It’s never a good morning on the BBC Today programme if there is not a little further demonising of Rupert Murdoch so cue this little knockabout between Humphyrs and Harold Evans. As you can guess, Humphyrs just teed up the lines and Evans let rip into the evils of the corrupt Murdoch empire. The BBC has gone way beyond satire on this issue and in truth it has revealed ITSELF to be the monster it sees in Murdoch. It is using its OWN power and dominance to smash what Murdoch as built up as an opposition to the BBC empire, and the only result will be an even more powerful BBC.

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3 Responses to EVANS ABOVE!

  1. John Anderson says:

    Harold Evans sounded more gaga than Humphrys,  slurring over words. 

    The simple fact is that Rupert Murdoch MADE Evans,  by recruiting him from the Northern Echo,  a huge career jump.  Yes in his day he was a good campaigning editor,  but he should have the grace to swallow his own pride and recognise that without Murdoch the Times and Sunday Times would have gone down the tubes.  It beats me why Evans is still raking over old coals on how Murdoch was allowed to buy the 2 titles.  Or rather,  rescue the 2 titles.   And along the line rescue the whole UK newspaper industry by standing up to the print unions.

    Evans repeated the old canard that Murdoch is the “kingmaker” in British politics – when in fact his papers mostly have followed the changing trends of public political opinion.

    Evans’ book “Good Times, Bad Times” was not a bad read except for his personal bitterness.  But hell,  that was 20 years ago and more,  who on earth would want to read the updated book now – except as a pile-on on Murdoch.

    Go get’em, Rupert !


  2. davejan says:

    I do hope that Rupert has the dirt on the BBC and their phonehacking etc,if not just make it up like the beeb do.
    If some of the mud sticks  on the BBC it might kill the beeb off,i hold my breath and hope….


  3. john in cheshire says:

    “… it has revealed ITSELF to be the monster it sees in Murdoch…”. Here you have identified a truism, in that socialists always project themselves onto others. Lying, deceiving, thieving, bullying, persecuting, dissembling, disempowering, ridiculing, hating. It’s what socialism and its running dog islam, are all about.