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13 Responses to TEN YEARS ON.

  1. George R says:

    “Ten Years after 9/11, Jihadis are Winning the War”

    (by Dr Walid Phares)



  2. ian says:

    Revenge attack on Mecca…


  3. noggin says:

    never forget…..unless you re the bbc, where you deliberately forget
    who perpetrated the act.
    “why britain is so “islamophobic” muslims can hardly live here”
    comes the bleat on sunday morning live,(why then do they keep coming??).

    on 9/11 morning, radio is on to R5 live, as usual a large  contingent of el beebos have all flown to NY,  
    reports every few minutes, police, firemen, victim families…not one mention, NOT ONE, of the ideology which caused the tragedy, the islamic mass murderers  
    ……i think the bbc can report, (terrorist was mentioned once),  
    yep!…the planes must have flew themselves?

    As an adage, BUT WHEN.. talking about victims, persecution..  
    el beeb never miss an opportunity, to mention islam/muslims  
    even,(or should that be especially)..on the anniversary of 9/11  
    so the deluge of the sycophantic pandering wagon rolls on…  
    sunday morning live El Beeb 1 10am  
    Susanna Reid is joined by Peter Hitchens, Mehdi Hasan and other guests. Are Muslims being demonised? Is the war on terror still necessary?  
    ..(yes especially on this day lets not forget who the real victims are eh!)  
    expect “kaffirs/animals” Hasan, to bleat loudly over any relevant dialogue, or blow loudly & roll his eyes if he can t


  4. ltwf1964 says:


    are we demonising 3 million British muslim citizens?


    they’re doing that quite well for themselves

    the question al beeb is- “why are YOU demonising an entire country(Israel)and race of people (the jews)?

    next weeks Sunday Morning live debate topic?Yeah,right……


  5. ltwf1964 says:

    it seems the on screen comments on SML are not exactly sympathetic to al beeb’s bleeding heart pro muslim position

    I wonder what the poll at the end will show?

    if they don’t present the results back to front like they did before that is!!

    they would never do that deliberately of course……

    “islamophobia”-fear of being blown up on your way to work


    • noggin says:

      the bbc, are determined to push the lie, the deceit, the crock
      the orwellian falsehood of “islamophobia”.

      one monologue drone after another, well selected “el beeb” callers, pointedly orchestrated by susanna reid! to keep the narrative going.
      sorry i ve turned off


  6. George R says:

    “What It Was Like In Saudi Arabia When The News Came”



  7. cjhartnett says:

    Thanks for this excellent posting George!
    AS I say elsewhere-Islam is a 15th Century religion with a whole sheep like mentality that would make halal out of any of their own who dared to question or even interpret it aright.
    Hence the quislings who`ll take state money and smile at one end of the spectrum…and the nutter jihadists who benefit hugely from the cover provided.
    Just one world wide desert tribe who have yet to think their faith out or to be brave…those 19 nutters that did this should have been taught they`ll only be getting 70 grapes in Paradise!
    But no-one dares to interpret the Koran in any was remotely akin to 21st century thinking…and it won`t change until the useful saps and apologists for Islam are rooted out and packed off to Riyadh.
    When I can visit Mecca and Medina with Shearings Bus Tours…when I see a church being planned on the site of 79s Grand Mosque catastrophe being allowed to be discussed…THEN I`ll listen to what Muslims have to say to the rest of us.
    Until then-let 9/11 show that they are not entitled to say a word about the West..and bring the charge of treason to them in just the way they bring apostasy and blasphemy to us!