Monday and time for a new one of these. The floor is yours, use it wisely!

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  1. George R says:

    EGYPT elections:  

    ‘Daily Mail’ –  
    “Islamic party poised for power in Egypt nine months after ousting of Hosni Mubarak”  
    Read more:
    INBBC –  
    “Queues as Egypt votes in first post-Mubarak elections”  


    • noggin says:

      8.45 5live.
      Campbell, is so biased so withering in every way, over the muslim bro, in egypt,
       – so many differing factions in it ?????
       – their idea of sharia???? will be much better
       – he & t.blair “hoping” that things “could” get better with them holding sway.
       – it will be “more democratic” with them in power????
       – get more “liberal” over time etc etc

      Prof D Ruben (author of 2 books on them), tells him straight
      he keeps hearing all this talk, he doesn t recognise the fiction
      this is a disciplined extremist islamist party.

      no link yet 5live breakfast 8 45


  2. Cassandra King says:

    BBC news is running a CAGW/Durban promotion advert voiced over by Harrabin or Black and its the usual mish mash of BBC dishonesty.

    The claim that the earth IS warming quickly followed by the claim that severe weather events MAY become more likely, alongside pictures of desert, dead trees, blazing sun, dry river bed and just in case the viewer didnt get the message a photo shopped chimney releasing water vapour is digitially manipulated to give the steam a dark tint.

    Typical BBC scum at work, so what is the truth then? Of course global temperatures have not risen since 1998 despite furious attempts to play with the figures cherry picking certain time frames.

    So claim one is a LIE.

    The next claim that severe weather events MAY become more common? The fact is that severe weather events/cyclones/major storms have become LESS common, the drought severity index shows a fall in drought severity and events, desertification has decreased. So that claim is a bare faced lie not borne out by the actual evidence.

    The visual propaganda of the chimney speaks volumes about the BBCs bias and dishonesty, they just had to photoshop water vapour coming from a chimney didnt they? Just had to go the extra mile and fake a picture to make water vapour look like pollution. Who was responsible for that crookedness? Who let it run and who thought showing a visual trick was anything other than the act of scumbags?

    The promotion for the Durban copnference was a mirror for the CAGW fraud, a fabricated series of lies and deceptions to promote a wholly dishonest agenda. This is the real BBC at work.


  3. Martin says:

    Notice how the BBC are NOT supporting Guido Fawkes one little bit.

    Remember when St Julian of Assange was leaking top US secrets and the yanks jailed the dumb soldier who leaked them? The BBC came down firmly on the side of Assange and the Guardian and the soldier.

    Remember that dozy bitch from the Guardian who leaked the stuff about Andy Coulson? Remember when the Met were going ot arrest her and question her? The BBC were FULLY in support of the Guardian.

    But because Paul Staines dropped the Mirror and Alistair Campbell in it (note the BBC refuses to mention the Mirror in the report, Sky does) the BBC thinks he’s evil.

    As we know the BBC have never liked Guido, Nikki Campbell called his a fascist live on air and unlike left wing bloggers Guido has always been seen as an ‘extremist’ by the BBC.


    • Reed says:

      …yep – they’re very selective about where to apply their ‘principles’. And so it goes with the Climategate 2.0 ‘leaked’ emails.


  4. George R says:

    “Allegra Stratton has been announced as Newsnight’s new Political Editor”  

     -Andrew Pierce, Daily Mail’ today:  
    “Has the BBC created a conflict of interest clash by appointing the Leftist Allegra Stratton as Newsnight’s new Political Editor? The Guardian political correspondent was deemed more appealing than BBC veteran John Pienaar for the post. Stratton has signed a book deal with Simon & Schuster for a biography of the Miliband brothers, which she is co-writing with former Labour spin doctor Lance Price.  
    “Stratton describes the Milibands as ‘the most compelling set of political brothers since the Kennedys’. The book, she says, ‘will also be a guide: it will show what a Prime Minister Miliband would mean for Britain’.  

    “That’s an outcome she clearly  has a vested interest in. The BBC’s guidelines says correspondents may not publish books which  ‘compromise the integrity or impartiality of the BBC’.  
    “Staff must be ‘free from inappropriate outside commitments’.  
    “Stratton’s book has already missed an autumn publication date: will the BBC now ban her from going ahead with its release when she takes to our screens next year?”  
    New lows in BBC bias and hypocrisy.  
    Boycott BBC-NUJ-Labour ‘Newsnight’.

    It’s a political joke on us licencepayers.


    • Louis Robinson says:

      I, for one, welcome Allegra Stratton’s appointment ro “Newsnight” but not for the obvious reasons. A lefty ex-Guardianista being appointed to a key BBC post is par for the course.
      The good news is that Ms Stratton is addicted to twitter and I’m sure will give us all here at B-BBC hours of endless enjoyment as we look into her heart.


    • Cassandra King says:

      As for being impartial? If that means employing leftists and being wholly biased to the left and working closely with the left wing press and even cross polinating between the left wing BBC and the left wing printed news, then the BBC are impartial by that definition.

      The BBC: Pure left, distilled over the years to create a left wing media outlet addicted to stealing money from the people, its what the left does best. In the dictionary under Parasite it should read ‘the left’.


    • Martin says:

      If she thinks the Milidands are political giants then she’s a bigger twat than she looks.

      But she will fit in nicely with the rest of the vermin scum at the BBC.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      It’s all come together, then.

      BBC business editor, Robert Peston: Gordon Brown’s biographer and champion of his economic policies.

      BBC economics editor, Stephanie Flanders: dated both Eds, Kennedy scholar at Harvard Business School just like Ed Balls, and shares Balls’ economic policy ideas.

      Newsnight political editor, Allegra Stratton: biographer of the Milibands.

      A former Newsnight political editor, Mark Mardell, is a self-declared Keynesian, and believes the British public shares his view.

      Just a coincidence, I’m sure.


      • Jane Tracy says:

        Another triumph from Stephanie Flanders aka the flounderer today. In an article today about the OECD she tells us “The OECD has been largely wrong in the past few years”

        To which the OECD could reply “Stephanie Flanders has been largely wrong in the past few years….”

