Mid Week, end of month, and time for a new Open Thread. The site’s been buzzing, let’s keep it that way, the floor is yours…

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  1. burbette123 says:

    Is there some sinister link to WARMISM when the weather forecaster on the radio 4 Today Programme, just after 6am, insists that today is the last day of summer?  I was taught that the autumn equinox,  the 21st Sept.. is the beginning of the new season.  It seems that the rest of the world follows that too.  Now the WARMISTS want to change astronomical facts!


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Perhaps they want to include 1st – 20th August in autumn this year in the hope it will raise average temperatures and they can say it’s been the warmest autumn since records began.


      • Natsman says:

        Sorry, I’ve been sans-internet for a while – here in France after a storm zapped my wimax receiver in early July (and I re-discovered that the French don’t do customer service).

        Just wondered, is the earth still warming, then?  Or only in parts (usually where it suits the warmists).  Not been much of a summer here, either.

        Ordered extra wood for this winter…


        • Reed says:

          It’s been our coolest summer here in the UK for roughly 20 years.

          This BBC article is a curious one for them : It actually has an accurate headline, but then reverts to the norm by trying to diminish or ignore a title that simply isn’t on message.


  2. Stanley Ukridge says:

    I was checking this wonderful site of the European Commission on Financial Transparrency:
    Querying for ‘BBC’ gives some relevant results (for the World Serive a mere EUR 9.1 million was given in the name of the caring taxpayers), but one of them stands out. This one:
    Unblocking the Cocoa Value Chain through Informal and Formal Pathways to Learning in Eastern Sierra Leone.
    for which purpose the BBC got EUR 955,458

    (Commitment position key: SCR.CTR.231059.01.1)

    I’m sure that this goal is fairly important for all of us, and the Beeb could be of real hellp in this value chain unblocking whatever. I have no doubt that the Beeb can continu to be the famous unforgiving watchdog when it comes to the EU as ever.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      It does show that the BBC is complicit in advancing an EU scheme.  Is this part of their remit?


    • Reed says:

      Unblocking the Cocoa Value Chain through Informal and Formal Pathways to Learning in Eastern Sierra Leone. “

      I think even google translate would have trouble turning that shite into English.


  3. George R says:


    BBC-NUJ’s political position now is to (surreptitiously) support JALIL and the NTC, while:

    1.) relegating criticism of the support given to Gaddafi regime by Western ‘leaders’ such as Blair, Brown, Berlusconi, etc.

    2.) relegating criticism of the political actions and ideology of JALIL and NTC:

    “Post-Qaddafi Libya: The Triumph of the ‘Bulgarian Nurses Affair’ Cabal”

    Diana West

    And, ‘Jihadwatch’ has:

    Libya: Father slits throats of three daughters raped by Gadhafi’s troops


    “As we noted in a prior report on the risk of honor killings and rape in Libya, this is the population from which a tolerant, pluralistic civil society is supposed to spring forth now that it’s no longer hindered by a lone autocratic weirdo. A democracy is only as good as the values that inform its participants, and therein lies peril for human rights in Libya in the near future.
    “The National Transitional Council’s draft constitution enshrines Sharia as the source of legislation. Despite the law’s brutal and specific punishments for other acts it defines as criminal, a parent who kills a child may face no penalty at all under Sharia.
    It is all too likely that the NTC will kick the can down the road on women’s rights to avoid specifics on the issue, saying it has more pressing matters to attend to, just as Egyptian women were told ‘their concerns were not urgent in the aftermath of the uprising.’ ‘Father slit throats of three daughters in ‘honour killing’ after they were raped by Gaddafi’s troops,” by Liz Hazelton for the Daily Mail, August 30.”


  4. pounce_uk says:

    The bBC,  the demise of the 60W bulb and half the story.
    The 60W bulb: A luminary love affair
    The bBC knocks up an article on how the eco-nuts enforced onto us all a policy where the cheap and simple lightbulb was replaced by an expensive and polluting newcomer. In fact nowhere in the article does the bBC mention that the new lightbulbs contain mercury, ironic that the very people who champion these new bulbs, are pushing out a replacement which is actually worse for the environment. Then there’s the so called life of these bulbs, so many people love to boast how long these bulbs last (The bBC quotes 10,000 hours) and a big yet, they last just as long as the ones they replaced or even less. Then there’s the cost, where the old ones cost pennies, these cost a lot more.

    Where the bBC stands on this issue can be exemplified by how they end the article:
     But for Chris Oxlade, author of The Light Bulb: Tales of Invention, it is simply a matter of scientific progression and the new light bulbs should be embraced. “I have no nostalgia for the old ones, which are knocking on 100 years,” he says. “My parents will say that the new light bulbs are rubbish – they don’t come on quickly enough or they are not bright enough but I have accepted them.”
    The funny thing is, I did too and when they first came out I replaced each and every bulb in the house. Then a few years ago, I noticed I was having problems reading at night. (I’m an avid reader) so I went to have my eyes checked and was informed that I have 20/20 vision. That there was nothing wrong with my eyesight. I was asked if I used these new lightbulbs, and I was told to look into buying daylight bulbs. Well I replaced one bulb in the front room (£10 a shot) and the result was as clear as day. Jesus Christ, looking at the other room you could see that the light in there was not only a lot weaker, but had a yellow hue. I have since replaced all my light bulbs with daylight bulbs. Which has cost me over £100, now how many people can afford to do likewise?
    Funny enough the Economist wrote an article on the very same subject the other week and I was surprised to read that the world light business is worth $160 billion a year. Maybe there lies the march for energy saving lights.  Lights I should add which are going to be replaced by LEDs very soon. (I bought the equivalent of a  20W bulb by Philips £26 pretty poor) yet the bBC instead of telling it how it is, instead resorts to telling us all how it feels it should be.


