46 Responses to GADAFFI – THE END

  1. David Preiser (USA) says:

    If Libyans got him and it wasn’t white imperialist colonials who killed him, then the BBC has no right to judge, no right to make noise about human rights.  Any complaint by the BBC about how he met his demise is merely judgmental and an elite white cadre trying to impose their own values on others. πŸ™‚


  2. james1070 says:

    Probably the best thing that could happen for all sides. Look what happened when Sadam was tried and executed. Sadam died like a man with dignity surrounded by a bunch of incompetent animals.


    • cjhartnett says:

      How true.
      Imagine Prescott or Blair showing such fearless courage on the gallows.
      Prescott would implode if his pie shop closed early.
      That Saddam had more courage than those flabby Western creeps that would have shook his hand if he had won in 1988 in his Iranian war spoke volumes.


  3. The Beebinator says:

    Mad Dog is dead, maybe they should have decapitated him instead, islam style



  4. Paddy says:

    It’s funny, auntie told us that Cameron and Sarkozy’s bombing would only produce a civil war which would last years and would split Libya. I wonder if one eyed mactavish had bombed, I wonder if they would have hailed him as a Gretchen leader.

    Its funny, they also suggested the UK would not have Muslim terror attacks just before 7/11

    They are as about as good at predictions as the Met office.

    Maybe they should sack their military strategy experts and re employ Russel Grant. At least he could tell you if you were going to have a good day at work and what COLOUR uniform suited your star sign.


  5. Paddy says:

    Great…… Bloody ipad


  6. Martin says:

    The BBC have been mouring the death of Liebore’s best friend today. Mark Urban on Newsnight was telling us that Gadfly was ‘finished off with a bullet to the head’.

    Sounds good to me.


  7. Norton Folgate says:

    Just wait, it’s only a matter of time before we get;



    • noggin says:

      well not far off… 5contrive phone in on gadaffi death right or wrong, within about ten mins, callers are ranting about justification for occupy wall street?????
      how did they get through the el beeb “inquisition” πŸ™‚  i wonder?maybe it will get to linking it to climate change


  8. Beness says:

    But what are the thoughts of Polly Toynbee, Billy Bragg, laurie Penny and yasmin alibi brown…..

     Can’t wait to hear the words of the worlds wisest…..


    • Martin says:

      Don’t forget George Galloway, I’m sure the BBC will be getting them all lined up for a good old love in for Liebore’s favourite mass murderer tomorrow.

      I’m expecting Dame Nikki Campbell to be in tears for Gaddafi.


  9. davejan says:

    pity no one puts a bullet in the BBC


  10. Richard Pinder says:

    Another Socialist bites the dust with the end of the Great Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. History will be rewritten again, Gaddafi was not a Great Socialist, Stalin was not a Soviet Socialist and Hitler was not a National Socialist.


  11. Reed says:

    Just wait for Dateline London – Abdel Bari Atwan will be in full indignation mode, having lost his paymaster.


  12. ian says:

    Now to get that cancerous Lockerbie c**t.


  13. pounce_uk says:

    I happened to come across the bBCs review of tomorrow’s papers. The topic when I tuned in was ‘Gadiffi’ and the presenter ( bloke) was opining about the fear that he must have been feeling. The other guy was rabbiting on about how NATO had bombed Libya with weapons of mass destruction which left me feeling that come friday the flag will be at half mast and everybody at the beeb will be wearing a black armband.


  14. Louis Robinson says:

    If Bush were still President there’d be a Panorama investigation into the assassination of a foreign leader as part of an illegal shoot to kill campaign (drones).  


  15. JohnW says:

    Where’s the outrage that should be forthcoming from the BBC? I mean, what about the sensibilities of Muslims? Aren’t the BBC grossly offended that Ghaddafi wasn’t accorded the dignity of a secret burial at sea as was Bin Laden? Why aren’t they pressing all their Muslim friends and rent-a-mob to get to the streets in protest at this outrage?

    I think we know why.


  16. It's all too much says:

    I drove through Lockerbie on the one lane open on the A74 just after the bombing of Pan Am 103.  The housing estate was still on fire.

    Can’t say I have much sympathy for the megalomaniac, dangerous mad bastard.

    Clearly the usual BBC fellow travelers and useful idiots will be wheeled out with a “knee jerk” leftist response.  [By the way anyone notice how silent the BBC has been on the wholescale rejection of the appeals of the i-pod rioters?  I remember thepet BBC Toynbee leftist chatterati telling me that all convictions would be chucked out….]