        Oh and Ed Balls policies really are similar to those of George Osborne according to the flounderer even in the many areas where he doesnt have one!


      • Martin says:

        And don’t forget Andrew Marr


      • My Site (click to edit) says:

        ‘Just a coincidence, I’m sure.’

        Ah, but all balanced by politicvally neutral Paul Mason, he of the humbertesque mentoring of a well-adjusted young heope for a productive future who is named after the colour of her locks, one supposes.


      • Cassandra King says:

        And the BBC claim they are not biased!


      • Roy Stirred-Oyster says:

        Back in the Eighties, I remember reading a couple of exposes about the allegedly evil influences of the Freemasons (One by Stephen Knight, I recall).

        I have to conclude that, compared to this BBC/Guardian/Common Purpose axis, the Masons are a bunch of amateurs.


    • Jeff Waters says:

      Re: “Stratton describes the Milibands as ‘the most compelling set of political brothers since the Kennedys’ – What has Ms Stratton been smoking?

      The Kennedys had passion, charmisma and gravitas.  Red Ed has none of those things!  If Labour win the next election, it will be despite him, not because of him…



  5. pounce_uk says:

    The bBC reports on the arrest of 6 armed robbers in Birmingham.

    West Bromwich Co-op bank armed robbery: Six arrests made

    Six men have been arrested after an armed robbery at a West Midlands bank.Two men armed with baseball bats walked into the Co-operative Bank on West Bromwich High Street at about 09:25 GMT.They threatened the cashiers and forced them to hand over cash before escaping in a waiting car. No-one was hurt.The car was spotted nearby in Florence Road and a firearms officer from West Midlands Police shot at the tyres. All of the occupants were arrested.Two other men have been arrested in London as part of the same inquiry.

    The Daily Mail version, but actually the photos says it all. (look at the men on the ground, Notice how peaceful they all look
    The dramatic moment six suspected armed raiders were caught by police who shot out their tyres

    This is the dramatic moment when armed police swooped on a group of suspected armed robbers after shooting out the tyre of what is thought to be a getaway vehicle.After the driver of the car refused to stop, a policeman opened fire and brought the red Renault screeching to a halt in West Bromwich.


    I wonder why the bbC only tells half the story.


    • Louis Robinson says:

      I wonder why the bbC only tells half the story?
      How else does one win a losing argument?


      • john says:

        Good point Louis & Pounce.

        The BBC hires graduates straight from their exotic gap-year, shields them from the horrors of working in the real world by promulgating reporting as if they were still in left-wing debating societies. That’s where all losing arguments go unchallenged through a fog of drugs.
        No need for private sector experience. (Whatever that is).
        “Working” for the BBC is akin to being back in the common room, but the money extracted from anyone who has the nerve to own a TV does at least subsidise a better type of fog.
        No wonder they settle in so quickly at the BBC.

        Furthermore you new BBC interns, what you don’t know is that your half-reporting has been sussed by the constant irritation known as the viewer :
        You don’t mention their ethnicity –
        We think, AH ! SO IT’S PACKISTANI’S AGAIN IS IT ?

        Carry on with your half-reporting if you must, but answer me this : How long will it be before you grow up and report a news story with a modicum of accuracy ?


    • Dez says:


      “The Daily Mail version, but actually the photos says it all. (look at the men on the ground, Notice how peaceful they all look… I wonder why the bbC only tells half the story.”

      Presumably, you want news reports to feature statements such as; “the suspects had the racial characteristics of Muslims”, or; “they looked a bit Jewish”?


  6. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Still no mention from the BBC that Tom Watson posted something from Campbell’s testimony on his own blog and Twitter.  Apparently only Guido is wrong.  Ross Hawkins was making live reports during the breaks in testimony earlier today, and at one point he openly questioned Guido’s claim that he got the info legally, stating that Guido is known for getting stories from secret sources.

    Thursday will be fun.


    • Martin says:

      Like I said above, if it’s the Guardian and their ‘sources’ or Assange the BBC are happy to stand by them.

      The BBC hate Guido he’s a right wing bigot in their view. Nikki Campbell’s outburst said it all.


  7. pounce_uk says:

    The bBC, and how it braggs about the support the occupy movement is getting from the working class over its attempts to make a class less society by making everybody equal.  
    Billy Bragg gig at Occupy protest in Bristol  
    Billy Bragg has performed at the Occupy camp in Bristol to show his support for the protest. He performed a number of songs and addressed a crowd of around 100 people.The musician has been on tour of Occupy protest sites for the last six weeks.  
    Corr stone the crows govener, the Beeb has the working class hero Billy Bragg complete with flat cap, donkey jacket and jeans with doc martins in which to express his solidarity with the peasants who are bitching about the 1% of the population who own more than the other 99%.  
    And here is what the bBC doesn’t tell you about working class hero Billy Bragg. Like the 1.5 million pound house he lives in Dorset.  
    What was that Billy?  “Let them eat cake”  


    • Cassandra King says:

      Rich hypocites, where would the BBC be without its pseudo working class fakes? A tiny crowd listening to a rich hypocrite sing about a social justice that none of them practice themselves.


  8. As I See It says:

    The BBC likes to bring us frequent reports from one of its favourite countries – Egypt.

    But are the Beeb telling it straight or are their reports coloured by BBC prejudices?

    Quick summaries can be revealing about the BBC mindset and in the excitment of the unedited piece some truth can slip past the self-censorship.

    This morning Lise Doucet came through on Radio 5 with a report on Egyptians queueing to vote. It started in the inimitable BBC house-style for Arab Spring reporting – something I would call all Falafels and Facebook.

    We speak to Fatima a young female English speaker (with an American accent). This is radio so Lise has to inform us that she (Farima I mean) is wearing a head-scarf. It is all the fun of the fayre with street vendors and happy Cairenes beginning their veritable cultural olympiade of an election process.

    Lise wanders a little off message in her explanation of the complex process as she lets slip ‘…due to Egypt’s socialist past there have to be 50% of candidates who are workers or farmers’.

    So we deduce that the small westernised urban middle-class of which we hear so much on the BBC are unlikely to have things all their own way.

