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  1. hippiepooter says:

    We have a deluge of coverage of non-existant ‘Islamophobia’ in Britain, next to nothing about the deluge of Moslem persecution of Christians in the world where people actually die.  100’s, 1000’s of them.

    Con Coughlin’s coverage has nothing to do with left, right or centre.  *Anyone on the democratic spectrum would give it the coverage he has.  We are, after all, supposed to be against people being killed for what they believe, and stand up for those facing this evil.  Why do the BBC seem to be so disinterested?  They are on the democratic spectrum, aren’t they?  Or are they?

    Crucial reading from Con:-


    Oh, and in fairness, on News 24 last night I did catch coverage that didn’t paint the violence as ‘sectarian conflict’ but as ongoing persecution of Christians in Egypt.  We need a lot more of this elsewhere in the BBC, and when inevitably British Muslims raise their voices in protest, they should be challenged very hard about why they dont appreciate the freedom they have here and condemn the violence of their co-religionists elsewhere against people of other faiths who wish to enjoy the freedom they have in Britain.


  2. Natsman says:

    Apparently, there is to be an experiment at Perranporth, Cornwall, to study the movement of grains of sand within the seawater, and thus understand why the Former UK is eroding away to (hopefully) nothing.

    Of course, it’s all down to ‘climate change, and rising sea levels’, according to that nice, knowledgable reporter on ‘Today’.

    Why are they permitted to broadcast this misleading rubbish? Sea levels are falling, and have been for a while. Is there any legal redress for this arrant dis-information? I’m really pissed off with this constant injection of the climate change meme into just about evrything that’s broadcast, be it “news”, docu-shit, or so-called drama. It is becoming SO tiresome…


    • Bob says:

      I completely agree. Yesterday they were talking about this new expedition to drill down to a lake under the ice in Antarctica. In the preamble they specified that this will give new insights to climate change, although when they showed the scientist talking he make no mention of climate change. Funny how he could have forgotten to mention this if it was the whole point of the expedition.


      • tinks says:

        All part of the propaganda: the first question they ask is can we throw in ‘climate change?’

        Drip, drip, drip. I’m looking forward to the show trials (‘snow trials’) one day for lying and frightening children.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      I heard that report on Today this morning and it occurred to me that I’d heard climate change shoehorned as fact into quite a few reports recently.  I wonder if there’s been some sort of editorial decision.


    • cjhartnett says:

      I heard a bit of this at 8am this morning!
      Lasers counting grains of sand to “protect vulnerable land” I think was part of its garbled drivel.
      Let`s hear no more about science getting dumbed down in schools…not when this passes as a BBC “science story”.
      Heard Paxman talking twaddle with Caroline Lucas about Fukashyma on Newsnight, so imagine Huhne is hoping that we`ll forget his driving scandal…oh look…a turbine!
      Probably some ludicrous pincer movement going on…but no-one gives a damn about them any more!


  3. Abandon Ship! says:

    I really enjoyed listening to Richard Bacon interview Alan Partridge in the Daily Bacon programme from 6th October:


    Unfortunately, I listened to the rest of the podcast which was “Chart the Week”. If you are able to, listen to the 41.20-45.50 segment where Bacon and his right-on colleagues discuss the cat affair at the Conservative Party Conference, but which slides into a general “abuse the Tories” slot. This was pure BBC lefty Bias, and they don’t even care any more. I think that they think that it is supposed to be “funny” so can say what they like, how they like.

    It was also curious that Bacon and his chums repeatedly referred to the story as “entirely spurious” etc, but then went on to refer to the actual case where they cited the cat being mentioned in the legal case! Do these people even think what they are saying?


    • hippiepooter says:

      This was covered here as well:-


      On the second page of the comments you’ll find the email addresses of the Head of R5L and the Head of R5L News, if you’re minded to add to the complaint that I’ve pinged off.

      Because of the Partridge interview (which largely ripped it out of conservative types but in the name of the particular humourous take of the peerless Steve Coogan, so no complaint there) I’d originally entitled the piece ‘RICHARD BACON, A-HA’.


    • Abandon Ship! says:

      Ah yes, sorry to repeat the story, but it probably bears repeating. I note that the one most vociferous about the cat story on the Bacon show was Sam Delaney who, according to Wikipedia: “First job was as a junior researcher for Harriet Harman in 1993. He also worked for Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson while at Milbank.”


      • hippiepooter says:

        Wasn’t a gripe!  Worth raising again for this new info, if you ping of a complaint dont forget to mention it!


  4. My Site (click to edit) says:

    For all its investing our money in social media (twitter, etc), I am not sure BBC, and especially Newsnight (that brings us Mr. Mason’s protoges protest antics near weekly) ‘gets’ how the internet works at all.

    About a hundred people read BBC political blogs. 

    Many, many more read the many that look at what the BBC and its blogs get up to.

    Hence, Newnsight not even bothering to go through the pretence of publishing before referring (ie: censoring internally) this, simply adds idiocy to insulting one’s intelligence.

    ‘Mr. Monbiot was, one presumes, unavailable for ‘balance’? This trio seemed hardly designed to look at the issues from all angles on the basis of enviROI and fact as opposed to ideological waffle between a bunch of folk mainly arguing as to extent of extremes more on political spin than science or engineering sense… in one direction. A bloke who makes money out of spinning things is also hardly an impartial representative of industry*.

    ‘5. At 17:43 11th Oct 2011, barriesingleton –

    And even what she does report, can be fixed in the edit suite…


    ‘When we contacted the BBC and presented these issues to them, they responded that they had done nothing wrong.’

    If making things easier for Chris Huhne is the mission, I’m not sure that is one many in the country will empathise with. Has the BBC forgotten this man’s less than secure foundations ethically or in terms of competence?

    One is sure it’s just the cuts.

    Mr. Paxman opened with reference to ‘vested interests’. Pro or con green, where does the BBC stand, or sit with?

    That censorship, pure and sinple. In defence of propoganda. I’ll give it a day, and then complain, if only to get a log number.

    Bit stymied on where next, as my MP seems a bit addicted to the DP sofa to think beyond seeing himself on the telly. I pay his salary currently mind, so he might wish to ponder that.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      As I exchange tweets with a BBC employee very concerned about how this plays out (a lot of questions my way for the crowd… not so many answers to mine back, at least, so far), an email creeps in about a previous complaint about their handling of a complaint…

      ‘Thank you for your replies and your patience. We did not respond to your previous emails immediately as we were trying to get to the bottom of what had caused this problem with the comments module. We have now ascertained that it was caused by a user entering certain unicode characters into the comment text which then had a knock on effect on the workings of the module.  We’ve now removed the offending characters and added precautions to stop a similar problem. We are now happy that the problem is fixed and that this is the end of the matter.Their ‘happiness’ notwithstanding, I have pointed out that they did foul up, readers called them on it, they said we were wrong, we proved it, and they stealthily put their eror right without admitting anything.
      If par for a sorry course.
      And, for this licence fee extortee, not the end of anything, by a long chalk.


