You can always rely on the BBC to paint Israel in the blackest colours. Take this headline currently running on the BBC portal “Israel strikes Gaza after “truce”.  You have to do some reading to understand that this is all a consequence of Hamastan firing rockets into Israel in the hope of some random killing of Jews.

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  1. hippiepooter says:

    You have to read a very long way down to know the Israeli’s were responding to the breach of a brokered ceasefire.

    At the very, very best, this headline is gross incompetence.  I strongly suspect it isn’t though.

    John Donnison can proceed to walk safely in Gaza.


  2. pounce_uk says:

    Thank you for highlighting this David. The reason why so many people in the UK have become anti-Semitic is simply down to biased reporting from the likes of the bBC which twists the story so that the victims become the aggressors. Even now the bbC is covering the story by blaming the Israelis for the current bun-fight.


    Yet anybody who follows the news from the region from reputable sources understands only too well that with Syria looking like it is next in line to fall , which will result in the reduction of Iranian influence in the region. (Iran wanted Hamas to open up a new front in which to take the pressure off Syria, Hamas refused and thus Iran has cut all links with Hamas ) Which is why Hamas has had to look again at its relationship with Israel, Fatah and the Non-Iranian world. Resulting in prisoner releases, the call for elections and a clamp down on pro-Iranian groups.


    Yet instead of reporting the news as it is, the bBC reports it as only its leftwing ideology will allow it to. Israel bad, Terrorists good.


    This warped mindset is perfectly illustrated by how Dez the bBC mouth piece (sorry did I say mouth, I meant arse) tried to claim that actually the bBC did inform the plebs that the Pals fired first by linking into an article from August. Yeah right mate, what next the bBC reporting about the attack on Pearl Harbour in which to lambast the US for nuking Japan.


  3. Andrew says:

    In many ways this is really clever stuff.  The vast majority receive our news these days on a continuous 15 minute loop.  Its shallow and unless you’re looking to properly analyse the story (which 99% of the time were aren’t), the effect is that you pretty much take the story and headline at face value.

    I think there’s something else with this story and has also occured in many of the other Israel stories of this nature.  Does anyone else think that the story looks badly written and seems to jump all over the place.

    As Hippie points out, you have to go quite a way into the story to see evidence of any direct comment about the rocket attacks.  The early text alludes to it.  Take these two paragraphs:

    BBC Gaza correspondent Jon Donnison says an escalation of violence could jeopardise those releases.
    Amongst the first batch of releases were members of Islamic Jihad, the group involved in the violence on Saturday.

    Look at that “group involved in the violence” quote.  Odd isn’t it because to this point in the article the violence has been portrayed as being only from Israel?  So there are two sides to this story but aside from this vague reference you wouldn’t really know what has been happening.

    I think the real magic happens later on, where we get a picture of the mortars and rockets.  Again there’s something seemingly sloppy in the writing in that it jumps all over the place, with some reference to timelines, but they’re still a bit vague.

    But here’s the effect.  The story doesn’t follow in a linear fashion. There are some times and some numbers but the one thing you really cannot grasp from this is precisely who did what and when.  There’s no clear start point to the story.  We go forwards, jump back a bit, jump back a bit further and spring to the present again.  The way this report is written it is virtually impossible to draw a clear picture of what happened.

    In fact the only thing you can really make any sense of is the the story as it is presented at the start of the article, which coincidentally paints a picture of Israel unilaterally launching an attack on Gaza and killling someone and blowing Egypt’s ceasefire out of the water. 

    Milton Erickson, the famous or infamous hypnotherapist depending on your viewpoint is often referred to developing something known as Ericksonian language.  If I understand correctly he identified that to influence someone you had to bypass their conscious mind and get to their subconscious.  The way to achieve this was to use vague language and patterns in which your critical mind was unable to process and really make sense of.  That way the idea you really wanted to plant could be inserted right where you needed it to be because your critical reasoning skills had been effectively hoodwinked.

    I’m not certain that this is precisely what the BBC are doing but certainly the way this story is written, has a similar effect.  The one thing that you cannot guage from this story is the culpability of Islamic Jihad in this story.  The result is you cannot really ascribe any responsibility to them. 

    We might find that out because we’ve seen enough to start peering behind the veil, but for those who don’t know it and get their news bitesize it becomes a perfect piece anti Israel propoganda.

