, but I saw this as possible the most biased article I have ever seen on the BBC:  
    The most dishonest BBC article ever: on AL an illegal aliens<!– google_ad_section_end –>  
    <!– google_ad_section_start –>BBC News – Immigration: Can Alabama solve a problem called Maria?  
    In every instance, they call illegals “immigrants” and even edited people’s quotations to change what they said into “immigrant”  
    “For the senator – and the majority of Alabamians – the issue is relatively simple.  
    “There will be people caught in a difficult situation, but the law is the law. And I think the person who is forgotten is that citizen who faces challenges because of that never ending flow [of immigrants],” says Mr Beason. “Your economy, your social structure, cannot deal with that sort of influx.” “<!– google_ad_section_end –>


  12. My Site (click to edit) says:

    It’s called human nature!
    Ever met a poor socialist? Or even one who practices what they preach (with their own money). No, me neither!


  13. Martin says:

    Notice how since the Tories came to power Sheena no longer does his Government propaganda pieces on the news. What changed?


  14. ltwf1964 says:

    Britain becoming more conservative eh?

    now all we need is a Conservative party with a leader who is a Conservative


    • London Calling says:

      Instead we have an old Etonian convinced his mission is to detoxify the Tory brand, because other posh Etonians in PR Agencies told him that was what was needed. Except it was the wrong advice at time, and still is. Now he hides behind the skirts of the LimpDems. “I would be tough except THEY won’t let me”
      We need an English Spring, and rid ourselves of this Coalition none of us voted for. Then all we need is someone worth voting for. Bugger. That’s when the plan runs aground…


  15. Teddy Bear says:

    As soon as I saw this headline in the Daily Mail today, I was wondering how the BBC would cover this story – we all here know why
    Britain turns to conservative values as recession bites: We want the State to stay out of our lives and sympathy for benefit claimants has evaporated

    The main revelations from this annual British Social Attitudes report which polled nearly 3,300 people are these

    More than half of us – 54% – think unemployment benefits are too high up from 35% in 1983

    Workshy parents are to blame for child poverty, say 63%

    Rise of climate change scepticism: 37% say environment threat has been exaggerated – up from 24% a decade ago

    Just 29% think same-sex relationships are wrong – down from 46% in 2000

    Only 31% want tax rises to pay for health and education, while it was 63% of us in 2002A couple of things struck me when I read the BBC article on the subject.
    First I note the headline Britons ‘less willing to pay for taxes to help others’

    If people no longer believe that paying increased benefits to others, who use it to avoid work rather than contribute to society, it has nothing to do with ‘helping others’. One could argue that by giving these benefits in the first place we are spiritually harming these people as well as further damaging the society. But the BBC feel it’s necessary to put their ‘take’ on it. I assume that they will no longer pursue single mothers for non payment of TVL from now on – to help them.

    Now I’m sure when anybody will have read the main points of this report above, they will have confirmed to themselves exactly where they stand on those points – and why. Whatever they think will be for their own good reasons based on their experience and understanding. So why does the BBC think they have to interpret whatever you think for you?

    Apparently they have their Home Editor Mark Easton to TELL US
    The BBC’s Home Editor Mark Easton said it was a move towards “more emphasis on individual responsibility”. He said Britons were becoming increasingly “judgmental”.I would say an increase of Britons are exercising better judgement, but I’m certain this is not what he’s saying, and where does he get off anyway making these conclusions? WHO THE F*CK IS HE?

    The article carries on with Mr Easton told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme:A BBC reporter has not TOLD Radio4 anything, they are reporting what others have told them. This gives him some sort of expert status as if whatever he thinks should mean something.

    Without having studied the BBC in greater detail, there is at least one statistic that they decided not to report
    Rise of climate change scepticism: 37% say environment threat has been exaggerated – up from 24% a decade ago

    That means with all the propaganda the BBC has been doing for the last 10 years, 13% more of the population than there were DON’T BUY IT.

    Any wonder they don’t want to report it.


  16. cjhartnett says:

    The Law of ever-decreasing influence by the BBC gathers pace.
    With their one record blaring out since 1997, you`d have thought that we`d have got their message.
    1 Vote Labour forever
    2. Keep paying that licence you ingrates.
    3. We`re all doomed because of whitey and his 4×4.
    4. More cringeing around Islam please.
    5. You`re better off with the EU and their experts than those tiresome votes they put you through.
    If the BBC would only curl up and die, but leave that message on the coffin, then we`ll all reflect on it won`t we?


  17. London Calling says:

    Since the BBC and almost all the print media maintain a wall of silence against climate scepticism, what this survey really tells you that more people than ever must be forming opinions based on information obtained outside the mainstream media. Elephant in the room – the Internet, is the only possible explanation. We are not becoming more “conservative” we are becoming better informed, about the facts and have a wider range of comment and opinion free of the Liberal Narrative from which to choose. The truth is winning and the media are losing thought control.


  18. George R says:

    “BBC misrepresents National Social Survey”

    (by Prof Philip Booth)


    “The BBC’s coverage of the National Social Survey shows the BBC at its very worst. It has completely misrepresented the survey to promote its own political worldview that we are becoming more selfish and less concerned about others.”


  19. David Govett says:

    More conservative, belatedly — possibly too late.