  5. joseph sanderson says:

    I was listening to some useful idiot on on BBC radio, he was complaining about the Flemish region of Belgium veering towards independence, what was amazing was the complete lack of balance in his report.

    You have to love the way that the BBC/Guardian always takes the Wallonian side when it comes to Belgium, what is so annoying is the continued questioning of the reasons why the Flemish support autonomy. No mention has been made to date of the Walloon party whose position is analogous.

    As always the BBC/Guardian has managed to ignore the pertinant point that the Flemish region of Belgium is perfectly placed to weather any economic downturns, the Wallonian Region?, well take a look at Charleroi or Liege to see how economically deprived these two towns are.

    Now take a look at the last elections held in Belgium:
    General elections were held in Belgium on 13 June 2010. After the fall of the previous government over the withdrawal of Open VLD from the government the King dissolved the legislature and called new elections. The New Flemish Alliance, led by Bart De Wever, emerged as the plurality party with 27 seats, just one more than the francophone Socialist Party, led by Elio Di Rupo, which was the largest party in the Wallonia region and Brussels.

    The Wallonia faction uses strawman arguments to explain why it is the Flemish regions fault for the lack of political movement, well perhaps we should also mentioning one of the main political scandals in Belgium, namely Halle-Vilvoorde
    (The officially bilingual (French and Dutch) Brussels-Capital Region, which coincides with the administrative arrondissement of Brussels-Capital)

    the officially monolingual Dutch-speaking area around it, Halle-Vilvoorde, which in turn coincides with the administrative Halle-Vilvoorde administrative Arrondissement. This area contains several municipalities with language facilities, i.e. municipalities where French-speaking people form a considerable part of the population and therefore have extra rights.

    All Belgian electoral arrondissements coincide with the Belgian provinces except for Flemish Brabant, which is divided into this arrondissement, i.e. Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde, and the Arrondissement of Leuven.

    Brussels-Halle-Vilvoorde arrondissement has been the subject of a highly sensitive dispute within Belgium. The Flemish want to split it into two arrondissements (like the administrative ones), while the Francophones want to keep it as is or, at a minimum, split it with concessions.

    The lists for the federal and European elections are composed of both Dutch and French-language parties (in all other electoral areas it is either Dutch or French-language parties), while the area is partly monolingual Halle-Vilvoorde and bilingual Brussels. Consequently:
    French-speakers living in monolingual Dutch-speaking Halle-Vilvoorde can vote for French-language parties; whereas
    Dutch-speakers living in monolingual French-speaking Walloon Brabant cannot vote for Dutch-language parties, which is a clear case of discrimination.

    This is just one of many examples of the Walloon region of Belgium wishing to ensure that they keep their overrepresented voice heard above the wishes of the majority.

    The BBC and its incestous partner the Guardian on all its reports on Belgium have never bothered to interview the Flemish population, instead they only interview the French speaking dominated citizens of Brussels, obviously French is spoken more than Flemish, yet in Belgium ALL Flemish citizens can speak French, English and normally German, in Walloon the vast majority can only speak French.

    This is a disgrace, the Flemish are legally forced to learn French, the Walloons are under no such obligation to learn Flemish, can you blame the Flemish for wanting to go it alone?, one final point the Flemish do not wish to join the Netherlands (nor do the Dutch wish them to do so), this is yet another myth that keeps getting spouted on the useless BBC radio stations.

    p.s sorry for the long post


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Beats the 140 character, partial-source originated aganda-driven tripe the BBC punts out as objective news these days, so no need to apologise.


    • Grant says:

      It  is so entirely predictable that the BBC would take the side of the lazy Walloon parasites against the hard-working Flemings.  Funny, the BBC usually support  ” independence” movements !  


    • George R says:

      I hope it’s not as politically crude as BBC-EU working out which side Geert WILDERS is on, and then adopting the opposite position to him.


    • RCE says:

      Good analysis; thanks Joseph.


  6. joseph sanderson says:

    The BBC fresh from its misreporting on the reclassification of drugs in the Netherlands is back again with yet another slanted story, this one about Turkish immigrants in the Netherlands:

    You might have also heard that a pressure group going under the banner of “Foundation for Victims of Integration” is trying to sue the Dutch government for costs incurred by Turkish immigrants to the Netherlands who were forced to take a test before being allowed into the country.

    Unfortunately this year the bloody EU forced the Dutch government to scrap the test as it was discriminating against the turks, now this activist group are trying to get money from the Dutch government due to the following rationale 

    1. “This old law kept families apart. People had to stay in Turkey until they had passed the exam, some husbands didn’t see their wives for years.

    A direct quote from the Turkish lawyer in charge of the claim “Our people suffered under the rule of the old integration policy – not just financially but emotionally too – and they are entitled to compensation for this.” 
    I have a question to this lawyer who the f..k are “our” people?, if your now a Dutch Citizen than you are no longer f…k..g Turkish.

    As for the organisation what sounds like a group campaigning for a single issue is in fact a European wide Muslim group who are financed by European Taxpayers to assist in stopping human trafficking, this worthwhile group has been taken over by extremists with links to some unsavoury groups.

    Not that you will hear any of this reading / listening to the BBC, you will also not hear that the Dutch population are furious with both the ruling dictated by the EU, and that these immigrants who have been given the right to claim Dutch benefits are trying to get more free money out the Dutch taxpayer.

    This comes hot on the heels of a government report which shows that the immigrants 95% of who are Muslim are costing the country billions of Euros each year in Medical (they seem to have a much higher frequency of illness) bills and unemployment payments (most don’t work). Again something you will not hear mentioned by the BBC.


    • cjhartnett says:

      Presumably the hordes of Dutch people that flood through Turkish immigration control have a reciprocal arrangement!


    • Gerald says:

      I wonder if they are more fecund than the locals and also whether the Dutch benefits system rewards having children!


    • Dez says:

      joseph sanderson,

      “I have a question to this lawyer who the f..k are “our” people?, if your now a Dutch Citizen than you are no longer f…k..g Turkish”

      Erm, so why are you calling him a “Turkish lawyer”?

      “This comes hot on the heels of a government report which shows that the immigrants 95% of who are Muslim are costing the country billions of Euros each year…”

      Do you have a link to this “government report”?