  17. Martin says:

    I swear to god Dame Nikki Campbell was close to tears talking about Gaddafi this morning.


    • Grant says:

      I posted below before I read yours. Yes, this is a dreadful time for the BBC. They never saw an evil person they did not love !


  18. Geyza says:

    A parent of a victim of the Lockerbie tragedy was on BBC Breakfast this morning and was given leave to talk, uninterupted and at length about a conspiracy theory surrounding the bombing. Now whether there is, or is not, merit to the ‘Iran really did it’ theory or not, I was intruiged as to why the BBC would allow this conspiracy theorist spout at length uninterrupted about a conspiracy theory which would clear Gadaffi of links with the Lockerbie case, and yet they relentlessly stiffle any other thoeries which the BBC do not like.

    For example, they would constantly interrupt someone who had a different theory about climate change, or Israel or even the 9/11 attacks.  But this man was allowed to spout his unproven theory, at  length without interruption.

    I think this rates a Hmmmmmmmm.


    • NotaSheep says:

      I heard a smiliar interview on 5Live yesterday ealy evening. The person I heard was Doctor Jim Swire who has been banging this particular drum for quite a while now. You are right about which contrary views the BBC allow to be heard and which they do not. However in this particular instance the contrary view has a lot to commend it – read Private Eye’s expose off Lockerbie some years back and much since.


    • Martin says:

      Did the BBC not point out Gaddafi paid blood money to the victims, isn’t that an admission of guilt?


  19. Gerald says:

    A little off topic I know, and I shouldn’t really feel this way, but how I long for a similar picture of Robrt Mugabe and his cronies who have wrecked a wonderful country.


  20. Martin says:

    As predictable as ever the Radio 5 phone in is about Gaddafi not getting justice, can’t wait to hear which left wing hand wringers Dame Nikki has lined up for us.

    And on another matter I was wondering why Radio 5 was boring us all shitless about smoe ‘toff’ who had her wedding ruined by the opera singers she booked.

    Then I found out why the BBC did this story, it was in the Guardian, yet more proof that the Guardian is the only paper the BBC use for their stories.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Tut, tut.  All these elitist Westerners trying to impose their cultural values on others.


  21. Martin says:

    Radio 5 has turned into the usual socialist workers party love fest this morning. 

    We get the ‘west wanted Gaddafi out’, really? So how come Blair sucked up to the Gaddafi then? Hardly wanting him out, this is of course ignored by Dame Nikki.

    The leftists totally ignoring that this mission had UN support, normally when the UN don’t back military action the leftists are ranting away on Radio 5 saying the west has acted illegally once again.

    Some leftist moron also went unchallenged by Dame Nikki when he claimed that Cameron wanted Libya to take the attention off the economy? WHAT! The bloody BBC hasn’t shut up about the economy and ‘Tory cuts’ for months.


  22. As I See It says:

    Switching between BBC and Sky coverage yesterday afternoon I did notice that the Beeb, unlike their non-licence funded rival, couldn’t seem to find that recent footage of Blair and Brown pressing the flesh with the Mad Dog.


  23. My Site (click to edit) says:


    Mr. Mardell? Calling Mr. Mardell…. you’re on.

    On matters despot toppling, whilst I don’t think ‘suicide by baying mob’ is going to spin well no matter how its dressed up, historically in sieges if you give up you stand a chance of making it through; if you torch the country to save your own hide, and make a bunch of besiegers suffer, then it seldom ended well.


  24. Martin says:

    Iraqi tosspot on Radio 5 being allowed to spout utter crap about Libya and not challenged by Vikki Pollard. Pollard of course interupts the Libyan, now the BBC have managed to focus on an anti Tory slant, which is that some ToryMP wants Libya to pay back what we spent on the war. Radio 5 are now going big on this.

    Then Iraqi moron goes on about NATO bombing and filling THOUSANDS of people, well this must have missed the BBC then as I’m sure the BBC would have reproted this with great glee, yet Pollard does nothing to challenge him.

    Then we get the leftists on moaning that this was all to secure oil, but I thought that was what the last socialists government kissed Gaddafi’s arse for oh and released the mass murderer at Lockerbie?

    I just love the wat the BBC/left igonre the last 13 years of Liebore as if it never happened


  25. Grant says:

    For the BBC , this is a death in the family.  One of their great heroes has gone.
    For me , it is wonderful news that this verminous scum is dead . A happy day for all decent people, but a day of mourning at the BBC. 


