It’s that unique BBC mindset at play;

The BBC pledged to become “significantly smaller” by sacking 2,000 staff yesterday, but immediately struck a deal with unions to allow departing employees to return as freelances after three months.

So, that’s alright then? From my own point of view, I don’t really mind how many employees or freelancers the BBC uses to provide output. I just don’t to be fund so much as one penny of it.
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7 Responses to CUTS?

  1. My Site (click to edit) says:

    No doubt Mr. Mason will be on the picket line anyway, ably communicating with young Penny et al via his many modes of communication…

    When I went on holiday this year I took an iPad (for reading books on my Kindle App); my iPhone (for recording an impromptu story for Broadcasting House and getting my e-mail on); and my MacBook Pro, which has all the work I have done since the day Lehman Brothers fell stored on it. Ah yes, and a 160gb iPod.’

    The irony of these champions of the hard-oppressed worker often being on marches and demos to decry rich industrialists and their cosumerist toys whilst being able to ‘swith off’ when it suits is getting lame.


  2. Demon1001 says:

    No doubt these “freelancers” will be paid more for their “work” than if they’d remained BBC employees.  Just another way of giving inflation-busting pay rises (to cock a snook at the Government) and to waste even more of licence taxpayers’ money.


  3. My Site (click to edit) says:

    The BBC’s de facto ‘engine’, twitter, is alive today with the same nonsense as with the last ‘cuts, CUts, CUTTTTSSS!!!’ round.

    To anyone with a slightly broad church in their interests, scores of niche nanny’s wailing that ‘their’ pet project should be spared looks plain daft, especially when they have zero suggestion as to who, if not them.


  4. Roland Deschain says:

    to allow departing employees to return as freelances after three months

    Do they need permission?  Surely the reason for their departure is that the BBC is spending less money.  How is there suddenly money to pay them as freelancers?

    It wouldn’t be that the BBC can avoid paying Employer’s National Insurance, surely? =-O


  5. My Site (click to edit) says:

    pressgazette Press Gazette BBC cuts: up to 650 jobs in journalism could go
    OK, I get the cuts of 650 in journalism, but what does that have to do with ‘BBC Cuts’?With soem irony, the link does not seem to assit in that question.


  6. My Site (click to edit) says:


    ‘Hugs’ is back, and still banging on about inpartiality, bless her cotton socks.