      “(they seem to have a much higher frequency of illness) bills and unemployment payments (most don’t work)”

      Who does? Turkish immigrants? “Non-western” immigrants? Or all immigrants?

      Again, do you have a link to back up your claim that “most don’t work”?


      • joseph sanderson says:


        To your first question: the Lawyer representing the immigrants is in his own words still “Turkish”, therefore I have left his nationality as Turkish.

        For your pleasure here are the links you require




        You will find that everything I have said is factually correct, so please take the time to open up the links and confirm for yourself.

        And to clarify one more point for you: immigrants from Europe come mostly from Eastern Europe (e.g Poland, Romania and Bulgaria), immigrants from outside Europe and Turkey come from Surinam and the Netherlands Antilles, the rest of the immigrants are from Turkey, Morocco and Indonesia.

        So now I have ‘backed up my claims’ perhaps you would after reviewing the offical government statisitics reply to my post with an apology for trying to smear me?


        • Grant says:

          If you get an apology from Dezzie, I’m a Dutchman !


        • Dez says:

          “…an apology for trying to smear me?”

          Apology for what? Asking if you had a link to the “government report” you refer to? What an outrageous smear!

          I shudder to think what happens everytime Gran asks if you want more hot milk with your rusk.

          “And to clarify one more point for you: immigrants from Europe come mostly from Eastern Europe…”

          That’s very nice, however it doesn’t answer my question. When you say; “(they seem to have a much higher frequency of illness) bills and unemployment payments (most don’t work)” are you refering to all immigrants or particular subset of immigrants?

          “So now I have ‘backed up my claims’…”

          Erm, sorrry to break this to you, but a link to the “Search” page of “Statistics Netherlands” does not mean you’ve backed up your claims.

          Try again.


  7. Millie Tant says:

    If you’ve ever wondered about Andrew Neil and his role in Beeboid World, I may just have stumbled  across a clue in the programme details for today’s Daily Politics:


     Actor         Andrew Neil

    Presenter   Jo Coburn



  8. ltwf1964 says:

    al beeb reports that israeli IDF Hamas hostage Gilad Shalit may be freed shortly

    al beeb “reporter” talked to Gilad’s father,who is looking forward to his return

    couldn’t leave it at that of course…….”there are hundreds of palestinian families waiting for the return of their prisoners as well”

    Gilad Shalit may be exchanged for 450 pally terrorist prisoners

    450 palestinians = 1 Israeli soldier

    says it all really 😀


    • Grant says:


      It was reported that the Palestinian “authorities”  are saying it is 1000 Palestinians for one Israeli.

      Either way , that just demonstrates the low value Palestinians place on their own people and the high regard they have for the Israelis.

      The Palestinians have no pride, no honour, no shame .  How can these wretched people live with themselves ?  I feel truly sorry for them.

      But, it explains why Beeboids love them so much .  For a Beeboid, looking at a Palestinian is like looking in a mirror. 


    • deegee says:

      If an Israeli had said one Israeli is worth 1,000 Palestinians (release in two stages) the BBC would have castigated it for racism.


  9. TheGeneral says:

    “450 palestinians = 1 Israeli soldier”

    Can’t argue with that


  10. Teddy Bear says:

    The BBC seems to have a ‘strange’ (wink wink) way of headlining this story on the Gilad Shalit prisoner swap.
    On the Yahoo page for BBC Mid-East News it’s billed as:
    Mid-East prisoner swap welcomed
     and on their actual webpage the headline is: 

    Gilad Shalit: Israel and Palestinians welcome deal

    Whoever wrote the article would have had a hard job keeping a straight face, especially with the tongue in their cheek the way it must have been, where exchanging one Israeli prisoner for over 1000 Palestinain prisoners is really seen by them as natural and fair. No sign of the massive difference, the way – you know – you get when so many more Palestinians die in raids compared to how many Israelis they killed beforehand to make it necessary.

    ‘Balance’ BBC Style


  11. George R says:


    Why, I wondered, was INBBC’s ‘political reporter’, Ms KING, devoting so much uncritical space to this politically nebulous, anonymous story on Libya.

    Then, a clue in the propaganda space Ms King gives to (anonymous) ‘Mark’:

    “Mark describes himself as an Arabist.”

    One gets the impression of INBBC propagating the repressive ‘Arab Spring’ whatever the reality.

    “Stabilisation Unit: UK civilians working amid conflict”


    Has Ms King missed this?:

    “Minister in Tripoli Blasts Qatari Aid to Militia Groups”http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970203499704576625441762600166.html?KEYWORDS=CHARLES+LEVINSON

     And this?

    Al-Qaeda top dog urges rule of Sharia in Libya


  12. cjhartnett says:

    This mornings Toady show from 8a.m
    1. Oh my Days…unemployment is going up and here`s a single mum whos been employed in a Council Housing Project…marketing events…£30,000pa.
    Have we no heart?-Will Hutton thinks not. If we kept the schools open at night she could dump her kids there whilst she marketed housing events to …well who cares, because she`ll be in a job that her grandkids can pay up for nearer the time. Huttons on something a little more than 30,000 then I`d say!…along with Humphrys and Sarah Monty
    2. Scotland didn`t beat Spain(World Cup Winners)…so shouldn`t we be talking about sacking the manager? Well that well known expert on sport Garry Richardson thinks he might get a BBC Scotland soundbite for the 9am news if he can get somebody with a Scottish accent to say this. Sadly …not to be!
    3. Not enough executives/non-executives who are women…Humphrys has Sarah Montague to hold forth a while on this alongside another Womans Hour wildebeest in search of easy grazing.
    Guessing that this lack of women “doing it for themselves” is this months stick to beat the Tories. It was unemployed youngsters last month, and it`ll be effnik minorities again next month….rioters unable to find work on leaving prison and then travelling community refugees for Januaryt…if there`s a country left!
    If the Tories don`t see the need to fight back, then they deserve to be wiped out as Peter Hitchens would like!


    • Grant says:

      Last time I looked, scumbag Will Hutton’s basic salary was £150 K.   I guess wealthy socialists like him cannot imagine what it is like to survive on £30 K.


  13. George R says:

    Great balls of fire!

    Underwear jihadist pleads guilty to all charges

    You can’t blame his ‘poverty’, INBBC, because he is rich.

    What about his Islamic ideology?

    Who wrote this:

    “Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the 23-year-old Nigerian man charged with trying to blow up a transatlantic flight on Christmas Day, appears to have lived a life of privilege.
    “As the son of one of Nigeria’s most prominent businessmen he had access to international travel and a world-class education.”

    “Profile: Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab” (2010)


    And, INBBC, don’t relegate the real threat which jihadists like Abdulmutallab present at e.g. British universities.