    And what of the Muslim Brotherhood we wonder? Lise reassures us that we need not be alarmed. She does concede that they ‘talk about Sharia Law‘.

    Gosh, if only Pol Pot and the Khemer Rouge had simply talked about taking their country back to the year zero.

    And then Lise mentions the Salafis and this is where I assume she is busking a piece and slips up. ‘…they are extremists….er…..let me say strict.…’

    Oh dear, after all those BBC seminars and all those fatherly words of advice from Jeremy Al-Bowen about not using the ‘E’ word.


  9. Ronald Todd says:

    Panorama on PFI any viewer who did not know better could get impression that it was all a Tory plot to make money for nasty big business.

    No mention of Blair Brown or even when talking about tyhe fire control centres of Prescott.


  10. John Horne Tooke says:

    More BBC conflict of Interests

    It has all been said in different posts but its good to see it getting a world wide audience.


  11. As I See It says:

    BBC London TV News on Beeb One tonight (fronted by our favourite Rizla Teeth) brings us a report about a woman on a Croydon tram filmed on a mobile phone while making racist remarks.

    Old Holborn has it unedited.

    Now in no way was this the white Rosa Parks – but the Beeb were keen to see that the cops get involved and handily enough provided phone numbers for witnesses to get in touch. No doubt the Beeb are therefore keen for some kind of prosecution.

    What do others think?

    It crossed my mind that several people must have been burgled or mugged today. Police resources are scarce. I turned to ITV News and they had a report about the elderly lady and her late husband’s ashes being stolen in street robbery.

    It is all a question or priorities I guess.


    • pounce_uk says:

      I watched the video clip of that lady on the Daily Mail website and she is pretty disgusting. But then I got thinking, when Muslims blow up people in London because of their bigoted views, we are fed a diet by the left that actually it is our fault (Well British foreign policy) why Muslims are angry and if we only stopped been nice to Israel, then they will be all smiles.
      After the riots in August, the left banded out that it was all the fault of the rich bankers.
      After each and every black on black shooting in London (More young black men killed by black men than soldiers in Afghanistan since 2001.) We informed by the media that actually the police are too blame for arresting so many black people.
      And the list goes on, excuses, excuse, excuses from the left of the political spectrum. Yet and a big yet, when the guilty party is white and making racist comments towards a non-white person. The left who can find an excuse for anything,  suddenly have no time for the person in the spotlight. Why??
      What’s the difference between a radical Muslim burning a poppy in the middle of London on the 11th Nov and a stupid bitch throwing abuse on a tram. None at all, both are rabble rousers and deserve the book throwing at them. Or more effectively the benefit book taken away.  
      Yet to the likes of the bBC, only the white person deserves scorn, as the rest have excuses.


  12. John Horne Tooke says:

    Probably the only unbiased broadcast on the BBC


  13. Louis Robinson says:

    Is it my imagination – or could I be too sensitive – but is the reporting of the Egyptian election by reporters like Lyce Doucet and Jeremy Bowen remarkably upbeat despite problems in contrast to the reporting of the Iraqi elections in 2004 and 2010? Is it because one is inspired by the saintly Musim Briotherhood and the the other brought about by George W Bush?


  14. Teddy Bear says:

    The current Leveson enquiry into the hacking affair is the perfect excuse for the BBC to continue its quest, having neutered Murdoch in his take over of Sky, and extend it to every other media outlet that it regards as a threat. Celebrities repeating their stories about how hacking affected their lives is not news any more, but the BBC thinks of they can regurgitate it such because of Leveson, it’s newsworthy.

    It hasn’t occurred to them that what they’re really showing is there are many journalists that have no ethics or moral character. After monitoring the nature of BBC bias for so many years, I knew that already, and in typical blinkard ignorant fashion, the BBC haven’t taken into account that eventually all of the public will be aware of the insidious nature of BBC journalists in much the same way they are brainwashed now to think of as those in the private sector. In my opinion, the BBC are far worse because they are paid to provide a public service, whereas one has a choice with the private sector.

    As for the celebrities ‘damaged’ by the hacking affair. With few exception, my view is if you don’t like the heat – GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN! They’re very happy to milk the media when it goes their way, and they rise to their stardom. But they appear to want a one-way street where if they do something ‘out of the ordinary’ they want it kept quiet. HELLO!!!

    Frankly I have no interest in the going on in the lives of 99% of what society considers celebrities today. If their lives are ruined because it’s discovered they have been engaged in acts which raise the public eyebrow -TOUGH SHIT! Don’t do the crime if you don’t want to do the time. It appears from the way the BBC continues to present it, that their audience doesn’t see it that way, which I suppose is normal for the brainwashed masses that haven’t been told any other way to think.

    I caught about 10 minutes (about 10 minutes in – available to listen again for 7 days) today of PM on Radio 4 this afternoon. Just in time to catch an unadulterated promotion of Labour, under the subterfuge of getting information, followed by developments in the Leveson enquiry. Today it included Charlotte Church telling how her mother attempted suicide knowing her fathers indiscretions were about to be made public, (nothing to do with finding out about her husband) as well as her becoming pregnant at 17, and can you believe it – (that evil) Rupert Murdoch offered her £100,000 to sing at his wedding or receive ‘favourable publicity’ for her career.

    Such a victim – poor girl – nobody is responsible for anything but that evil Murdoch and his henchman.

    Here’s the written version – Read it and weep.

    Charlotte Church tells of family’s treatment by media


    • Martin says:

      Personally I haven’t paid for a newspaper in years, much of what appears in them is just total bollocks. Most journalists are left wing, like the media and performing arts it seems to attract lefties like a bush on Hampstead Heath attracks male beeboids.

      If a few tabloid hacks lose their jobs, that’s fine by me, but what I strongly object to is the obvious ploy of the Guardian and the BBC to target and take down the Murdoch press to prevent them taking full control of Sky.

      Let’s be straight here, the BBC is losing control of the news agenda, the viewing figures for Newsnight are in decline and few people buy the lefty climate change crap pumped out by the BBC.

      The problem with the BBC is that 99% of the people who work there are utter scum and unemployable in the real world.

