Question Time returns tonight after the horrendous 9/11 Special last week. Tonight it is from Londonderry, here in tne peace process terrorist appeasing land of Northern Ireland. David Dimbleby is joined in Londonderry by NI Sec of State Owen Paterson, Diane Abbott, Nigel Dodds, Martina Anderson and Nicola Horlick. Martina Anderson, a convicted IRA bomber, may require subtitles. And as a taster for what lies in store, here’s lovely Diane…you have been warned!
Diane Abbott
Don’t think ASE will be able to join us tonight but if David Mosque is around that would be great!!

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12 Responses to QUESTION TIME LIVE

  1. cjhartnett says:

    Having seen this list of nomarks…I wonder what Mr Mosque has done to upset you DV!


  2. David vance says:

    Nothing! Tech issues!!


  3. john in cheshire says:

    Why is Ms Abbott, the schooling hypocrite, on the bbc so often; that’s a rhetorical question. The rest of them – well….
    I wish the bbc would put the dimblebys out to grass and give another family a chance to establish themselves in the bosom of the socialist propaganda machine, as they have done for the past 60 years or so.


    • ian says:

      Pity Dimbleby didn’t invite one of the IRA’s victims onto the panel too, to balance up the bomber. Instead we got the looters’ friend, Abbott.


  4. David Mosque says:

    I’m around David – if you want to invite me I’ll be happy to do the honours and start it up!


  5. David vance says:

    David – I need your email, I think. Could you get it to me via the Contact me on A Tangled Web ?


  6. Buggy says:

    Thanks for that yummy piccy, Mr Vance. I just don’t know how to repay you.

    “Come here, and rip-off my Two Ronnies spartacles, luvvvver: I’m feeling super-frisky tonight !”  :*

    Oh my !


    • David vance says:

      I knew it would get the blood coursing through red blooded males. I’m talking about  headaches.


  7. Jonathan S says:

    well, that was a shite QT


  8. Barry says:

    It’s about time this stale TV program was taken off.

    It’s like going into a pub in some depressing, run-down neighbourhood and seeing the same locals, the ones who weren’t bright enough to get out, muttering the same bitter, boring old crap, night after night after night.


  9. Martin says:

    I gave up with QT a long time ago, it’s like sitting with toothache for an hour.

    I watch ‘The Five’ on Fox, much better fun and you get to laugh at Bob Beckel making a tit of himself.


  10. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Jilliano Jilliano  by MumsnetTowers@MumsnetTowers are going to be on Questiontime! about bloody time! #imnotevenamum

    ‘Coming next, on Dimble’s Delusions’: ‘And now, a representative of a group that represents ‘Mum’s’ in the UK, as much as we at the BBC ‘represent’* all that is good and just in this fair land’

    *because we say we do