    • Roland Deschain says:

      My parents will say that the new light bulbs are rubbish – they don’t come on quickly enough or they are not bright enough but I have accepted them.

      Arrogant prick.  I like them so if you don’t you can f*ck off.  Typical of the we-know-best attitude the BBC loves.


      • RGH says:

        The standard light bulb in all wattages are still being made in enormous quantities. They can be ordered from China. The EU inspired law forbids their sale in the EU. Use is not a problem.

        The energy savers are too expensive for much of the world and are not likely to be replaced anytime soon.


        • RGH says:

          PS DON’T read in Energy-saving light environment. Use a standard bulb if you can (or halogen if you must). Energy-savers produce too much light at the blue end of the spectrum. That is not good for the eyes.


      • Millie Tant says:

        And nobody mentioned that they flickered so badly that I had to remove them and revert to the old reliable incandescent lightbulb.


    • David Preiser (USA) says:

      pounce, I feel your pain. The Democrat-controlled Congress passed a law in 2007 banning incandescent light bulbs in 2007, forcing the country to phase them out so that they will be illegal to manufacture, buy or sell starting in 2014.

      I have one desk lamp with one of these dim blue glow things, and the rest of my lighting is either standard bulb or halogen.  I’ll use candles or a bank of LEDs before I get another dim blue glow thing.

      George Bush signed it willingly as part of a generally stupid “energy efficiency” deal.  More proof that he and the Republican establishment were not proper Conservatives, and were pretty much Social Conservatives and little else.

      I’m stocking up now.


    • RCE says:

      I for one have got a cupboard full of the old-style bulbs that should last at least 5 years; first, because they are better, but second as a big 2 fingers up to the EU, BBC, David Cameron and all the other fascists who expect us all to go quietly.


      • Reed says:

        Yes. I really do hate this ‘do as you’re told’ attitude. If the new bulbs are superior or save money, let them stand on their own merits and let people decide for themselves. You know…like grown ups. Bureaucrats and their bloody ‘edicts for the betterment of all’ that treat us all like naughty childern.


    • graham duck says:

      Just who are the stupid sods who think they can keep the old style lamps out of the uk? my guess is they’ll have as much success as they do with class A drugs….yep..None!
      BTW lamps they are, you grow flowers from bulbs!


      • matthew rowe says:

        I haven’t suffered from migraines since I left school many moons ago but these bloody useless poisonous illiberal things bring them back on with a vengeance !!
        Ta to all the watermelons at the BBC for their complicity !


  5. ltwf1964 says:

    David Vance

    have you read the Belfast News letter today?

    if not-see NR Greer’s article on page 19 getting stuck into al beeb re the soft sopa treatment of terrorists,and giving this blog a major hat tip and encouraging people to pop over for a looksee

    seems we are getting noticed,and the beeb bias is standing out more and more every day,with more people starting to see through them for the rats that they are


    • Millie Tant says:

      I’ve just read it. Here’s an extract:

      From their new base, the Japanese terrorists were able to slate their bloodlust, murdering 26 people at Tel Aviv airport, causing the death of 100 people during the botched hi-jacking of a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737 and bombing of the Mitsubishi headquarters in Tokyo, killing eight workers.
      Saturday Live’s host Richard Coles had a cosy little chat with May Shigenobu, the daughter of Japanese Red Army leader, Fusako Shigenobu, who is now deservedly languishing in a Japanese jail.
      Firstly we learnt it was really all the fault of those nasty Americans (always a good starting point for a BBC interview) who entered into a security pact with Japan in 1960.
      Then we were encouraged to empathise with Ms. Shigenobu as she explained how difficult it is being brought up by a terrorist godmother: the inconvenience of having to change address frequently and the absence of a mother “away a lot of the time”. Naturally there was no questioning as to what she might have been doing during this time.
      Apparently it was unpleasant to realise that in Japan terrorists were considered “bad people”, but we were assured, and all things considered, growing up in a terrorist cell was a good experience.
      There was no suggestion that killing people was wrong and not a thought given to the victims of Japanese Red Army terrorism. The words ‘terrorist’ or ‘terrorism’ were not even mentioned, the BBC preferring terms such as ‘revolutionary’, ‘leftist movements’ or ‘class war’.
      Things really went through the looking glass when the presenter sympathetically asked “What do you think you owe your mother? What do you think you got that was distinctive and of value?” The answer was truly sick-making drivel about people being equal and the importance of being true to yourself to be happy.