      If the BBC had decent people it would be the one demanding the end to the licence fee and the chance to compete one on one with Sky. The very fact it doesn’t tells you all you need to know about the scum at the BBC.

      The BBC have totally distorted the hacking story, they’ve lied and ignored important issues to keep the public thinking that only the Murdoch press was involved in phone hacking.

      But I still feel that the BBC will get theirs at some point, the BBC are making enemies and at some time they will find thmselves in a shit storm to end all shit storms.

      I just hope I’m there to see it happen.


      • Teddy Bear says:

        Me too 😉


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        The whole inquiry is basically sexed-up tabloid fodder.  An endless stream of celebs all moaning about how the Murdoch Press invaded their privacy, while going over in public the salacious details of their private lives and personal travails.  Oh, poor me, the Murdoch Press said this or that when it should be private, now let me repeat all those personal details that I wanted to keep private.  I was mortified at the time, but somehow repeating it here doesn’t seem to hurt so much.  In fact, I feel better each time I say “Murdoch Press”.  I’m a perfomer, so you can take my emotion very seriously when I put on this long face and tell you how horrible it was.

        The BBC runs it live, uninterrupted, and when each celeb segment ends, it’s back to the studio so Stage Performer Maitlis can say, “What compelling and harrowing testimony.”  Tim Willcox or some other Beeboid then reads out the quotes a junior colleague was typing up in the background during the testimony.  The BBC sits on its high horse all the while, content in the knowledge that the further belittling of the non-Left tabloids solidifies their monopoly.

        I don’t think there will be any backlash against the BBC as a result. If anything it will only serve to make them more powerful, more untouchable.


  15. John Anderson says:

    A useful map of the various interests that are pushing Climate Alarmism – and the BBC is obviously right there in the centre of the web – it IS the most important part of the Echo Chamber :


  16. Martin says:

    Did anyone else also notice that there were two big health stories today. One about the ‘private’ care home that abused people and one that stated what we all knew that you’re more likely to die in an NHS hospital at the weekends (as if the chances of dying are not high enough already)

    Anyone want to guess WHICH story the BBC gave priority to and which one they pretty much ignored?

    Can you imagine if a survey showed you were more likely to die in a private care home than a Government one? The BBC wouldn’t shut up about it.


  17. Teddy Bear says:

    One of the tools the BBC uses to justify their agenda are polls. What’s not disclosed by the BBC, is which sector of the public were approached to obtain this figure.

    Judge for yourself.
    The country is being held to ransom by Wednesday’s strikesWe learn, from the BBC, that six out of 10 people support the public sector strikes.

    According to a poll commissioned by the Corporation, young people in particular are backing state workers and their unions. The noble struggle to save the pensions of those who serve the people from the Tories and their greedy banker friends, as the BBC didn’t quite call it, has especially strong backing from women, etc…

    You can write the rest of the BBC report for yourself. I’m sure you could make up the bit about the midwife forced to go on strike for the first time in her life because she fears having to work when she is ‘a little old lady of 65’.But there is another reason to think the BBC’s survey is wrong. Out beyond the cosy right-thinking world where broadcasters live, people are talking about this strike, in the pubs and the shopping malls and the sports grounds. And not much of what they are saying reflects the idea that Unison and the GMB and the rest are speaking for the general public.

    What they are saying reflects the numbers behind this strike, not the numbers touted by the various propagandists, but the hard state statistics which tell as close to the truth as you are going to get.

    Last week the Office for National Statistics said that an average full-time private sector worker gets £25,000 a year compared to £28,802 for an average full-time public sector worker.

    Unions keep telling us that public sector workers collect pensions that are terribly small. All those school dinner ladies and crossing patrol men will have to survive in retirement on just a few pounds a week, they say.

    So, when you have dried your eyes over the BBC midwife who fears having to work until she reaches the age of 65, try this one. According to the ONS, the average annual pension in the public sector is £7,841.

    Not much to live on, sure. But only a third of private sector workers have a pension from their job at all, and where they do the average pension pot is £26,000, which will produce around £1,400 a year.
    Worth reading the whole article


  18. John Anderson says:

    It is good to see that more and more people in the US are recognising the central role the BBC has played – and is playing – in pushing Climate Alarmism :


  19. John Anderson says:

    I am not sure if anyone has posted the ClimateGate 2 piece by James Delingpole in the Wall Street Journal :


  20. pounce_uk says:

    So very late last night (I’m talking around midnight) hezb-allah launched a rocket attack on Israel. CAIR to guess how improtant the bbC feels it is? I wonder if that is the reason why the bBC leads with how one rocket only just made it over the border and caused no damage, which is then followed by how 2 rockets did cause damage. Yup it must be some of those home-made rockets the bBC loves to bang on about which cause no damage. Yet in reply the jews murdered over 1200 people.


  21. Cassandra King says:

    Here is yet another of the climategate2 emails that our resident Lysenko David Gregory has read and thought contained nothing of interest. It shows the CONsensus, the settled science for what it is. The links between greenpiss and its big eco industry partners and the BBC are clear, what we have detailed over the years is the extent of the incestuous relationship between the BBC and this new industry.

    Greenpeace behind climate “research”

    Research with a foreordained conclusion is not research. It’s fraud

    From the Climategate 2.0 collection, Imperial College’s Sebastian Catovsky is “collaborating” with Greenpeace and he solicits the University of East Anglia’s to do the same:
    Dear Dr Hulme,

    I’m currently a post-doc at Imperial College Silwood Park working predominantly on impacts of global change on natural ecosystems. Recently, however, I’ve begun a collaboration with Greenpeace UK to look at direct impacts of climate change on humans. Greenpeace are keen to relate global issues in climate change to local effects in the UK – so that people can better see the consequences of changing energy consumption patterns. Greenpeace have this idea of distinguishing inevitable changes in climate from those that are avoidable if we reduce fossil fuel use. That way, people can recognize how their actions can achieve something tangible. They’d like to pinpoint specific areas in the UK that will be most sensitive to future climate changes – e.g. certain coastal areas if sea level rises.

    Anyway, they drafted me in to tackle this from a scientific standpoint.