    A reminder that he was politically active in Islamic student circles in the University College  London (2005-2008)

    Who Will Take Responsibility for the Islamic Radicalisation at UCL?


  14. John Horne Tooke says:

    The 54-year-old, who was convicted last year of not having a TV licence, has now taken her case to the London Court of Appeal after claiming the licence fee breaches her right to religious freedom.

    “However, dismissing her challenge, the judge, sitting with Mr Justice McCombe, said the licence fee is paid for ‘general broadcasting services’, not just the BBC, and if it were optional, hardly anyone would pay it.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2048250/Devout-Catholic-gran-refuses-pay-licence-fee-deeply-offensive-show.html#ixzz1aaHsvyTo

    How right she is.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      the judge, sitting with Mr Justice McCombe, said the licence fee is paid for ‘general broadcasting services’, not just the BBC, and if it were optional, hardly anyone would pay it.’

      Reading the rest of his honours summary, the guy seems a certifiable loon, but in that last statement, indeed, no argument.

      Now, why does he think that might be, and why is it imposed by law on the UK populace?


      • dave s says:

        Exactly. In one short sentence that judge has destroyed the BBc’s case that we all willingly pay for it. He must have had an attack of rality.


      • Millie Tant says:

        ‘ if it were optional, hardly anyone would pay it.’
        That’s funny. 😀   I think he meant it in a different sense, though!

        What’s odd is if he didn’t address the point about freedom of conscience and the implications of that (even if only as obiter dicta, considering how judges are quite fond of making comments even beyond the narrow decision on the strict matter before them.) 
        Saying that it has to be compulsory in order to stop people enjoying it for free is a practical point but doesn’t address the question of freedom and rights at all.  I gather from that that presumably neither did he address whether it follows from the notion of conscience and freedom that it is wrong to have a system that cannot allow for conscientious objection or the freedom to decide on principle.


  15. Martin says:

    The BBC are living in fantasy land again. All I’ve heard all day is the BBC prattling on about ‘creating jobs’. When will they get it? Governments don’t creat jobs the private sector does.

    If you sack someone in the public sector, you save money, paying a lesbian condon advisor £50k a year and then you sack her she get’s £60 a week on the dole. That’s a saving. 

    Of course all I hear is the BBC highlighting that young people with a degree (notice they never tell you what their degree is in) can’t get work. Well morons with pointless degrees in media studies or art have no useful skills.

    If you can design a bridge or a jet engine or say have a degree in aerodynamics, guess what you won’t be unemployed. All of our top F1 teams want smart people with engineering skills, what they don’t want is some halfwit who can barely spell their own name.


  16. As I See It says:

    Mr Campbell’s 4th Form debate was about sex education this morning. So the BBC lends a platform to some fellow state sector co-workers. Cue yet more taxpayer-sponsored know-alls putting in their bid for funding and the right to tell us where we have been going wrong all these years.

    It is odd that the left, aided and abetted by the BBC, vilifies Mrs Thatcher for the quote ‘there is no such thing as society’ and yet they seem convinced that without a battalion of advisors/co-ordinators/experts we would all go to hell in a handcart.


    • Martin says:

      It’s the lefty mindset that only the state knows best. Parents? No you need to be told what to tell your kids.

      Things that people used to do within the community years ago now is done by some public sector funded body full of Guardian readers.

      It makes you wonder how we got on 40 years ao.


  17. TooTrue says:

    World Service coverage on Gilad Shalit today was quite fair. One interviewer even asked about the radically skewed exchange of a thousand to one.  
    Nearly fell off my chair


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      To be fair, the BBC is always concerned about the “disproportionate” body count in the Isreal-Hamas conflict.


  18. Teddy Bear says:

    I warn you this video has shocking scenes but shows the truth of what was happening when the military attacked the Copts over the weekend.
    Watch it first, then read how the BBC is nothing more than a propaganda machine for the odious Egyptian regime at the expense of innocent Copts who will continue to suffer because of it. Bear in mind the BBC are as much aware of these videos as anybody, and my understanding is that they have aired something similar of their own. Now they change history to suit their agenda.


  19. Teddy Bear says:

    If you’ve read the BBC article linked to above – do these images concur with the Egyptian military statement?

    Why isn’t the BBC asking these questions, and making us aware of these discrepancies?

    The Christian woman refusing to pay her licence fee because of Jerry Springer, would gain more sympathy if she justified her decision on BBC coverage like this.


  20. John Anderson says:

    Mann-child Richard Black keeps trying to deny or downplay the effect of solar activity  on the Earth’s climate.

    Nice to see Paul Hudson breaking ranks again – suggesting that solar activity has previously been a taboo subject – taboo at the BBC ?



    • John Horne Tooke says:

      How is it that Black believes everything that Mike Lockwood says. No matter how many scientists come up with the sun-climate link, Lockwood is there to tell everyone that its all human induced and any other research is invalid? Who says he is right and everyone else is wrong?

      Black will keep getting press releases off Lockwood no matter how dishonest he is, because they both have to keep the cheques rolling in.
      Any scientist who has been found out manipulating his “research” should no longer count as an expert.
      This is the response to Locwoods “No sun link to climate change” 2007 (press release)

      “In summary, the Lockwood paper is seriously flawed by:

          It falsely says the Sun’s influence peaked by 1987. The cosmic ray count in 1991 is the lowest it has ever been, causing warming.

          It falsely says the Earth’s temperature does not respond to solar cycles.

          It eliminates the 11 year solar cycle from the cosmic ray data, but does not smooth any other cycle.

          It fails to account for the large time lag between the Sun forcings and temperature changes.

          It uses smoothed surface temperatures rather than actual global satellite temperature data.

          It analyses too short a time interval.

          It fails to explain why the cosmic ray influence apparently stopped twenty years ago.

      This paper is so flawed that it is remarkable that it was published.”


  21. hippiepooter says:

    Is it just me or does Fiona Bruce have a horrible, insinuating tone when presenting news stories detrimental to the Tories?


  22. John Anderson says:

    This article describing the rise and fall of Obama – and the media’s role,  together with the comments on the article,  contain more facts and good sense than we have had in 3 years’ BBC reporting on Obama  –



    • John Horne Tooke says:

      Its funny but some things being said about Obama could equally apply to Cameron.

      “He was an unlikely candidate, pushed to his party’s nomination as a result of the media.”


  23. Millie Tant says:

    A nice rant by a reverend in the C of E, one Peter Mullen:

    …But the worst aspect of Thought for the Day is that there is no thought in it.

    The spiritual leaders who speak on it have no serious spirituality, no penetrating theological insight and only the literary and oratorical skills of an overripe banana.

