I was alerted to this from Melanie Philips a few days back. Well worth a read!

“And last week on BBC News Hard Talk, former New York Mayor Rudi Giuliani repeatedly laughed incredulously at the assumptions of his interviewer, BBC correspondent Stephen Sackur. Wouldn’t you admit, said Sackur, that American policy after 9/11 in Afghanistan and Iraq was a mistake? Why should I admit that? said Giuliani when he had finished laughing; the US has foiled 42 separate terror attacks since then because of that security policy put in place by President Bush.

Sackur tried again. But surely, he said, the police security strategy of targeting the Muslim community ‘gets in the way of the healing’. Giuliani laughed again even more incredulously. Well they would hardly target synagogues or churches he said. Of course the police targeted the mosques. It was from the mosques that the terror plots were coming. This is no more bad for Muslims than it was bad for Italian/Americans when I went after the Mafia in New York! 

No wonder Giuliani laughed – he must have thought he’d wandered onto the set of a BBC comedy show by mistake.”

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17 Responses to COMEDY BY MISTAKE!

  1. Reed says:

    If the policy has prevented that many attacks since 9-11, in no way can it be described as a mistake. The analogy with the Mafia is also a very clever way to frame the rejection of the ‘profiling creates resentment’ angle of attack. Truly moderate muslims should welcome the removal of extremists from their midst.


  2. Scoobywho says:

    It just goes to show how far out of touch from reality the BBC (and the rest of the PC crowd) have got.

    It’s BBC policy that is a mistake.


  3. Louis Robinson says:

    “But surely…” Where would a BBC reporter be without those two words?


    • Asuka Langley Soryu says:

      Writing dispatch for the Guardian, or commissioning a footpath nobody’ll ever use for some local council.


    • sue says:

      I commented on P2 of the John Humphrys thread one week ago today.

      “I heard this Hardtalk on BBC world Service. I particularly noticed Giuliani’s bitter laughter at Stephen Sackur’s accusatory BBC-style questioning. About intelligence departments unfairly targeting Moslems and annoyingly monitoring their activities, (rather than old ladies, Jews and Hindus) and how divisive it was to suspect Moslems of terrorism. 
      09/10/2011, 21:26:40”

      I like to think Melanie gets all her ideas from me. 😀


      • noggin says:

        whatever!  😀

        mind you
        i could think of a lot worse dynamic duo s
        ratman & bobbin
        milli-dum & milli-dee
        ..oh somebody stop me!


  4. Millie Tant says:

    And notice the weasel C word used. Not “targeting Muslim terrorists”. Oh, no. In Beeboid speak, it has to be “targeting the Muslim C- – – – – – – -“.


    • Reed says:

      I missed that, Millie. Does this mean that the BBC see no separation between ‘the muslim community’ and ‘muslim terrorists’? Are they tarring them all with the same brush? …tut tut.


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Awesome.  It really is in their DNA.


  6. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Many Americans just look on in disbelief at what the LibLabCon socialist alliance has done to this country, and the way that people are treated who speak or act against what is happening.

    This guy is good:

    So is this one:


  7. RCE says:

    This is a bravura performance by Giuliani.  If only we had politicians who had such a grasp of… what’s the word? Oh yeah, ‘reality’.