I take a great interest in the Economy and so I am increasingly perplexed at the BBC/Flanders/Balls meme which suggests the UK can choose either “austerity” or “growth”. This makes no sense but it is how left wing politicians like to portray the situation. I keep hearing BBC interviewers ruminate on whether we should be adopting “Plan B” and choosing growth AS IF this was a real option. It’s not!! The current UK government – indeed any government – will always prefer to see economic growth. But that is virtually beside the facts that; a/ We have a massive structural debt as a result of years of Labour fiscal recklessness that must be addressed even if it means fewer Diversity Czars  and b/ Economic growth is a desirable outcome, not a specific policy. This is an entirely bogus argument which has been advanced by the BBC on behalf of Labour for some months now. It is also shameless because the very Labour politicians such as Balls who wrecked our economy are now posturing as the saviours of it and rather than interrogate the inherent hypocrisy and fiscal folly of what is being advocated, they simple cheer-lead for this mindlessness. I disagree with plenty of things the Coalition are doing but for anyone to pretend that it is wilfully ignoring “growth” is just plain nonsense and the BBC really needs to get to grips with itself on this issue.

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  1. JohnofEnfield says:

    And why does Balls continue to get massive over-exposure on the BBC when he had such a major role in screwing up the economy in the first place! Why isn’t every interview started by a series of questions designed to highlight the ruination of te economy by him and Brown?

    Even his wife isn’t prepared to let their children use his name.
    I’m ashamed of him too, very ashamed.

    AND his football shorts are too tight.


  2. DJ says:

    Listening to the BBC, I’m guessing Liam Byrne’s quip about there being no money left has become an unfact.

    As it stands, the same party that’s calling for a massive splurge has a senior member giggling away about clearing out the cash register before bailing out, and our genetically-impartial broadcaster think these two facts are not related.


  3. Martin says:

    Of course the BBC means unsustainable public sector growth based on more borrowing (quite who is going to lend us the money is beyond me, perhaps we could sell some of our gold off…oh hang on…) to fund thousands of non jobs like lesbian condom advisors or real nappy investigators. 

    Perhaps the BBC is really worried the Guardian is going down the pan faster than one of mine on a Monday morning?

    Now I hear Ed Testicles spouting on what the Government should be doing, yet none of this was done under his Government (except VAT which did nothing as the cut was too small and many businessess simply didn’t passs it one)

    I’m sure Steph will be wet between the legs hearing Brown’s goon spouting his crap.


  4. Pirran says:

    It’s not just that the Beeb doesn’t get it. They are actively propagating the Green Party’s “No growth” solution on the World Services’ “The World Today Weekend” for 25/09/11.

    They happily provide Adrian Ramsay (deputy leader of the Green Party) with his own personal party political broadcast, almost unopposed, for nearly 10 minutes. Was he there to talk about recycling? Nope, they brought him on to give his views on the financial crisis. That’s right; a party with ONE MP and 3% of the popular vote is given a tenth of the program to demonstrate how moonbeams and green jobs will rescue the UK from recession.

    The whole thing is gob-smacking (particularly their “unbiased” – ahem – treatment of Rick Perry) but the Green diatribe against Western Capitalism starts at about 27:30 in. You may need iplayer to hear it, though.



  5. Martin says:

    Classic on Sky News. Ed Testicles spoke about the coalition’s spendig plan boost and how “they were in a muddle”

    Adam Bolton corrects Testicles by pointing out it was a misreported story by the BBC. That misreporting was of course reported here as soon as Toenails spouted it. Funny how the BBC spun that lie for two days then just killed it.

    It just shows how keen the BBC are to stick the knife into the coalition government. 


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      It also shows how Robinson isn’t so connected to the current Government’s inside track as he was to the last one.  When he got it wrong on a Labour policy it was only because they lied and fed him a trial balloon to see how it went (viz the VAT rise in the PBR that wasn’t).


  6. Roland Deschain says:

    I was going to comment on the Today interview with Ed Balls but I really can’t do better than this from Nick Robinson’s blog:

    2 Hours ago

    The sycophantic interview with Ed Balls on Radio 4 this morning was at best nausating – the referential treatment of this odious man was diplorable . Tory ministers get barracked by Montague but Sir James slobbers and fawns over the Labour Party. What a load of balls!!!

    Having read the first two pages of the comments, it seems to me that many people have seen through Mr Balls – and there’s quite a lot to see through.


  7. cjhartnett says:

    Ah, the World At One!
    Martha manges to line up Jim Knight(now a Lord doncha know?), Lord Neil Kinnock, Chris Bryant (of Gaydar fame!) and a few others I think…Medhi Hasan was introduced as “an observer” and not the Labour New Statesman Editor that he is!
    Well blow me down…we are where we are..never apologise and never explain…Labour are back and raring to spend again…and that joke about there being no money left?…well, who`s to say?
    To be fair to Martha she tried to be a bit chippy with Liam Byrne, but she slipped in the oozy sweat he seems to be made of…it was of course pre-recorded which gives time to do a bit of selective editing !
    Jowell says no-one listens to Labour. This is despite every effort by the BBC to puff them into our next Government…


  8. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Good point, DV.  Balls has been making the rounds again, been everywhere on the BBC recently, and not a single Beeboid has asked him how he’s right when the European countries who did what he recommends are now in the toilet.  Miliband Minor made a weak attempt at a similar position, and it was just replayed over and over, with no one allowed on to question it.


  9. cjhartnett says:

    I do hope that grave robbing  the bloaty corpses of NuLabors cast of nomarks may yet be made an offence.
    How come the BBC don`t get Ian Huntley to comment on current police investigations?…that would only be as sensible as asking the last lot of till fiddling, expense bending, Lords crawling scum how we are to correct the damage and desecrations thet THEY caused!
    Only the BBC and the Guardian-one and the same-still blame Thatch for it all…yet they peddle this crap on a daily basis!


  10. D B says:

    R5L’s Shelagh Fogarty talking to BBC business reporter Dominic Laurie this afternoon:

    Dominic Laurie: Let’s have a quick look at the markets – up almost one percent, the FTSE 100. There’s noises, there’s rumours, of a multi-trillion dollar deal in the eurozone. Perhaps that’s behind it. I think it probably is.

    Shelagh Fogerty: Would we expect the markets to react to the speech of a shadow chancellor?

    Dominic Laurie: No. It’s about the fact that you might have two trillions’ worth of euros sloshing around the markets and that will eventually make their way to companies.

    Shelagh Fogerty:  OK. Different reason altogether.

    Full marks for wishful thinking though, Shelagh.


  11. David Preiser (USA) says:

    The DG of the CBI just told Huw Edwards he welcomes Ed Balls’ speech, and that Labour now have a clear plan for growth.  I’m sure John Cridland’s history degree and background in environmental and human resources issues make him highly qualified to run this lobbying group.

    But this will be used by the BBC as ultimate proof that Labour now has the best plan to save the economy and that you can trust them again.


  12. George R says:

    Beeboid propagandist for Labour, Ms Louise STEWART, political editor for BBC-NUJ-Labour South East, produces this politically sycophantist piece for Labour’s 16 year old Tory hater:


    Melanie Phillips, makes some critical points (which BBC-NUJ-Labour South East political editor, Ms Stewart, could only edit).

    “The mantra of hate gets a new star”