    The general style is that of a rather backward fifth former who has been asked to write an essay on some issue of the day. It is simply fatuous. …

    He goes on to tell us that the clergy are given no decent education in theology or literature these days, which is shocking. They used to be learned at least, if nothing else.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2048258/Theres-rarely-thought-Thought-Day.html#ixzz1abw8RNdR


  24. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Me, on Oct. 5, 8:27pm, about the next step for the Occupy Wall Streeters:

    Mark my words: this is going to get dangerous and violent.  After all, they’re of the Left.

    A speaker at Occupy LA, Today, Oct. 12, about the next step for the Occupy Wall Streeters (@1:22):

    “Ultimately, the bourgoisie won’t go without violence”

    BBC last week, this week, yesterday, and today about this stuff:


    Also, did you know that the Gandhi ideal of non-violence is just a mere tool the powerful wealthy elite are using to mislead you and keep you down?  They listened to Gandhi and what happened? 600 million people in poverty today. Suck it, Beeboids.


    • dave s says:

      I see the comments are not too complimentary! Mostly to do with the 2nd amendment  and just what it means for the “occupiers”


    • Reed says:

      Here’s a wonderfully withering article about the so-called ‘99%’ :

      There were celebrity visits from washed-up screeching beluga Rosanne Barr and the perennially aggrieved Susan Sarandon with her communist breasts. Cornel West showed up and proudly displayed his woolly hair, gleaming buckteeth, and scholarly eyeglasses. Michael Moore appeared on TV and voiced his support for the protesters, saying that some people were eating more than their fair share of the pie—and if anyone should know, it’s him.

      I also like the characterising of the protest as : “Night of the Long Goatees”


    • RCE says:

      Gandhi shouldn’t be let off the hook for his role in partition.  That’s another leftist re-writing of history.


  25. David Preiser (USA) says:

    This must be another nuance of the President’s “finely-tuned brain”:

    Apologies Not Accepted

    Leaked cables show Japan nixed a presidential apology to Hiroshima and Nagasaki for using nukes to end the overseas contingency operation known as World War II.

    That’s a childish worldview coming from the White House.  Not even the Japanese think we should apologize.  There’s also this recent insane apology:

    The obsessive need of this president to apologize for American exceptionalism and our defense of freedom continued recently when Barack Obama’s State Department (run by Hillary Clinton) contacted the family of al-Qaida propagandist and recruiter Samir Khan to “express its condolences” to his family.

    Khan, a right-hand man to Anwar al-Awlaki, was killed along with Awlaki in an airstrike in Yemen on Sept. 30. We apologized for killing a terrorist before he could help kill any more of us.

    This must be more of that sophistry the President uses to confuse His enemies. But this isn’t a surprise coming from the first post-American President.

    A heretofore secret cable dated Sept. 3, 2009, was recently released by WikiLeaks. Sent to Secretary of State Clinton, it reported Japan’s Vice Foreign Minister Mitoji Yabunaka telling U.S. Ambassador John Roos that “the idea of President Obama visiting Hiroshima to apologize for the atomic bombing during World War II is a ‘nonstarter.'”

    The Japanese feared the apology would be exploited by anti-nuclear groups and those opposed to the defensive alliance between Japan and the U.S.

    They were also probably worried about the President looking like a weak idiot in the eyes of a potentially malevolent North Korea, an encroaching China, and a Russia fussing with them over territory.

    You can bet the Beeboids will think that my objection to this idiocy is due to racism.  Mardell possibly imagines that I don’t want the President apologizing to people who don’t look like me.


    • Grant says:

      It is incredible that that idiot Obama would even consider apologising. Is he so ignorant of history that he doesn’t realise many more lives would have been lost if the bombs hadn’t been dropped ?  Or is he so heartless, he doesn’t care ?


      • My Site (click to edit) says:

        There was a History Channel doco on this very topic the other night, with a lot of very interesting stuff on the various Presidents who knew and what their options were (+ consequences: 1M US dead & untold cilvilians, most of whose descendants must be pretty perky on how it worked out)

        Pretty sure Obama, and his groupies don’t ‘do’ history (or only the page ripped versions their masters allow), so learning from it nota strong point.


        • David Preiser (USA) says:

          For anyone interested in a Japanese view on the subject, see the manga or animated series based on it, “Zipang”.  It’s fascinating, and very moving.  A Japanese friend turned me onto it a few years ago, and I found the anime version to be rather profound and quite surprising in the way that the Japanese viewed their defeat in the war.  I have one volume of the manga, but I can’t really read kanji.

          They’re well aware of how it transformed their society, and I believe most feel that they came out much the better for it.  They know that the Japan of today simply wouldn’t exist otherwise. The story is about a modern-day Japanese Defense Force naval destroyer called the Mirai (Japanese for “future”), which goes back in time, Philadelphia Experiment-like, to the middle of the Battle of Midway.  The crew ends up having to deal with their WWII-ear counterparts, and there’s a lot of discussion about how Japan was, is, could have been, and all that.  I thought it was really brave of the writer to even address the issue. It’s really a terrific series, and the animated version finished about half way through the manga story, which might even still be going.

          The bomb(s) affected the Japanese psyche very deeply, make no mistake. One can still feel the resonance today, stretching back to Godzilla all the way through all the various monsters destroying Tokyo over the decades, Miyazaki’s “Grave of the Fireflies” (Hotaru no haka), George Abe’s “Rainbow – the Seven Boys of Cell Block 6” (Nisha Rokubou ni Shichinin), and a number of other stories.  And of course there’s the regularly recurring controversy whenever some politician visits the war hero memorial.  So the war isn’t any more out of mind there than it is in Britain.  But there is no simmering national anger at the US for the bomb(s), waiting for an apology.

          Basically, only an ignorant person with a very narrow worldview would want to apologize for the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, especially considering that more civilians were killed in the Allied bombings of Tokyo, never mind on all those islands on the Allies’ way in.  And the emperor and some generals still weren’t ready to quit after Hirsohima.  Clearly the President and His genius handlers were tragically unaware of the Japanese viewpoint on the issue.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        It’s not ignorance, Grant, but rather a misguided perspective.  We all knew this is was the kind of worldview He had before the election, but were still told by our better that He’d make the world love and respect us again.  Bowing to the Japanese emperor, FFS.  I’m sure the Beeboids would see it as having the confidence to appear subordinate, generously paying respect to the emperor in order to make him fill more equal and that the US is isn’t an oppressor anymore.


  26. My Site (click to edit) says:

    If they ever had a plot, the BBC is so losing any remnants it’s as much farce as serious.