    If it wasn’t so sinister, you could marvel at it.


    • hippiepooter says:

      The BBC used to be more overt in blaming Israel as the aggressor when it has responded to aggression.  The headline is the same old same old, but it appears that monitoring is having some effect on BBC [mis]reporting as Donnison is very careful to build in plausible deniability to his piece that he wasn’t trying to portray Israel as the aggressor breaking a ceasefire agreement.  There’s enough suckers to fall for it, but the Nazi Left at the BBC seems to think the public are getting a little more clued up now, hence the labyrinthine swaying through his piece like a drunk trying to appear sober.

      The title is all he wanted people to read though.  hic.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Lack of linear progression becomes academic when the magic of BBC stealth editting is at play…

       “Israel strikes Gaza after “truce”

      As one presumes the above was quoted from the initial outing, for some reason one is sure will become clear it has now become ‘ceasefire’, still in quotes so it may as well have been ‘Jabberwocky’.

      Notice they are asking ‘viewers’ to ‘share their views’. Where might these appear, after being ‘carefully selected’?


  4. tiger says:

    They absolutely know that they are bring watched.

    The structure of the report is very clever. The Headline is that Israel has broken a ceasefire and killed a Palestinian [not a prime Palestinian militant]. Average reader reads the bold print headline and thinks “another needless military attack on the poor innocent Palestinian civilians”

    In truth in the last few paragarphs is the story. DFLP militants have been firing rockets into Isreali civilian areas killing a civilian and injuring others. Israel have had enough and in surgical air strikes take out militant combatants who are responsible.

    Amended headline “Israel launches surgical air stirkes killing militant Palestians responsible for killing Israeli civilian”


  5. Teddy Bear says:

    Melanie Phillips has produced another fine article in the Daily Mail as an update to her original one on this subject.  
    Journalism, propaganda and moral confusion (part two)  


  6. John Anderson says:

    The moral-equivocation letter from the Middle East editor of the BBC News website is signed Tarik Kafala.  
    A good old Anglo-Saxon name,  I thought.  
    Tarik is a common Arab/Muslim first-name – and Mr Kafala already has quite a bit of form as an apologist eg for the Muslim Brotherhood,  judging by a quick Google search.  For instance :  
    So,  for BBC website articles on the Israel/Palestine question,  we have “journalists” who are either anti-semitic,  anti-Israel or at best dhimmi – all overseen by an Arab editor oatthe website making sure everything is ticketyboo.  
    Now why am I not surprised ? 


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      \BBC editors are genetically impartial, and hiring or appointing to postions of influence are carried out purely on the basis of experience and being the best professional fit for the job at hand.’ 

      No hint of tweaking on internal criteria over and above those that cull many at even entry level into the corporation.

      At least this chap has a bit more chance at speaking the lingo over Jezza ‘the man in the Marrakesh Omnibus’ translator told me’ Bowen.

      Though the impartiality aspect may still have a wee question mark over it.


    • sue says:

      I did that bit of research too. But then I thought, I mustn’t let myself do a Richard Ingrams!
      We have to watch ourselves, and yet….and yet.
      Other than nota’s article, I couldn’t find any background on Mr. Kafala, apart from this. (From a  Pdf of a BBC strategy document of some sort.) I notice that he’s there to add extra authority….extra to Mr. J Bowen!!


  7. Biodegradable says:

    When the BBC talk of a “brokered truce” they are lying through their teeth.

    Barak: IDF doesn’t heed empty calls for cease fires

    Defense Minister Ehud Barak said the IDF does not pay attention to empty calls for cease fires from various terrorist groups, in an interview on Monday with Army Radio. If they want a cease fire, Islamic Jihad and Hamas will need to actually stop their attacks, he explained. He added that Israel holds Hamas accountable for all rocket fire from Gaza.


    As senior defense chiefs spent Sunday preparing for a further escalation, they treated reports of a new cease-fire with skepticism, after Gazans shattered a brief calm by attempting to fire a rocket into Israel around 3 p.m.

    The terrorist cell that prepared the rocket for launch was struck successfully by an air force aircraft, thwarting the attack. The cell reportedly belonged to the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine. One terrorist was killed and another was seriously wounded.

    Despite reports of a ceasefire, municipal officials in Ashdod, Ashkelon, Beersheba and Gan Yavne decided to take no chances and canceled classes at all schools in their districts.