Put out the bunting and crack open the champagne. It’s still early days, but Cuadrilla Resources, a small but highly enterprising UK company that is surveying for shale gas, has announced that it has found a field under the UK with over 200 trillion cubic feet of gas…one of the largest in the world and enough to create 5,600 jobs.

But for the BBC, of course, there’s no celebration. It’s just an excuse for its eco-warrior reporters to marshall a barage of objections and to recycle the same tired propaganda about the dangers of fossil fuels. They are an essential part of the deadly serious greenie camapign to get frakking banned and condemn the UK to escalating fuel poverty. So twisted is their reporting that a demo mounted by a man, a dog and a paint pot outside the Imperial Hotel in Blackpool is given more importance than 5,600 new jobs.

Already, the BBC and its greenie chums have forced Cuadrilla to halt drilling,and they are awaiting for the results of an inquiry to be given the all clear. It defies belief that we are mired in such regulatory miasma – these loonies, if they had been around in the industrial revolution, would have stopped everything from coal mining to iron smelting, and we would all still be pox-ridden yokels with a life expectancy of no more than 30. Cuadrilla’s response? Well, if the UK heeds the poisonous lies like those peddled by the BBC, they will be off to Poland. And who would blame them?

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17 Responses to FRAKKING OFF

  1. Demon1001 says:

    Interesting your mention of the Industrial Revolution.  They would clearly have been luddites smashing machines.


  2. NRG says:

    “Campaigners have warned developing the fossil fuel could draw investment away from the UK’s potentially huge renewable industry.”

    That is interesting, so of course intrepid Beeboid hacks will be investigating who is funding these campaigners to see if there is any conflict of interest with those competing for investment.

    …or maybe not.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Not to mention the 4 jobs in the real economy that are lost for every 1 government subsidised ‘green’ job!


  3. Martin says:

    What they should do is ensure that shitholes like Brighton and Islington only get electricity when their dumb windmills are churning away. It would be great to see how the beeboids would get along then.


    • OWEN MORGAN says:

      Don’t forget Salford!


      • john in cheshire says:

        Salford would be a good place to implement the policy of using only ‘green renewable’ energy, because  as soon as the local, Salford, population were to experience the consequences, the incoming socialist excrement in the bbc media city would find that their life expectancy was vastly reduced. Perhaps these are the tactics to be adopted by normal people in order to rid us of these malignant entities.


  4. London Calling says:

    This is the best news for energy consumers – all of us!! – in a long time. Better than North Sea Oil.
    “this find is as big as the North Sea Troll super giant field. That’s about 15 years of total UK demand. Or replacing ALL LNG imports for 40 years! There will be other challenges, but running out of gas will not be one of them. Cuadrilla also released figures showing the potential for £5 to 6 billion in tax revenues over 30 years”

    So naturally, the bBC are against it, relying as they do on their daily diet of briefings from the human-hating Green lobby, renewable profiteers, activist campaigners and fake charities.

    And you pay twice – once with your license fee, and again through your energy bills.


  5. John Horne Tooke says:

    “We believe that exploration from unconventional oil and gas sources will become an important part of the energy mix in the years ahead, and that the UK is well placed to become a leader in the field.”

    Sorry lads the UK only leads in immigration and self destruction.

    Psycho Huhne with the aid of Dave the Ingratiator will not be happy until  we are sitting inside our darkened houses with only the heat from a 12 watt mercury filled bulb to keep us alive.

    Hands up who thought that when Labour lost the last election Britain would sink even lower in the mire?  I thought it would be bad but I never dreamed it would be worse.


  6. DP111 says:

    No industral revolution, no Michael Faraday, no James Clerk Maxwell, no Fleming and  Marconi, and thus no BBC – a sliver of silver lining..


  7. George R says:

    You call it correrectly, Robin.

    It appears that BBC ‘greenie’ HARRABIN started the opposition to fracking in a conversation he had with one person in a pub near Blackpool last year.

    Since then, BBC’s Harrabin and co talk about ‘a growing concern’, and ‘there are worries’, with no substantiation in argument or in numbers of ‘concerned’. It’s how BBC ‘greenies’ operate. Harrabin and co start with their moral (not scientific) conclusion and work from there, in their political campaign against the exploration of shale gas near Blackpool.

