The BBC has been hyping up the lack of houses in England. But what could possibly be the cause?

A Biased BBC observer notes;

“Personally I thought it might be connected to the couple of million immigrants that have flooded into this country….cleary not as the BBC didn’t think it relevant to mention immigration as a factor at all. What do I know though….I should have listened when the campaigners told us that the problem wasn’t the number of immigrants demanding to be housed but that we weren’t building enough houses. The number of immigrants is not a problem.

The problem with all these foreign prisoners filling our prisons to overflowing is not the number of prisoners but that we don’t build enough prisons. The number of criminals and crimes is not a problem.

If you want to be blunt you should ask just how many murders, rapes, muggings, robberies, frauds and thefts have been committed by immigrants allowed into this country by Labour’s open door policy. When a Labour politician or a BBC home affairs correspondent tells you that immigration is beneficial to us think about that…think about the NHS, schools, housing and the welfare system and ask if they are sustainable under the current immigration policies when nearly 500,000 foreigners turn up wanting to be housed, fed and their kids schooled and treated by the NHS annually.

Clearly not. Mass immigration means the end of the welfare state. Labour likes to claim it created the welfare state…..it is Labour that has killed it.”

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9 Responses to B-B-B-BUILD?

  1. George R says:

    From ‘Migrationwatch’:-

    Social Housing and Migration in England
    24 August, 2011
    The social housing requirements of new immigrants will cost the tax payer £1 billion a year for the next twenty five years. That is the conclusion of a study published by Migrationwatch today.
    The study found that 45 additional social homes would have to be built everyday, or nearly 1400 a month, over that period to meet the extra demand.
    The failure to build local authority housing to compensate for council houses that have been sold off led to a fall of about half a million in the number of social homes available between 1997 and 2007. This, combined with high levels of immigration, has led to an increase of nearly 60% in the waiting lists for social housing England over the last eight years.
    The regions most severely affected were London where the proportion of households on the waiting list in 2010 was 12% and Yorkshire and Humberside where it was 11%. Both are regions of high immigration.
    The study also found that non EU migrants were more likely to live in social housing that the UK born. For some nationalities the difference was striking:- Nigeria (29%), Iran (33%), Jamaica (35%), Ghana (39%), Portugal (40%), Bangladesh (41%), Turkey (49%), Somalia (80%) compared to UK born for whom the proportion was 17%.
    Commenting, Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch UK, said:
    “The impact of immigration on the availability of social housing for British people has been airbrushed out for too long. Either the government must cut immigration very substantially as they have promised or they must invest very large sums in the construction of extra social housing”.


  2. graham duck says:

    Elephant in the room?….what elephant?


  3. Roland Deschain says:

    I believe there may shortly be some spare houses available at Dale Farm.


  4. As I See It says:

    I remember chatting with a friend of mine on the subject of Polish immigration. He is the son of Poles who settled in the Midlands in the World War Two era.

    Now he is a bright guy and a good mate but a bit of a leftie. In my opinion the leftist point of view is often a failure to see the reality of the trees for the wood of the wishful thinking.

    Well this chat on the subject of EU Poles coming to the UK in large numbers was in about 2008 and my pal suggested that when the economy slumped they would mostly go back to Poland.

    I said that I doubted that would happen. Given our relatively generous health, welfare and housing provision the typical Polish plumber would be more likely to start a family or fetch one over.

    I owe my mate a call but I don’t really like to start a conversation with the phrase ‘I told you so’.


  5. Beness says:

    The left are trying to have it both ways:
     IE: Immigration is good because we get loads of doctors and nurses. “Their fact” that we supposedly have all these doctors and nurses does not excuse the question, why are we robbing other countries of their most skilled?

     Now their telling us that “ourYoung” are rioting because there is no future for them. Well maybe if we stopped importing all these lovely people, hence robbing other countries, there might be opportunites for “Our Young” to train.


  6. David Preiser (USA) says:

    There’s also the fact that far too many home owners are unwilling to acknowledge reality and are still trying to sell their properties at 30% above what they’re actually worth.  A real estate bubble causes prices to go too high, and when it’s all over many people have to sell at a loss (as their mortgage is now higher than the actual value of the property).  Too many are unwiling to accept that, and so properties remain outrageously priced.

    Anybody seen empty windows at their local estate agents? Or are the windows full of photos of unsold houses?

    I know the BBC is unwilling to examine why prices are too high, because they would A) have to have on people telling the public that they need to accept a loss when they sell (unthinkable to emotion-driven wealthy Beeboids), and B) have to examine which Government drove the construction boom which caused the bubble.


  7. jeff says:

    Britain is the most densely populated country in Europe. We have roughly the same population as France with nothing like the space. Immigration was a problem before the disastrous 13 years of Labour misrule…they just made it a whole lot worse. And I’m afraid that despite all his fine words pre election Dave C hasn’t done a jot of good.


  8. Invicta 100 says:

    I loved the comment by the minister on the Today programme that they were releasing enough government owned land (taxpayers) land to build two Leicester’s The irony of naming the first English city where the indigenous population has become a minority


  9. splodger says:

    Official net migration for 2010 is 239,000.  The actual figure will be much higher.

    Alone, that is the equivalent of adding a brand new city the size of Leeds every (slightly over) three years, with all the attendant strain on existing resources.

    That is not factoring the sky-high birth rate of the newcomers.

    Must remember to watch Soylent Green when it’s on again for some survival tips.