    After some hard thinking, I’ve begun to think that some of the new IPCC Climate Scenarios reflect the inevitable vs. avoidable distinction very well. The A1 family of scenarios reflect a range of emission trajectories that clearly characterize different levels of fossil fuel dependence, from intensive use (A1FI) to alternative energy sources (A1T). Using these scenarios to drive our climate predictions would clearly highlight which impacts are avoidable if we take action now. I’d been now thinking about how we could specifically utilize these scenarios to develop some tangible climate impacts, and Doug Parr at Greenpeace mentioned your name. I think Greenpeace would be interested in investing some resources in the project if we could produce some testible hypotheses about effects of reducing fossil fuel use on UK climate…

    I wonder if you’d be interested in collaborating in such a project. I’d be delighted to hear your thoughts on the matter, either way. At the moment, the project is quite fluid. Obviously, I’d expect to take on the bulk of the work – but I have no experience with running climate simulations etc., so I’d need a kick-start with someone with more experience in climate change modelling. I’d hope that we could benefit from funding from Greenpeace, and at least one credible scientific publication out of the work.

    Let me know your thoughts on this matter. I’d be happy to talk further with you on the phone, if it’s more convenient.

    Best regards,



  22. Cassandra King says:

    The BBC are in classic deflection/protection mode this AM on BBC toady. Nobody has the skill sets or the lack of morals to pull off this kind of scumbag trick, its classic BBC working closely with its leftist friends.

    Reporting that permatan Hain MAY have had his computer hacked when he was NI secretary 2005/2007(no need to relive Hains shame though is there?). The guardian is reporting that the police have warned Hain and the BBC duly report that in order to deflect from the real story which we all know about concerning the Leveson witch hunt/Twatson and order order.

    A classic example of how to create a headline story out of nothing, and here is how it works. A friend or a guardian hack tip off the police that Hain MAY have had his computer hacked while NI secretary, the police have to investigate and contact Hain who is then able to report to the guardian which reports it and the BBC picks it up straight away.

    Hey presto just like magic you have an instant news deflection story and smear against NI, it is time sensitive of course as it is a fabricated non story but it does keep the viewers eye off one story and on the fabricated one, the police will duly report back at some stage that there is no evidence to back up the story but by then the freak show has moved well down the road and the story has done its job.

    Anyone can make accustations of this kind, the police are obliged to follow up the allegations and that becomes the story, its simple and its dishonest and as grubby a tactic as you can think of but it has worked superbly so far. The BBC, Twatson, the left and the guardian work closely together on this kind of dodgy practice, the inquiry was hijacked by this alliance to pursue one end, the persecution and destruction of the lefts main MSM opposition.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      I seem to recall a big fuss on the BBC when some pol they didn’t like disappointed by not lobbing up as expected.

      It will be interesting to see how, or if this gets so discussed as ‘uniquely’.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Any Beeboid upset about job cuts in Birmingham should apply for a job in the US.  The BBC is increasing spending over here and there seems to be no end of positions in producing magazine-style digital media pieces.  The only requirement is that you must support the President and the Occupiers.


  23. Roland Deschain says:

    At around 7:15 this morning on Today was a story about a possible revolt by institutional shareholders in BSkyB against James Murdoch.  Who better to get on than Ian Greenwood, introduced only as Chairman of the Local Authority Pension Fund Forum, who oversee £m of pension investments?

    Sounds nice and impartial, doesn’t it?  Unless this is the same Ian Greenwood who is Labour leader of Bradford Council.  No, couldn’t be.  The BBC would have told us.  Why, he wasn’t even introduced as a politician so he must just be a bean counter with the same name.


    • Cassandra King says:

      Classic BBC bias isnt it?

      The left have got their attack platform all worked out, if the spotlight should shift away from the target they are ready to shift it back again.

      In fact this kangaroo court is simply a BBC/gaurdian/labour attack platform. These scumbags are like terriers, they will not let go, they are determined to keep the spotlight on their enemies.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Rigged polls, context-free ‘expert’ guest input… glad Helen’s genetic impartiality is working at 101%


  24. chris says:

    Some of you may like, or at least relate to some of threads on a forum called Pistonheads. It has a wide cross-section of members, and there are threads about climate change (which the warmists try to stifle with their propaganda), and BBC bias. here is one such thread, about Brian Cox and how “CO2 will decimate humankind”

    On that same forum, there are a few excellent threads regarding MMGW/CC, too.

    Personally, I think the BBC is broken and now rotten to its core, and the news and current affairs section should be made into a subscription package, as it seems to be against people like me, a small business owner in the private sector. I now only use the BBC for the 6 Music radio channel.



  25. noggin says:

    8.45 5live breakfast
    N Campbell, is so biased so withering in every way, over the muslim bro, in egypt,  
     – so many differing factions in it ?????  
     – their idea of sharia???? will be much better  
     – he & t.blair “hoping” that things “could” get better with them holding sway.  
     – it will be “more democratic” with them in power????  
     – get more “liberal” over time etc etc  
    Prof D Ruben (author of 2 books on them), tells him straight  
    he keeps hearing all this talk, he doesn t recognise the fiction  
    this is a disciplined extremist islamist party.  
    no link yet 5live breakfast 8 45


  26. Umbongo says:

    To discuss the prospects for a replacement of the Kyoto protocols, Today hosted an echochamber discussion between Sir David King, the former chief scientific adviser to the government and Sir Jonathon Porritt, environmentalist and co-founder of the Forum for the Future (but – if I heard correctly – introduced bizarrely as a member of the Sustainable Development Commission: a Labour quango closed down by the coalition) but without the handle to his name.  Montague introduced this item with the bald assertion that global temperatures are near the +2C tipping point which is the point of no return.

    Chomsky’s description about the contrick played in democracies whereby fierce conflict is only allowed within the parameters of “acceptable” debate applies to the BBC in spades.  Here were two warmists arguing energetically about the effectiveness of voluntary commitments to a new Kyoto.  God forfend that anyone should be allowed on-air to criticise the notion that this might be a stitch-up supported by dodgy science – and dodgy scientists.  However, Jonathon slipped out that were it not for the Climate Change Act 2008, even our “greenist goovernment ever” might resile from the ruinous nonsense of returning the UK to the Stone Age to prevent what exactly?