      And a link to the article:


      • ltwf1964 says:

        thanks for linking that millie t


      • pounce_uk says:

        That’s interesting as I was going to mention this bBC defending terrorism article i noticed last night
        Daughter’s plea for Rajiv Gandhi murder plotter
        The murder of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in May 1991 stunned India – but it was also a personal tragedy for a young girl who had yet to be born. Haritha Murugan’s parents were arrested days after the murder and convicted of plotting it. She was born to the couple in prison in January 1992 and has met them once since that time. As a baby she was taken to Sri Lanka where she grew up under the care of her paternal grandmother. She is now a medical student in London. Nalini, Haritha’s mother, will spend the rest of her life in jail – her death sentence was commuted a decade ago after appeals for clemency.But her father, Murugan, is one of three men still on death row for the murder.
        Ok so there’s the introduction to the case now we get the bBC, they are innocent treatment:
        The daughters view:
        Despite Haritha’s relief at the delayed execution, there is deep sadness in her life. “No-one should go through life like me,” she said. “I was born in jail. I communicate with my parents through letters. They always say they are living for me. I miss my parents every day. “But the very thought they are living somewhere gave me comfort and kept me going. But now this may be taken away from me.” She met her parents only once, in 2005, and insists they are innocent.
        The mothers view:
        The mother of Perarivalan says her son is “completely innocent” and has expressed her dismay with India’s legal system. “The charge against my son is that he procured the nine-volt battery which was used by the suicide bomber. He denies that charge. He was never a member of the Tamil Tigers,” Aruputham Ammal said. “The whole judgement was based on a forced confession.”
        The defence lawyer:
        “They have already spent 20 years in jail. This is more than a normal life term convict would spend in prison. Is it fair to hang them?”

        Now by only offerring oneside of the story whom do you think the reader will feel for?


  6. David Preiser (USA) says:

    Check out this bit of Leftoid propaganda from the BBC about a “lost decade” for the US economy.

    First the bust, then the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and other targets. The United States economy started the decade shaken to the core, but it responded with an astounding economic boom.

    Ten years on, however, the US economy is in dire straits again, and most people are poorer than they were before. How did it happen?

    The only “how” one might interpret from this short animated sequence is that George Bush was in charge and his wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Nothing about the dot-com bubble bursting after Clinton, nothing about immigration leading to unemployed legal residents inflating jobless numbers.  The end says there was zero job growth for the decade, yet no mention that the unions killed the auto industry and cost tens of thousands of jobs, while other industries created jobs.  No mention of state and local governments bankrupting themselves with Leftoid policies, leading to municipal job losses.  The ending as it is seems rather disingenuous.  Just short, sweet figures, with no context provided other than Bush’s face.

    It’s as if the only reasons for the increase in government spending and no job growth were war and the financial crisis of 2008, all of which are obviously supposed to be blamed on George Bush.  Typical BBC vision.


  7. RCE says:

    I started to write this one on the ‘Single Mums’ thread but my research led me down a different route so I’m putting it here. It’s a little dated but provides a fascinating insight.  


    I didn’t expect this item to be even reported by British-hating Broadcasting Corporation:  



    But it is; and it is seething with bile and the customary attempts to undermine the truth of the story because it doesn’t chime with BBC ideology.  


    In fact, this is a truly classic BBC piece in how it completely turns the news item (the poll result) on its head and instead advances the complete opposite view (that Jamaica should become a republic).  


    Those of us who are accustomed to complaining to the BBC know that a frequent excuse for the biased content and shoddy quality of reportage is the ‘limited wordspace’. Yet here we can see that huge amounts of type, tangential to the news item, can be made readily available in order to ensure that the reader is not left with a view that is pro-empire, pro-monarchy or pro-British, (even thought the facts support this conclusion or certainly make it a valid consideration), or, heaven forfend, make up his or her own mind, as is the case here:  



    • Reed says:

      There was a Channel 4 program about this very issue of Jamaican independence a few years ago. Kwame Kwei-Armah retraced Queen Elizabeth’s 1953 Commonwealth Tour. In Jamaica he stopped in on a local radio station that was hosting a phone-in discussion on this issue. He was shocked to hear most of the callers saying that they were so much better off under British rule. He simply couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

      I was unable to find a clip – but google turned up this old post :


  8. My Site (click to edit) says:

    It would be funny if not so typically vexatious.

    Back home to spend the odd resting moment surfing the few BBC blogs currently not still on vacation, and on a Newsnight regular I stumble across a new poster who feels the BBC ME coverage is all part of a Israel/Zionist plot.

    That one’s wild rant stays up.

    However, my polite counter, citing Mr. Bowen’s odd record and a link to the BBC own ‘Story Removal’ url on The Editors ‘dog story’ mea culpa from June… referred and now banished before you can say watertight oversight. Or maybe ‘Balen’?

    They are consistent, I’ll give ’em that.

    This speaking for… er… with… er… at the people lark is certainly ‘unigue’ alright.

    Not sure the free speech democracy thing is quite working as well, mind.

    I may invest in one of those pointless complaint exercises, just to see which template they use this season.


  9. Lewis Duckworth says:

    Got home on Sunday, switched on BBC News 24 to hear an elated/excited female telling me that Farah was the “first non-African to get a medal for 30+ years in the 10,000 metres”.

    Run that past me again … you did say that didn’t you?


  10. My Site (click to edit) says:

    I love these quaint ethnic traits, it’s what makes our vibrant society the envy of the world.
    A countdown to the impact of both planes on 9/11, complete with aircraft.

    Expect silence from the BBC and the spineless scum that govern us, but heaven help any ‘Nazi’ that may disapprove!


  11. The Omega Man says:

    If you thought that the Arabs invaded the newly formed State of Israel in 1948 to destroy it, think again.

    According to the BBC, Israel’s Arab neighbours altruistically came to the aid of the Palestinian Higher Council.

    It’s news to me, and I can’t seem to find any historical reference to the this body. I was always under the impression that, if anything, Palestinian Arabs considered themsleves part of Greater Syria.

    Do they mean “Palestinian Development Higher Council”, established by Yasser Arafat in 2000.