    Shale gas exploration and development should be first and foremost seen as a potentially large economic benefit to be supported; not
    to be stopped by ‘greenies’ putting out vague scare stories; There are always other ‘greenies’ preparing to take illegal action to get their own undemocratic way -and to be favourably publicised by BBC.

    It’s not as though BBC-NUJ apply such Harrabin techniques of reporting to e.g. the effect of mass immigration on the British people. We don’t get BBC-NUJ reporter meeting up with people and asking them about their concerns and worries about mass immigration and sympathetically reporting the actions of British people, whether legal or not, who voice their opposition to mass immigration.


  8. Natsman says:

    Lunacy and crass stupidity are the bedfellows of the the new world order. We have become too introverted for our own good. In the good old days, humanity was interested in progress, advancement in science and technology for the greater good.

    Now, it seems, every step forward towards an improvement in our wretched lives is regarded with the utmost suspicion, and any evidence that we may be either enjoying ourselves, or progressing is slapped down – we mustn’t do anything, eat anything, drink anything, or even think anything without some superior being vetting, overseeing and prohibiting us, for “our own good”. And we stand back and let them do it.

    It seems that they would have us dive back into historical times of short, uncomfortable lives, when what we need to be thinking about is protection from an oncoming cold period, and ultimately from our stupid selves. Instead of finding reasons why we shouldn’t continue to progress, they are hell bent on having us either stand still, or throw ourselves into reverse.

    For what? Will it really “save the planet”? After 4.5 billennia, do they really think that the actions of a species (which has only been around for a few seconds in the scheme of things) will have any real effect on the climate? I don’t believe that they do. I believe that the real driving force is control and manipulation through fear (and brainwashing) by those who see themselves as neo-nazis, with the collaborators being those sad, misinformed latter-day Luddites who have swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker. Real Luddites did what they did for a reason – they thought that machinery and automation would lose them their livelihood – the ecogreen zealots are merely interested in misguided dogma, thinking that without us the planet will return to some former (and imaginary) Nirvana.

    It’s all very, very sad.


  9. hippiepooter says:

    Benny Peiser was interviewed yesterday about this on R5L’s Shelagh Fogarty by a guest correspondent  (about 01:56:00 in).  He was introduced as “from the Global Warming Policy Foundation” and signed off as “from the Global Warming Policy Foundation”.  The interview was only of tangential relevance to global warming, and anyone who listened to Benny Peiser’s intro and sign off would assume from his org’s title alone that Benny Peiser is a global warming advocate, with the implication that on the basis of this impeccable scientific credential he was interviewed.  Despite what his org’s title causes one to assume, Benny Peiser is in fact a leading sceptic.  Introducing him and signing him off by his org’s confusing title gave subtle reinforcemnent to AGW credibility at the expense of one of its leading sceptics.    
    Mr Peiser is also founder and adviser to ‘Energy & Environment’ that amongst other things covers
    “direct and indirect environmental impacts of energy acquisition”.  Surely this organisation would have been far more relevant to introduce him by?    
    On the other hand, if you listen to the interview, another bias could be in play, or even two for the price of one!  If you listen you might draw the conclusion that the correspondent supports frakking and introduced Benny Peiser as if he was an AGW advocate to give his pro-frakking stance credence?  
    Have a listen.  
    It’s all so confusing!  Why can’t this guy keep his bias nice and simple like Humphrys and Paxman!?


  10. George R says:

    To counter BBC-‘greenie’s propaganda against UK shale gas development:

    1.) ‘Sky News’:

    “Vast Gas Find May Bring Boom Time To Blackpool”

    2.) ‘Telegraph’ –

    “Cuadrilla Resources’ huge gas find in Blackpool could create 5,600 jobs”


  11. Roy Stirred-Oyster says:

    Doubtless the greenies will be dusting off the dubious allegetions in the ‘Gasland’ film about fracking causing gas to enter domestic water supplies.

    Here, an investigative reporter takes the director of Gasland to task, proving that methane in ground water has been aound since  long before fracking was even heard of:



  12. John Horne Tooke says:

    “Tim Yeo, the Conservative MP who chairs the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee, described Cuadrilla’s announcement as “very good news” and “more significant than I had appreciated”. He added that shale gas production should go ahead. “I see no practical or regulatory reason why we should not,” he said.”

    Is this a change of policy? Or is Yeo doing a Cable? Lets hope its the former.