  26. George R says:

    Such is the anti-Toryism and short termism of INBBC that it keeps on repeating the ‘moral maze’ question as to whether Cameron’s policy on Libya was warranted; but INBBC obliterates  references to Labour’s ties with Gaddafi, and to Lockerbie cover up by Labour and SNP.

    Next INBBC will have on its c hum Ms S Chakrabarti as though she had no ties with Gaddafis in her Islamic London School of Economics role.


  27. George R says:

    SOMALIA too.

    Just as INBBC relegates the significance of Islamic motivation in Libyan politics, so too INBBC relegates the Islamic motives and actions of al-Shabab in Somalia.

    E.g. INBBC falsely propagandises:


    “But it [al Shabab] has rarely acted outside Somalia…”

    This is not true; it has committed jihad on the high seas, regardless of territorial waters.

    2.) INBBC is keen to distance al Shabab from the kidnapping and murder of French disabled woman.

    This is INBBC’s WILL ROSS:-

    “The Kenyan government is likely to portray Mrs Dedieu’s death as another reason to justify the incursion into Somalia to fight al-Shabab. But analysts say there is no concrete proof that al-Shabab was behind the recent kidnappings and the group has denied any involvement in them.”

    Who are these unnamed ‘analysts’, Mr Ross? Yourself?


    Somalia: Al-Shabaab seeks ransom for body of 66-year-old, wheelchair-bound French hostage who died in captivity

    And, from ‘Jihadwatch’ report, here is the headline from Agence Presse- which INBBC censors.

    “‘Barbarians’ demand ransom for Frenchwoman’s body,” from Agence France-Presse

    The partial INBBC ‘report’ is here:

    “French hostage Marie Dedieu held in Somalia dies”



  28. Grant says:

    Apparently Amnesty International are calling for an inquiry into Gaddafi’s death. Incredible !


    • deegee says:

      I expect 50 people will turn up to claim they shot Gaddafi. Over time that number will triple.


  29. cjhartnett says:

    Tory Cuts in Tripoli hospitals allowed MRSA to rear its ugly head once again.
    The NHS will be pleased that those Libyan community nurses were shown to be as bad as ours when it comes to treating the old.
    It`s a worldwide problem you see…started under Bush in America…and not even the consolation of a cream pie from Johnny Al Marbli!
    How dare they treat Blairs pal like this?…


  30. John Horne Tooke says:
    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Funny the commenter spat, that is very Life of Brian ‘Popular Front’


  31. Beness says:

    OT: talking of Jonnie Marble, wasn’t his girl friend on the scene at Dale farm. though i heard a sky news juornalist refer to her.

     they really have no other use do they.


  32. George R says:

    “Bad man killed — but worse may win”

    (by Melanie Phillips)



  33. hippiepooter says:

    Yesterday during Bacon R5L, BBC Correspondent Rob Watson interviewed two evidently highly sophisticated and educated Libyan ladies who’d just come out smiling from the Libyan Embassey (00:17:21):-  
    RW:  Let me ask you, is this as big a deal as the fall of Tripoli, or bigger?  
    Libyan Lady 1:  This is a bigger deal than the fall of Tripoli because we need our closure and er, to see him in the state, I mean just now on Twitter, an image of his head just being sort of shot, um you know, in the forehead, that’s the closure that we’ve all been looking for, although people I think are going to be pretty kind of angry that they had so many ways, um, of imagining his end and wanted more excruciating I think, more painful, uh, end to him, but I think um .. yeah.  
    RW:  Uh, um, I mean obviously I dont think everything is entirely confirmed, I’m getting the impression that you two would have preferred him to be put on trial in some way, is that right?  
    Libyan Lady 1:  Um, if he was put on trial, then you know, we would have a show for G*d knows how many weeks, months and maybe even years, of someone putting on a narcissistic rant, you know, just horrible person probably talking and talking, all the rhetoric that he’s used against Libya for so many years, it would have been, you know – I dont know – maybe a waste of time.  
    RW:  What about you, would you, I mean if he has indeed come to an end as a result of the conflict in Sirte, is that better for you than him going on trial and maybe having to answer questions from his accusers and the people?  
    Libyan Lady 2:  I think it is better for all the Libyans because I think – everybody knows his guilty, what’s the point of putting him on trial?   
    Oh dear.  I dont think these two Libyan ladies were projecting the image of Arabs that Rob Watson wanted him too