    Yesterday I had a post on a Robinson thread about Dr. Fox erased as ‘off topic’. I had pointed out a WW2 instance when a defence related minister had been sidelined due to concerns on the security his sexuality presented.

    Meanwhile Humphrys and Toenails are provided free rein to their hearts’ content.

    It appears BBC employees raising this topic is acceptable:

    Now Toenails is at it again:


    Fox financial backer speaks
    Should that not be qualified as ‘anonymous’ and hence ‘any old bozo the BBC has learned what it likes from’?

    BBC gossips are allowed to speculate and allude in any way they choose, while serious posters get modded the minute the narrative, and how it is served, is questioned, so I shall treat this with the respect it deserves as a piece of valid news: ‘I have spoken to a wealthy [anonymous] backer of Liam Fox’


  27. John Anderson says:

    Any President who would suggest he supports the OccupyWallStreet zombies deserves ridicule – not the fawning the BBC gives to Obama.   Many Americans are way past the “buyer’s remorse” stage,  they want a full product-recall on the socialist idiot.

    Maybe in his bunker Obama is now getting perturbed about public reaction to the Occupy mobs :



  28. Martin says:

    So we have yet another report highlighting the failure of the NHS, this time about the elderly. I look forward to the BBC doing a witch hunt just like they did over ONE PRIVATE nursing home which was caught abusing its patients.

    I remember Radio 5’s Peter Allen stating on air that “the public don’t trust the private sector on health care” I wonder if he’ll be stating that the public don’t trust the state on healthcare? Hmm, I think not.

    Seems to me its the NHS that racks up the body count.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The News Channel just announced that 1/5 of hospitals are neglecting the elderly so much they’re breaking the law.  This is what they warned you would happen if they put the NHS at the mercy of the evil profit-driven private sector. Oh, wait….


      • Reed says:

        The current problem is one of basic ‘care and attention’ – nothing to do with funding. The BBC won’t point this out, they’ll just leave people with the impression that this is all part of the ‘savage cuts’ narrative.


  29. George R says:

    While Beeboid Gavin HEWITT correctly identifies the importance of NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY in opposition to the E.U. federalising drive, he need not confine his observation to Slovakia alone; the issue applies to the people whom Beeboids are suppose to broadcast for: the British.

    “National sovereignty and the European project”



    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      I think Hewitt is actually saying national sovereignty is going to be undermined in the end, although he doesn’t say if that’s good or bad.  He says that the unnamed Slovakian party who spoke sense about European finances actually was in favor of the bailout and voted against it only as a political ploy to remove the Prime Minister.

      So he’s basically saying that the statement about Greece needing to go bankrupt and Italy to get their act together is just a cynical lie.  That may be true, I couldn’t say.  But it seems to me that Hewitt is more saying that the European citizens just want this fixed and don’t much care about national sovereignty.


      • George R says:

        BBC-EU habitually reports with an outsider’s voice, not with a British voice which reflects issues directly affecting British people.


  30. cjhartnett says:

    Our dear (very dear!) NHS is in no danger from the BBC.
    Shipman was just unsubtle in his actions and analysis in their view.
    Naughtie and the like aren`t stupid…build up a state swollen pot of a pension and you`ll not need the unseemly treatment dished out by NuLabours angels as let loose on us with Project 2000!
    A disgrace…and Maeve Sherlock pops up again from the molehill to hope that “lessons will be learned”.
    Bound not to be blamed on the unions and Blairs tick box wizards…got to be the cuts Lansley you Tory f***r, you!
    Unfortunately for the Peoples Tribune at the Beeb..Lansley is just a wet lettuce, and will never be seen to be a threat to anything or anyone…like a docile Tim Brooke Taylor!
    Labours causing this rotten cynical betrayal of our elderly ius busy getting Tippex all over the narrative…and, rather like the EU…it will all only work if we give them even MORE power to stay praciticing on us all…if we stop complaining and shut the f*** up!
    The NHS…lke the EU…UN…NATO and …but of course…the BBC itself are just too big to fail, or to be criticised!
    The BBC have decided that failure is not an option except if you`re white and small…not one big rainbow bouncy castle jumping on the tummies of the obese like themselves!


  31. David Preiser (USA) says:

    News Channel doing another sob story about the nasty Tories “moving the goal posts up” and reforming pensions and raising the retirement age to 66 for what we were just told are mostly women earning a low wage, caring for their elderly parents (better survival rate than at the NHS, then) and caring for their children (how odd).  It’s unfair, they’re angry at the Government, etc.

    No discussion allowed about what would happen if they had some private pension scheme under control of someone other than the government, which obviously wouldn’t be burdened with the responsibility to pay for other people as well, and funded by someone other than future taxpayers.  No, it’s only the status quo which must remain at all costs, and any change is unfair and cruel, never mind the possible benefits of an alternative system.


  32. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Interesting insight into many things, but for sure how the wonderful, professional, objective world of media works…


    And from the look of the top comment, the BBC’s ‘go-to’ green room guy on just about anything is the star of the show.

    Not exactly covered in the kind of glory that warrants the national broadcaster (and SKY, to be fair) feeding the public his represnetative views, but there you go.


  33. As I See It says:

    Simon Mayo was shooting the breeze with Richard Bacon this afternoon on 5 Live (before BBC Salford local radio kicks in for the Manchester Drive Time show – Mad for it!).

    Anyway, Mayo is plugging some book and he reveals how on the day of John Smith’s death the BBC controller (Radio 2?) looked in to say ‘You can’t do that feature called ‘Dead or Alive’.

    I will be listening carefully to see that the death of a former Conservative leader will be treated with the same level of reverence and repect from the Beeboids.


    • Reed says:

      They will probably have a ‘Wizard of Oz’ feature ready to go – so they can play ‘The Wicked Witch Is Dead’.


  34. George R says:

    INBBC’s CASCIANI: mentions ‘M’ word in this case, but still censors.


    “Birmingham bookshop owner Ahmed Faraz faces terror charges”


    INBBC’s Casciani does censor the following from his report;

    but Reuters doesn’t:

    Reuters’ report:


    “The books and films were found when premises, including Faraz’s home and business in the Sparkhill area of Birmingham, were searched in 2007 and again in 2010. Graphic images of terrorist attacks and 81 beheadings were included in the materials discovered.”



    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      The BBC report seems to have added a line about videos of hostage-taking (what would that look like, I wonder?) and beheadings.  Close enough, I guess.


  35. hippiepooter says:

    Big ‘way to go’ today to R5L for the way they’ve covered the appalling state of nursing care in our country.

    It’s emerging (and no suprise here) that the key problem is nurses are focussing on university qualifications instead of the basics of patient care.