    • dave s says:

      Right. A classic case of the BBC completely manipulating the argument to give an appearance of debate.
      It was pretty obvious but so gullible are most of us that the “debate” was probably accepted as real.
      At least it shows the BBC reads the right manuals not just ” 1984″


      • Louis Robinson says:

        dave s -you are correct. Some years ago now, as a boy broadcaster, I interviewed a member of the new and novel transcendental meditation fraternity and learned a valuable lesson in “messaging”.
        I introduced the interview with words penned by a researcher to the effect that “everyone knows TM reduces anxiety and relaxes people” but now the adherents of the movement were claiming that if everyone meditated at the same time, amazingly, crime rates in the city would drop. I thought I sounded skeptical and gave him a tough interview – but he seemed strangely happy with the outcome. I was uneasy.
        Later in the day, I met up with him in the BBC canteen and asked him why he was so happy with such a harsh interview? “Because”, he replied smugly, “the message was not about crime rates at all. The real message he was touting was in the assumption in the question: i.e. “EVERYONE KNOWS TM reduces anxiety and relaxes people”. The hidden message was in the cue material that had been dutifully copied from the TM guy’s press release.
        Lesson: always question the question.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      (but – if I heard correctly – introduced bizarrely as a member of the Sustainable Development Commission: a Labour quango closed down by the coalition)

      That would be worth confirming as, beyond concealing partisan affliliation to suit, making stuff up is less than professionally competent, much less honest.


      • Umbongo says:

        My Site

        Yup – I just replayed the item and Montague said that Porritt “heads up the SDC”.  Not only bias but incompetence: the hallmarks of BBC journalism.  Of course the SDC is up there in the Valhalla of BBC mourned ex-quangos: useless, expensive, manned by a collection of thick-as-sh*t know-nothings and lefty parasites (of all parties) – a copy in miniature of the BBC Trust.


      • Reed says:

        The SDC has indeed been closed down…

        The Sustainable Development Commission, which closed on 31 March 2011, held Government to account to ensure the needs of society, the economy and the environment were properly balanced in the decisions it made and the way it ran itself. This is an archive site.

        The BBC’s current affairs department needs to get a handle of the term ‘current’.


    • Deborah says:

      I was fascinated by the force used by Montague as she screamed that there was this +2 degrees tipping point – was quite heated about it.  Why? Was it what was being whispered into her earpiece by the producers?  But it really was quite weird.

      And haven’t the IPCC said that we are not going to get a great increase in temps for some years?


  27. George R says:

    Future Radio 5 schedules?


    ‘Following the Marmite spill on the M1, we are devoting the rest of today’s programmes to discussing this substance and how it divides British society. What do you think? Why is Marmite so controversial?’

    ‘On Wednesday, it’s your phone-in to tell us why you blame this government for the strikes.’


    ‘On Thursday, we take up the question of what’s the problem, if any, with Muslims being polygamous in Britain. We would like all polygamous Muslims to contact us so that you can get your message across.’


  28. George R says:

    Re-interminable LEVESON,:

    BBC-NUJ seems to be exceptionally understanding and knowing when a journalist says of the organisation he worked for that it was:

    “not a truth-seeking enterprise.”

    (First sentences of BBC-NUJ report below)


  29. George R says:

    INBBC: supporting Pakistan against NATO and Britain.  
    On ‘Today’ this morning, INBBC gave a propaganda spot to Pakistan representative, but NOT to any NATO representative.  
    This indicates which side INBBC is on this conflict.  
    On a day to day basis, INBBC reporting from Pakistan area is heavily depenendent on INBBC local employees,  many of whom are Muslim Pakistanis. To whom do they give their first political loyalty? To the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.  
    Alternative reports to those of INBBC:  
    “Taliban, artillery, and lies in Mohmand Agency”

    By Matt Dupee  
    Read more:


    “Pakistan and the US: it’s becoming deadly serious”

    by Robert Fox  
    Read more:



    Afghan officials: “Forces were retaliating for gunfire from two Pakistani army bases”  
    For the record:  INBBC’s one-sided (pro-Pakistan) presentation on ‘Today’ (7 min audio)  


  30. Louis Robinson says:

    Friends, Romans, Beeboids, listen and learn from Gerard Baker, former BBC news producer (1998-94) and current Deputy Editor-in-Chief at the Wall Street Journal. (Watch the clip between 1’00” – 3’30”)


  31. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ already forming its political opposition to the newly elected ‘centre-right’ government.  
    How does BBC-NUJ’s Ms RAINSFORD do this?

    By politically setting herself up as political spokesperson of the interests of homosexuals, bisexuals and pro-abortionists!  
    “Spain gay rights and abortion activists fear backlash”  
    By Sarah Rainsford  

    Question for BBC-NUJ’s Ms Rainsford: ‘gays fear backlash’ – since when?


  32. John Anderson says:

    Roger Harrabin has replied at some length to the broadside article by David Rose at the Mail.   Sounds like the BBC – or at least Harrabin – is needing to take the charges seriously.   I find Harrabin’s reply fairly specious,  and we should not that he is defending only his own position, not the other charges that David Rose made about the incestuous relationship with Warmists.

    Harrabin has posted his piece online at the BBC’s in-house mag,  Ariel.   The comments at BishopHill already seem to tear much of Harrabin’s defence apart. 

    I think one key point is this – the best-known challenges to the Hockey Stick, for example, were by McIntrye and McKitrick.  Harrabin claims the sceptics have been interviewed – but these 2 key challengers have never been interviewed by the BBC.  And McIntyre is not even a sceptic – he merely dug into the Hockey Stick statistical treatment and found it was a total crock.   I have never ever seen or heard any of the leading scientific sceptics on the BBC.

    I expect David Rose at the Daily Mail will now take Harrabin’s defence apart.  


    • John Anderson says:

      and isn’t it odd that Harrabin spends all this time defending himself – but NO TIME reporting on the very serious signs of impropriety revealed in the ClimateGate II emails ?


      • George R says:

        A reprise of Melanie Phillips on this:

        “Another journalistic scandal — so where’s the outrage?”