    • RGH says:

      They probably meant the Higher Arab Committee.


      The Higher Arab Committee was formed after the start of the 1936-39 Arab revolt. On 15 May, the Committee called for nonpayment of taxes, a general strike of Arab workers and businesses, and an end to Jewish immigration. The committee was banned by the  British Mandate administration in September 1937.

      A committee of the same name was reconstituted by the Arab League in 1945, but went to abayence after it proved ineffective during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.

      It was banned by Jordan in 1948, and sidestepped by Egypt and the Arab League with the formation of the All-Palestine Government in 1948.

      So what we call Palestinians is a creation of Arab governments in the guise of the Arab League.


      • The Omega Man says:

        Yes, that seems to be what the BBC meant. An simple slip probably, giving the appearance of a independent Palestinian identity in 1948.


  12. Louis Robinson says:

    For decades the Iran Contra affair has been linked to the name Ronald Reagan. No media report has mentioned one without the other:

    “The arms sales to Iran “were carried out with the knowledge of, among others, President Ronald Reagan” and his vice-president, prosecutor Lawrence Walsh concluded. The Reagan administration “willfully withheld… large volumes of highly relevant, contemporaneously created documents”, he added. He said impeaching Reagan “certainly should have been considered”, the Washington Post reported.” The connection is ALWAYS made as in the BBC report: I just quoted.

    So now, in 2011, comes what is known as the “fast and furious” story.  Heard of it? No? Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin:

    The US “authorities” decide to sell Mexican drug lords US guns with GPS devices so they can track them. Over 2000 guns are sold and disappear because – you have to believe me – the batteries on the GPS systems run down. The guns are used to great effect by the drugs gangs including in the murder of US law enforcement agents.

    I wonder if anyone in the UK is even aware of the nature of this story couched as it is in bland, colourless terms.  How about responsibility? Obama anyone? White House anyone? Shhh. Can you hear the wind brush the flag on the fifth hole of a holiday golf course?

    If this were George W Bush there’d be calls for an investigation, a criminal prosecution, even impeachment. Mardell, Webb, even (the former DJ) Nicky Campbell would be rolling their eyes and tweeting.  

    Knowing how damaging this mess could be to the somnolent President Obama, the US media have kept this story under wraps till this week – and even now try to dismiss it with platitudes.

    I wonder what will happen next?  


  13. George R says:

    Don’t mention ‘Norway’.    
    Muslim on trial for murder of two Americans in Frankfurt. 
    Germany: Muslim who murdered 2 U.S. troops admits to crime, claims he was “radicalized” by faked “rape” video that was actually movie footage    
    INBBC report [Excerpt]:    
    “The Kosovo Albanian said he had carried out the attack after watching a video purporting to show US servicemen raping a Muslim girl in Iraq.    
    In fact, the video was a scene from Brian De Palma’s anti-war film, Redacted.    
    ‘I thought what I saw in that video, these people would do in Afghanistan,’ Mr Uka said.    
    ‘I killed two people and opened fire on three others.    
    ‘Today I can’t understand myself how I could have acted this way.'” 

    The headline of the INBBC report has a word missing, which I have added, so that the story has more meaning –

    “Kosovan” MUSLIM “admits shooting US airmen at Frankfurt airport”



  14. RGH says:

    Flying the flag for North Africa’s ‘Berber spring’

    I wonder if the BBC realises the potentially explosive nature of that jolly headline in the Arab world.?

    Then read this:

    “The spread of Islam among the Berbers did not guarantee their support for the Arab-dominated caliphate due to the discriminatory attitude of the Arabs. The ruling Arabs alienated the Berbers by taxing them heavily; treating converts as second-class Muslims; and, at worst, by enslaving them. As a result, widespread opposition took the form of open revolt in 739-40″

    There is an identity-related debate about the persecution of Berbers by the Arab-minded regimes of North Africa. Through both exclusivities of Pan-Arabism and Islamism,[27] their issue of identity is due to the pan-Arabist ideology of the former Egyptian president, Gamal Abdel Nasser. Some activists have claimed that “It is time—long past overdue—to confront the racist arabization of the Amazigh lands.”[28


  15. George R says:

    LIBYA, Islam and INBBC.

    On key issues on the West and Islam, INBBC defers to Muslim spokespeople to give INBBc its political line.

    To take but 3 examples from many:

    1.) who does INBBC commission (via its Muslim Head of religious programming, Mr Ahmed) to present the Islamic propaganda on Mohammad in a 3 part INBBC 2 series but Muslim Rageh Omaar from Islamic broadcaster, Al Jazeera;

    2.) who does INBBC Radio 4 get to provide the self-proclaimed unknowledgeable on Islam, John Humphrys with Islamic propaganda but Tariq Ramadan;

    3.) who does INBBC get to relegate the threat of Islamic jihad, of Al Qaeda in the Maghreh in Libya this very day but a Muslim at Exeter University where Middle East ‘studies are heavily financed by Middle East Islamic sources (-see pages 103-109 of ‘A Degree of Influence’

    INBBC’s Exeter Univ connection on its delegated Libya report seems to favourably interpret the words of Islamic jihadist on America, which of course, comes across as the enemy. Well done again, INBBC.


  16. George R says:

    INBBC, ban on English Defence League, Tower Hamlets, & 3 Sept.

    1.) A personal, non-INBBC presentation:

    “Welcome to Tower Hamlets”

    2.)INBBC presentation:

    “Home Secretary Theresa May extends London marches ban”

    3.)English Defence League presentation:

    “10 Reasons to Demonstrate in Tower Hamlets”


  17. ltwf1964 says:

    more eco lunacy on bBC breakfast views

    2 headcases trying to push “eco” lightbulbs,with a lighting designer headcase trying to get people to buy a lightbulb costing,wait for it,£50

    yes-fifty quid

    which asylum open day exactly is it today?


  18. pounce_uk says:

    The bBC and just plain lazy journalism.  
    The bBC airs a wonderful photo taken in July of last year of the Eiffel Tower when struck by a bolt of lighting. Nice photo, but the thing is  that picture which was posted at 14.20 UK time is the current centre spread in todays Guardian.  Talk about originality.   


  19. Peter Parker says:

    O/T but ITN news just ran an item on the Quadrilla shale gas test near Blackpool

    The newsreader introduced the piece by saying US shale gas development had a “‘huge environmental cost”. The VT then went on to show extensive clips from the lie-filled eco-propaganda film “Gasland” and an interview with a Tyndall-centre alarmist – with no opportunity for Quadrilla to reply on the alleged environmental impacts.

    Absolutely terrible biased reporting. Seems like the BBC sickness has infected ITN. Oh dear


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

      The lack of professional competence across our media estate is pervasive.

      However, if ITV has an agenda it wishes to sacrifice its credibility upon, fine; I don’t have to watch, or pay for it.


    • Llew says:

      Absolutely terrible biased reporting. Seems like the BBC sickness has infected ITN. Oh dear

      That Laura Kuenssberg has joined them hasn’t she?. They got infected through her.


  20. dave s says:

    I caught an afternoon R4 beeboidette in Athens investigating, if that is the right word, the growing anti immigrant sentiment there.
    She seemed to possess no knowledge of Greek history and less curiosity. Usual I suppose for a London liberal these days.
    I assume she thinks Greece was an imperial power on the lines of Britain and should accept this sudden influx of Islamic immigrants without demur.
    I doubt she knew Greece was once part of the Turkish Empire and has had a very turbulent history over the last two centuries.
    Greece might well be very wary of a large Muslim minority and with good reason.
    Her whole report was the usual liberal ” can’t we all just be nice to each other’ rubbish.
    At the end of it all the BBC plea is just this. Be nice and it will all work out fine.
    Reality? never enters their heads.


    • RGH says:

      For the Beeboid the world is a very simple place.Formulaic in its mind set.

      You don’t need history…all you do is report through BBC eyes.

      In this case……muslim immigrants are victims of european racism. As simple as that and all the rest falls into place.

      Who needs knowledge of history when a cosy style and a fixed world view is so much easier and pleases the bosses.


  21. Martin says:

    Anyone else see al Bowen spouting his shite on the BBC 6pm news? He reminds me of Marvin the depressed robot in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, you can just imagine a big black cloud above him.

    I notice that al Bowen got in the ‘British Government’ (he means this one not his beloved Liebore who got a free pass) were involved with the Gaddafi regime and the torture prison.

    You know I swear blind that I’ve missed something, did John Major hand over to David Cameron? have I slept through the last 13 years?


    • Reed says:

      No Martin. You see, those 13 years were an entirely benign period, bookended by deeply unpleasant Tory malignancy. BlairBrown was a golden age, don’t you know.


  22. sue says:

    A bunch of PSC thugs have disrupted tonight’s performance by the Israel Philharmonic at the Albert Hall. They had to abandon the live  broadcast  on radio 3 because of the racket.
    People were prepared for a ‘demo’ outside the Albert Hall. Ticket-holders’ bags were searched, but that obviously didn’t prevent this disgraceful fiasco. What a great shame.


    • sue says:

      Someone named christmasevans has posted a comment on the R3 website:

      “I fear the BBC asked for it. The disruption at the Albert Hall was as nothing compared to the disruption, and more, levied upon Palestinian lives on a daily basis. Nothing deters Israel from contravening human rights, from evicting Palestinians from their homes and enlarging settlements on the West Bank. It has annexed the Jordan Valley and East Jerusalem which the British Government refuses to recognise. But the Israeli Government is unmoved. Next time have some sense & invite Daniel Barenboim and the Divan orchestra.”

      The poster is correct. the BBC has asked for it. They’ve asked for it because of their contribution to the poster’s lamentable distortion of the actualité.


      • sue says:

        But wait!


        • Wally Greeninker says:

          I thought the BBC were rather quick off the blocks in abandoning the broadcast – the disruption had only lasted a minute or two before they put on a record, in stead. If they had hung on a bit we may have heard the goons put in their place and the performance continued.


      • Glen Slagg says:

        <!– @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –>

        I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the BBC were complicit in the “protest”, knew that it was going to happen and probably facilitated it. Was Johnny Marbles there with his shaving foam? Thatcher out!!!


    • Demon1001 says:

      How strange.  I saw this running on the bottom of the screen on SkyNews, so I came to the computer for the truth and this site is where I turned first – certainly not the BBC and not even Sky.  Sue, I would trust what you write on Israel before any of the “News” channels. 


  23. Martin says:

    Very odd that the BBC seem to suddenly be very pro the armed forces, or are they? For an organisation that hates EVERYTHING about the military and the lifestyle (white male, macho, nationalistic blah blah blah) they seem to be very keen to promote it. Or is it just another example of the BBC looking to kick the current government?

    Again the BBC talk about a 38 billion over spend at the MoD yet when they interview the usual Liebore muppets like Jim Murphy the BBC fails to ask why such an overspend was allowed to develop under McBust’s charge. Not to mention the lack of money that McArsehole ensured existed for the forces fighting HIS wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Again, the BBC seems to think the last 13 years never happened.


    • pounce_uk says:

      Martin the reason for that stance is easy. Prior to going into Iraq/Afghanistan the left could get away with saying what they wanted about the British armed forces. Myself I’ve been called a ‘fascist, a baby killer, a war monger, a sell out” and many more terms. The British public are more than happy to allow people get away with saying such during peacetime. But when the British armed forces are dying for Queen and country, then its a different matter and as many leftwing twats have found out, trying to do in wartime what they could in peacetime is a different matter and quite a few noses have been smacked by your run of the mill person on hearing what they feel is treason.
      The left on seeing how, they stood to lose a lot of support by attacking the military, changed tack and made out that they too supported the lads , (Soldiers welfare, Lack of equipment, etc..) but all they did was change the direction of their attack and simply used the soldiers cause in which to promote their own cause. (end the war by bringing the soldiers home, etc)
      This faux concern from the left about the downsizing of the military is even more ironic when you realise that the lefts aim has always been to get rid of the military in its entirety.
      But that’s the left for you, two faced fatherless people who would sell their grannies just so they can look good.


  24. hippiepooter says:

    On the disruption of the Israel Philharmonica Orchestra by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, I have just heard Kathryn Downs on News 24 refer to the pro-Israel demonstrators outside the Albert Hall as ‘anti-Palestine’ protestors.

    I’m sure its not down to any partiality on the part of the BBC reporter, just as there isn’t when her colleagues refer to those for abortion by their preferred designation of ‘pro-choice’ and those against abortion as ‘anti-abortion’ instead of their chosen designation of ‘pro-life’.  No, no bias at work there at all.


    • Jeremy Clarke says:

      “On the disruption of the Israel Philharmonica Orchestra by the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign, I have just heard Kathryn Downs on News 24 refer to the pro-Israel demonstrators outside the Albert Hall as ‘anti-Palestine’ protestors.”  
      If there is a clip of that ‘slip of the tongue’, I’d love to hear it.  
      Well, actually, I wouldn’t love to hear it because it would anger and depress me that anyone at the BBC would be stupid enough to presume that an opponent of the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (PSC) is ‘anti-Palestinian’.  
      A cursory investigation into the innocuous-sounding PSC will tell you that it includes some very unpleasant, Jew-hating zealots and allies itself with some thoroughly revolting specimens, usually of bearded, clerical persuasion. It’s a delightful melange of neo-Nazi/Islamist moonbattery. The Beeb could get off their arses and investigate some of their links and their more ‘colourful’ members, but I shan’t hold my breath.  
      On a happier note, kudos to the BBC for persisting with the broadcast and for inviting them IPO in the first place. Congratulations too to the PSC for making themselves look like the utter wankers that we know they are.


      • hippiepooter says:

        They’ve re-run her report just now on News 24.

        Very noteworthy that she refers to the PSC protesters who disrupted the concert as ‘pro-Palestinian’.  And she calls those who’d turned up to support Israel and the presence of that nation’s national orchestra as ‘anti-Palestine’?

        Erm, let’s stand back a bit shall we?

        PDS campaigners who disrupt a concert given by the Israeli PHO are described as ‘pro-Palestinian’, not ‘anti-Israeli’?

        Those who turn up to support the appearance of the Israeli PHO are called ‘anti-Palestine’?

        I dont think there’s much QED needed here.

        Kathryn Downs is a screaming anti-Jewish bigot.


        • George R says:

          No doubt many Beeboids are conflicted about this Proms anti-Israel disruption.

          On the one hand, many will like listening to, visiting the Proms without disruption to the music; on the other hand, the political  Beeboid herd instinct is to oppose all people and all things Israeli, including maestro conductor, Zubin Mehta, on his 75th birthday.

          And now, Beeboids will have to throw away all those recordings in their collections which feature Mehta, such as the following:

          The Three Tenors, ‘O Sole Mio’ conducted by Zubin Mehta.

          Come on, Beeboids, throw away your DVDs of  Zubin Mehta, on principle.

          Feel better now? What a wonderful cause.

          And who picks up the tab?


    • dave s says:

      The BBC’s choice of words always reveals the real way it thinks. or hive thinks in it’s case.


  25. Martin says:

    Newsnight crack me up. Paxman and co sneering that Cameron and Sarkozy have’nt yet visited Tripoli to celebrate their victory. “This is a problem” states the rather camp BBC male Paxman is interviewing.

    Why? If Cameron and Sarko turned up right now you just know the BBC would accuse them of grandstanding or using the visit for personal political reasons.

    Newsnight, worse than what I drop down the toilet every morning.


    • My Site (click to edit) says:

       “This is a problem” states the rather camp BBC male Paxman is interviewing.  

      Won’t be long before he is quietly morphed in a mysterious body of critics… ‘who are saying…’. If deployed, especially in an interview, I’d love the Minister spotlighted to insist they back up who these folk are, and shame them into admitting that, well, actually, it’s Blue Peter, namely one they made up earlier.

      Getting 3rd parties to trash whatever is going on, either way, just to get an anti-soundbite, is a classic win-win for any media, but boy is it getting tired as the BBC’s default setting.


  26. ChairmanofSelectors says:

    A small one but one I wanted to highlght nonetheless.

    I just watched the Greg Searle (GB rower) video diary on the BBC website. For no reason whatsoever, one of the painfully “right-on” rowers starts talking about one of his team mates’ muslim faith… He says that “Mohamed chants the Koran at the beginning of every race and it gives me strength to hear his passion etc.”

    One wonders if someone else chanted the bible if they would be given such a a glowing report, or indeed if the BBC editors chose to mention it in a 3 minute video diary supposedly about a rowing training camp.

    Message? The muslim faith gives strength to our GB rowers – isnt it wonderful.

    the bias is relentless and all consuming.


  27. pounce_uk says:

    And the bbC knocks out another Ramadan article
    Ramadan road-trip:


  28. pounce_uk says:

    The bBC, and how it rewrites UN reports in which to back up its anti-Israeli nature.
    Gaza ship raid excessive but blockade legal, says UN
    A UN report says Israel used “excessive force” in its raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla last year, but said the naval blockade was legal, according to the New York Times.The UN also found that Israeli commandos were met with “organised and violent resistance” when they boarded the Mavi Marmara, the paper reports.
    So the bBC does its take on the UN report and not surprisingly, the bBC version reads at how the report is mostly critical of Israel. I quote:
     “Israel’s decision to board the vessels with such substantial force at a great distance from the blockade zone and with no final warning immediately prior to the boarding was excessive and unreasonable,”
    Really as here is what the New York times actually says:
    A long-awaited United Nations review of Israel’s 2010 raid on a Turkish-based flotilla in which nine passengers were killed has found that Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza is both legal and appropriate. But it said that the way Israeli forces boarded the vessels trying to break that blockade 15 months ago was excessive and unreasonable. The report, expected to be released Friday, also found that when Israeli commandos boarded the main ship, they faced “organized and violent resistance from a group of passengers” and were therefore required to use force for their own protection. But the report called the force “excessive and unreasonable,” saying that the loss of life was unacceptable and that the Israeli military’s later treatment of passengers was abusive.
    But wait there is more:
    The report takes a broadly sympathetic view of Israel’s sea blockade of Gaza.  “Israel faces a real threat to its security from militant groups in Gaza,” the report says in its opening paragraphs. “The naval blockade was imposed as a legitimate security measure in order to prevent weapons from entering Gaza by sea and its implementation complied with the requirements of international law.”  The report is hard on the flotilla, asserting that it “acted recklessly in attempting to breach the naval blockade.” It said that while a majority of the hundreds of people aboard the six vessels had no violent intention, that could not be said of the I.H.H. Humanitarian Relief Foundation, the Turkish aid group that primarily organized the flotilla. It said, “There exist serious questions about the conduct, true nature and objectives of the flotilla organizers, particularly I.H.H.”  It also said that the Turkish government tried to persuade the organizers to avoid an encounter with Israeli forces, but that “more could have been done.”
    Now does the bBC version of events mirror those of the NYT story its article is based upon?


    • john says:

      The BBC get very confused with New York Newspapers (B-BBC passim).
      If they don’t agree with the narrative they assume it must come from the NY Post.
      Strange really as the axis of good – NYT : Guardian : Derspiegal, shouldn’t be too difficult for even the most junior BBC left-wing intern to understand what to worship and what not to criticize.


  29. David Preiser (USA) says:

    There’s yet another biased Beeboid in the US: Caroline Hepker..  In order to support the President, the BBC had to run this report about how He’s been forced to change the date of His much-anticipated (by the BBC) speech about jobs.

    They report that He originally scheduled it at the same time as the next Republican candidates’ debate, and then had to change it when the Republican Speaker of the House objected to the disruption of Congress.

    Rather than holding a press conference or doing a televised speech like Presidents usually do for policy announcements, the Community Organizer in Chief demanded that Capitol Hill shut down the day after they got back to business from summer break and hold a joint session, so He could specially address both Houses of Congress. 

    The BBC, of course, doesn’t put it that way.  Instead, they put a brief admission at the very end of the article that this is basically done only for the annual State of the Union address.

    Faithful White House shills that they are, the BBC makes sure to tell you about a couple of policy points from His Jobs Plan For Us.  This is in fact all about taking away the attention from the Republican candidates and focusing it all on Him.  Naturally, the BBC sees this as good leadership.

    But that’s not the bias I’m complaining about this time. In the “Analysis” section, Caroline Hepker says this:

    The US government is in debt. The obvious plan of spending government money to generate demand and create jobs will not gain political support. That means a 1930s-style major works programme seems unlikely.

    “The obvious plan”, eh?  More borrowing and spending to “generate demand” is obvious only to those on the Keynesian Left.  None of the stimulus spending has worked (and let’s not even get into how it’s Gospel on the Left that Roosevelt’s spending did not prolong the Depression), but Hepker is still pining for more.  Yet another BBC reporter hired to inform you about the US who has blatant Left-wing ideology. 

    It’s no surprise, then, that Hepker goes on to list those same policy points from His Jobs Plan For Us.  One can almost see Jay Carney’s hand up her backside as if she were a muppet on Sesame Street.

    Is there a single, solitary Beeboid in the US who is not a dedicated Left-wing ideologue?  It’s ridiculous.  The hiring practices of the BBC are a joke, and I spit on their newsgathering practices.  And they’re spreading this ideology at your expense.


