Sorry for lack of posts, but not been well for the past few days.

BBC coverage of the Lib-Dem Conference has not helped my mood. You can tell just how much the BBC are lapping up the tribal trash being served by by Cable, Huhne and now Clegg. Attacks on “right wing” Conservatives are particularly well covered, with the bashing of the Tea Party being given an extra Bruce bonus. You can tell how the BBC were rhapsodic about Cleggs defence of the Human Rights Act, Huhne’s drive to put our collective lights out, and Cable’s attack on the imagined evils of capitalism.

As if this was not irritating enough, the BBC is also relentlessly bigging up the notion that we need more of that “quantitative easing” to boost the “growth” that is not there.(Remember how well it is working across the Pond?) This neatly dove-tails with the Ed Balls/Stephanie Flanders inane narrative that now is the time to spend ourselves out of the..erm…spending induced recession! Entertainingly the BBC is also forced to report that Government borrowing in August was a record high. Ah, those savage cuts, if only we could see them!

Meanwhile, up in Bonny Scotland, the BBC gives the SNP budget a big two thumbs way up. In particular, the plan to impose a tax on “big Supermarkets” has been met with a wave of BBC enthusiasm. Way to go – tax the private sector even more in order to keep all those State sector jobs in Scotland alive and well.

Across the pond, Obama has invoked the ire of the BBC for being “on the wrong side of history” for not running with holocaust denier Mahmoud Abbas and his plan to get Narnia UN recognition. I saw Jeremy Bowen was there to point out that violence “could” result from the US choosing to stand in the way of those peace-loving residents of Hamastan.

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