End Of An Era?

Guido is running with this Tweet right now – and it’s a sight to gladden the heart of seasoned bias-watchers.

Could it be? Or is he just playing hard to get for a salary bump? Who is likely to replace him? And (a different question entirely) who should replace him? Or is the whole concept past its usefulness?

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  1. Dorian Smith says:

    Can’t wait for the “Great Interrupter” to go, it’s not like he needs any more money than he has amassed already.  Who to replace him? – if it were the view of the unbiased beeboid, who are blind to their own leanings, it would be either:

    Marcus Brigstocke
    Billy Bragg
    Jacqui Smith
    Andrew Marr
    Penny Red


  2. Keith Newman says:

    Doesn’t matter who chairs the programme as the audience is always composed of Labour shrills bussed in by the unions.

    I stopped watching after the appaling Nick Griffin episode and have never missed it to be frank.


  3. Norton Folgate says:

    I’ll see those 5 likely nominations and raise you a Polly Toynbee, ever present Shami or a Ken Livingstone.


  4. ltwf1964 says:

    who is Harriet Hatemen going to manipulate into stopping the odd token tory on the panel now then?

    I’m sure the witch will find someone sympathetic to her side……just close your eyes and poke a stick in any direction at al beeb and you’re sure to hit a lefty


  5. jarwill101 says:

    The silence of the Chakrabarti. Ominous. A dark horse? Given the brazen, galloping madness of the beeboids, they might go for a game changer who will ensure that nobody tunes in: Mr Reasonable, the wailing shi’ite, himself, Mehdi Hasan. Merely a stepping stone on his way to Director Generalship?
    Yes, Jacqui Smith is a possibility. A woman who should have done time, rather than Question Time, Her media rehab is going very nicely.
    I’d like to see David ‘The Tudor’ Starkey take the tarnished chairman’s mantle – put the cat amongst the pigeons.


  6. PacificRising says:

    “who should replace him?”

     Andrew Neil


    • All Seeing Eye says:

      Should but won’t. Indeed.


      • splodger says:

        … And anyway, who would referee the ever-bonkers “This Week” immediately following QT if he did get the job?


    • john in cheshire says:

      The programme should be ditched. It’s worth nothing these days. And if it puts Mr Dimbleby on the scrap heap the that’s an added bonus.


    • Frederick Bloggs says:

      My choice too. And he comes from Glasgow so he will be very happy to move back 😉


  7. English Pensioner says:

    Another question is “Who of importance is going to go to Glasgow to take part in (what I assume is) a late night programme”. I can’t imagine many MPs of any party will be particularly enthusiastic about the idea, and I suspect that we will move from second rate participants to third rate ones, such as Sally Bercow, who will do anything for a bit of self-publicity.


    • PacificRising says:

      @English Pensioner
      The program is usually moved around the country to different venues every week, although the idea of making it static in Glasgow would make it easier for the BBC to select the right kind of audience.


      • James M. Gowland says:

        If they are going to pick a static venue for all shows, the best thing they could do (well best thing from their point of view not ours) is to house QT in the constituency with highest percentage of Labour voters! 


      • Reed says:

        They might move the program around the country, but the audience seems to stay the same. Even in the rare event that they take it to a less metropolitan and more Conservative area, it still seems to be a predominately lefty arena for shrieking moral outrage. There are large parts of England that are Conservative heartlands, but you would never know this by watching Question Time. Anyone watching from overseas, who doesn’t know the unspoken formula for QT audience/panel selection, would be convinced that this country is entirely in tune with the inner London, left-wing intellectual, PC outlook.

        The BBC are just trying to reflect St. Tony’s truism (as they see it) that New Labour is “the political wing of the British people”.


    • matthew rowe says:

      “Sally Bercow, who will do anything for a bit of self-publicity”
      True EP mind from what i have seen she would  do most things for a pint as well !


  8. ovic60 says:

    It will be a Scot or a woman- possibly both !The ethnic cleansing of white English men continues  at the Beeb.


  9. katie may says:

    oh no it couldnt be kirsty wark could it?


  10. Davieboy says:

    “who should replace him?”  
    Cassandra King…


  11. fred bloggs says:

    Cut out the panel and a chairman, just let the bBC news editors give their socialist  views.  Same programme but cheaper – job done!


  12. Alfie Pacino says:

    The smug Dimbleby won’t be missed, but he couod be replaced by any number of smug wannabes, or guest chairs. Mr Blobby would have done a better job.


  13. George R says:

    Robert Kilroy-Silk.

    “We owe Arabs nothing – Kilroy Silk’s censored article -UK Islamists intimidate the BBC into firing Silk – complete documentation” (2004).



