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  1. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Whilst i share the distaste for the act, that a BBC hack decides to highlight and equate the profession involved in such a way (at this time) seems an interesting precedent at best…

    theJeremyVine Jeremy Vine Banker poses by dead lion after shooting it for holiday funyfrog.com/nwaqonj (via @JeremyJHardy)


  2. Tomfiglio says:

    This from Mark Steyn:

    “I bumped into an old BBC pal the other day who’s flying in for the anniversary to file a dispatch on why you see fewer women on the streets of New York wearing niqabs and burqas than you do on the streets of London. She thought this was a telling indictment of the post-9/11 climate of “Islamophobia.” I pointed out that, due to basic differences in immigration sources, there are far fewer Muslims in New York than in London. It would be like me flying into Stratford-on-Avon and reporting on the lack of Hispanics. But the suits had already approved the trip, so she was in no mood to call it off”.


  3. Martin says:

    Am I the only one who thinks old Steph 2 Ed’s Flanders doesn’t shave her legs? You just get that feeling about her. Rough as a Badger’s backside


    • Manfred VR says:

      I’ve noticed she has a prediliction for knee length boots, which only seem to highlight her bow-legs.
      I wonder if that’s what one of the Eds saw in her; The boots, not the legs – You know, the Ed with a proclivity for unsuitable uniforms.


    • Buggy says:

      Actually, Martin, and speaking as a one-time ‘badger wrangler’ our stripey-faced pals are far-famed for having the softest backsides in the animal kingdom (*). That’s the part of the beastie that provides the nicest bristles for shaving brushes, after all.

      (*) Most of this research is apparently Welsh. Nuff said.


  4. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Have to say that the BBC News Channel’s coverage of Osborne’s banking reform deal has been pretty decent.  Even Peston actually made sense and stuck with an explanation of what it means – which is what he’s good at – rather than babbling incoherently while bashing bankers – which is what he usually does.


    • Martin says:

      I notice though that Peston no longer gets ‘exclusives’ nor does Nick the prick Robinson.

      Last night Peston was waffling  on about what he thought the report might say. Seems to me that it’s the bloke off Sky News who gets the Government leaks.

      Oh dear Robert, perhaps all those years of licking Gordon’s rectum went to waste.


  5. John Horne Tooke says:

    I have admitted many times that I had no idea of Sarah Palins politics and being this side of the Atlantic I admit it does not effect me either way. Now I finally understand where her heart lies and can now see through the dirt piled on her from a anti-democratic media.

    I have been a “conservative” person all my life and that is why I have often thought that I was deserting those principles by thinking that business is just too cosy with governments . I have been a bit slow sometimes but Mrs Palin has made it a lot clearer and it proves to me that this lady is a true supporter of democracy.

    “She made three interlocking points. First, that the United States is now governed by a “permanent political class,” drawn from both parties, that is increasingly cut off from the concerns of regular people. Second, that these Republicans and Democrats have allied with big business to mutual advantage to create what she called “corporate crony capitalism.” Third, that the real political divide in the United States may no longer be between friends and foes of Big Government, but between friends and foes of vast, remote, unaccountable institutions (both public and private). ”

    No wonder the statist BBC see her as the enemy. Alas she does not have any equals in Britain, I think we need one sharpish.


    • Barry says:

      Makes sense to me. It explains why Cameron won’t do what people really want – it might damage his long-term (ie: post government) career prospects.


    • Cassandra King says:

      Crony corporatism has little to do with free market capitalism, crony corporatism needs to ally itself with a political class corrupting it in the process in order to crush the competition of a true free market capitalism.

      Crony corporatism and their corrupt political allies stting the rules to suit themselves. Look at our high streets today, there was a long term plan to crush and destroy the highstreet in favour of the few supermarket giants, they now rule supreme, they have ruined our agricultural base, our highstreets, our society all in the pusuit of profit and power. Crony corporatism at its worst is an anti human ideology that flourishes in a failing democracy, it has paved the way for the theft of our way of life and of our nation. In the quest for profit it has no hesitation and no humanity and no mercy. Ordinary people become mere slaves to the corporate machine who exist merely to serve the machine.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Gov. Palin stood up to crony corporatism and corruption during her time in office, and before becoming Governor also resigned as Chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission in protest of the corruption of the board members.  This isn’t the stupid, uninformed woman the BBC tells you about.


