Stop the Presses: BBC Reports Obamessiah Gaffe! At Last!

I had to pick myself up off the floor just now.  The BBC has actually reported a gaffe by The Obamessiah.  It’s another geography error.  He was in Kansas, but told the crowd it was great to be back in Texas.  Complete with video.

Of course, the BBC only reported it because He immediately corrected Himself. So it’s hardly even a mistake, right?  Safe to report. Unlike when He said He was in Asia when He was actually in Hawaii, or that He had visited 57 States, or said that Abraham Lincoln was the founder of the Republican Party (the BBC actually edited the error out before showing the speech to you!), or when he yelled “Don’t call my bluff!” during debt-ceiling negotiations with Speaker Boehner, or that He actually spoke out of turn during that toast to the Queen (rather than blaming the band), or wrote the wrong year in the royal guestbook, or showed that He doesn’t know the difference between King Arthur and Henry VIII, or when He confused a dead Medal of Honor recipient with a living one in front of the dead soldier’s unit, or when He talked about the building of an Intercontinental Railroad, or when He said, “The Middle East is obviously an issue that has plagued the region for centuries”.

This marks the second time ever that the BBC admitted that He made a gaffe.  The only other time they reported something was the only other time He admitted a mistake.  He made a joke about the mentally and physically handicapped on national television, and even the BBC had to acknowledge it.  Otherwise, they refuse to report His errors.

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15 Responses to Stop the Presses: BBC Reports Obamessiah Gaffe! At Last!

  1. Span Ows says:

    Indeed, it almost jumps out of the page as a sop to those who say they are too pro Obama, well it’s a start…let’s see how hard that clip is to find later.

    Just linked and blogged 


  2. Span Ows says:

    Our mate Mark Marred reports the speech, saying that Obama’s big deal is “reclaiming American values”….isn’t that exactly what Newt G has just said? Anyway, also sort of comparing himself to Teddy Roosevelt…I kid you not.


  3. paul barnes says:

    As much as i dislike Obama, haye hos socalistic principles, gewt the see the see the damage he is doing to the USA first hand 5 months of the year – that wasn’t a gaffee he was giving the State College Basketball Coach a hard time.

    What you should be doing here is mentioning how insualr the BBC are on American Sport and fail to unsderstand humour, a little like Obama himself (thank god for speechwriters)!


    • Span Ows says:

      Not just humourless paul, he’s talentless and called a good orator yet his monotone drawl and timing are anathema to humour and oration.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Hey paul barnes, if it really was a joke on purpose, that illustrates my point about the BBC censoring news of the President’s gaffes even more, don’t you think?  Any thoughts on that?

      The BBC doesn’t report on US sports at all, unless there’s a scandal to attract eyeballs.


      • paul barnes says:

        I’m with you 100%, it was right to pick on the BBC for this, but for a different reason ;o)

        As someone who spent two years in Alabama studying for a Masters and whom fell in love with the USA and the people i hate the way the country is treated over here by the BBC and the left wing press.

        I love my college sports (as does anyone who attends a college), the BBC coverage of anything American sucks and blows at the same time.

        I’m just lucky that i spend 5 months a year in the USA, i’m just unfortunate that the time is spent in LA. I’m of the the 9% who try to keep (and fail most of the time) Hollywood balanced 


  4. Martin says:

    Funny that Radio 5 managed to ‘report’ on Fox’s Eric Bolling suggesting that some Muppets movie might have Communist overtones (“well what do yo uexpect from Fox” was Dame Nikki’s comment).

    Radio 5 can find the time to report a total non story yet Obama’s endless gaff’s are ‘ignored’


    • D B says:

      I didn’t hear the Muppets discussion but I did catch Campbell’s response when told it was coming up later in the programme – his reflex response was to ask if the evangelical Right was behind the criticism. Later in the programme when he interviewed David Attenborough, out of nowhere Campbell started banging on about Christian politicians in America. Last week during a discussion about Iran he compared Ahmadinejad to Palin and Perry. I wonder how long it will be before he’s shoe-horning Christian Right references into every single fucking item?

      Nicky Campbell: Time for a quick look at the weather.

      Weather guy: Strong winds and rain for the next couple of days.

      Campbell: What would the Christian Right in America would make of weather like that? They’d probably think the world’s coming to an end or something! And now some traffic.

      Traffic woman: An earlier accident on the clockwise M25 between junctions 8 and 9 has been cleared but there are still long tailbacks.

      Campbell: I bet being stuck in a traffic jam on the M25 could even test the faith of those evangelical Christians they have in the United States! Here’s the sport…

      Sport guy: Chelsea’s victory over Valencia…

      Campbell: What would Sarah Palin or Rick Perry think about Chelsea, eh? What with their strong religious beliefs, and Chelsea being.. er… a football club in London. Makes you think doesn’t it?

      Sport guy: I don’t quite follow you point

      Campbell: Just asking questions. It’s my job, unlike right-wing American Christians who probably don’t have my job at all. I mean, what’s that all about – them having different jobs to me? It’s quite worrying what these evangelical types get up to in America isn’t it? … etc

      I notice they chose to go with the Muppets story but ignored the one about the lefty academic who wants Rudolf The Red-Nosed Reindeer banned because it promotes bullying. That one doesn’t fit the BBC’s “crazy American Right” narrative so they’re not interested.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        The Muppets writers really were engaging in a little class war and social engineering. The bad guy’s name is Tex Richman.  Pretty lame.

        The bad guy in the original Muppet Movie wanted to kill Kermit for frog’s legs. No class war crap necessary to create a villain.

        And how rich are the producers, I wonder?  1 percenters, I should imagine.


  5. D B says:

    You missed my favourite unreported Obama gaffe – his description of the “Teutonic shift in the Middle East“. Oh how the BBC would’ve played that for all its worth if a major Republican figure had said it.

    It’s also worth remembering that the BBC didn’t intitially report the Special Olympics gaffe on Leno. With Pravda-like devotion to The One, Rajini Vaidnyathan’s account of his appearance on the show made no reference to gaffe.


  6. Will says:

    On today Grande Dame Simpson appeared to be fully supportive of CRITICISM OF OBAMA by the exotically named Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles (old FO chappy). Obama having set a date to cut & run from Afghanistan before satisfying Taliban demands.

     Am I right in thinking that the BBC & their favoured political party for matters relating to the Iraq War, the Lib Dems, were all for a fixed date for withdrawal without a political settlement?

    Sir Sherard further stroked Simpson’s ego by suggesting that re Afghanistan he should fullfil the role so splendidly played by Walter Cronkite, who Sir Sherard thought had played a blinder in calling he Tet offensive as a Viet Cong win.


    • George R says:

      Typical of INBBC on ‘Today’ this morning: the opening issue was the Muslim massacre of Muslims in Afghanistan yesterday, but this was soon dropped and without comment, we were left with the apparently serious proposition among INBBC friends that Simpson is like Cronkite, and the solution to Afghanistan should be left to him. INBBC and puffed up West’s liberal ‘elite’: beyond parody.


  7. Louis Robinson says:

    You can’t make this stuff up: the Obama kids’ school serves Japanese food on Pearl Harbour day.