  14. Joe Geary says:

    Rebekah Brooks is looking for a job …


  15. As I See It says:

    The BBC’s drive for diversity will box them in on this one. They won’t want to be seen to appoint another hideously white tubby middle aged man to a life sinecure. Rate-faced Labour hack Kirsty Wark is their logical – but nuclear – option. I think her scriking voice and colour-blind dress sense might dismay even the rag tag studio audience of ‘union employees’ and ‘community outreach workers’. My guess is if Mr Dimbleby has really left the building they will have a rota of guest presenters.

    Seriously BBC kill it off!


  16. Martin says:

    They could get Gaddafi to host it.


  17. Johnny Norfolk says:

    Whta about David Starkey, he would be popular.


  18. Louis Robinson says:

    Early in his career David Dimbleby revealed his politics. I remember as a kid watching him with the golden BBC outside-broadcast microphone handed down to him by his father Richard commentating on a state visit by President Nixon. He described the Prime Minister (Edward Heath) as “hogging the limelight”, and Nixon as “the man of a thousand faces”. Not the done thing on Royal Occasions.
    (By the way, I’d love to relive the live encounter between Jonathan Dimbleby and Sir James Goldsmith on the “Money Programme”. It was a delight to watch Goldsmith rip Dimbleby Minor apart. Any videos around?)


  19. sue says:

    t will be an all-women shortlist.
    Clare Short
    Sue Perkins hasn’t done it yet.
    Mary Port ass (I saw her getting off a train last week)
    Arlene Phillips positive discrimination
    Susanna Reid representing dangly earrings
    Kirsty Allsop
    Kirsty Wark
    Kirsty Young
    Gok Wan
    Lauren Booth/Cherie Blair/Jenny Tonge


    • Jeremy Clarke says:

      I am liking that shortlist, Sue.

      You forgot Sue Barker.

      I’d go for Stephen Fry. We really don’t see enough of him on TV these days.


    • As I See It says:

      Female Beeboid shortlist – and no Sandi Toksvig?


  20. Martin says:

    No it probably has to be someone black, lesbian, stupid, Muslim or bonkers. That’s most of the Guardian readership right?


    • sue says:

      Don’t be so rude Martin. My list fits your criteria perfectly well.
      Sue Perkins and Mary Portas are lesbians, Lauren Booth is Muslim, They’re all either stupid, bonkers, or both and I forgot to add Trevor Phillips or Chuka Umunna and Darcus.


  21. splodger says:

    Perhaps they will go for a revolving chair, and just bus in a new wholly impartial goon each week – as they did with the ever irritating HIGNFY?

    On the other hand, Bumblebot is probably just attempting to up his salary to match his ego.


  22. George R says:

    ‘QT’ based in Scotland?

    BBC-NUJ would have to avoid articles like the following to appease SNP host government:

    “Tell the truth: Scotland has been indulged for too long.The nation that always seems to be asking for more should start giving something back. ”



  23. Asuka Langley Soryu says:

    Richard Bacon displayed his hyper left-wing bias on the junior Question Time (or some such bollocks) recently. Maybe he could do it. Then we can be rid if this steaming stack of farcical shittery once and for all.


  24. Cassandra King says:

    My money is on red Andy, Marr or ‘wingnut’ as he likes to be known has all the right qualifications, he is a gobby opinionated twat, with an inflated ego and a chip on his shoulder the size if mount Ida. He is as red as red can get, is biased to the left and hates the right and no trick is too dirty in his quest to destroy his political enemies. QT is a circus now, with him in the hot seat it would become a freak show.


  25. Julio says:

    Sounds like an ideal job for one of the Gadaffi women. If they don’t speak English it doesn’t matter, because requiring third worlder immigrants to speak English is racist anyway.


  26. Jeremy Clarke says:

    Let’s think.

    Someone who lives near Glasgow…media-friendly…well-known to viewers…common touch…politically disinterested…even-handed…


  27. My Site (click to edit) says:

    ROBERT BROWN; Well, given that it has to be a beeboid, then i would nominate Laurie Mayer. He actually resigned from BBC SE citing bullying behaviour at the station, brownie points there. He has a very soothing and calming nature, with a nice turn of intelligent sarcastic wit. Heard him on R4 once dealing with a bereaved relative of some incident and was impressed and moved with his gentle and sympathetic tone, not in the least contrived. Respect to him. He would be the best of a dodgy bunch. Anyone agree?


  28. Grant says:

    Who should replace him ?  It is obvious, our very own Martin   !


  29. Billy Blofeld says:

    What about Jody McIntyre? He’s disabled and he’s available now that he’s been sacked from The Independent for inciting riots.

    …..Johann Hari is also recently available and fits exactly with the BBC’s definition of impartial.  Plus he’s gay.


  30. daddymunro says:

    Why not David Starkey? He comes out with enough anti-Scottish rants; smiled on, benignly, by Dimblebore, in the past, to keep the frothy mouthed Scottophobes, on this site, happy.