    As good a job as R5L have been doing though, this is such a massive scandal it requires far more.  As it is, it’s just going to blow over and will still carry on as we are till the next report.

    If only we had a Tory led Government.


  36. cjhartnett says:

    Heard P.M this evening plugging some show upcoming on whether Obama has been a disappointment or not as a President.
    It is a series ,and done by Gary Younge…a black Guardian journalist!
    Will someone plese tell me what the sense of meeting between them all will be….I couldn`t possibly guess!
    Still-Guardian -Radio4-BBC series in the USA-let no-one say that there is no “joined-up thinking going on”.
    That`s one love bomb of a chain reaction going on isn`t it?


    • joseph sanderson says:

      Gary Younge is a known for his anti- US, UK and White articles that he writes for the Guardian, I know that between him and Joseph Harker they have managed to claim that the ‘Man’ is still trying to keep the black brothers down, funny enough Younge is detested by most of the British media based in the US.

      The only good thing about the BBC commisioning him to present a series is A) you know what is coming & B) the BBC keeps up its crusade to keep the Guardian journalists employed.


    • james1070 says:

      Gary Younge is awful, he wrote a piece in the Guardian praising the Looters as political heroes. He couldn’t give a damn about those working people burned out of their homes.


    • Millie Tant says:

      And his brother enjoys some fatcat position and important title at the Beeboid Corporation – something like Director of Creative Vision or similar nonsense. He certainly is a fat cat – he’s as wide as a house. 


  37. Ronald Todd says:

    BBC 6 o’clock news doing a report on young girls being groomed and raped by gangs of men.

    No mention of the P word or the M word.


    • DJ says:

      Yep, I noticed that, plus the multiple variations of the phrase ‘areas of the country’. Any areas in particular Ms Beeboid?


      • dave s says:

        That seemed a news item the BBC would rather not be covering. it’s getting like Soviet Russia. You have to read between the lines.


    • RCE says:

      The PM item made a point of mentioning that it involves all cultures, ethnic groups etc.  I’m sure that’s true – but the breakdown of those figures tells a very different story.


    • james1070 says:

      Don’t Blame the BBC for this one. Even the Daily Mail is being quite, They mention the A word (Asian) rather than the M word.


      Now in the old days these groups were refered to as rings, rather than gangs. What has changed?

      However the BBC is silent about Harriet Harman ex-Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party involvement in the Paedophile rights campaign as a legal officer for the National Council of Civil Liberties (Liberty- shami chakrabarti). She worked on behalf of the Paedophile Information  exchange(PIE).The same organisation that abused children in Islington Care Homes ( remember Margerit Hogde).


      • jarwill101 says:

          When it comes to the disgraceful child-grooming phenomenon, it would be fair to say that muslim men are The Lords of The Rings. The beeboids seem reluctant to acknowledge the Islamists systematic racial-profiling of vulnerable white girls. Anybody who engages in this filthy activity should be named, shamed & have their unsavoury mug plastered all over the media, especially television. Getting the facts from the BBC on the cases that involve muslims is like getting blood from a stone. Muslims being, after all, the beeboids pet protected minority & even when they self-detonate on a train, Allah’s cringing little helpers must go to any lengths to ‘understand’/exonerate them. They make Uriah Heep look like Clint Eastwood.
          As for Harriet, Maid of Frankfurt, very nearly beneath contempt. Her connections to PIE should be trumpeted from the rooftops at every possible opportunity until even she hangs her dumb head in shame. Another very nasty piece of twisted, privileged, New Labour Cultural Marxism, masquerading as a human being.They must have a production plant somewhere?


    • tiger says:

      There is neat little trick going on here.

      Had the children’s comm rep on this morning and the new angle is under 18 on under 18 exploitation. Now in my mind this is reflection of the moral decay brought about by years of socialist rule which reduces parental control and empowers young irresponsible people.

      By bringing in this angle they can bury the dangerous real issue of Asian gangs exploiting young white girls thus obviating racial reactions to the situation with statistics.


  38. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Just stumbled across this bit of fun:


    It’s not kept up on a regular basis, but it’s amusing to read the complaints about how BBC America has degenerated into being an endless stream of repeats of the same old crap, much of which isn’t even BBC material.  46 hours of Gordon Ramsey in one week, along with the obligatory Dr. Who marathons (which the blogger hates, apparently), Battlestar Galactica, and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    And BBC News America isn’t even on the channel any longer, having been cut down to a half hour broadcast on a few regional PBS stations only.  Which is why Matt Frei jumped ship over the summer.

    I have to say, though, that while I share his opinion that BBCA is crap (part of why I dropped cable TV altogether), it’s not something that can be blamed on the BBC, really.  The channel is a joint venture between BBC Worldwide (the commercial arm) and Discovery Communications in the US, and is distributed to cable and satellite providers as part of a larger Discovery package of channels.  I’m pretty sure that the whole thing is really run by United Statesians and not Brits, and not BBC programming gurus.  Last time I looked ( a few months ago now), it had more ads than the average cable outlet.  In sum, I think this crap broadcasting schedule of endless repeats of the same old same old is driven by plain old ratings. It doesn’t say much for US tastes, I know, but then the channel is barely on anyone’s radar.

    It’s amusing, though, how this is pretty much what you can expect BBC2 to become soon enough.


  39. D B says:

    Having your lefty views reproduced on Biased BBC is evidently a badge of honour at our state-funded broadcaster:  
    @jane__bradley Jane Bradley I have finally made it in journalism/on twitter. A stranger at BBC Parliament just emailed me a link to a BBC hate blog – I AM TOTALLY ON IT  
    @jane__bradley Jane Bradley Not posting a link as it may give them a tiny bit of traffic, but needless to say…it’s hilarious. I get off lightly compared to Marr..oof.

    A producer from BBC’s Crimewatch replied that she has “#haterenvy”  
    Replying to a comment that she’s “made it to the big leagues lol” young MS Bradley tweeted: “come on, we all know the ‘big league’ is the Daily Mail…”  

    An institution filled with smug, self-righteous condescending lefties – all thanks to the unique way the BBC is funded. Lady Justice Hallett was spot on when she said of the licence fee: “If it were optional, hardly anyone would pay it.”


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Nice to see she and her colleagues have no problem revealing their personal and political views on Twitter, despite the instructions from Helen Boaden.  Another online course is needed, pronto!

      Don’t do anything stupid, dear……


    • Llew says:

      I AM TOTALLY ON IT” How old is she, twelve? I can imagine, “And I looked on this website, like, and then OMG, I was so on it!! LOL, “.

      Jesus, is this what our licence money funds.