  6. Ronald Todd says:

    Despite her history I fancy her.


    • Ronald Todd says:

      Appologise for the repitition computer problems. The above comment was meant to apply to Flanders not Palin. Though iI also fancy Palin


      • Buggy says:

        Oh dear, Ron: what a thing to confess ! Fancy giving the glad-eye to Blinky And Berky’s sloppy seconds. :-[

        And I did so use to enjoy your work on ‘The Benny Hill Show’, too.


    • London Calling says:

      Sorry Ron, but why do you think your coital stirrings are of any interest to anyone? Share them with your partner.


    • Millie Tant says:

      I don’t know how I managed to choose Like for this. I don’t actually like it!


  7. Peter Capriole says:

    Nauseating piece by the old Etonian, James Landale,  Deputy Political Editor, BBC News, he almost sounds like “Dear Bill” from the private eye without realising it, blogging  in Moscow about Cameron and giving us all the benefit of what goes on in his tiny bbc head:

    “There comes a time in the life of every man when he goes for the wrong girl. You know the form. The poor chap devotes dinner, gifts and charm on the girl of his dreams and just when he thinks he is in within chipping distance of the final green, she leaves town for a new job, or even worse, bunks off abroad. This was the thought that passed through my mind as I watched David Cameron shimmy his way around Moscow.”

    Watching the BBC six o clock news this evening I noticed they included two more of Landale’s pathetic questions (again in the “Dear Bill” vein) at the Moscow press conference/ pantomime.  Also we had Mark Easton’s video on why community service is much better than a jail sentence. This wasn’t news it was something else.  One is astonished at how BBC news has lost any claims of objectivity. Both journalists here exhibit such egos and are so opinionated that they drown any news with their own perverse world views. This is the style that the BBC applauds, and its the state of things to come- pure agitprop and pantomime dames delivering the news.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      I can understand that Landale had to ask a valid challenging question at Cameron, although maybe he could be a tiny bit less smug about it.  But that’s my inferrence, yeah. But you’re definitely right about Easton.  His piece was pure policy advocacy.  One song, one theme.


    • jarwill101 says:

      ‘tiny bbc head’ – I like that, Peter. I don’t know where Easton lives, probably some secure, ‘undiverse’ beeboid enclave, but in my ‘hood our hearts often sink as yet another vicious little creep evades custodial justice & smirks his way out of court, only to start immediately ‘enriching’ our streets. When they do get a stretch, burglaries/assaults etc decline, & people actually see some punishment being handed out. When I was a boy, borstals were hard places. I knew a few young offenders & after one spell inside, their comment was always, ‘Never again’. I think that’s called positive early intervention. Community sentencing is all part of the BBC wish-fulfillment ‘narrative’ – it might sound nice but it’s meaningless, offenders just don’t turn up. They consider themselves to be untouchable & progress to far worse. If Mr Easton were to be assaulted/persecuted by mobs of scrotes he might think again & appreciate the sound of a cell door slamming on his tormentors. On the other hand, being a beeboid, he’d still be bleating ‘Prison doesn’t work’. Cognitive dissonance, or just half-witted? Give him a year in a council flat on one of our ‘show estates’. Straighten him out.


  8. noggin says:

    “flotilla raid was a ’cause for war,'”
    The Associated Press, September 12


  9. Millie Tant says:

    I happened to hear a trailer on Radio 4 this evening for some programme about Christianity and China which referred to “Christianity and Catholicism”.

    Just what does the Beeboid Corporation think Christianity is and what Catholicism?


    • james1070 says:

      I think the BBC is taking the Evangelical line that Christianity=Protestantism and that Catholicism= Mary worship+Pope worship. What does that make Orthodox? Orthodox=Mary worship-Pope worship.

      Though how will the BBC define Protestantism. Protestant=Lutheran+Calvinist+Anabaptist+Penticostal+Baptist+Mormon+Jehovah Witness+Christian Scientist+Reformed-Anglican


  10. George R says:

    No doubt BBC-NUJ will assist with an explanation,  er…

    “Traveller ‘slaves’: Vanessa Redgrave can surely explain… ”  
    (by James Delingpole) 

    ‘Daily Mail has:  
    “‘We earned £30 a day and were very happy’: ‘Slaves’ rescued by police from travellers’ site complain of overreaction”  
    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2036601/We-earned-30-day-happy-Slaves-rescued-police-travellers-site-complain-overreaction.html#ixzz1XmCDyhnt


  11. George R says:

    An alternative actress’s view on politics to that of BBC-NUJ actress chum, Ms V Redgrave:




    • RGH says:

      If it’s a choice of whom to go for dinner with….Joanie or Vanessa.

      No contest as to where the fun  would be.

      Hard luck, Vanessa.


  12. George R says:

    Oh dear, INBBC’s mirage of an ‘Arab Spring’ is disappearing into the desert:

    “Libya conflict: Anti-Gaddafi forces ‘committed abuses'”



  13. noggin says:

    “Greece to Build First Official Mega-Mosque in Athens,” Hudson NY,

    yes no problem……what could go wrong?…. 🙂

    cannot say they were not warned!
    even the deceitful,slippery oilsmith T Ramadan, when wheeled out, was soundly put in his place
    below, M Phillips/D Murray,
    in Athens, on that mosque, in a IQ2 debate,
    cannot say it any clearer

    BBC NEWS | Europe | Athens Muslims to get a mosque (mega)


  14. hippiepooter says:

    Blatant bias on R5L ‘Your Call’ this morning.  Discussing how homosexuality is illegal in many country’s in the world.  This is the email I felt impelled to fire off:-

    “Am I hearing right?  Do you have two studio guests both singing from the same homosexual hymn sheet?  An impartiality gap this morning methinks. I’ve heard Paul Gambaccini review films before.  If he suspects a film might be ‘right wing’, it makes it a ‘bad film’.  If Mr Gambaccini had his way, people like me wouldn’t exist – for real I suspect!”


    • noggin says:

      yes i heard caught some….all these cited countries at the start, yemen, iran, saudi arabia & the death penalty etc
      ….hmm well theocracies you see, comes el beeb comment, even inviting
      theocrat er…..mohammed on as second caller on?????

      there appears to a slight evasion, of the bleedin obvious yet again
      the muslim word…no…….islam tsk! tsk!…….after mentioning the bible repeatedly…..about 10 mins in a single quran mention, quickly glossed over
      as we move on to Poland.



  15. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Is Mr. Vine also ‘managing’ the BBC pension fund with Ms. Boaden?

    theJeremyVine Jeremy Vine Told bank manager I lost £100k during bad afternoon at bookies. Instructed him to use taxpayers money to cover it. He seemed fine with that


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Told defenders of the indefensible to find a single Beeboid tweet from the Right.  Still waiting….


  16. My Site (click to edit) says:

    The modding on the few remaining interactive blogs is now so overt, it is hard not to feel that most one is debating with now are BBC employees – who get on the intranet to get the plug pulled when they start getting filleted.

    Just had another pulled for ‘ considered likely to disrupt, provoke, attack or offend others
    Are racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, abusive or otherwise objectionable
    Contain swear words or other language likely to offend” ‘ without clarifying which one (i dispute any).

    However, the mods consider this (to which I was replying) just tickedy boo…

    read like gibberish to me.’

    you seem to weave tortuous sophistries and snide asides’

    If the BBC and its employees wish to rig the ‘public’ blogs to be only their private circualr back-rub orgy, fine, but I am hard pressed to see why I should pay for it.

    Or comprehend how they are allowed to get away with such blatant rigging of ‘public’ opinion. 

    This is a national broadcaster dealing in (theory) reality, not the OXO family spun out of a BBC edit suite.

    Is it?


  17. My Site (click to edit) says:

    theJeremyVine Jeremy Vine Murder suspect in Massachussetts has “most frightening mugshot ever seen”: pic.twitter.com/8YZhxnq


    I refer, of course, to the accused.

    Nice to see the BBC getting on the side of justice in a responsible and no pejorative way, well, ish.


  18. George R says:


    INBBC’s J. HEAD, censors the Islamic persecution of Christians, and  censors increasing violence towards Islam, including Israel Embassy in Cairo; instead, INBBC ‘s Mr Head provides politically friendly propaganda for  Turkey’s Erdogan on Egypt.

    “Turkey’s PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan to outline Egypt plan”


    Such pro-Turkey propaganda for Islamic and Islamising Turkey is a portent of how INBBC will ‘report’ Turkey’s plans to Islamise the E.U. once INBBC has successfully assisted in getting the entry of 80 million Muslims.

    Spencer: Egypt’s Arab Spring Blossoms Into War With Israel


  19. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Zoot alors!

    When ze going allez tough, and ze merde frappes the fan, the tough get trashing a common joke butt.


    Have to say, it seems odd this is coming from Mr. Peston, as if it were Mr. Clarkson the response from the offence taking, vapour-fitting brigade would be defeaning.

    Vive la balance!


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Parthetic.  Just yesterday Peston was telling us what a good idea these new regulations were and that the new cost of doing business (which he described as “insurance” and good value for money).  Now it’s a bad thing?  And why are those banks exposed to crap debt from Greece, etc?  Because of the bailouts Peston liked at the time.  Now he’s blaming them for what was essentially forced on them by the E effin’ U.

      I wish Peston could keep his story straight.  Only yesterday I was also complimenting him on not bashing the bankers for a change.  He’s back on form today.


  20. RGH says:

    Erdogan in Egypt.

    Old Motor mouth has landed.

    The BBC is, of course, aware.

    It would be nice to give us the speeches he makes. They are available from the Turkish News Agencies.

    But, for reasons best known to themselves, the BBC won’t.

    In their article at


    there is a lot of typical stuff.

    The Mavi Marmara was an ‘aid ship’. It wasn’t. It was an activist ship. One of eight. The others were carrying the out of date drugs etc.

    The Mavi Marmara was the ‘conflict’ ship. The provocation ship with ‘martyrs’. No aid ship that any fair minded person would recognise. Yet the BBC still uses ‘aid ship’.

    That is disgraceful.

    No for some real nonsense. Verbatim at 13.27

    “Meanwhile in a newspaper interview published on Tuesday, Mr Erdogan warned of possible civil war between majority Sunni Muslims Alawites and Sunnis in Syria, where more than 2,500 people have died in pro-democracy protests since March.”

    Information for the BBC editorial team.

    1. Alawites are a rather eccentric, non-mainstream Shia group. A minority.

    2. The Sunni are the majority.

    3. It’s not about democracy in the way we would understand it. Sharia is prominent. The legal basis of a Muslim state. (Sunni interpretation as opposed to Shia ‘heresies).

    Ignore the propaganda by exiles for western consumption.

    World class news organisations do not publish such poor quality copy.

    How much do we pay for this sort of thing?


  21. George R says:

    Supplementary, for INBBC:

    -“Muslim Brotherhood Justifies Assault On Israeli Embassy”  



  22. David Preiser (USA) says:

    BBC News Channel showing Red Ed addressing the TUC, telling them not to strike again about cuts, pension changes, etc. The crowd was not happy, of course.  Ben Beeboid in the anchor chair just said that this speech means that Miliband “can put the label of ‘Red Ed’ behind him”. So they are aware, and are keen to help rehabilitate the Labour leader in the public eye.  
    Now the Labour line is that strikes are wrong at the current time (because it makes them look bad to the public), and now it’s magically the BBC line.  
    I also noticed that the crowd was hideously white, about as diverse as an EDL gathering. Wake me up when the BBC addresses this issue of racial purity the way they ALWAYS point out how white the Tea Party crowds are.


  23. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Nick Robinson also says that this speech was intended to put some clear water between Red Ed and the unions, although he at least has the good sense to put it as that being Labour’s goal. Unlike his colleague on the News Channel, he doesn’t just state that this is what has happened.  Robinson is actually acting impartial here.  I assume that’s a cue for some to claim it’s evidence of him being biased against Labour.

    In fact, he reports that most of Miliband’s speech was well received and it was only the strike issue that caused a real problem for him.  But it does explain why the BBC News producers were keen to support the “Ed is not controlled by unions” Narrative that Labour wants.  
    To my total surprise, there’s this bit of the speech which only Robinson has pointed out so far:  
    On spending cuts he told them, “We are not going to be able to spend our way to a new economy,”  
    Do Ed Balls and his ex-girlfriend know about this?  This is a Labour Split issue if I ever saw one.  How about it, BBC?


  24. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Not a good sign:  During an appearance intended to promote a jobs initiative at the Navy Yard in Washington, President Obama faced an awkwardly silent crowd during his introduction until a commanding officer suggested a round of applause.

    Video here.


  25. Martin says:

    It’s quite interesting how little the BBC have commented on Alistair Darling’s book, no doubt the BBC will spin it all as “old news” when in fact Toenails and Peston in particular spun the Liebore line that Brown and Blair were best buddies.

    Of course the BBC like to dig up anything about Thatcher and spin it as something to do with the Tories today.


  26. Dazed-and-Confused says:

    The Beeboid “Comedian” Anthony Richardson has issued an apology, for his video in mocking a female being beaten up over at Max Farquars place.



  27. John Horne Tooke says:

    Testing – I have posted 3 comments on different threads but they have all dissapeared – if this one goes then I will have to go elsewhere.


  28. Cassandra King says:

    GOP Wins Race for Weiner’s Seat

    <img src=”http://a57.foxnews.com/www.foxnews.com/images/root_images/0/0/091411_turnervictory1_20110914_004124.jpg”/>AP
    In upset victory, GOP political novice Bob Turner defeats Dem assemblyman David Weprin in N.Y. special House race to fill seat vacated by Rep. Anthony Weiner, as election result is seen as a referendum on Obama’s economic policies.

    The BBC? In denial of course, oh happy days.


  29. Daniel Clucas says:

    Any sign of allegations in the Indy over the People using PI’s to get numbers for Dunblane victims families, Stuart Lubbocks family on the beeb? Need I even ask? They must be dying to shout The Express’ use of a PI to get Holly Well’s family’s number from the rooftops though.


  30. Carruthers says:

    Bores me even to mention the Today programme’s incessant bias, but something this morning had me scoffing out loud while ironing my shirt.

    They had on a Unicef UK spokeswoman bleating about their latest ‘analysis’, that was being spun all over the Beeb news. First, in a world full of genuine child poverty, hardship and disease, what in the name of Buddha is a UN agency doing with a UK office and working on a report about British children? Question not asked.

    Secondly, the report said, essentially, that we were giving our kids too much stuff and not spending enough time with them. Errr, hello? The UN agency responsible for alleviating child poverty is saying the UK has a problem because we don’t have enough poverty – we’re at work a lot and our kids get spoiled. Jumping Jehovah.

    Thirdly, and I am sure it will be no surprise at all, the remedies to this ‘problem’ that are proposed by the UN….? Less taxation so that we can work less hard? Freeing up the labour market rules so that more can join in this bounty? Ahhh, no. Increase the minimum wage (aka these days the ‘Living Wage’) and make our society less materialistic! The former is guaranteed to reduce employment as any idiot knows, and the latter is completely impossible without complete State indoctrination.

    Thus speaks the taxpayer funded, transnational, unaccountable bureaucracy of the UN, and all given peak broadcasting exposure and not a word of challenge by the Today programme.


    • Barry says:

      Does this mean that the BBC will be cancelling all future broadcasts of Click and Top Gear? And what about all those TV dramas that seem to be awash with brand new Apple MacBooks? Hardly a Dell in sight – what is going on there exactly?

      Why is anything “electronic” considered particularly wicked when Hermes scarves and Jimmy Choo shoes are OK. Is the Kindle materialistic?

      I suppose the implication is “materialistic = shallow”. We are shallow, no doubt about it, but our education system might have played a part in that. I suppose the BBC would be happier if we were reading Marx, Trotsky and Engels by candlelight (or maybe not Marx – he was Jewish). That’s “we” you understand, not them, because only other people’s stuff is materialistic.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Hells bells, it’s UN-believeable day then.

      Across the MSM infirmament.

