Question Time LiveBlog 8th September 2011: 9/11 Special!

Question Time tonight is a 9/11 Special.

On the panel tonight in London we have Secretary or State for Defence Liam Fox, failed Labour leadership contender David Miliband and US Assistant Sec of Defense Richard Perle

In the cheap seats we have ‘playwright’ by the name of Bonnie Langford Greer, race-agitator Tariq Ali and a lady called Christina Schmidt who lost her husband serving as a bomb disposal officer in Afghanistan.

So good luck there.

TheEye is unable to join you this evening So leaves you in the splendid hands of the Two Davids…Vance and Mosque. Play nicely!

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37 Responses to Question Time LiveBlog 8th September 2011: 9/11 Special!

  1. cjhartnett says:

    Poor old Richard Perle then!
    To be surrounded by such quislings and superannuated student leaders-and no doubt, Perle will be reminded why the Yanks had it coming…as happened ten years ago with Dimblebum in the high stool.
    If he wants a flavour of what the BBC thinks is the line to take re 9/11, he need only listen to “Book of the Week”.
    The commissioned writers seem to think that there was too much grieving and too much special pleading from the widows and families-and the real crime was the response of (you guessed it!) George W!
    Hopefully Perle will have been watching how the likes of Ann Coulter and John Bolton deal with the creeping fungus that is the BBC!
    By the way…what exactly is Bonnie Greer FOR…has she ever DONE anything outside the BBCs boiler room(or Womans Hour studio as it`s come to be known…arf arf!).
    Oh lordy…I see Shami, Shirley and Morpurgo lined up for shows tomorrow…Perle will need to make sure they don`t remove his shoes and point him to Mecca!


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      Perle will be the whipping boy, the focus of all anger.  You’re all going to be witnessing a repeat peformance of the original 9/11 QT when the US Ambassador was the target. Fortunately, enough time has passed so that Perle won’t be so full of emotion as to be reduced to tears.

      I’m so glad I won’t be around to see this, but I’ll be tempted to search for clips later to boil my blood.


      • Grant says:

        David P,
        I certainly won’t be watching it, but Perle has more balls than the rest of that panel put together and I include Liam Fox, who, at the end of the day is just another Tory wimpo. 


    • Grant says:

      Bonnie  Greer is a token BBC left-wing “Darkie”  ( not prejudiced, my wife is black African ).  But , Greer, is thick as two short planks. Perfect for the BBC.


      • wild says:

        She is not only black, she is a sanctimonious Leftie. If she were a black Republican the BBC would do their best to keep her OFF the airwaves.


  2. BBCwaste says:

    This is worth linking to in the intro of this article….

    Take a look at this from Guido…


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      Have to repost this in follow on, as I did when i saw this posted in the GT thread…

      Hard to tell what the truth is these days.


      ‘..programs production-company Mentorn declined to comment when Guido put it to them that there had been a significant rejigging of audience members today…’



      If true (a concession the objective national broadcast news rarely seems capable of acknowledging), a few questions need to be asked:


      a) Does rejigging actually suggest a culture of rigging to suit?


      b) If so, how does this reflect on the ‘value’ of QT as a ‘voice of the country’, when it clearly is no more than a voice of a very limited collection of folk for agenda or ratings propaganda purposes.


      • Roland Deschain says:

        It’s worth, I think, posting this update to Guido’s post:

        UPDATE Friday 09:00: The BBC got in touch over night to say usual practice applied to audience selection last night.

        Well, quite!


  3. George R says:

    Profile of BBC-NUJ’s Marxist chum,  TARIQ ALI.


  4. George R says:

    Black leftist commenter, and chum of BBC-NUJ, BONNIE GREER:

    “”My response would be to say that the overwhelming majority of paedophiles, murderers, war-mongers and football hooligans are white males and all we got in return was beans on toast and Top Gear.”
    “Rod Liddle branded ‘racist’ for blog blaming crime on black men” (2009)


  5. RGH says:

    Ah, Bonnie Greer. The author(ess) of ‘Obama Music’

    Reviewed as follows:

    “this book seems like a hastily written attempt to cash in on Obama’s name, from its cheap cover to its bad editing/proofreading. And I’m afraid that I just didn’t buy Bonnie’s two main assertions that “Obama’s is a South Side Presidency” and that (his Presidency) “has a particular musical landscape”.