      • David Preiser (USA) says:

        She is the prefect representative of the prevalent attitude at the BBC. Untouchable, unaccountable, unfettered far-Left ideology.  But since they also have Robinson, Neil, and Chris Patton at the Trust, that balances it out, no problem.


      • Millie Tant says:

        😀 😀 😀


    • Jeremy Clarke says:

      I don’t hate the BBC – I enjoy about three of its TV programmes and i watch the Six Nations; I like the World Service, Radio 4 and 6 Music. I don’t read The Daily Mail. I voted Lib Dem in 2005 and 2001 – I would have voted Lib Dem last year but the candidate was an idiot.

      I do think, however, that Jane and Ros are throughly unprofessional. More to the point, their cheerleading for Saturday’s dreadful anti-war demonstration, which included a host of speakers who were either extremists or associated with extremists, left my gast a little flabbered, I can tell you. 

      Still, if they want to ally themselves publicly with Jew-haters, Holocaust deniers, Islamic supremacists, Assad supporters, Iranian shills and George Galloway, then let them do so.


  40. Teddy Bear says:

    In the same way that the BBC like to use ‘impartial’ and ‘unbiased’ sources to justify their agenda, like the UNHRC, anything with EU attached to it, the Met Office, etc, expect to hear more ‘independent’ studies on any topic they feel strongly about from a group called the Social Issues Research Center (SIRC), and in this instance, one of their directors – a social anthropologist called Kate Fox.

    We know there are many who study and obtain degrees to really benefit mankind. Then there are those who realise they can benefit their bank accounts much more quickly and efficiently by selling their ‘title’ to justify any particular stance the highest bidder wants perpetrated.

    In this example Kate Fox tells us on the BBC website that the dangers of alcohol are nothing like we imagined, titled Viewpoint: Is the alcohol message all wrong?
    What is not made clear by the BBC or Kate Fox. is that her clients include a lot of refineries and brewers. 

    The BMJ ran an article on this ‘research center’ highlighting its dubious credentials about 18 months ago, but the BBC won’t have expected its public to be aware of that.

    Fortunately, Andrew Brown at The Telegraph is.


  41. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Ah, standards…


    …so many of them.

    Plus priorities.

    Don’t forget priorities.

    You wouldn’t want to ‘
    breach the corporation’s conflict of interest regulations’

    Or, indeed, check such things first. 

    Market rate talents, eh? Unique ones.

    Now, about getting paid for all those other activities that may imply endorsement…


  42. tiger says:

    There was an announcement yesterday asking for input on Asian network services wrt the cutting costs in the BBC;


    Made my suggestions that they can eliminate it altogether because it is service that delays the integration of Asians into our society. If the Asian community really need to watch their own programs there are satellite services available that many diverse nationalities use to connect to their own culture.


  43. As I See It says:

    BBC Salford Local Radio (5 Live) on good form this morning. Two consecutive anti-metropolitan items.

    First we learn about house prices. In an amusingly (or so the Beeboids seem to think) styled  item we are told you get more for your money oop-north. (Who knew?) Not only that but, they chuckle, the London suburbs are ‘handy for the riots’. (That’s the way loves, keep reassuring yourselves).

    Next we tackle the burning issue of Olympic economics. At last. But no, the BBC have no concern for taxpayers, its about how London hotels are ripping off the poor northerners. And the best Beeboid advice to the wallet clutching cast of Last of the Summer Wine about to descend southward en masse : Try Brighton!


    • Barry says:

      Unfortunately, it probably goes down quite well. I grew up in the North being told that that Southerners eat babies and torture puppies – or was it the other way round?

      They’re either complaining about being deprived, or claiming to have a higher quality of life, whatever suits the occasion.

      The smugness is hard to take at times.


  44. cjhartnett says:

    The BBC seem cheesed off that we the public still know that Labour are responsible for the mess we are in.
    True that we have an absolutely useless paper tiger of a Coalition to stick a leftie hat pin into…but Labour is to blame.
    In that spirit then
    1. Labour appointed Joan Bakewell as the “czar/peoples community champion for the older citizen”.
    2. Unfortunately Dame Joan of the North seemed not to notice what was going on at Sandwell and Southern Cross etc.
    3. This is because she was too busy trawling around the BBC studios telling us that something must be done about the digital switchover or other red herrings.
    4.Joan..or Humph. Jim and Sarah…have never serves a pensioner a cold meal, let alone wiped an old mans bottom.
    5. This is because they have nice pensions and so don`t need to worry about the little people in their warehouses and waiting to die.

    So there you have it…the BBC is the Government these days, and the elderly are abused ignored and neglected.
    Joan is a Beeb employee, so I blame the BBC…can I have a research charity funding grant now please?


  45. hippiepooter says:

    How democracy should work:-


    Has the BBC covered this?  If they have, I bet they’ve tried to minimise it.


  46. Martin says:

    I love how the lefties are moaning that BBC ‘cuts’ means we won’t get any more ‘top quality programmes’ Well outside of one or two off the BBC who is producing the best TV these days?

    Well I’d say for the most part the USA and that programming is coming from commercial outfits. So how do the lefties square that one?


    • D B says:

      I genuinely can’t recall the last TV programme I watched on the BBC. I see the  occasional individual news items via the website, but actual programmes? Can’t remember what I last saw. May have been a bit of the first Match of the Day of the season.

      In the meantime I’m up to date with all the latest Curb, South Park and US Office episodes via online downloads, and thanks to Sky I’ve got most of the sport I require. Plus, a new season of the excellent Boardwalk Empire has just begun on Sky Atlantic. Throw in a bit of Man v Food on the Good Food channel and that pretty much does for my viewing. BBC TV is not required by me.


  47. George R says:

    Essay for BBC College of Journalism students:

    ‘Compare and contrast BBC political treatment of Tory L. FOX, with Labour’s K. VAZ,, noting the skilled and partial ways in which BBC-NUJ is correctly biased against Fox, and for Vaz.’

    E.g. ‘Daily Mail reports this on Vaz:

    “Keith Vaz faces a storm over plan to ask extremist preacher to the Commons”

    By Jack Doyle and James Slack

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2048864/Keith-Vaz-faces-storm-plan-ask-extremist-preacher-Commons.html#ixzz1alCwqgKe


  48. RGH says:

    The BBC reports on the ‘Moschee Bye, Bye’ game thought up by the FPÖ for last years election in Styria.

    The game (and its sponsors) have been cleared of incitement by the appropriate Austrian court.

    The BBC describes the game thus:

    “Players of “Bye-bye, Mosque” had to shoot at Muslims and mosques as they emerged from a rural scene.”


    But the game consists of slapping a ‘stop’ sticker on a minaret as it emerges.. No shooting.

    Judge for yourself: