Nice catch.

“Victoria Derbyshire puts John Pienaar on the spot today by revealing the BBC strategy for breaking up the coalition! 1 hr 26 mins in.

Talking about the sainted Vince Cable’s bid to split up the banks right now, Pienaar says the battle on timing of the split will spill over into the party conferences. Derbyshire puts foot in mouth and suggests he will make sure the row does spill over. Pienaar rapidly says he will be reporting..ahem…neutrally.

Of course he will.”

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8 Responses to TRICKY VICKY

  1. Buggy says:

    VD (soo appropriate) used to present a light-hearted general sports discussion prog on Channel Four back in the dim-and-distant. Never a hint of the uber-leftie lurking within: Little minx !

    And we all know what happens to minxes, yes ? Fur coatses !


  2. stevefb says:

    Good spot, that.

    5Live is left wing even by BBC standards. Bacon and VD can’t help but let the mask slip every now and then  


    • Graeme Thompson says:

      I can see how this comment can be given a reading of bias, but quite frankly I think VD was just having a laugh.  I listen to her quite a bit and from where I’m standing I see next to no indications of bias.  
      Richard Bacon on the other hand is Labour’s R5L houseboy.

      hippiepooter (openid currently up the spout)


  3. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Good catch.


  4. My Site (click to edit) says:

    Derbyshire puts foot in mouth and suggests he will make sure the row does spill over’

    Silly girl forgot to preface the blatant partisan stir with ‘Critics are saying that.. the row is spilling over’, which neatly takes a BBC created narrative and punts it one degree of separation away.

    And neatly abolves them from justified accusations of seeking to create the news to taste, as opposed to reporting it (accurately) with any degree of professional integrity.


  5. Martin says:

    Don’t know if it can be found but I posted on here last year a comment from Vicki Polland to John Pinhead about “their job being to force open the cracks in the coalition”

    There was no attempt to hide it, it was just after the election and the BBC were gutted the Tories had done a deal with the Limp Dems.


  6. Geyza says:

    Of course, the BBC are becoming desperate.  The poll gap has narrowed and the tories are catching labour again.  With Miliband seen to look stupid and timid for ridiculing Cameron’s attempt to get a ‘no-fly-zone’ in Libya and Cameron pushing a solid intervention, which appears to have worked within the MOD contingency budget and has actually cost about the same amount of money as one afternoon of labour’s deficit at it’s peak, and without a single British serviceman/woman losing their life in foreign sand and all done legally and above board with the backing of the UN, NATO, the EU and our own Parliament….  It stands in stark contrast to labour’s debacle in Iraq!  The polls are narrowing, and when that happens, the BBC get scared and ratchet up the propaganda.

    You can smell their desperation.  They are reporting doom and gloom from all over the place.  They have reported growth in the economy (although slow and sluggish) in a more negative light than they used to report on the 6%  contraction in the economy under labour.


  7. BBCwaste says:

    About time another one of these brilliant vdeps produced… — remember this classic!