      Just watched Adam Boulton politely let unfurl…

      a) Some UN-sposnored French Perfesser ramble for an age on why we need to pay for travelers to enjoy prefernetial living perks.

      b) A raft of TUC big-wigs waffle on why we need to pay to keep them in massive salaries and gold-plated pensions.

      c) Mrs. Huhne coyly suggesting that we need to pay the EU and the EU needs to pay any dozy 4th world economy that has done a) & b) for too long as all are bust.

      I hate to think what the public-sector employing, UN and EU-addicted state broadcaster chose to make of it all.


      • Barry says:

        “Some UN-sposnored French Perfesser ramble for an age on why we need to pay for travelers to enjoy prefernetial living perks.” 
        Perhaps they should “travel” to France. Weather’s better – we should try to sell that idea.


      • My Site (click to edit) says:

        Meanwhile, as money is too tight to mention…

        mediaguardian Media Guardian BBC4 may be saved from budget cuts gu.com/p/3xq9f/tf

        How much gets p*ssed away in endless claims that things are going to be cut, the waling and the moaning… before they find room for one last wafer thin minority channel?


  31. Deborah says:

    Time for a new open thread?

    I was listening to You and Yours today with Winifred Robinson. In response to the Hairy Bikers last night doing a Jamie Oliver with Meals on Wheels, Miss Robinson had on the director of a business that prepares over 200,000 meals a day for delivery to the elderly.  When Winifred couldn’t catch him out over anything else she suddenly turns and says accusing, ‘But you make a profit – don’t you?’, as though this was the worst thing in the world.  The Director’s response was that his company was able to employ X number of people and that profits enabled him to reinvest in the business so he had nothing to be ashamed of.  Winifred then back tracked and explained she wasn’t accusing him of anything (Oh yes she was).

    I remember some time past when a university bod was explaining that more people now study at their home university he had the temerity to suggest that it was likely that Miss Robinson had attended a university away.   She was very sharp as she explained that her parents were poor and she couldn’t afford to go study in a strange town.

    It was obvious today that Winifred Robinson assumes that all business is bad and that making a profit it as evil as paediophilia.  Please BBC get real (or realist presenters).


  32. George R says:

    BBC-NUJ and TUC strike.  
    Are BBC-NUJ members actually going on strike again, or will they simply support the TUC strike by broadcasting BBC-NUJ political propaganda of support, at our expense?  
    For an answer, consult Comrade Mason, Father of the Chapel of BBC-NUJ ‘Newsnight’ branch.



    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Meanwhile, I can only imagine what the girls (and the women too) in the Newsynightie pre-pro meeting are as we speak deciding on how to spin the latest wind turbine hiccup, and bury the rather less than narrative-enhancing input form the Palestinian Ambassador.

      It’s almsot as if they think folk don’t actually have access to, check and confirm other sources of actual news, as opposed to whatever it is they spend £4Bpa turning into mush.


      • Roland Deschain says:

        Unfortunately, most folk who have access to other sources never think to bother, which is why the BBC continues to get away with it.


      • My Site (click to edit) says:

        Apols, not wind… solar.

        Google ‘Solyndra’.

        Not a Black/Mardell topic one will hazard, especially on the day Al Gore does hiss latest whatever it is. Eco/US stories will be subject to wtaertight overisght for a while.


  33. As I See It says:

    The Body Farm

    Oh dear, oh dear….new BBC drama.

    Another achingly PC exploration of the female dominated world of blood and guts forensic pseudo-science. Naturally all male characters are incontinent drones fueled by prejudice, sex and football. (So pleased Keith Allen is coining it at our expenses again). Females on the other hand are dutiful seekers after truth fairness and justice.

    While a sixties-built towerblock survives unscathed a bomb blast that liquifies two men (you see T Dan Smith was right afterall) growling Tara Fitzgerald stubs out her cigarette (so un-PC I nearly giggled) before lifting her high heels on to the pedals of an off roader leaving in her dust poor Mark Bazeley playing a thinking woman’s hunk (how gay is that?) and he is left to contemplate the past… Surely in real life it would be a newer more racy model with far less of a complex service history?


    • Barry says:

      And a dig at the “mongrel British”.

      Another BBC production I’m paying for but can’t bear to watch.