  30. Cassandra King says:

    Demo forces BBC to take Proms off air as protesters chant ‘Free Palestine’

    By John Geoghegan and Inderdeep Bains
    Last updated at 1:48 AM on 2nd September 2011

    Comments (5) Add to My Stories Share
    Read more:
    And of course the BBC knew nothing of the jew baiting by the new brown shirt knuckle dragging racists did they?
    One of the new brown shirts from the LSE, Rosenhead is part of an organisation that takes islamist money, has a deeply entrenched Jew hatred. There is no way that the BBC did not know in advance of the Jew baiting by the new brown shirts. They stayed on air as long as they could giving the new brown shirt Jew baiters plenty of time to make their racist prejudice clear.
    The free ‘Palestine’ gang and the BBC working closely together in the new modern version of Nazi hate. Musicians this time, next time it will be persecuting Jewish students at university, after that te new braown shirts will be smashing the windows of Jewish shops and blocking doorways. Oh thats right, they are already doing those things now!


    • Glen Slagg says:

      <!– @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –>

      The wonderful thing is that these tossers don’t realise that each “protest” these days actually has the opposite effect to that intended (see: J.Marbles versus the Murdochs). I think that a tipping point has been reached and the left wing emperor stands naked. All those Dave and Deirdre Sparts are suddenly out of fashion and can’t rely on group think to garner support anymore. For this, we can thank the media in general and especially the BBC – not because of their dedication to true investigative reporting, revealing the appalling hypocrisy of the left, but because they have finally pushed the public too far. Set against the background of the UK disappearing down the toilet, the BBC, left handed, puppet show becomes increasingly difficult to sustain


      • Reed says:

        I tend to agree, Glen. Anyone who visited the comments sections of any of the newspaper blogs during the riots, even the lefty ones like The Guardian and The Indy, will have surely noticed this backlash by a weary majority. It takes an event like that to make those normally silent, either through apathy or unwillingness, to start to shout and push back. It would be nice to think that a tipping point has been reached.


    • George R says:

      Yes; would it be OK for people who disagree with Rosenhead to enter the London School of Economics (LSE) and disrupt his lectures as a protest against him, and against LSE awarding a degree, and accepting funds off Libya’s Islamic Saif al-Islam Gaddafi at LSE?


  31. Reed says:

    Comedian Jim Davidson banned from Theatre Royal Norwich.  
    …and following on – they really couldn’t help themselves -The BBC decide to stick the knife into Davidson and pre-PC comedy in general and give a thumbs up to the Ben Elton generation of right-on, laugh-free ‘comedy’.  
    Have a look at the bottom of the article for a guide to being a new BBC friendly comedian :  
    “Point number 2 – Be likeable – You have to like the person that’s making you laugh.”  
    So how many of the BBC’s favourites fit that criteria? Brigstock?!!!!  
    Reconstructing Jim Davidson – (they really mean deconstructing).


  32. Daniel Clucas says:

    jameschappers James Chapman (Mail)
    DC sounding irritated to be being asked four times now about the Bullingdon Club on R4 Today… Turning now on the BBC



  33. Grant says:

    Building Design Magazine has awarded its “Carbuncle Cup”  for the ugliest new building in Britain to the BBC’s building in Salford. Must make headline news on the BBC, surely ?


  34. George R says:


    INBBC: as gullible as ever on Islam.

    INBBC headline:

    “Libya interim leaders vow tolerance and respect for law”

    Ah, but INBBC, which law?: SHARIAH LAW?

    What’s missing:

    Ex-pat Libyans in US Hail New Libyan Constitution Grounded in Sharia


  35. Will says:

    Evan Davis must have really got burned with PPI payments to his bank. The other day he considered PPI misselling more important than the macro matter of the whole system of banking regulation  when he started hounding the CBI boss over PPI. Today he wanted Cameron to agree that PPI must have forced the rioters onto the streets & into the shops. Failure to get Cameron to accept this obvious fact meant that Evan had to resort to Plan B – i.e. the rioters were no worse than Bullingdon club members.


  36. james1070 says:

    Not on the BBC, anti slavery activists get jailed for protesting against slavery in Africa.

    But I thought it was only the evil white man who indulged in slavery.


  37. As I See It says:

    Here is the BBC (weather) outlook….

    As usual most of our outlook will be originating from the left. There will be persistent waves of left-liberalism for everyone with some outbreaks of heavy anti-capitalism in places and even a few incidents of intense radical Islam may develop in some areas – do be prepared if you are unlucky enough to catch one.

    Look out for a lot of our squally protests on a whole range of issues  – any damage caused you will be clearing up later.

    All sense of balance will of course be thrown to the wind.

    A certain Mr Murdoch has called in say that we are brewing up a storm, well we can assure you we have nothing to worry about.

    These bright rainbow symbols indicate we will be promoting another gay day in all regions.

    Expect deficit problems to be clouded and the former government to be seen as as a bright sunny spell.

    We’ve put a black cloud over Israel – so we advise you to avoid going there unless you have to.

    We will be focussing mainly on extreme northern and western areas – we known most people live in SE England but we just like to say Holyhead, Derry and Tireeeee!!!!!

    With a continuing strong flow of immigration you can as usual expect an Indian, Pakistani and African summer in most areas.

    For any children tuning in: now it has been reported that this has been the coolest summer for yonks and that last December was the second coldest since Isaac Newton was a lad. Well kids don’t believe your thermometer like one of those dull old scientists because we have a wizzy computer model that tells us this year is in fact the warmest ever!

    Our long range forcast is as usual for a Labour government moving over to the continent with more yoghurt lakes and slush funds with Turley coming in, renewed licence fees back home over here and floods of cash to come our way.