        “Until recently, it might have been assumed that the cause of such exclusion by the BBC was simple ideological bias. For the past two weekends, however, David Rose in the Mail on Sunday has been showing that something far worse has been going on. Yesterday, Rose revealed that the BBC was so deeply in the pocket of AGW scientists that its reporting of AGW was utterly compromised.
        “Trawling through the second tranche of leaked emails from the nerve centre of AGW theory at East Anglia university in ‘Climategate 2’, Rose discovered, for example, that the leading UK research unit on global warming, the UEA’s Tyndall Centre, had spent £15,000 on seminars for top BBC executives in an apparent bid to block climate change sceptics from the airwaves. Last week, Rose wrote a related story about the involvement of the BBC’s ‘environment analyst’ Roger Harrabin in those Tyndall Centre-funded seminars.”


        “Just imagine if, hypothetically, it had been revealed that the BBC had been quietly paid by the oil industry to shoot down AGW theory through sponsored seminars, vetted scripts and the exclusion of green activists from the airwaves. Or that it had been paid to promote in similar fashion the agenda of American neoconservatives, or bankers and hedge-fund managers, or UKIP, and correspondingly keep critics of the neocons, bankers or UKIP off the air. Does anyone think that following such revelations not one word would be published elsewhere – or would there be absolute uproar?
        Merely to pose the question is to realise just how complete is the rout.”


  33. Louis Robinson says:

    An iranian rent-a-mb broke into the British Embassy in Tehran. “There was a lot of anger…” says the BBC report. No there wasn’t. This was a staged demo, chaps. The chants and shouts are rehearsed for the TV. They are part of the “angry demonstration” template useful idiots in the media are meant to report. Giving credence to the “anger” raises it above what it was: bought and paid for by the Iranian government. I’ve seen enough staged demos to know that the anger – like everything else – was faked for the cameras. 


    • George R says:

      BBC-NUJ regards the British government as more of an enemy of the British people than is the Islamic Republic of Iran’s government.


      • George R says:

        ‘Jihadwatch:-Iran: Protesters storm British embassy, enter premises

        [Opening extract]

        “They so badly want a repeat of the U.S. embassy takeover. A member of Iran’s assembly suggested it while commenting on yesterday’s resolution that called Britain ‘worse than the devil’ and called for the expulsion of its ambassador. He said ‘The British government should know that if they insist on their evil stances, the Iranian people will punch them in the month, exactly as happened against America’s den of spies.’ Another legislator called for the embassy to be padlocked.
        One day later, willing minions have tried to oblige in taking over the embassy. ”

        -CLOSE DOWN Iran’s anti-West, anti-British propaganda arm in UK:

        Ahmadinejad’s ‘PRESS TV’ which broadcasts propaganda against us via Sky satellite 24/7 from its Ealing, LONDON studios still!

        INBBC invariably politically backpedals on the Islamic Republic of Iran.

        Does INBBC reserve its political venom for Israel instead?


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      “There was a lot of anger…” says the BBC report. 

      Much more of the ‘anger’ excuse as deployed at the drop of an ‘oopsie’ from one of Aunty’s favoured pyscho groupings, and folk may get grumpy.

      And they won’t like us when we’re grumpy. Sleeping giant, Yamamoto predictive stylky.


  34. noggin says:

    Iranian protest leads to embassy incursion,”  CNN
    Chanting Death to England Telegraph,

    do you think they might ……”feel the love”… all

    maybe they feel bolstered wishing that if Syria goes under
    there would be “shia” joy, and a new red cresent.

    “Britain..worse than the devil”
    yep! certainly appears to be a lot of “wonderful” arab springyness around
    come on lets join, “el beebs carnival” atmosphere

    what could go wrong 😀


    • George R says:

      INBBC’s Mr REYNOLDS, and pontificator in chief says of Iranians:

      “there is a lot of anger among the protesters.”

      And, for the record, Mr Reynolds, although INBBC may well censor it:

      -there is a lot of anger among Britons against the Islamic Republic of Iran regime.

      INBBC’s Reynolds plays the Pontius Pilate role.

      Britain is being threatened by Iran, and INBBC, true to political form is saying, ‘on the one hand, on the other hand’.


      • deegee says:

        There is a lot of anger from the protesters but apparently none from the BBC.  *DONT_KNOW*


        • noggin says:

          Yes, the Gov will have to really show, they mean business
          and send in the dynamic duo of Rumple Rifkind & William Vague
          along with his erm”bedwarmer”, (& obligatory mr teddy).
          To give a simpering speech, urging calm.

          That should do it 😀
          eh! Dave


  35. Teddy Bear says:

    Reading today about the amount of children tortured and murdered by Assad’s forces in Syria, I couldn’t resist looking at how the BBC were covering this story. This is their latest article

        Russia calls for end to ‘ultimatums’ against Syria

        Russia is one of President Bashar al-Assad’s few remaining allies
        Russia has said Syria should not be issued with any more ultimatums, a day after the West called for more action against President Bashar al-Assad.
        Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said further attempts should be made to engage Damascus in political dialogue.

    Then we’re told about the UN finding of children tortured by Syrian troops, then back again to this Russian again who says:

        “Right now, the most important thing is to stop acting by means of ultimatums and try to move toward political dialogue,” Mr Lavrov said.
        Speaking in Moscow, he also criticised a possible arms embargo against Syria, suggesting it could prevent the government from gaining weapons but not its opponents.
        “We know how that worked in Libya when the arms embargo only applied to the Libyan army, the opposition received weapons,” Mr Lavrov told reporters.
        Mr Lavrov said it was unfair to expect the Syrian government not to respond to the unrest. “For the most part, armed groups are provoking the authorities,” he said.
    So far it appears the Russians are bending over backwards to be fair and protect the rights of the Assad regime, and that if the West only talked to them all would be okay – it’s just a misunderstanding.

    Anybody reading on would then see

        Russia has resisted attempts by the US and Europe to draft a UN Security Council resolution condemning Mr Assad’s crackdown. Syria is a significant purchaser of Russian arms.
        State-run Russia Today reported on Monday that Moscow had deployed warships to its base on Syria’s Mediterranean coast, in what appears to be a further show of support for the Assad government.