    Obama only went to Chicago in 1985 after having been born and raised in Hawaii and Indonesia and attending College in Los Angeles and New York. Even then he left after a couple of years for three years at Harvard. I’m sure that working as a community leader on the South Side of Chicago was an influential part of his development, as was working as a lawyer in Chicago and being a State Senator for Illinois but I really don’t see how these were any more of an influence than any other part of his life on his Presidency. Indeed I hope his is an ‘Hawaiian Presidency’ as he has commented how “The opportunity that Hawaii offered – to experience a variety of cultures in a climate of mutual respect – became an integral part of my world view, and a basis for the values that I hold most dear.” However, the South Side connection does provide the link between Obama and Bonnie herself, albeit that she was long gone by the time Obama arrived”

    You can see why the BBC likes her.


  6. john says:

    You go away for a week, return to find ITV, yes ITV, are now the Channel of the Year.
    Understandably the BBC wont get one favourable vote from us.
    But ITV ? – I ask you !
    Their output of dross is only matched by the BBC. Perhaps Aunty may have bombed at the ballot box because her overt left-wing bias has even reached out to the “less concerned voter”.
    As I say, I’ve been away for a week, but I shall watch BBC’s QT to-night to make sure that hell indeed has not frozen over.
    I’ll forego Pissant and Duck on ITV.
    But I expect it to be as shit-hot as usual on the BBC.


  7. pounce_uk says:

    Well that applause that traiq Ali received tells me all I want to know about the audience the bBC has in place.

    Then to have milliband bitching about the war. Err smart arse you belonged to the government thatvdid that


  8. pounce_uk says:

    I see the bBC is on with the pro Taliban audience, which funny enough seems to see israel as one of the reasons for 9/11


  9. David vance says:

    Things were a bit confused tonight, with me logging in as ASE! But just to say that I left early because that programme was as bad as the one ten years ago.


  10. Durotrigan says:

    The panel was so appalling that I couldn’t stomach more than ten minutes or so of the programme, which is to say, far more than I’ve watched for a good few months. I would have thought that they would have at least have had Douglas Murray on this evening given the theme, but instead plumped for Perle so that they could presumably rant about Iraq. There’s far more political debate and honesty in a random episode of South Park than anything you’ll find on Question Time.


  11. George R says:

    ‘QT’: comprising a panel, audience and political agenda as a parallel BBC-NUJ universe, peopled by a majority of  BBC-NUJ hand-picked leftist and Islamic dogmatists who blame the West for the 9/11 Islamic jihad massacres, and push the line of Muslims as permanent victims, not perpetrators of 9/11 !


  12. john says:

    Well – er – um !
    Having watched  BBC’s Questionable Time, it’s no longer baffling as to why ITV are the Channel of the Year.
    By the way, where was Christina Schmidt ?
    Non the less, she had a greater input than Dr. Liam Fox.
    PS :
    I’d love to meet that audience in my local Real-Ale Pub.
    We could have a jolly good chat, couldn’t we ?


  13. james1070 says:

    So the formula for Question Time panel is get a few normal people (yes I would include Milliband) then fill the rest up with Left Wing Extremists.


  14. Peter Capriole says:

    We have noticed for some time that the BBC is becoming indistinguishable from Al Jazeera, there is something incestuous between BBC , Channel 4, and Al Jazeera, so many of its past journalists.  

    Even Newsnight is copying the phraseology to describe its current programmes for 9/11. I bet the Beeboids would love to include the likes of Chomsky on  their web site but feel ‘constrained’ by what they believe is an establishment ethos, continually looking over their shoulder.  In the meantime Kirsty Wark (surely its not by chance that her surname sounds like the infuriating noise of a terribly frustrated and hungry seagull, wark, wark, wark! ) and her editors will no doubt get a copycat thrill from imitating Al Jazeera tonight.    
    The 9/11 Decade



    Kirsty Wark presents a special edition of Newsnight


  15. Roland Deschain says:

    I haven’t watched Question Time in years now.  I really don’t know why anyone from the right has anything to do with it.  Their presence gives it a veneer of impartiality it doesn’t deserve and they should simply empty-chair it.


