The crooks at EDF – their Gallic gullets already bloated by massive government renewable energy subsidies – are putting up electricity prices in the UK by an eye-watering 8.9%, forcing tens of thousands more Britons into fuel poverty. Their website is crammed full of eco-nonsense like this…they are saving the world dontya know, so who gives a stuff about pensioners and low income families? And meanwhile, the BBC brings us the pathetic squeaks of protest of climate change minister Chris Huhne, who, they faithfully report like lapdogs, is going to fight the increases. If they were doing their job properly they would be telling us instead just how much his rabid climate policies have caused the hike.

But fat chance. The reality is that the BBC is also part of the scam. EU pensioner and apparatchik Lord Patten, chairman of the BBC so-called trustees, tops up his fat earnings by a number of directorships, including as a member of the “stakeholder advisory panel” of a company called…EDF. His companion in the three-monthly pow-wows to tell the Frenchies how to extract more of our cash is – er, another BBC trustee, Diane Coyle, his deputy chairman. Chances of the ranks of BBC eco-warriors – already dragooned by the trustees into suppressing the views of those who disagree with climate change lies – reporting the truth about this gang of Gallic thieves? Zero.

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11 Responses to GALLIC THIEVERY

  1. Peter Parker says:

    I heard the EDF price rise was 15.4 per cent for gas and 4.5 per cent for electricity. Despite the rises I’m hoping for another freezing winter to hasten the shift in public opinion against climate profiteers and eco-loony lib/lab/con euroslime.

    Interesting to hear about those BBC – EDF links.  Yet more evidence of the BBC’s vested interest in climate alarmism.

    I think this except from Pattern’s wiki bio sums him up nicely:
    “Chris Pattern: European Commissioner for the United Kingdom 1999-2004
    Preceded by Neil Kinnock. Succeeded by Peter Mandelson.”

    Yup – he fits nicely between those two.


  2. cjhartnett says:

    Brilliant again Robin!
    I predict a riot indeed!
    This perpetual scam of price hikes (whatever the price of oil/gas at whatever time of year…whether China is competing or not, or whether the exchange rates are good or not) will be breaking the camels back very soon.
    If they think these mickey mouse riots we`ve just had are the extent of disillusion at the scamming being done to us all…well, to quote Mr Reagan…they ain`t seen nothing yet…or was it BTO?
    In any event, the Euro Climate change Nazis want us to pay for Dimblebys wind turbine as the rest of us our here huddle round a convenient candle…but ever so happy to pay Huhnes legal bills and Corby press repairs!
    They are f***ed…can` pay , won`t pay…and let`s start with the licence fee!


  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Who could have seen this coming, eh? *DONT_KNOW*


  4. Millie Tant says:

    The problem is that those who suffer most from these surcharges for green fanatic policies are the least powerful and least heard. Where is the influential lobby or the specially dedicated, handsomely resourced quango to advocate for them? Certainly, none of the major political parties gives a damn about them. Now, if they were a special minority there would be legislation and all sorts to make sure they enjoyed dignity, equality and rights galore.


  5. London Calling says:

    Interestingly, the EDF parent company get a free run in France, who sensibly source 90% of their electricty from nuclear power. The green-bollocks is from their UK arm, that probably employs every otherwise unemployable University of East Anglia Climate Science graduate that couldn’t get a job with the Met Office. They are utterly totally evil, rob the poor to feed-in the rich. Our energy policies are dictated by Greenpeace, who are even more evil, given a free run by points avoid penalties Huhne.

    Oh, I was forgetting. Its all down to Big Oil (Yawn)


  6. Roland Deschain says:

    It’s not just EDF.  They’re all as bad as each other, because they know where the money is.  The politicians may be at the root of the problem but I don’t hear the energy companies saying so.

    The only way to hit them is in the pocket – which is difficult as it’s like choosing between Prescott, Brown & Abbott for your favourite politician.  All I can think of is an organised campaign to boycott the first one to announce each round of rises.


  7. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Beginning to wonder if, unique in the world of ethical business, conflict of interest’ is mandatory at the world’s most trusted national broadcaster?


  8. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Mr. Black’s latest is worthy of a visit.

    Before it gets watertight oversighted in light of the feeback being garnered.

    A few seem to have a few questions that have not been asked by our ‘reporter’.


  9. My Site (click to edit) says:

    It will be interesting to see how the BBC narrative weighs the opportunity to knock the coaltion liability that is Mr. Huhne, with their fealty to the ever more bizarre energy con that is being pulled with the UK public that he epitomises.