    I know when I started reading this article, even before I got to the one sentence I underlined above, that FOR SURE Russia had a large financial interest in Syria, and not from any previous research, just knowing that Russians are not known for their concern about human rights, so their argument had something else at it’s core, Sure enough a quick Google search, and the first article I find tells me

    Moscow has longstanding economic and strategic ties with Damascus. According to the Moscow Times, the Russian embassy reported exports of $1.1 billion to Syria in 2010 and investment valued at $19.4 billion in 2009. Russian companies are involved in joint oil ventures and construction as well as substantial arms sales. Russia has a servicing point for its naval vessels in the Syrian port of Tartous—the only Russian military facility outside the former Soviet republics. China also has significant economic interests at stake in Syria.

    Shouldn’t the BBC be making this clear from the start, and show its readers exactly what Russia is really about, and what dynamics are really going on in the UN Security Coiuncil?


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      It looks like a poor editorial choice, but is probalby in line with BBC standards.  Give the sexy superficial points about the story first, then he said/she said, and only then give background context.


      • Teddy Bear says:

        Give the sexy superficial points about the story first, then he said/she said, and only then give background context.  
        I can’t believe this is the way they learned to communicate in their ‘media college’ courses. Probably more how they learned to communicate to get their slant across on one of the other ‘courses’ they attend once they get into the BBC, like Common Purpose for example. 


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          It’s more or less what I was taught in a 9th grade journalism course, and was again reinforced in an English course I was required to take in college.  Not that it should be applied in all cases at all times, especially since in this case the background is the key element.


  36. David Preiser (USA) says:

    I think I’ve discovered why the Birmingham Beeboids are upset about having to leave the Mailbox and move to Bristol:

    Updated with video: Huge cannabis factory discovered in Birmingham city centre

    A cannabis factory containing up to 400 plants has been discovered in Birmingham city centre.

    Police found the huge drugs haul in a two story building on Hill Street, less than 100 metres away from New Street Station and the Mailbox.


  37. George R says:

    When will Director General THOMPSON sack HARRABIN?


  38. John Anderson says:

    George R

    Harrabin’s weaselly reply to the David Rose article has been posted online at Ariel – the BBC’s inhouse paper – NOT on the BBC website.   In an earlier post I linked to Harrabin’s piece as posted at the BishopHill website :

    Harrabin’s piece should have been posted under the Editor’s blogs on the BBC website.  Tucking it away at Ariel strikes me as another part of the cover-up of ClimateGate 2.   A week on,  and many of us are now familiar with dozens of the incrimination emails – but the BBC has not printed or broadcast a single one of them.   And Harrabin says he does not operate in collusion with the Warmists ?   Bollocks.


    • George R says:

      Yes. And I would add that if THOMPSON does not move to sack HARRABIN on this, THOMPSON  should be made to resign.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      I wonder if the fact that this was in Ariel is indicative of some unhappiness pointed his way from the inside?  That he (or someone higher up) feels he has to justify his actions to his own colleagues is rather interesting.


  39. George R says:

    This is what you get sacked for at the BBC-NUJ:

    “Sam Mason sacked from BBC radio Bristol” (Nov 2008).

    Of course, she should never have been sacked, and should have been reinstated.

    And, of course, evidence like the following on certain ‘Asian’ Bristol taxidrivers proves her point (scroll down to video):

    “Caught on camera: Taxi driver runs his passenger down in 3am row over £2 fare”

    Read more:


  40. dave s says:

    What is really getting to me is the increasing inability of reporters, interviewees, politicians etc to pronounce their “T” s particularly if it is at the end of the word.
    Why do otherwise obviously semi educated members of the middle class do it?
    Is it to make them sound “ordinary” or is it ,as I suspect, because they have a deep contempt for their own language and those who try to speak it correctly.
    I very much doubt Chinese or Indian students are allowed such sloppy speech.
    Such a pity. It makes me want to ignore any speaker who does this with the “T” for it is indicatative of a sloppy approach to the subject.
    Mind you any culture that can take “East Enders ” seriously is beyond hope.


  41. Martin says:

    When Ken Russell popped his clogs the other day the very FIRST thing that came to mind of Radio 5’s very very camp Colin Patterson was the male nude wrestling scene from some film.

    You could hear the ‘excitment’ in his voice. 


  42. John Anderson says:

    This Wall Street Journal article demolishes all the BBC’s stupid belief in the Warmist cult :


  43. George R says:


    Melanie Phillips presents a different political analysis of Iran to the weak one by Hague (and, I would say, by INBBC):

    “Hague shakes his puny fist in the thirty years’ invisible war”


    • noggin says:

      oops didn t catch this george, m phillips acidic/precise as always.  
      William Vague, will have to write them a letter, he and Rumple Rifkind, will have to work out the best way to “take one fer the lads”……that ll show em!  
      please sir may i have another  😀


  44. cjhartnett says:

    Heck…not only a relatively good piece from Evan Davis this morning, but a good programme from Alan Yentob(the Jews of Iraq-Radio 4 8p.m tonight).
    That is two reasonably good broadcasts on the same day.
    If this carries on ,I might need to put a jar aside to pay the Beeb by results…reckon its 25p I owe them now!


  45. George R says:

    A reminder to Cameron and Hague (and to INBBC) what the
    Islamic Republic of Iran is all about (2010 account):

    “Iran’s Global Terrorist Reach”By Walid Phares

    And while Cameron-Hague-Clegg give away more of the British people’s money (with Beeboid encouragement) as so called ‘foreign aid’, the state of Britain’s ‘defence’ is embarrassingly weak, e.g.

    “Defence cuts: Carrier ‘fully operational in 2030′”


  46. John Anderson says:

    Newt Gingrich says he is agnostic on ManMade Globa;Warming.   I expect that will get him even less coverage on the BBC,  even though he keeps heading opinion polls in states with early primary elections.  With Cain looking likely to withdraw,  Gingrich will be even stronger against Mitt Romney.

    But then of course the BBC hardly spends much time on Romney either.   I would guess that their Palin Derangement Syndrome led them to spend more time on her than all the REAL Republican  candidates put together.