Hold on to your hats. Richard Black has now decided to move into overt political analysis, the logical extension, I suppose, of his eco-warrior brief. His worst nightmare is in prospect: that a red meat Republican climate denier might succeed the sainted Obama. Clearly, “red meat” has special abusive value in this context, because he points out with pride it was devised by his chum, the cannabis smuggler, Jonny Dymond. En route, he sings loud praises to the Environmental Protection Agency, the body that single-handedly is doing more damage to the US economy than a phalanx of Bin Ladens. And, using a quote from one of favourite organisations, the so-called Friends of the Earth, he produces his trump card to show how plain stupid the red meaters are, because he EPA, he tells us with glee, was actually set up by one of their own, none other than that (boo, hiss) ultimate nasty Republican, Richard Milhous Nixon.

Mr Black saves the best until last. He writes gloomily:

But the rest of the world has to recognise that whatever transpires, the US is unlikely to be pushing a radical green line any time soon. Then again, it has been this way since the hanging chads of Florida carried Mr Bush to the White House in 2001.

Quelle horreur! It’s all that lying, cheating, double-dealing Dubya’s fault. What an outro! Can’t you just hear the rest of the BBC newsroom cheering him on for being so smart…and getting so much anti-Republican venom in one story?

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5 Responses to RED MEAT

  1. ian says:

    I call warmists “global cooling deniers”.


  2. Demon1001 says:

    I call them Climate Change Deniers, because they don’t really accept that the climate was constantly changing prior to the Industrial Revolution as well as since.

    As far as the Bush election went, as far as I could tell from here the election was won fair and square, and it’s only the left-wing’s total dislike of democracy that they ever claimed different.   


  3. john says:

    Shock, horror, but I actually agree with Mr. Black that the hanging chad scandal may well have changed the course of history, but where we differ is that I think history was probably changed for the better.

    The BBC should read up on electoral history, because it’s usually the left who abuse the voting process the most. Mass immigration to buy votes, and the expansion of postal voting under Blair are just two glaring examples. This shouldn’t come as any surprise to the BBC since many on the left see democratic victory at the ballot box as the road to absolute power, and once power is achieved they see little point in repeating the exercise.


  4. London Calling says:

    “Hanging Chads” – bBC continues to be a daily source of illumination

    CSI Washington!
    All methods of recounting votes, applied to those Florida districts where a recount was requested by the Gore team, still had Bush win.
    Only when applied Statewide, which was not a call made, did Gore win Florida. An open conjecture who would have won if recounting applied to all fifty US states, but’s beside the point to the BBC, who’s smart arse comment is intended only to have a pop at Bush. (Luckily, it didn’t take Bush two years to find his birth certificate.)
    But imagine BBC’s wet dream, America under President Al Gore. 9/11 would never have happened, no Afghanistan and no Iraq. Paradise on earth, universal happiness. Disturbed only by the gentle hum of a billion wind turbines. And morning calls to prayer from a hundred thousand minarets.


  5. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Sorry I missed this yesterday, Robin, as it was pushed off the front page before I even checked in.  You’re quite right about the serious damage the EPA and the President’s anti-industrial policies are doing to the economy.  The latest example is the stance against the pipeline from Canada (Daryl Hannah got arrested recently for protesting against it).  There are so many examples, from His refusal to allow drilling to resume in the Gulf to revive the economy devastated by Katrina, to the recent raid and attempt to shut down Gibson.  Then there’s that half-a-billion dollar Solyndra fiasco.

    Warmism is a destructive force.