    • Grant says:

      I haven’t watched QT for over a year and, judging by the comments above, I missed nothing last night.
      I have said for years that Conservative politicians should not just boycott QT, but the BBC in its entirety. Quite frankly, so long as they are stupid enough to dance to the BBC tune, they deserve all they get.


      • Roland Deschain says:

        Grant, there aren’t many Conservative politicians left.  Just products of the party machine who have known nothing but politics, don’t understand the real world and will do whatever the party tells them, without thinking, if it advances them up the greasy pole.


        • Hanson says:

          There are proper Conservatives out there, including in government. They’re just not forceful enough to speak out against the centre left consesus that dominates these days.


        • Grant says:

          Well, yes, Roland , quite agree. And with you too, Hanson.


  16. My Site (click to edit) says:

    I switched off after ten minutes. Exactly the sort of dross that I’m sure we’d all expected.

    That vile, ignorant, ungrateful bitch, Bonnie Greer, should be forced to read this book:


  17. George R says:

    Overall conclusion of last night’s ‘Question Time’ on September 11, 2001:
    – ‘the West was to blame, Muslims are innocent victims, Islam is not relevant.’ (Applause from leftist-Muslim audience.)

    More on Muslim ‘victims’, fervent believers in Islam:

    “Factbox: September 11 conspirators: Where are they now?”


  18. sue says:

    To summarise.
    “Did you realise that the people who suffered most after 9/11 are the Moslems? They are demonised and vilified through no fault of their own. 9/11 was a criminal act, which had nothing to do with religion of peace.

    In the case of Anders Breivik, however, responsibility for his ‘political activism’ must be borne by the entire political right.
    In the name of liberal values, fair play, anti-racism, the ethical principles which eschew the blame game and the art of ‘listening’,  there is one exception. You guessed it. The illegitimate pariah state which repeatedly violates UN resolutions, whose existence exacerbates Moslem grievances, and whose removal would resolve the troubles of the entire world in one fell swoop.”

    That’s what I was hearing, anyway.


  19. cjhartnett says:

    Bonnie Greer has lived here now for how long?
    She seemed to think that she had some experience of Chicago(Obamas rotten borough) and NYC…but I sense she`s being “doing a Ruby Wax” and slagging off her great country from the safe bunker of the BBC diversity/care in the community directorate.
    Question Time deserves its turn on a US warship( we seem to have mislaid most of ours!)  in order to get a culturally sensitive embalming and tossing overboard into La Manche. 
    It`s what Osama would have wanted…and where hw goes, the BBC is happy enough to follow!


  20. Bannerman says:

    R5Live Friday can’t wait for the comments needless to say the output was traiterous left wing bollocks of the highest order. God bless the 9/11 victims. Victoria Derbyshire hang your head in shame….bitch.


  21. ltwf1964 says:

    this programme needs to be pre-labelled with a health warning

    “QT is utter left wing bollocks and will seriously boil your piss if you can stomach to watch it”


  22. Hanson says:

    Last night’s QT was exactly what I’d expected; a load of people on the liberal left getting themselves in a frenzy of self doubt and guilt. Is the west winning the war on terror? On the evidence of these people, clearly no one has the stomach for the fight. Fox was ok; I’d far prefer him in No. 10 to Cameron. Miliband flitted between seeming like he got the problem and then babbling on about human rights and all that rubbish. Bonnie Greer? Smug as ever, contributed nothing but fatuous, “let’s tolerate all” nonsense. Richard Perle seemed a bit downhearted, I thought. Reluctant to be completely honest. By contrast with the others, obviously, he was sensible. Tariq Ali has built a career on cultivating an image of a wise old man – sadly a lot of people buy into that. The highlight (from a comedic point of view) was that the BBC actually managed to find an ex serviceman, bomb disposal possibly, who advocated negotiations with Al Qaeda. You can’t make that up. They must have jumped with joy when they got wind of his question. Awful show. If the BBC wants to persist with this type of panel event it needs to be radically reworked.


  23. Beness says:

    Just watched it On I player whilst scrolling down the comments on this site. good fun trying to Synchronize it but getting just in front was a great indicator of what was to come.

     Give it a go sometime if you cant be there for the live broadcast.